One Erotic Night in Bangkok by Captain Squall

One Erotic Night in Bangkok

Jenny and her friend Janet walked out of the baggage collection area of Bangkok's Don Muang Airport and the full impact of the late afternoon heat struck them.

"Phew!" said Jenny, "Let's get out of here and into our hotel as soon as possible". They hailed a cab and directed the driver to the Narai Hotel. They noticed that their driver turned off the congested road and on to the new freeway bypass that took them quickly into the city. Even by using the freeway it was dusk by the time the taxi turned into the hotel entrance, given the congested nature of the traffic.

They checked in to the pleasantly cool hotel without any fuss and decided to not waste any time by sitting around in the hotel's foyer. After showering they dressed in lightweight slacks, blouses and sneakers and stepped out into the mild tropical evening. They were in town to enjoy themselves - and if there was one thing that these two liberated ladies knew what to do, it was just that. But Janet did have some idea about tonight's plans.....

They strolled in the warm evening air and enjoyed the attention of the many spruikers who tried in vain to get them to enter this or that nightclub, or "entertainment venue". For a while they sat at a pavement cafe, sipping the delicious "nam som", or local orange juice.

Janet turned to Jenny and placing her hand on Jenny's tanned arm suddenly said, "Jen, did you know I was given a red-hot address of a night-spot not far from here where girls - and its primarily for girls like us - can, well, get anything and everything they want?"

Jenny looked directly into Janet's eyes and winked sexily and replied, "Well, I certainly feel adventurous tonight - lets see what that address turns up!"

By asking a few questions from some helpful passers-by they were soon standing outside the Pooying Palace massage parlour, looking at the photographic display of the parlour's male staff. Jenny nudged Janet and said, "These guys are hunks! I wonder if all the staff are like these? Let's go in and check the place out".

As they walked into the air conditioned coolness, a soft voice asked "Ladies, can I help you?". They both turned and saw an extremely beautiful Thai woman walk up to them. She had a name tag which read Suki. "First timers, girls?" Suki asked mischievously, then before they had time to answer she added, "Follow me please..."

The three then entered a lounge area, where, behind a glass wall, there were perhaps twenty young men, lounging around reading or talking quietly. The girls noticed that the guys all were well tanned, had smooth skin, good physiques, and also had numbers on small tags around their necks. They were also totally naked.

Jenny drew her breath in sharply and felt Janet move closer to her. Almost together they said, "Can you see number 4?!"

"Yes", said Jenny, "but look at number 9 too...." her voice trailing away in wonder.

Suki said, "I think you have some idea but let me tell you how it works. Choose your numbers and then you can be entertained by your gentlemen for as long as you want, in complete privacy and safety. And let me say I think the numbers you mentioned will be perfect for a lovely couple like you".

"Shall I page those two guys for you...?" and Suki saw both girls exchange glances before nodding quickly.

She leaned forward and softly spoke into a microphone. "Tim and Tuk, please make your way to room number 4", and as she spoke number 9 and number 4 stood up and walked out of a side door of the lounge where they had been sitting. The girls felt their hearts skip a beat as they watched the guys walk away.

Suki then said to the girls, "All up, everything included will be 1000 baht each, or about $50 Australian. And I think you will agree later that the room service here is worth every penny."

Jenny held back but she decided to ask "Suki, are these guys...well, you know, checked for health standards?" Suki laughed and said, "This is the tightest massage establishment for health standards in Bangkok, if not in all of Asia. All my boys - and I also have some girls - have a full health check every week, and we often have spot checks, to make sure no-one tries to beat the system. And you might be interested to know that all the guys here are...well, employed due to their personal attributes. We have certain minimum standards - and I don't mean their shoe size."

Jenny gave Janet's hand a squeeze and whispered, "God, I'm feeling wet already - lets get moving before I faint..." Suki led the girls down a corridor, opened a door, and said "Off you go and enjoy yourselves - don't rush things as you have plenty of time... but I'll try to call in later to make sure everything is OK."

As Jenny and Janet walked into the cool, dimly lit room, they could make out two large oversized beds, one taken up by Tim and the other with Tuk. Both were smiling like the cats which had got the cream - and they were lying on their backs, with their cocks already ramrod stiff, pointing up like two flagpoles. They had seen the girls as they walked out of the lounge and by the time they had reached Room number 4, they too were in a state of sexual arousal.

Jenny quickly sat down on the nearest bed - the way she felt right now either of these well-hung guys would be welcome. As she sat down, Tim moved over and said in halting English, "First, we will make you relax, so please lie down and enjoy the massage." Jenny tried not to stare at his manhood, still proud and erect. Janet meanwhile made her way to the other bed, where Tuk was gently stroking his cock. Even in the dark Janet could see he was enormous, as his cock seemed to be as thick as her arm and well over eight inches long.

Both girls quickly slipped out of their clothes and lay down in their bras and panties on the beds. In the next fifteen minutes the girls experienced the most gentle, sensitive, and sensual massage they had ever experienced. The fact that their masseurs had hard-ons added to the sensual experience, with the scent of sandalwood adding to the exotic environment....

It was Tim who made the first exploration of Jenny. She was now laying on her back with her eyes closed, floating in the experience of being pampered, as his hands softly fluttered over her body. He reached down and without being asked he slowly removed her panties - and Jenny, lifting her hips to help Tim, without prompting, quickly unfastened her bra, as she knew what was about to happen. She was now laying totally naked, vulnerable and open to the world. She felt utterly relaxed, but there was a stirring in her loins which she knew would grow. Her breasts were firm and round, about 36 inches, with large, generous nipples. Positioning himself between her legs and crouching over her, Tim started to kiss the insides of her legs, starting from her ankles and calves. By the time he reached her thighs, she had started to lift and rotate her hips in anticipation, raising her Mound of Venus, with its generous bush of now quite damp hair to his face.

Tim was well-skilled in meeting the needs of farang women - he had experience with foreigners, especially women who were wanting to taste the pleasures of Asia, including those who were "first-timers". Placing his hands under Jenny's buttocks, he leaned forward, lifted her slightly and gently flicked his tongue over her labia and around her vaginal opening. Jenny started to moan "ahhh... yes... oh... yes... yes... yes... mmmmm... don't stop... don't stop... ahhhhh..." Jenny was massaging her own breasts by now, gently squeezing her nipples which were hard with anticipation. Her moans of pleasure now had been the trigger for Tim to crouch between her thighs and her placed her ankles on his shoulders. This had the effect of bringing the tip of his monster cock into contact with Jenny's now very wet cunt lips. She looked down and hers eyes opened in wonderment at his huge manhood. She had always believed that most men in Asia had small cocks but seeing Tim's long, thick penis, with its red bulb at her swollen opening was the best she could have hoped for. It must have been close to nine inches long, and about two inches in diameter, and Jenny knew her hand would barely be able to get around it.

With one hand, Tim skillfully moved the tip of his cock around and in Jenny's swollen cunt lips which now glistened with wetness in the dim light. Her musky smell had the effect of swelling his cock even further, giving him the appearance of a young stallion about to mount his mare.

Jenny brought her knees down on to her breasts, spread her legs wide and then reached behind Tim, placing her hands on his buttocks - and then with a low moan she gently pulled him into her. As the shaft made its entrance to the folds of her vagina, her breath hissed between her teeth - deeper, and deeper he penetrated her wet interior, her vaginal muscles alternately relaxing and clamping on his rock-hard cock. She was surprised by her own capacity to take this majestic intruder, which was now inserted to the hilt, and Tim's dark pubic hair was now enmeshed with Jenny's. His cock was now firmly clamped by Jenny's cunt, her wet velvety walls had stretched to a new measure. Tim could also feel the warmth and the wetness, and the muscles of her vagina flexing on his cock. He then started to ever so slowly pump his prick in and out of her - first a slow, small pumping, until he was moving virtually his entire glistening length in and out. The effect on Jenny was electric. Never before had she felt so full of cock, so totally penetrated by a hot, throbbing penis with dimensions she had only dreamed about enjoying. She moved her legs further apart to increase the depth of his thrusting while she clamped Tim to her body, one of her arms now entwined around his neck, the other gripping one of his buttocks, as she hungrily and lustily crushed her lips to his.

Meanwhile, on the next bed very close by, Janet was also being introduced to the finer arts of Thai lovemaking. She was squatting over Tuk's face - his tongue was busy on the folds of her cunt, made wetter by her own juices which were now flowing freely. She placed her hands behind his head, and lifted him into her, his tongue delving deeper into her than anyone had ever done. Janet had large breasts, about 40 inches and double D cup, and Tuk was enjoying playing with her nipples, flicking his delicate fingers around her large, deep red aureole, She was proud of her nipples (the envy of all her friends, including Jenny) and now in their state of sexual excitement they were erect and prominent - almost the thickness of a little finger, and the aureoles were almost the size of small saucers. They were well known to be the ultimate sexual turn-on as her partners had confided in her about their effect.

Janet was now feeling the demand of her body for the majestic cock that was pointing vertically behind her, so she shuffled back on her knees and reached down and just managed to encircle his cock with her hand. Grasping the shaft she placed its bulb at the entrance to her cunt lips, moving it backwards and forwards to wet it. Then she slowly took it all inside of her as she lowered and impaled herself on the fullness of Tuk's cock. As with Tim, he was extremely well hung and Janet took the total length inside her, lowering herself so that her pubic bone was pressing onto Tuk's silky pubic hair. Janet squatted over Tuk's body, and placed her hands onto his hairless chest, her knees spread widely, as she arched her back and uttered a low moan as the cock reached its full penetration. She could feel the whole length of his cock alongside her vaginal walls, and the folds of her labia were wrapped around this new, pleasurable visitor.

Tuk started to thrust his hips up and down, as Janet rode his glistening shaft with rapturous pleasure. Her eyes were closed, and she moaned softly as she swayed and gyrated on Tuk's deep intrusion - and as she relaxed her body and seemed to take him even deeper and deeper. Her large breasts were now swaying from side to side, as her long blonde hair swept over Tuk's chest as she lifted and lowered her cunt onto his beautiful cock. She rode him slowly and deliberately, not wanting to rush things but even the best plans can go awry.

After about ten minutes she was hot and very, very wet. Suddenly she started to jerk in small spasms as she felt the first orgasm approach. She was now lost totally in her lust, pumping her crutch up and down, the sweet intense pleasure swept in waves through her body. Beneath her she heard Tuk grunt and she knew he was close to coming himself. As though it was scripted, she cried out as she peaked on the crest of her first orgasm, her cunt clamping and releasing Tuk's cock in an involuntary action. Just then Tuk gasped, "I am coming sweetheart..." and his hips jerked upwards - his body froze for an instant as she felt the first hot generous gush of his sperm shoot inside her. He jerked again and she felt several more hot bursts of his sperm actually fill her cunt, and it then started to overflow down her labia, and across his balls and thighs. She had never felt a man ejaculate so much cum and she felt proud that she had drawn this out of him with her skilful and enthusiastic lovemaking. As she slowed her actions and lowered her full body length over Tuk she looked over and saw that Jenny and Tim were reaching their climaxes, judging from the intensity of their actions.

Tim was supporting himself on his outstretched hands, his head thrown back as his slender hips jerked his oversized cock in and out of Jenny's cunt. "Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god...". Jenny was almost beside herself with the lust and pleasure of her multiple orgasms, as they flicked through her body like lightning bolts. As he approached his orgasm Tim deliberately slowed his actions and his whole body shuddered, as his hips moved forward, penetrating Jenny to the full. He held it there and was barely moving his cock in her when he cried " now I am coming now...." as his stream of warm creamy semen shot deep inside Jenny's molten bowl of wetness and warmth. Although she had not experienced it before she would swear later that she felt one extra long jet of sperm shoot inside her, then it happened again and again, until Tim must have shot almost a cupful of sperm into her. It started to flow out of her in a steady flow, over her thighs and down to her buttocks. Jenny collapsed besides Tim, both spent from the intensity of their lovemaking. The sweet smell of semen and love juices were acting as an aphrodisiac for another sexual adventure about to unfold...

The couples lay there panting, regaining their breath, gently stroking their partner's sweat-streaked body.

Beside the room they were in was a large Thai-style bathroom and the girls were the first to head for the showers and baths, the latter waiting for them with warm, scented water. As they walked to the bathroom they could feel the warmth of the semen dribbling from their cunts and running down the insides of their legs. Without speaking, they climbed into the kingsize bath and lay back and luxuriated in the warm water. Tim and Tuk then joined Jenny and Janet and, like Nubian slaves, began to sponge the girls. Both girls enjoyed the undivided attention of these two dedicated professional lovers, as they sipped on champagne from the minibar.

Just then in walked Suki, the girl who had met the girls in the welcoming lounge. Without being invited, she slipped off her gown and climbed into the hot tub. The girls moved aside to let the lovely shape of Suki join them. They noticed that Suki was quite petite, although she had a very large bush of jet-black pubic hair, which not only covered her pubic region bit also seemed to grow around her vulva, so that when she leaned forward, her tufts of hair could be seen surrounding her cunt lips.

"How are things going, girls?" she asked.

"Well, how does nine out of ten sound?" said Janet grinning from ear to ear.

"Only nine?" laughed Suki, "will you let me make that ten out of ten? I have a special treat for you coming up, girls, so don't keep me waiting too long." Stepping out of the bath, she wrapped a towel around her and disappeared into the bedroom.

"Let's go!" the girls almost said in unison, as they quickly dried themselves and walked into the bedroom, leaving Tim and Tuk to finish their bath.

Suki was lying flat on her back legs wide apart and with one hand was gently moving a large vibrator over her pubic region. Her eyes were closed and she had one hand caressing her small, but well-shaped breasts... Also her hips appeared to be rotating to meet the movement of the long, shiny vibrator. Looking up at the girls Suki said, "please, come and join me and try my new toy..."

Both Jenny and Janet climbed on the bed as Suki reached down and showed them a long, double ended dildo which to which she had applied a generous amount of lubricating gel. "Who's first?" Suki asked with a laugh, but Janet was quick to say, "Me please!"

Janet lay on her back and Suki slowly inserted the bulbous head into Janet's pussy. "Mmmmmmm....that's really nice" she murmured. Suki then lay down with her legs alongside Janet's body. Her cunt was now facing Janet's and she eased her body down so that her end of the dildo was fully inserted. The two women were now joined at their cunts, with their pubic hair and labia touching lightly - the unseen dildo joining them.

Both women were now starting to move and gyrate their hips as the specially designed dildo stimulated their clitorises and vaginal walls. Jenny was not left out of the action as Suki reached over and pulled her on top of her. Skilfully Suki slid Jenny over her face so Jenny's cunt was resting on her mouth - it was the ultimate kiss which both enjoyed. Suki's tongue started to flick inside her salty wetness and Jenny cried out in ecstasy - she had never been "eaten" by a woman but this was something special.

The three girls were now moaning with pleasure as they focussed themselves on the erotic nature of this "forbidden" act. They were too involved in their own sensual pursuits to notice that Tim and Tuk had rejoined them in the bedroom. Both men were already rock hard from the carnal sight that met them and they needed little encouragement to climb onto the bed where the girls were twisting and jerking their bodies. Grateful to see their earlier fucking partners, Janet reached out and this time clasped Tim's cock and pulled him closer, then immediately took almost all of him in her mouth. Jenny who was still squatting over Suki leaned forward and took Tuk's cock in her mouth. The visitors were now enjoying a new partner and they hungrily and noisily sucked on the cocks in their mouths. Such was their enthusiasm that both Tim And Tuk could feel the surging deep within them. The dildo was also doing its work as both Suki and Janet were pushing and heaving to get the maximum penetration from this magnificent new toy. As Suki and Janet were approaching their orgasm their sucking had the desired effect on both Tim and Tuk. Tim came first, his creamy cum shooting into Janet's eager mouth, and she swallowed it all, as though it was warm, white sweet custard. Then it was Tuk's turn and as Jenny held his cock at her lips he shot four or five long bursts of cum into her mouth. She again took him in her mouth, swallowing as much as she could with the extra cum flowing down over her chin. Suki's tongue was now sucking on Jenny clitoris and she loudly cried out, "ahhhhhhhhh!" as her whole body convulsed in a shattering orgasm, the likes of which she hadn't experienced before.

Then the five spent bodies collapsed onto the bed and they lay there, heaving and panting. No words needed to be spoken, but the girls were smiling to themselves.

After a while they got up and refreshed themselves with another bath. After they dressed they reluctantly left the bedroom and walked into the entrance lounge where they gratefully they paid a smiling Suki for their evening's entertainment.

"Hey Suki!" said Jenny embracing her new friend amorously, "just like Arnie Schwartzenegger once said - we'll be back !! And I think it may well be tomorrow evening after we get our strength back...."