My First Lesbian Experience by Natsuko Nakamura

My First Lesbian Experience

Hello... my name is Natsuko. I am going to start detailing some of my "experiences" for you in the form of short stories, I hope you enjoy them. Please send any comments to

The following story contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts. Because of its content, the story is intended only for mature readers. If you are offended by such content, please read no further. Please do not distribute or copy this material without this informational message.

First, let me tell you a little about myself... I am 17 years old, of Japanese ancestry (so I have Asian skin tone and features), 5'6" tall, 115lbs, shoulder-length black hair, brown eyes, and measurements of 36"c-23"-35". I consider myself bisexual and dream of becoming a photographer.

This first story is of my first sexual experience with another girl. It happened this past summer... it was a Friday night and my best friend Alyssa and I were coming home from a party and we both had a slight buzz. She was staying over with me because she knew she would be drinking a little and her parents did not tolerate it in the least. Besides... my room is an apartment above our garages... which means we could really come home as late as we wanted and as buzzed as we wanted.

We were very happy... hanging all over each other... trying not to laugh too loud. When we got into my room... I tripped on some clothes I had thrown on the floor while I was getting ready for the party and we both fell down. We were all entangled with each other and laughing... I could feel her breasts pressing against mine (we have similar builds)... she told me she had had a great time at the party and that she was glad I was her best friend (we have always been affectionate with each other). She then kissed me on the cheek (as she often does), I then kissed her lightly and quickly on the lips and told her I felt the same way. I had never kissed her on the lips before, but she didn't seem to mind, so we hugged each other and when we broke... I kissed her again... this time a little more passionately... she responded by filling my mouth with her tongue... what a sensation!!

My feet started to tingle, and I could start to feel the beginnings of sexual arousal... All I knew is I didn't want it to stop there... so when we broke our kiss... I started to kiss her neck. She whispered in my ear and asked if I really wanted this... and that she did. I told her yes, very much so. We started to undress each other (of course, I had seen her naked millions of times... but this time it seemed different). She is very beautiful... I had always thought so. Once we were naked, we laid down on my bed and continued kissing and fondling each other. Her body is perfect... I kissed and licked her neck, then her shoulder, then down to her cleavage. I was now lying on top of her in a modified "missionary position" with my mouth on her breasts... as I caressed her breasts I started to kiss and suck her now erect nipples. All I could hear between moans was "please, don't stop" (like I really could).

I loved sucking on her nipples... they were like mine... long, thick, and VERY sensitive. Her body jerked and her back arched as I made love to her breasts. I could feel my nipples pressed up against her belly and the tickling of her pussy hair on my belly. I started to slide down and began kissing down her body. She now had her hands on my head... almost pushing it down, as if to let me know what she wanted... When my lips reached her pussy hair (which is not very thick, just a thin patch above her clit, just like mine), I pushed on her knees, bending them and pushed them up towards her chest. She was now spread wide open. I had never seen a pussy before... at least, not up close and all spread open like that. I had looked at mine in a hand mirror before while masturbating... but this was different somehow.

She was soaked with arousal... practically dripping down to the crack of her ass. Her pussy lips and clit were all swollen. I looked up at her face... what an expression... I knew it wouldn't take much to make her cum. I gave the entire length of her pussy slit a long hard lick... stopping at her swollen clit. She tasted so sweet... I started to make love to her clit... sucking, kissing, and licking. Her body was in spasm... her hands pushing my face against her pussy... just as I felt her orgasm building to a climax... I slide my tongue deep inside her pussy... and started to tongue fuck her. The walls of her pussy squeezed my tongue... I could feel her pussy throbbing with orgasm... then she came... my mouth was flooded with her juices... I licked and sucked her clean.

It took a few minutes for her to recover... as well as for me to recover. She looked at me and told me SHE wanted ME now. Only more than happy to oblige... I slid back up and we started kissing again... I loved the way her body felt against mine. I sat up and turned around, I then straggled her and told her to eat my pussy as I ate her out again. She was wonderful... of all the guys who have eaten out my pussy... I can honestly say they can't even come close... we both came so hard... I fell off the bed.

After a series of earth moving orgasms... we ended up cuddling up to each other and she was lightly and gently fingering my very swollen pussy. It felt so good... not in a "I am going to explode" way... but in a way that just felt ssoooooo good. It is really hard to describe.

We fell asleep soon after... we slept in late and got up and took a very romantic shower together. After we were cleaned up... we headed over to the house for something to eat. My mother was in the kitchen and asked us how the party went. Well... I had to be honest... I told her, as I was winking at Alyssa, it would be a night I would never forget...