Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (rev) maggot

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

A little over a year ago, I graduated from high school and got a job as a Dentist's Receptionist. The pay was terrible and I was living at home with my parents, brown-bagging my lunches and driving a ten year-old car to work. Then, one night at aerobics class, a woman, Sheri, approached me about a part-time job. She said she loved my looks and the way I moved to the music, and asked me to consider coming to work for her as a "party strip-o-gram." Of course, my immediate reaction was "no way! What kind of girl do you think I am?" But, I thought about it for a few days and talked to her at the next class. Sheri explained that "her girls" told her the type of strip they wanted to do-anywhere from stripping down to a modest bikini to going totally nude. She said the men would drool at my "innocent young girl" looks and my big boobs, little waist and tight ass. The money she offered was too good to be true, as far as I was concerned, so I agreed to go out with several girls the following weekend to see what it was all about.

On Friday night, I accompanied Tricia (a beautiful tall blonde with a great figure) to two bachelor parties. At the first, she dressed as a schoolteacher (glasses, suit, ruler and pad, etc) and stripped naked to the beat of every rock song that had the words "school" or "teacher" in it. She was great, and the men absolutely loved her. Included in the price of Sheri's "Strip-o-grams" is a bottle of champagne and a one hour "mingle" with the guests, and we both had a few drinks with the guys. I was fully clothed, but Trish was naked except for her high heels and a G-string! After the mingle, we went to the second party. This time, Trish dressed as a nurse. Being later in the night, this party was a lot rowdier than the first, and the guys were all over Trish during the mingle. I told her when the hour was up and that it was time to go. She was sitting on the groom-to-be's lap and he was sucking on her right breast. She smiled and told me to go home, and that she was sure she could bum a ride, later. On Saturday night, I went to three birthday parties with Diane. Diane was married and had a kid but still looked great. She had a set routine. She arrived, got paid, changed, danced (with no touching), stripped to a modest bikini and left. Fast, safe and professional.

The only problem was that Diane, dancing three times, didn't make close to what Trish did dancing twice, not counting tips. The difference was what Sheri charged for each girl, depending on the clothes she left on. I thought about it for a week and decided to go to work for Sheri, but agreed to strip only to the bikini. If I was forced to confess, I'd have to admit I did find the thought of taking my clothes off in front of wildly approving strangers a thrill. I spent the evenings of the next week getting my outfits together and learning the basics for the routines. Needless to say, within three months, I agreed to strip naked. Dancing and stripping to the bikini in front of a mixed crowd of men and women and then virtually running to the next party, two or three times a night was crazy and no fun at all. Getting lost for five minutes could throw all the appointments off, and there just was no tipping. I got jealous of the money the two girls who did strip nude got, compared to what I got. Stripping naked in front of strangers is one thing, but I found the mingle time the hardest to deal with.

Once I decided to go nude, most of my parties were all male, or almost all male-bachelor parties, business meetings, conventions, and some birthday parties, as opposed to mostly all couples at birthday parties. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the men were absolutely great. During the mingle, I'd slow dance and sit on laps, and if their hands roamed, I gently moved them away. Usually, this was enough; but, sometimes, they would be so persistent or rough, that I'd stand up and loudly tell them to behave. In the beginning, I always went out with a companion, usually a guy supplied by Sheri, but since he had to get paid, it cut into my profit and I soon learned how to handle myself and the clients.

At my second bachelor party I was offered $100 to stay and "entertain" the groom-to-be. I politely refused, but in the last 11 months, I have occasionally accepted such offers if the money and the crowd looked okay. I know what that makes me, but I can live with that for the time being. The money's been good enough and I've been busy enough that I have my own apartment and I'm driving a new Saab Turbo convertible!

The first time I let myself be bought was at a bachelor party full of lawyers. I was shooting pool in only my string of pearls and high heels with the groom-to-be when my escort, Dan, called me over. The "Best Man" had offered Dan a hundred dollars to go home without me, if I was agreeable to "earning a few big tips." Dan was an old pro at the escort game, and told me that if I ever wanted to make big tips, this was the party to do it. I told him I had never done anything like that, but the "big money" sounded good. He told me that some of the girls gave a flat fee and then took on all comers at the party, or that some charged for each guy. He said that if it was my first time, I might want to charge by the guy, and then I could stop whenever I wanted to. I couldn't believe I was talking to a man about the best method of selling my ass! Dan said it was like selling cars, and that I should start high and be willing to bargain. After a few more minutes and another drink, I finally decided to try it. I told Dan to tell them my price was $100 per guy, cash, up front, and to our surprise, there was no bargaining!

The guys agreed to that immediately. I made the easiest $600 of my life that night. The guys chipped in for the groom-to-be, and then the rest of the wedding party took their turn. I even think the father of the bride was debating it, but he didn't. We went to a separate room to get it on and all the men behaved like gentlemen, even though more than a few of the "non-takers" walked by or even stopped at the door and watched the action. It was fun and on the way out I told myself that it would never happen again, but I knew that it would. And, it has. I have also had some very interesting experiences. About a month ago, I performed in one of the most complicated set-ups to surprise a groom-to-be. By an accident of timing, the groom was hiring a new secretary and was conducting interviews. Several of his fellow workers fabricated a resume for me and scheduled me for an interview, on the Friday before the wedding. I arrived dressed in my best suit and acting nervous. The office had gone out to lunch, and only about five guys were left, by the time I got there. Doug, the groom-to-be, was interviewing me, when his boss came over and introduced himself. He just sat and listened until I said the key words, "I'll do anything to get the chance to start a career with this firm." The boss spoke up, right away, "Would you show us your tits?" Doug almost died! He started to say something to his boss, when I stood up and said, "If that's what it takes." The boss smiled and said, "Well, that would be a start." I took off my jacket and started to unbutton my blouse. Doug was no longer protesting!

As I pulled my blouse off my shoulders, I said, "I'll do even more for you!" With that cue, the co-workers just outside the open door hit the "play" button on my boom box. I started my routine, and Doug knew that he had been had, but good! I stripped and mingled until co-workers started returning, and wound up going out to a late lunch with the boss and two of his office-mates. I had another appointment later that night, so they had to settle for three expensive blow-jobs and good-bye kisses in the boss's Lincoln. All this is a little background for what happened last weekend. I'm good looking, and I put on a good show. I work as often as I want to, at least 3 nights a week. In eleven months, I've become Sheri's best girl, often being requested by name, recommended by former clients. Last weekend, I was specifically requested for a second show (which means my second, and last, show of the night) at a birthday party in a private home. This is unusual, because parties in the home seldom request full-nude strippers, because of the mixed crowd. Anyway, the bill was pre-paid by credit card and included a 35 percent tip for me-a very heavy tip paid up front in cash. My first show was a bachelor party, and I stripped from my nurse's uniform to the buff and mingled. It was a pretty tame bunch of guys, with only two or three grabbing ass or boobs when they danced with me.

I was feeling good. I had had a couple of wine coolers and had been poked and squeezed enough to be feeling a little warm inside. When the hour was over, I went into a bedroom to change and asked the guy who had set the thing up to come along. Here we were. I'm naked, and this good-looking guy is nervous and all eyes. I guess I was a little horny, because I really began teasing him, giving him great split beaver shots as I put on my garter belt and nylons, and asking him how everybody liked my show. I heard him groan as I bent over to pick up my bra, and he was looking at my ass and cunt. I can be such a cockteaser, sometimes! I walked over to him and planted a big kiss on his lips, "I want to thank you for the nice tip you collected from the guys." He wasn't biting. I saw his wedding band, and his wife would have been proud of him. His hands stayed at his side. I could feel his cock straining against his slacks, but he remained a gentleman. More than a little disappointed, I finished dressing into my cop outfit and left that party a little frustrated and a lot horny. I drove to the house for my next gig. It was a nice single house in the suburbs and it looked too quiet for a party to be going on; especially since my instructions said I was supposed to be a cop coming to the door to quiet everybody down. Fortunately, as I approached the front door, I could hear the stereo blasting inside.

I banged loudly on the door. A kid about 15 or 16 opens the door, sees the uniform and pops his eyeballs open. I'm surprised to see anyone that young at the party and double-check the name. The kid says I have the right house, so I walk in yelling for them to turn the music down. My biggest shock was, when I walked into the den, where the party was, it was only 3 teenaged boys! I didn't know what to do. I know there must be a law or rule somewhere that says we can't strip in front of anyone under 18 or something, but I've never seen it, and the question never came up with Sheri. I also know that with the fee and tip I'd been paid for this party, it's too much money to simply turn around, leave, and give a refund. I asked the kid who opened the door where his parents were. "They're out of town, officer. We'll turn the stereo down." I slapped my nightstick in the palm of my hand and nodded at the Coors cans all over the room, "And what about the beers? Am I supposed to ignore three underage boys sucking down beers?"

"We each just had one, officer, you know, to celebrate my 16th birthday." Sixteen! I knew I was in a spot. I looked at these three faces, thought about the money, and then thought "hell, they're only a couple of years younger than me. What the hell!" I handed the birthday boy, Jeff, my cassette tape, "Put this in the deck and turn it up." He looked curious, but complied.

The music started playing and I went into my routine, and read the birthday card, just signed "a friend." Once the three of them saw what I was doing, they couldn't believe their luck, and they really got into it. They were a great audience, loving everything I did. When I was down to garter belt, stocking and heels, I asked Jeff if he wanted me to take the rest off. He said "Just like that is perfect!" When the dance was over, I explained I was paid to mingle for an hour, and that I'd love one of those beers. Jeff and Mark loved slow dancing with me, but we couldn't get Ted off the sofa. It was pretty sexy being with these teenagers, and I was already horny, so, I teased them at every opportunity. Pressing into them as we danced, spreading my legs as I sat down or stood up, etc. I knew I was acting like a teenage boy's wet-dream, and I was loving it. Finally, it was time to go and I asked Jeff to point out a spare bedroom and to get my suitcase from the car.

I was combing my hair in a full length mirror when Jeff knocked and walked in with my case. "You were great tonight, Ginny. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your dance." On and on he blabbed at machine-gun speed. I walked over to him and placed my finger against his lips, "Hush, Jeff." I took my finger away and kissed him, pushing my tongue between his lips and teeth. He responded with adolescent passion. I pulled his t-shirt up and over his head and arms, baring his smooth, skinny chest. I unsnapped his jeans, pulled the zipper down and let them fall to the floor. Then, I pulled Jeff to the bed and I lay down, reaching up for him. My cunt was just a little dry, and not quite ready for his hard cock, but he was inside of me in a second, and humping me without a condom. "Slower, slower, Dear. We're in no hurry. I think you should put on a rubber." Then I felt Jeff tighten up and fill me with his hot cum. Realizing that he might have gotten me pregnant I pushed him away.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Ginny! I came too fast."

"It's okay, Jeff." I lied, "It really was great while it lasted." My problem was that I had just gotten worked up, and in spite of having no contraception, I wanted more, but Jeff was finished, and embarrassed. Jeff rolled off and started pulling on his clothes quickly. I noticed Mark standing in the open doorway to Jeff's room. "How long have you been standing there?" I barked angrily, not a little embarrassed. I was on my back. My legs were spread open and I could feel Jeff's warm cum leaking down into the crack of my ass. I knew what I looked like to Mark, because he had a lump in his pants. "Uh, um, I just came up to see what was going on." Suddenly I felt sorry for the guy, standing there all worked up, looking at me like that. I threw caution to the wind, and decided that I'd give him the thrill of his life. It wouldn't be the first time I got it on with more than one guy at a party! I smiled up at Mark, "Why don't you come over here?" It was all the coaxing he needed. His jeans and underwear were down at his ankles. "Wait." I said, "Let me get you a rubber." but he was already between my legs and shoving against me. I tried to stop him, but even at fifteen he was too strong for me and his cock was buried in me before I knew what to do! Almost as quickly he started to cum, losing control inside me and filling me up with his semen. Jeff had stayed in the room and watched, and was now sporting another erection. I frowned at him and said, "Look. It isn't fair of you two to do this without thinking about me. I might get pregnant." Jeff looked sheepishly at the ground, then started to climb into bed. "Isn't it too late? I mean what does it matter now?" he said as he mounted me a second time. I didn't know what to say, but I didn't protest as he put his little penis inside me and started kissing me. He kept sticking his tongue in my mouth as he humped. It was like I was just a pillow and though I tried to enjoy it he didn't seem to notice I was alive. Then he finished, I couldn't believe how quickly he came, even the second time, and this time he rolled off and left the room. Mark started to climb on the bed again, and all I could think to say was "What about Ted?" He smiled and ran out, leaving me to deal with a handful of cum that was dripping out of my unprotected vagina.

Ted came into the room slowly, pausing to pull his penis through his zipper. I didn't know what to do. I had brought up the idea, but I didn't like the idea of being a fuck toy. Jeff and Mark stood outside the door gaping and I resigned myself to the fact that I had been prostituting myself for weeks. I thought of the money in my purse that I had been paid for this gig and laid back and resigned myself to the inevitable. Ted climbed onto the bed, clutching his penis. I tried helping him put it inside me. I was completely full of sperm at this point, but Ted didn't even notice. Without even stroking he started to cum, and cum until I was covered with it. My thighs, my belly, my crack were dripping with teenage semen. He was just pulling up his jeans when Mark yelled up that Jeff's parents had just pulled into the garage! Jeff and Ted ran downstairs to hide the beer cans and I rolled out of bed to dress. The pounding I had received from my three high school students had taken its toll on me, and I was moving slowly. I was very tender. I was still looking for something to wipe off with when Jeff appeared at the door and begged me to hide on the veranda until he could sneak me out. I ran onto the veranda, completely naked with dripping semen covering my pubic realm, as Jeff closed and latched the sliding glass door behind me. Looking out I realized that I was facing the street and there was nothing to hide me from any casual glance in the early evening light. I tried to get back in, but it was locked tight, and Jeff was no where to be seen.

The semen was starting to run, and was dripping to my toes. A cool draft sent me shivering and I did my best to contain my leaking vagina, but all I did was mess up my hands. It was that moment, with my hands stuffed in my crotch that I noticed a car had pulled over, and two guys were staring at me from within. One of them, a fat man wearing pants that didn't quite cover the crack of his ass stepped out and stared up in disbelief as he walked up. Before he could say anything I whispered that he be quiet, and explained my predicament. He asked how old the boys were, and I said pretty young. Scaling a bannister he declared that that was illegal in this state. I tried to claim that all I did was strip, but my pathetic attempts to cover myself with my cum covered hands did little to hide the semen all over my crotch and being smeared across my small breasts. He just smiled and nodded at me. "You're a fucking whore aren't you?" Weakly I nodded. "You like fucking little boys, don't you?" I looked at him, pissed, but scared, and nodded. "Say it." He said. "I'm a whore." I said, quivering, believing it as I said it. "I'm just a cheap dirty prostitute. I'll do anything for money."

"You like it don't you?" I nodded, at a loss what else to do but humor him as I smeared semen all over my large nipples and rubbed it into my labia.

"Say it."

"I like it."


"I like having men... and boys have their way with me. It's all I'm good for. I'm just a whore. I'll do anything you want. I'm trash. I'm a slut." I went on and on saying the most degrading things about myself, terrified of this fat hairy man, believing every word of it. I had become a whore. I was a cunt for sale and nothing more. Then he pulled his thing out and started to massage it while he stared at my naked body. I moved my hands aside, to let him get a better look, letting the boys semen run freely down my thigh; There was so much. Then I knelt down and took his penis in my hand. The smell was horrible, but having seen my willingness he grabbed my head and was ready to receive. I couldn't stop now, and for ten minutes I fellated his stubby fat penis while trying to contain the flow of jiz from my crack with the other. When he finally came, after insisting I put a finger up his ass, he let it splatter all over my face, and hair, and breasts, then plunged back in and milked himself in my mouth till he was hard again. Covered with saliva, his penis slipped out of my mouth and he yanked me by the hair, and pushed me over the cold steel rail until I was bent over it staring twenty feet down at his buddy, a young nerdy guy who was capturing the whole thing on video for posterity.

I was expecting the fat guy to fuck me and get it over with, but after quickly inserting his dick inside me, he pulled out and crammed his fat cock into my ass while I gasped, pushing my feet off the veranda, and leaving me dangling, clutching for dear life as his raped my ass with his little stubby thing. Having finished, he pulled out, oh, how that hurt, leaving a warm feeling of having to shit inside me. I knew that was his semen. He climbed off the veranda, and lowered himself down, while I gingerly let myself back onto the platform. I was afraid that his buddy was going to come up next, but he just stood there with his camera. The feeling inside me was like a balloon inflating. I had to shit like I'd never had to before. It was all the mans semen, but there was nowhere to go. Nowhere that the camera wouldn't see. I held it for a few moments then gave up, squatting down I aimed at my spectators, hoping to cover them in it, but it only exploded and covered my ass with his semen. They burst out laughing, and I slipped my butt dangling over the veranda precariously when Jeff opened the door, and pulled me up. "It's all clear." he said. I was livid, desperate to get out, and bent over for the nearest piece of cloth when I felt Jeff grab me from behind. I spun around, but it wasn't Jeff, or even one of the other boys, but one I hadn't seen before. Younger, probably twelve, and three equally young friends.

"Bobby I told you to stay downstairs." Jeff shouted, but bobby just fingered my pussy while Jeff and I stared in horror at the pimply faced kid who hardly came up to my shoulder. "Bobby get out!" Jeff shouted, but Bobby whined, "I'm gonna tell mom."

I broke out, "Don't do that Bobby. I'll do whatever you like, just don't tell your Mom, alright? Would you like to fuck me? I'd like that. I'd like you all to fuck me. I'm so horny." Bobby smiled at me as I stood before the three junior high students naked, covered in cum, tasting semen and my asshole burning from the rape outside. None of them seemed to notice. I was just a warm naked college girl who was willing to entertain their budding sex drives. The thought of seven to ten for statutory rape put me completely at the mercy of these children who were tweaking my nipples and pawing my ass. Finally one got impatient, and shoved me hard onto the bed, hopping on top of me and pulling his little penis out he came all over my belly without ever once touching me. Jeff stared on in horror, then ran from the room as his little brother climbed on top of me and started to fuck me.

One after the other, the kids came at me, and damn their youthful constitution, they didn't stop coming. After they'd started on me for the second time, this time only slightly less like jackrabbits I tried teaching them how to be gentle, but my crotch was so sore from all the abuse that evening that it was all I could to try and milk a little pleasure out of the ordeal. I started giving head, just to save my cunt the abuse, and was soon being splattered with pubescent sperm, but they kept coming back. The sun was well down before they started to drop off. One of them, slightly older, maybe thirteen, was going slowly, like I had shown him. He would kiss me, not really noticing that I was covered head to knee in his friends' semen, and was doing a good job of soothing all the hurt.

I held him really close, and spread my legs wide hoping his little thing might touch me deep inside and gasped as I started building to an orgasm. I felt so dirty, and trashy. I was every bit the whore the fat guy had called me and had been raped and humiliated then turned into a pedophile and a statutory rapist. I was an exhibitionist and a cocktease, but would readily put out for children. Thinking like this was so depressing, I couldn't believe how good this kids sex was making me feel. Suddenly he cried out, and cumming for the third time in as many hours rolled off and realized he was as covered in cum as I was. I tried to stop him, but he shrank away having spent his sexual desire and ran off to the bathroom leaving me hot for the first time in hours. I asked the rest of the kids to come and fuck me, but they were in a circle reading comics and just giggled. I got off the bed and tried to touch one, but he shrank away, and I saw my hand was covered in drying and dripping cum. I saw myself across the room in the window, and realized that I was covered and dripping in white male goop. None of the boys would touch me. I was disgusting to them now that they'd lost their cherries and gotten their rocks off. I was so worked up, and the humiliation just added to the feeling. Being alone and naked and a sexual deviant before a bunch of children I was horny in a way I never had been.

I started to masturbate, begging them to come and fuck me, "Please come and do it again guys. It felt so good." I begged, not knowing why, furiously rubbing their semen into my clit. They just laughed at me, and one of them said, "Go away you gutter slut." and they all laughed, but this only served to make me feel more trashy and more desperate, driving me closer to orgasm, but not close enough. One kid reached into his bag and produced a Coke bottle. Tossing it at me he said, "Fuck this you hooker." I eyed it with horror, the wide flared bottle, but I was desperate to satiate myself after the long humiliation, I would never feel this way again, and I knew it. I took the bottle and gingerly inserted the open end. It was cold, and half full, but immediately felt the reward and it sent my body rocking, and I gasped as I shoved it in almost against my will. Riding the waves of an orgasm, with the kids staring at me in amazement I started rotating it and pumping it, and just as I felt myself starting to cum, Jeff pounced on me from the doorway, "You fucking whore!

He yanked me up and threw me into the hallway, the glass bottle sloshing around in my vagina sending shivers all over as the humiliations grew and grew. He dragged me down the stairs where his friends still sat, staring in wonder at my cum covered body, and the coke bottle wedged into my crack. Jeff started to throw me again, but his friends stopped him, not out of sympathy, but ready again for another piece. Not of the young woman who had serviced them earlier, but of the twenty dollar whore who would do anything for sex. They pulled the Coke bottle out brutally, then bent me over the couch shoving my face in the cushions and took turns on me, filling my cum soaked crack again, and being horribly brutal about it. Jeff climbed aboard, inserting his thing and telling me that his parents had never come home. It was all a ruse to turn her into their sex slave, and what a whore I'd turned out to be. When he came, he kept his hand on my back, pinning me down, and his thing still pulsing inside my cunt, began to play with my ass. I felt something cold, like glass, and froze in horror as I recognized the Coke bottle. For some reason I didn't struggle gasp, or breathe as he shoved it in. I just gritted my teeth as my eyes began to water and Jeff started fucking again while his friends hooted and hollered.

I gave head to the other two boys while Jeff did me a second time, the bottle, and Jeff's brutality keeping me hovering on the edge of an orgasm, but just before I was about to cum Jef froze up and shot his load, leaving me frustrated while I finished off the blow job I was giving afraid not to satisfy the boy. When he came he filled up my mouth first, then my face, and though I tried to swallow, most of it ran down my chin, then as Jeff yanked me up by the hair, causing incredible pain as the Coke bottle pressed inside me, the semen ran down my chest and the boys looked at me in disgust. Jeff grabbed the bottle and shoved on it, pushing on my bladder, I suddenly had to pee like never before.

"March." He said, and I strained to hold my pee as I let him march me to my next humiliation. When I saw where he was taking me I froze, "No!" I begged, but he shoved the bottle again, I almost lost control of my bladder and let him march me right up and out of the front door and onto the patio. At the top of the step he shoved me hard out onto the lawn, I tried to stay standing, but couldn't as I tumbled down the steep hill, the bottle swishing back and forth inside me. I ended up with my legs uphill, and my head almost on the sidewalk. I tried to pull myself up, but the bottle and the need to pee made that impossible. I just lifted my legs in the air, lifting my ass as high as I could reaching for the bottle. That was when I saw the kids in the window upstairs looking and laughing, and the boys downstairs hooting at me laying on the square of my back, with my legs and my butt sticking up in the air as I probed my anus trying to remove the bottle. Then I saw the kids struggling with a white piece of fabric. My underwear. Another had my purse with the days pay, including the bonus for this little gig. The whole day had gone to nothing and I couldn't get the bottle out when my bladder could hold it no more. A fountain of pee shot up from my crack, and a cheer went up from the house, as my piss dribbled down over me, down into my belly, over my tits, and face. I tried to stop myself, but had no control. I used my hand, but it just sprayed and got everywhere, even in my mouth. I tried to put my legs down but that hurt to much, and just at that moment it felt good to have my hand there. I started rubbing myself as pee dribbled out of me mixing with my juices and the boys semen. As everyone watched I brought myself higher and higher, fingering myself, and playing with the bottle. I was about to have the greatest orgasm ever.

Suddenly hands grabbed me and pulled me cruelly upright till I was standing, and I recognized the fat man. Standing right next to him was his geeky buddy with the camera. The fat man slapped me on the butt, grimacing slightly at the mixed fluids that covered it then said, "C'mon missy, I got some friends you should meet."