After-School Fun by Gavin McDowell

After-School Fun

It was a brisk fall day in Johnstown, PA. The town could have been another Pittsburgh: it was only 70 miles east of the now-larger city, but at the turn of the century it was a more competitive city. In fact, it was larger than Pittsburgh, and also had three rivers - the Stony Creek and the Little Conemaugh, which came together to form the Conemaugh. After nearly a century of steel mills and coal mines, the town was in the grips of an economic depression, but no one complained. Gavin had moved here from Baltimore, after having lived in another Maryland town, New Jersey and New York City. He immediately took to the town and grew to regard the tree-covered hills as his hometown.

He was 9 years old when they had moved to Johnstown, and after having moved rather frequently beforehand, he was used to making quick friends. Gavin had always been a tall child, and here he was no exception. He was 5'5" in 5th grade, a coincidence which he always marveled at. Of mixed northern European descent, his features were well-proportioned, some would say cute, perfectly framed by his reddish-brown hair. Greenish-brown eyes stared out at the world, taking in as much as his little brain would permit. Physically and emotionally he was mature, getting his first pubic hairs when he was only 10 years old, and having discovered masturbation when he was 11. Being born abroad, he was uncircumcised, a feature of his anatomy that he was not totally comfortable with. All through his elementary years, he had noticed that he was not like most of the other kids, and was embarrassed to be seen naked. As a general precaution whenever there was a chance to be seen, he would retract the foreskin, giving his penis a circumcised appearance.

It was early October, 1989, and the weather was just starting to get cooler. School came easily for Gavin, so his mind was relaxed and carefree as he walked home. With him was one of his best friends, Dan Wilson. Dan was just about as tall as Gavin, but with dark blonde hair and gray eyes. They lived next door to each other, were in the same homeroom and shared many interests, including Nintendo, listening to music, and "wrestling". Since Gavin's mom worked until 4:30, he would go to Dan's house after school until his mom got home. During this hour, they would engage in the activities that they enjoyed. The first time that they "wrestled" was totally by accident.

After their thumbs had gotten tired from pounding on the control pads of the Nintendo, they decided to just watch some TV. Watching "Club MTV," the comments naturally drifted towards the writhing females on the screen, then back to the girls at school.

"I think Jill is the hottest girl in the world," asserted Dan, with the faith of a televangelist.

"Fuck you! There's no way in hell she tops Tiffany!" rebuked Gavin, having only recently started to "go out" with Tiffany.

"Uh . . . no?" combated Dan, fully expecting Gavin's angry response. After trading rips, the topic shifted to what each of them would do, if given the chance to be alone with them. As the words lessened, and the hand motions increased, they finally got the notion into their heads to "demonstrate" on each other. Gavin laid down on the floor, looking up at Dan, preparing for his full weight upon his body. Dan eased himself down, making sure to line the crotches up. Both their jeans were bulging from the sex- talk, and they could feel each other's boner rubbing against the other. They made kissing motions, but never made contact because they weren't "gay". After a few minutes of grinding, they decided to switch positions, and let Gavin be the guy. As they were happily grinding away, Dan's mom walked in. Thinking quickly, Gavin shouted, "1, 2, 3 PIN!!". He then rolled off, being careful to hide his hard-on.

All they got out of the close call was a warning not to hurt themselves, but more significantly, the activity was referred to from then on as "wrestling". The next day after school, they rushed to Dan's house and scampered downstairs. After making sure that they would be able to hear Dan's mom coming, they proceeded to talk about sex and decided to "wrestle". Since they both had had Gym that day, they were wearing sweatpants which outlined the shapes of their young, hard, cocks. They started grinding and were really getting into it when Gavin suggested pulling Dan's sweats down, so that his underwear was rubbing against Gavin. Dan grunted as they started again, saying that it tickled, but felt really nice just the same. Then Gavin said to Dan, "Let me see your dick." Horny as hell, Dan willingly obliged, pulling the white cotton briefs down. Out popped his claim to manhood, 2 inches long, sticking straight out with a neat circumcision. His head looked like a thick purple bullet, with a little dot for a tip. This was a contrast to Gavin's 4.5 inch long, up-pointing, uncircumcised, slit-tip dick. The only things that were the same were the thickness - about 1/2 an inch - and the color of the tip.

But only Dan showed himself at this point - Gavin was still afraid to be seen. Gavin reached down to Dan's hairless crotch and fondled his balls, feeling them roll around in the wrinkly, warm sac. Dan spread his legs a little bit further to give Gavin better access to his privates. His little dick stuck straight out from his body, pointing straight to the sky as he laid down. Gavin stroked his friend's cock with his first two fingers, feeling the loose skin on the shaft move. Gavin found out later that Dan had been circumcised not once, but twice, as they hadn't taken enough off the first time. Despite this fact, there was enough loose skin to play with, and Dan smiled happily as his friend played with his dick. Unfamiliar with circumcised dicks, Gavin was unsure as to how to jerk Dan off. Gavin did himself by gripping his foreskin just below the head with his first three fingers, and quickly jerking up and down. So all he did was continue to gently stroke the dick, noticing how the head was so much thicker than the shaft, the texture of the skin and how it jumped every time he brushed the head. Occasionally he would gently fondle Dan's scrotum, feeling the nuts through the skin.

Eventually Dan suggested that they "wrestle" again, but this time with Dan's pants down. Gavin was very pleased with this turn of events, as he now was able to feel his friend's dick while grinding, but didn't have to expose his own. Gavin laid down on top of Dan, being very careful not to crush his friend's balls. They started grinding, and Gavin could feel Dan's dick poking up into groin, touching Gavin's dick as it moved around. Eventually Gavin's hand drifted down to his crotch and held the 2-inch member still. He then rubbed the length of his own shaft up and down on the tip, causing Dan to tense up as the sensations rose up his spine and landed in his brain. Gavin then felt the urge to feel even closer to Dan, so he pulled his sweats down, exposing his underwear and the hardness it contained. Laying back down, he started rubbing the two dicks together through the white cotton briefs, the friction increasing with each stroke.

All of a sudden, they heard Dan's mom coming down the stairs. Dan scurried into the bathroom, his dick bouncing as he ran, and Gavin quickly pulled his sweats up. He then sat on the couch as casually as he could, hiding his raging hard- on as much as he could.

After Gavin and Dan had discovered the fun of truly intense "wrestling", they proceeded to practice at every opportunity. The way it would usually work was this - Gavin would go to Dan's house after school, as usual, and then they would watch TV for a while, both of them knowing full well what was going to come next. One would start rubbing his crotch, then the other would as well, and as it became evident that they both had erections they would move closer to each other, until they were right next to the other boy. Being the horny little boys that they were, they didn't waste too much time talking about it - Gavin would reach into Dan's pants and Dan would do the same to Gavin, and they would fondle the other as long as they could. Eventually this gave way to pulling down the pants and really seriously jacking off the other boy.

Dan had his first orgasm ever at the masterful hands of Gavin, who had been stroking Dan's dick with care and true determination. Gavin, unfortunately, had been "taking care of himself" for a while already and was thus not able to partake in the glorious discovery. Aside from the appearance differences, Dan's penis gave a dry orgasm, with no mess to clean up, whereas Gavin already had a few drops of jizz that would make their appearance after an orgasm. Dan, although less experienced in the ways of masturbation, took great pleasure in playing with Gavin's dick. He would roll the foreskin back and forth over the head, tug on it a little, sometimes pausing to tickle the soft skin that held Gavin's nuts, all the time driving Gavin completely insane with pleasure. As per Gavin's instructions, Dan would squeeze tighter and pick up the pace until the darker-haired boy shot his tiny load in one of the most intense orgasms of his young life. They were always better with Dan than by himself.

From time to time, they would return to the activity that had introduced them to the joy of another boy's flesh - wrestling. Pulling down their pants and underwear, they would carefully line up their crotches and grind away, each boy feeling the other's boner grinding, rolling and poking in between their hot bodies. Occasionally they made kissing motions, trying to imitate what they imagined sex with a woman must be like, but one day it all changed. Gavin was feeling a bit more mischievous than normal, so without warning he leaned forward and gently placed his lips on Dan's, tenderly kissing him. He pulled away and looked into Dan's surprised face.

"What the hell did you do that for?" asked Dan.

"I dunno, I thought it would be cool," answered a nervous Gavin, afraid that he had ruined the whole activity.

"Do you think that's what it's like with a girl?" asked Dan again.

"I guess," responded Gavin, acutely aware of their hard-ons still pressed against each other's body. Then came the moment he had wished for several weeks.

"Do it again." commanded Dan.

Gavin inclined his head torwards Dan and put their mouths together again. This time, Dan kissed back and opened his mouth slightly, allowing their tongues to explore the other's mouth. Gavin's head was swimming as he felt his best friend's tongue and his move around each other. His dick was harder than ever and with renewed vigor, he started grinding again, aware of an entirely new sensation that was deep inside of him, unlike any he had experienced before. Dan continued to push against Gavin in an effort to feel even closer than they were. Suddenly, they heard a noise upstairs as Dan's mom headed towards the basement. Quickly separating, spittle and pre-cum drawing between the two, they managed to look semi-innocent when Mrs. Wilson walked in. Dan and Gavin exchanged looks, both acknowledging that this wouldn't be the last time that happened.

The weekend passed and they kept exchanging sly looks in school on Monday, both having an inkling of what was going to transpire that afternoon. Walking home, they were physically closer than ever before, their shoulders almost touching. Gavin had spent the entire weekend thinking about what had happened on Friday afternoon, trying to recapture the sensations that he had felt when they kissed. He was also puzzled by a new set of emotions he was feeling. Although he had been close to his friends before, this was different - warmer somehow. He felt devoted, bonded almost, to his 11-year-old friend. The idea that he might be "gay" never entered his mind, because being gay was dirty and wasn't nice and only sick people were gay - so he had been told. Because of this, he was fairly comfortable with his affection for Dan and wanted to be with him as much as possible.

As they reached Dan's house, Gavin's heart rate increased as he thought of what was going to happen. His 11-year-old boydick strained against the front of his jeans, causing Gavin to walk in an odd manner, attracting Dan's attention.

"What's the matter? Didja hurt your foot?" he asked, with real concern in his voice.

"No, it's alright, it'll be better in a little bit," Gavin responded, trying to inconspicuously adjust his dick into a less painful position. Dan wasn't stupid, and as he realized what Gavin was doing, a large smile came across his face.

"You're thinking about what we're going to do, aren'tcha?" he said.

"*NO!* Well, maybe a little bit. Alright, yes I am." Gavin admitted bashfully, his erection gone and his face a bright pink from the embarrassment.

Dan grinned, looked at him, and said, "That's alright, I've been thinking about the same thing all day and trying to keep my dick soft." Gavin was flabbergasted. Here was the best friend he ever had admitting to not only really enjoying, but looking forward to the same kind of mischief that he was!

After what seemed like 5 miles of walking, they arrived at Dan's house and ran to the basement. This time, they didn't bother with the usual preliminaries on the couch. They just stood in the middle of the room, about six inches apart for a couple seconds and then fell into each other's arms. Their lips locked and a spark flew in between the two of them. Forcing themselves to back away, the pants and underwear were lowered (but not completely removed, for the fear of Dan's mom was ever-present) and they laid down on the brown shag carpeting. With great care, the slightly smaller Gavin lowered himself onto Dan's half-naked body, delighting at the feel of their penises touching and tickling their testicles.

They continued as they had done Friday, sucking face and grinding until Gavin gathered up the courage to try another sucking that he had read about. He pulled away from Dan and looked lovingly into his eyes before moving down his torso until his face was at Dan's crotch level, watching his 2 inch penis pulsate with each heartbeat. He began stroking it, still unsure as to if he wanted to go through with it, but then his young lust took over and made the decision for him. His lowered his head and began lapping at Dan's hairless scrotum, feeling the body heat go through his tongue. Moving up slightly, he licked the small member from base to tip and swirled instinctively around the purple bullet. Taking a deep breath and gathering up every last ounce of courage, he opened his mouth slightly and took Dan's dick fully into his mouth. Dan yelped at the brush of teeth, attributable to Gavin's inexperience, but then began to breathe heavily as Gavin did what came naturally - pleasing his best friend.

Since Dan's penis was relatively small, even a novice like Gavin was able to take all of Dan's dick in his mouth at once, and so he did. He marveled at the texture and taste of the boy's most intimate part, the sponginess of the tip in sharp contrast with the hardness of the shaft. Each time he would go down he would smell soap and detergent, a smell which each time he would smell it from then on, he would remember the first time he sucked another boy's dick and how much he enjoyed it. Gavin was lost in a world of his own, drooling over the hot cocktail sausage he had in his mouth.

He brought one of his hands up to rest at the base of Dan's dick and the other began to fondle his testicles. The room was silent except for the slurping sounds of Gavin's young mouth and Dan's heavy breathing and occasional moan. Gavin could hear his friend's breathing start to get faster, so he picked up his pace, going slowly up the dick and lingering at the top before quickly sliding down with as much suction as possible. Dan's hips began to thrust and Gavin jiggled his balls in time to the hips. Suddenly, Gavin felt the tip of Dan's penis expand in his mouth as Dan gasped for air, his hips locked against Gavin's face.

Gavin pulled off and looked at his flushed companion. He lay beside him and asked him if he had liked it. Dan looked at him and replied only with a gently kiss to his cheek. They laid there a little while longer, holding hands until Dan caught his breath again. He then looked down at Gavin's naked crotch and said,

"You didn't get off, did you?"

"No, I was having too much fun with you," he responded, stroking his friend's hair.

"Well, I'll have to take care of that then."

Gavin held his breath in expectation of what he was about to feel, knowing that nothing he had ever felt would be this exhilarating. Dan gently pushed Gavin back onto the carpet and after kissing him lightly again, he made his way down to Gavin's crotch. Gavin was trembling slightly in anticipation as he felt Dan's body rub against his rock-hard dick. Then Dan's face was level with Gavin's uncut member, and he began to lick it. He moved his head in between Gavin's legs and kissed each of his small testicles before gently taking them into his mouth, causing Gavin's body to jerk with unexpected vigor. Dan remembered what it felt like when Gavin had done the same to him, so he tenderly rolled his tongue around each of the balls in turn, hearing Gavin's breathing become even more irregular than it had been.

After lavishing a great amount of attention to the yet-spermless balls, he began to work his way up the shaft of Gavin's penis. When he reached the top, he stuck his tongue inside his friend's foreskin and began to lick around the tight space as a quiet whine escaped from Gavin's lips. Dan continued to work his way around Gavin's head, tasting another boy's penis for the first time. It felt rubbery, but yet solid at the same time and had a taste that was completely indescribable, but pleasant at the same time.

Several minutes passed as Dan repeatedly frenched the young dick that was in front of him, Gavin becoming more and more agitated with each stroke. Dan instinctively knew that it was time to go further. He opened his mouth a little wider, carefully covered his teeth and moved down on Gavin's dick. The only response his friend could make was a gentle whimper, as the feelings overtook his body. Dan's mouth was the warmest and wettest thing he had ever felt on his dick, and he loved it immensely. It seemed as though the entire focus of the universe was between his two legs, being worked over by his best friend's mouth.

Thoughts were incapable of forming, as waves of pleasure overtook the young boy's frame. Color's were flashing before his eyes and the only thing that made any sense was that he didn't want this to end - ever. But Dan was working hard at making Gavin blow his load in his mouth. He had no idea what cum tasted like, and he wanted today to be the day he found out. He moved down his friend's dick, unable to take the whole thing in his mouth, then sucked as hard as he could on the way up, swirling his tongue around the now-denuded glans. Gavin was twitching as though electricity was running through his body, as Dan slowly increased the pace.

Gavin instinctively began moving his hips back and forth in time with Dan's sucking, a familiar feeling rising from deep inside of him. He wasn't sure if Dan wanted to swallow his cum, so he tried his best to alert the other boy.

"I.. ..I'm.. . ...(gulp) . ... .go. . going. ... ..t. .t. t. .to. . . .bl. .," was all he managed to get out before his muscles all contracted simultaneously and his young cum shot through his dick, pumping six or seven times into Dan's waiting mouth. Dan, although surprised at the quantity of semen, thought that it didn't taste too bad, and if it made Gavin feel that good, it must be OK. On reflex, he swallowed the sweet liquid down, and held Gavin's penis in his mouth until it had softened to half-mast and then rose up to be at eye-level with his friend.

"That was *the best* I have ever felt!!!" whispered Gavin as Dan moved beside him. He turned his head slightly and put a tender kiss on Dan's cheek, not quite sure why, but knowing that it was the right thing to do.

"I'm glad you liked it, it was the best I could do." responded Dan, a bit more embarrassed about the proceedings than his companion. "You know Gavin, I really like you, I dunno, like a *lot*," he admitted sheepishly, not looking at Gavin.

Gavin just gazed at Dan, awash in his own emotions for the boy, and came back with "I'm so glad you feel the same way I do, I just couldn't keep it in much longer." Both boys looked at each other for a while and kissed one last time, before getting up and making sure they were presentable. Just a few moments later Dan's mom appeared at the top of the steps, telling Gavin that his mother was there.


Gavin and Dan were an unofficial couple for a while longer, never really considering it "gay", until Dan got the full description of what it meant to participate in homosexual activities. It was then that he broke all contact with Gavin, and broke Gavin's 12-year old heart. Gavin, though still attracted to Dan, and some other boys as well, continued to push his true feelings to the back of his mind, appearing only in guilt-ridden masturbation sessions. Gavin went to a different high school than Dan, which eased the pain somewhat, but the guilt was always there. Eventually, Gavin admitted his orientation to himself, forgot about Dan and became a much happier teenager than he had been in a long time. Who knows what happened to Dan?