Alone by Joe Boone


People have always told me that I was crazy. Maybe they were right. Why else would anyone with a right mind be out here? Hundreds of miles from nowhere. Except for the Indian village down the river, I haven't seen another human being since I left so-called, "civilization" two years ago. The Indians tolerated me because I was the only white man they had ever seen and they too thought I had to be out of my head for being up there alone. But to me this was God's country.

How do you tell these people that you were here because you got fed up with the human rat race back east? That's exactly what it had become, too. Thousands of people living in a city. No privacy. No one caring whether you lived or died. So why stay? Why put up with it? I couldn't and I wouldn't. So here I am. Alone, except for being in some of the most beautiful country I'd ever imagined existed. Towering snow covered peaked mountains, rolling hills, green prairies that stretched for miles and miles. Woods that were full of wild life. Everything from badger to mountain lions. The streams were full of fish and beaver. Everyday seem to be the beginning of a new adventure.

I quickly learned that by keeping only what meat I needed to live on from the deer and bear I killed, if I offered the rest to the villagers, they would respond in a similar manner. They could see that I did not waste what I took from the land. Often, they would bring me vegetables and berries, and clothing made from animal hides and other items to make my lonely life better. As time passed and they began to trust me more, I was often invited to the village. We would hunt and fish together. Play games. At night, they would gather around the fires and tell stories. They wanted to know everything about the white man's way of life back where I came from. So I would tell stories and do my best to explain what my life was like before. I tried to make them understand. All in all, it was a great life. Until, that one faithful day when my life would no longer be the same.

As usual, I had gotten up early to find some meat for camp. After killing two deer and trying to make my way back down the mountain, leading the pack horse, I could hear gun fire coming from the direction of the village. But the villagers were primitive people and had no guns, only bows, arrows and spears. As far as I knew, mine was the only one up here. I dropped one deer off at my shelter and started towards the village with the other. As I drew near, I could see smoke rising over the tops of the trees.

I rounded the trees on the river bank and stopped dead in my tracks. The village or what was left of it, was in ruins. Most of the teepees were burning, others had been pulled to the ground. Some of the villagers were walking around dazed or wounded.

As I rode through the village, a crowd was beginning to gather around me. As I dismounted in front of Chief Running Elk, I was met with his lance touching my chest.

Stepping back startled, "Running Elk, what is the meaning of this?"

"Some of your white brothers came to us in peace and like snakes they destroyed our homes, killing some of my people and then left taking our horses and some of our women," he said.

"Why do you blame me for this, because of the color of my skin? I have never done anything to hurt your people. I thought we were friends," I said.

With that said, he lowered his spear and hung his head. "You are right Crazy One. You are not to blame, even though your skin is white, I know you would not harm my people. My two daughters were among those taken and we are making ready to go after them and bring our women back."

I really had never taken notice of his daughter or any of the other young women in the village for fear of what might happen, being an outsider. Looking around the village, I could see maybe half a dozen braves that were well enough to ride, much less fight. So I came up with another of my crazy ideas.

"Running Elk, you need the braves you have left to take care of your wounded and the dead. Would you let me go after these skunks and return your daughters and wives to you? I might have a better chance alone and that way there would be no excuse for the white men to say the Indians were taking to the warpath," I said.

He looked at me for a long time and then turned to look at his village. Turning back around, he held out his arm. I clasped his arm with mine and we shook. He then took his knife, holding the blade across the palm of my hand, slicing it. I jumped back not knowing what the heck was happening. He then sliced his own palm. Taking my hand in his, we clasped hands. The medicine man tied leather straps around our clasped hands and spoke some words I didn't understand. Then in my white man's tongue he said, "You are now of the same blood. Blood brothers! From this day forward our pain is your pain."

I was given a bow with a quiver of arrows, spear and rawhide clothing. Then the chief did something unexpected. He walked up to me leading the most beautiful black stallion I'd ever seen. "This is Thunder Cloud. My best war horse. He broke away from the raiders and returned to us. He is yours! First he has to permit you to ride him. Make friends with him and he will serve you like a brother," he said.

At that moment I must have looked like I was crazy. Standing there with my mouth hanging open. Then Thunder Cloud walked up to me and butted me with his head, almost knocking me down. I quickly regained my composure, and walked up to him, running my hands down his neck, across his flanks and down his legs. He definitely was some horse all right. Muscles everywhere. Placing my hand on his mane, I vaulted onto his back. He took a few steps before quickly dropping his head towards the ground and kicked his back legs towards the heavens, he swiftly planted me on my back on the ground. Looking up, I could see nothing but stars swimming around my head. Then I felt something cool on my face. His moist nose was touching my face, smelling of me. Almost as though he was laughing at me. I reached up, catching his mane again and felt him raise his head, lifting me to my feet. I stood there unsteadily while letting my head clear.

He stood there nodding his head up and down as if telling me everything was all right now. He just had to show me who was boss. Again I walked to his side and vaulted onto his back. This time there were no show boating. He stood there waiting for my signal. I nudged my heals into his side and we took off like the wind. We raced onto the flats just beyond the village, rounding a bend near the river, out onto the prairie. After a mile or so, we turned and headed back towards the village. What a feeling! The cool breeze whipping by my face. I felt like I was really riding a tornado. Running, as if the world was chasing us, we continued through a stand of trees. Suddenly coming upon the trunk of a fallen tree blocking our path. This strong animal, while never breaking his stride, cleared it with ease. Entering the village, he slid to a halt in front of the chief. The look that Running Elk gave me was one of great satisfaction and pride. As I slid from Thunder's back and once again he nudged me with his head, as if to say, "well done-now we are friends." At that moment, I knew there was now a bond between us that would never be broken.

It had been two days since the attack on the village as I rode out to follow the trail. The sound of the women wailing for the dead braves and the lost girls following me as I topped the hill to the south. Stopping to look down at the scene below me, remembering how it had once been a happy sight and one I might not ever see again. The trail was starting to get cold but I knew that with the horses and women in tow, the raiders should be slowed down some. At least, I hoped so.

I turned Thunder Cloud again towards the south. I could feel his muscles tighten. I knew he wanted to run, so I gave him his head and we were off like the wind. After the better part of two hours he finally slowed to a smooth ground eating pace. His coat was slick with sweat but he was not winded at all.

As the sun was starting to touch the hills in the west, we crossed a small stream. I figured it was as good a place as any to make camp for the night. Removing my gear and halter from Thunder, I released him to drink and graze. I knew he would be there in the morning. Watching him, you would never think that he had traveled all day at the pace we had set. He ran, bucked, then found a buffalo wallow and rolled over and over in the dirt. Finally he made his way towards the stream and ran into it until the water completely covered his back. Returning to where I stood, he suddenly shook the water from him. Instantly, I was covered width spray and was dripping wet. Yelling, I ran after him. Around and around the camp site we ran, like two kids. The entire time I knew he was laughing at me. I then veered away from him and ran straight to the stream and jumped off the bank into the water. As my head rose above the water, all I could see was horse flesh. Thunder had followed me and jumped off the embankment too. Lucky for me, sailing well past where I had landed or he would have been standing right on top of me. He turned and swam towards me until his feet regained their footing. Nudging me with his head towards the bank. I walked back to our gear and started a small fire. After removing my clothes and hanging them on the tree to let them dry, I ate some of the dried meat I had brought along. By then the sun had disappeared in the west and I dozed off.

Sometime later, I woke with a start. Something or someone was near by. I could feel it. Not moving, I tried to look around using only my eyes. I could see nothing but I knew something was there. The hair on the back of my neck was crawling. Suddenly, I rolled to my left and grabbed my rifle. Just as I moved, a big rock hit my bed roll. With a shrill yell they were on me. Dropping my rifle, I grabbed my bowie knife as we rolled on the ground. Finally managing to end up on top, I pinned the Indian and started to strike with my knife. All of a sudden, I was knocked side-ways by something big and black. Looking up I saw Thunder standing there. His big black eyes glaring down at me.

"Thunder! What in the hell has gotten into you?" I said. Then I noticed he was standing over the still form of an Indian. I got up and started towards him. Immediately his ears laid back, he snorted and bared his teeth. He wasn't going to let me near whoever it was. I put my knife away and picked my rifle up and put it back against the tree. Turning back to face Thunder, I found that he had moved to my side and was nudging me towards the still form on the ground. Kneeling down, I turned the figure over to get a better look. As it rolled over, I almost fainted. There on the ground was one of the prettiest Indian women I had ever seen. Her dress was in shreds and I could see her exposed breast beaming up at me.

All I could do was sit there and look. Then I realized I was still stark naked and was becoming aroused. I sure as hell didn't need her seeing me like this, so I slowly moved away and got dressed. Returning to her side, I picked her up and moved her to my bed roll. Her face and arms were bruised and cut. I slowly removed her dress and found a bullet wound in her side. Covering her up, I went to the stream and got some water. When I got back to the fire, she was sitting up with my rifle trained on me, and hatred in her eyes. Slowly, she again crumpled to the ground. I guess her loss of blood had made her too weak to even hold the rifle.

Again, I laid her on the bed and started to clean her up. I then heated water to clean the wound in an old pan I had found by the stream. After removing the bullet, I cleaned and dressed the wound. Standing back I stared down at this beautiful naked form on the ground before me. I shuddered as I leaned over and covered her up with the bear skin. I was sweating like I had worked all day in the hot sun. I made some broth from the dried meat and then squatted down with my back against the tree, lit my pipe and watched her.

She must have been out for half the night. I dozed off and awoke when I heard her groan. Getting to my feet, I moved to her side. Kneeling down, I saw her big beautiful eyes looking up at me. There was still the sign of hatred in them. I called to Thunder. When he approached, her eyes lit up in recognition. Thunder dropped his head and nuzzled her and then moved his head to me and did the same. Seeing this, the girls eyes changed and she relaxed some. I rose and got the broth from the fire and kneeled down beside her and fed her. The way she went after it, I guessed she had been out here without anything to eat for days. She then drifted off into a restful sleep again. She had to be from the village. But who was she?

I slept the rest of the night against the tree. I awoke as the suns rays were just coming over the hills. Starting to rise, I found that the bear skin blanket had been placed around me and the Indian girl was cuddled up at my side. She felt me move and opened her eyes. Looking up at me, she smiled and managed to stand and moved towards the stream. She was still naked and didn't seem to mind me watching her. God, she was beautiful!

She slowly moved into the water and then I heard her moan loudly. I jumped up and ran to the edge of the stream. I could see that she had lowered herself until the wound had hit the cool water. It must have been a great shock to her. As she stood, I could see fresh blood again running from the wound. She reopened it when she violently moved when the water hit it. I rushed out into the water and gathered her up in my arms and carried her back to the blankets. I dried her off and redressed the bullet wound.

I found some quail eggs and with the dried meat, fixed her some solid food to eat. Hopefully it would help her regain her strength. Until now, not a word had been spoken by either of us.

As she ate, she looked at me and asked, "I know now I saw you before but what are you called?"

Watching closely for her reaction I said, " I am blood brother to Running Elk and he gave me the name of the Crazy One."

This huge smile appeared on her face and she said, "I knew I had seen you before. But why are you here and with Thunder Cloud?"

So I told her the entire tale. While she ate, I sat back, lit my pipe and asked, "Now that you know about me, what are you called?"

"I am called Moon," she said. "Running Elk is my father."

My mouth went slack and I dropped my pipes in my lap. I jumped up and danced around trying to brush the burning ashes off my cock. After I recovered from her answer and the burning sensation, I asked her what had happened.

"The white snakes led us for three days away from our village, before they started trying to have their way with us. Most of the women fought but it did no good. When the one with one eye came at me I kicked him hard down below and then I started to run like the deer. I felt something hit me in the side. I remember falling and when I once again could see, found that I had fallen into a wolf's den. They had not found me during the night and had left the next morning. I guess they believe me dead. I crawled out and made my way here. That's when I found you asleep by the tree. I thought you were one of them and I would not be taken back. I am glad now that my aim was not good," she said.

With that we both laughed. "As soon as you are well enough to ride, I will take you back to the village," I said.

"No! I will not go back until the other women are safe and they can return with me. Besides, you will need my help to find and defeat the snakes," she roared. With that said she promptly rolled over and fell asleep.

I wondered around and decided to catch some fish for supper. Relaxing by the stream, watching the sun rays dance off the water, I was dazed into thinking about Little Moon and the sight of her naked body. Again my cock became rock hard.

I could not stand this, so I removed my clothing and dived into the water. I swam for awhile and then crawled back out on the grassy bank and laid there. My manhood was still rigid and throbbing. Closing my eyes and trying to wish it away didn't seem to help either. Two years is too long a time without a women!

Suddenly, my rigid member was engulfed by something smooth and silky. Opening my eyes, I was astounded to see Moon squatted over me slowly sliding the length of me up inside of her. She screamed as she slammed herself down and our bodies met. She slowly placed her knees on the ground, leaning over me, placing her hands on each side of my head. Those beautiful big breast with the dark brown nipples hanging in front of my face. Even knowing I shouldn't be doing this with Running Elk's daughter, I slowly raised my head enough to capture one of her dark brown nipples in my mouth. Her moans were immediate as she threw her head back. I then switched to the other one. They were both becoming hard and long as they filled with blood. Soon her hips started to move. Slowly at first and then faster and faster as she became accustomed to me inside of her. The sensation was almost to much for me to bear. Releasing her breast, I slowly rolled to the side until she was on her back.

I slowly lowered my lips to hers. Her eyes sprang wide open. She had never had a kiss before. I raised up and explained to her that it was called a kiss. She wrapped her arms around my neck and ask, "I want kiss more?" I once again lowered my lips and captured hers. Forcing her mouth open with my tongue, I stuck it into her mouth. Moving it around inside her mouth and over her lips caused her to start to move against me at a more rapid pace. Her breathing became raspy and I could feel her first orgasm starting to build. Her muscles tightened down on my member and her back arched off the ground. Her scream started low down in her stomach and built into a high pitch wail as it tore it's way from her. I held her to me until the tide and subsided. She then went limp under me. Afraid of tearing open the wound again, I started to remove myself from her but her arms shot out, wrapping themselves around my waist, as she said,

"NO! Do not move, Moon wants more."

So I started to move my hips once again. I lowered my lips to hers and then to her neck. Letting them trail up to her ears. As I kissed and licked them, again her hips started moving as if they had a mind of their own. I raised up and drove into her a few times. Then slid out of her. She grabbed for me and moaned for me not to stop. I let my lips start their journey down to her breast, then to her stomach. She then laid back, bathing in the new feelings she was experiencing.

I soon found the target I was after. But I passed it by and continued my journey down her leg. She was shaking from head to toe as I worked my lips back up her other leg. As I reach the dark bush that covered her inner being, her legs parted. I could see the swollen lips of her cunt and her enlarged clit through her dark, thick dark bush.

Gently, I trailed my tongue across them. As soon as my tongue touched her, that beautiful body arched off the ground. I then inserted my tongue up inside of her while using my fingers to rub her clit

In no time, she was exploding again. A flood of sweet honey flowed from within her. I crawled back up over her letting my shaft find its way to her entrance, then slowly sliding myself deep inside.

We rode together into the sunset. I no longer cared about trying to stop what was happening. I erupted with a scream and she once again made the plunge with me. Our screams were as one as we toppled from that preverbal mountain peak. We lay there for a long time, neither wanting it to end. After a while, we got up and waded back into the stream and cleaned up. Then holding hands like two young lovers, we made our way back to camp. After eating a cold supper, we rolled into the blankets and holding each other fell into the most restful sleep I'd ever known.

We stayed by the stream for three more blissful days until finally she proved to me she was well enough to ride. I packed up the gear and we mounted Thunder's back. I knew that he wouldn't be able to carry the added weight of two riders long before we would be forced to stop again. Topping a rise, I suddenly pulled him to a stop. Below us in the trees was a heard of ponies. When Thunder caught their scent, he threw his head up and called to them. The heard immediately turned in our direction searching for his call. As one, they moved towards us. Then from the back of the herd came a big gray stallion. His ears laid back, rearing up on to his hind legs, pawing the air with his front hoofs, issuing a challenge to Thunder. I could feel Thunder's muscles tighten and shake. I helped Little Moon down and then I slid from Thunders back. Removing the packs, and halter I slapped him on the rump yelling, "Give him hell, boy." With that, he took off like the wind. As the two giants met, you could hear the screams and thuds as their teeth and hoofs did their damage. The fight lasted about half an hour. Then Thunder was rearing up and coming down with his front feet on the lifeless still form of the big gray.

Turning he raced to the heard and was immediately met by a big solid white mare. She must have been the dominant mare of the herd because without warning she bit at him and he in turn returned the favor by biting back and then kicking her. With that she turned her back to him and backed into him, throwing her tail to the side. Instantly, Thunder rose and mounted her. She squealed but stood still as Thunder rammed into her. As he finished and slid off her, the saucer shaped head of his dick popping free. The juice gushed from her like a flood. He stood for a while, exhausted and then turned and trotted to our side. I looked up to see the herd following him. The big white mare moved to Moon's side and rubbed it's head on her.

Petting the big mare, Moon said, " I will call you Storm Cloud."

As she grabbed a hand full of mane and vaulted onto her back. Startled, I started to stop her just as she dug her heels into the mares side and took off. I had forgotten how the Indians learn to ride using only their knees to guide their mounts. I watched as she raced around the meadows. What a sight. She and the mare moving as one. Her long black hair blowing behind her. She did look like a princess riding on a cloud.

Coming back to us, she slid to a stop. Setting there on the mares back staring at me, she said,

"Storm Cloud is fine mare. She will have many strong colts for Thunder."

We reloaded our supplies and were soon following the trail again. God only knew where it would lead or for that matter, what we would find when we got there. Looking back, I could see the rest of the herd of horses following us at a distance. It looked like we would have some unexpected company on our journey whether we liked it or not.

We traveled hard for the next two days, only stopping long enough to grab something to eat and rest the horses. The third night, we found ourselves in a big canyon with sheer walls on each side of it and a extraordinary water fall at the upper end. The height the falls had to be at least two hundred feet. There were no rocks under the falls, so we removed our clothing and swam through the falls to the back side. There, we found a rock shelf where we could lay and watch the world outside pass us by. Serene, except for the sound of the falls hitting the pond.

Laying there on our stomachs, propped up on our elbows, watching as the horses splashed around in the water, was probably the most relaxing time I had ever experienced. As I was drifting off to sleep, I looked over at Moon and found her beautiful black eyes staring at me. I leaned over and kissed her. A soft, sensual kiss. With my arm laying across her back, it was if my hand had a mind of it's own. Reaching around her, I cautiously cupped one of her huge tits. At first only holding it but then feeling her hard nipple in the palm of my hand, I could not help but rub it. Her breathing was becoming more labored as my manipulations became more demanding.

Slowly, I removed my hand and slid into the water trying to cool the agitation in my loins. Standing under the water fall, feeling the power of the spray hitting me, I slowly began to relax. I did not notice Moon next to me until I felt her hand wrap itself around my cock. Looking down at her, I could only feel my longing for her. The mere sight of her sent my heart racing and my head start spinning. Slowly I pulled her to me and simply held her against me for a long time. Slowly she removed her arms from around my waist and reached between us, touching my manhood. Her slow stroking was driving me crazy.

I reached down and slid one arm under her legs and lifted her up. I moved out from under the water fall, into the stream until the water became to deep for me to carry her. I slowly raised her so she could float on her back. Swimming beside her, I moved us towards the far side of the stream. When my feet could once again touch the bottom, I once again slid my arms under her so she could remain on her back. Her breast with their firm nipples beckoning to me. I slowly lowered my lips, first to one nipple and then to the other. Again her hand slid down under the water and found me. I slowly moved her to a ledge that had been dug out by the rivers current. There she could lay on the bottom while I was still in chest deep waters. I slowly spread her legs and slid between them. Aiming my mouth and tongue straight to the heart of her. I could not seem to get enough of her. Soon she was thrashing about furiously. Splashing water everywhere and screaming out as she climaxed time after time. But I would not let go of the sweet treasure I had found there.

I slid my hands around both sides of her and inched them towards her big breast. There was no sound of any kind except for our breathing. I could hear my heart beating and strangely enough, I'd swear I could hear hers beating as loudly as mine.

She looked at me and said, "Crazy One never leave Moon!"

It wasn't as much a question as it was a statement. But hey, who am I to argue? Besides, I knew now that I was in love with this little Indian maiden. With that said, I slid up to meet her. Once again I was surrounded by the soft silken glove of her pussy. Spasm after spasm crashed over me as I emptied myself into her depths. After our love-making subsided, we moved back to the camp and fell into an exhausted sleep.

We awoke as the morning sun was just starting to show itself over the rim of the canyon and the North Star was fading with the new days light. We quickly dressed and ate. I whistled for Thunder and Storm. They both came running to us. We were quickly on the trail again.

Late in the evening we came upon a valley that seemed to appear from nowhere. It was breath taking. But even more so was the small whips of smoke that came from someone's camp fire. We left the horses on the hill and slowly made our way down into the valley. They had picked a good place to make their camp. Surrounded on three sides by cliffs and in front by a stream. It would be hard to get to them without being seen. We lay in our hiding place and watched the scene below. I could count five white men and the seven Indian maidens. One of the men, who must have been the leader, got up and walked over to one of the young girls. She must have been around twelve or thirteen years old. He reached down and rubbed her tits through the doe skin dress she was wearing. She only sat there and looked at him. Suddenly his had lashed out and slapped her across the face.

With a startled cry she fell backwards, her deer skin dress flying up to her waist. Damn, what a sight. The tops of those smooth legs joining together at the sparsely covered dark patch With her laying there, her legs spread, I could see the lips of her young pussy open for all to see.

Immediately the big man reached down grabbing her hair and raised her back to her sitting position. She then reached up and opened his pants, releasing his huge cock. He pulled her face to his cock and after rubbing it all over her small lips, slowly inserted into her mouth. The young girl had little choice but to take the huge cock into her mouth. I could see her throat muscles straining as the cock slid deeper into her.

With a gasp, I started to rise as my hand tightened around my rifle but Little Moon grabbed my arm stopping me, pulling me back down beside her.

"Little Flower is my younger sister but we must wait for the right time," she said.

The big man stood there with his head thrown back, savoring the feelings the young girls mouth was giving him. Soon all the men were getting up and moving towards the women. I knew what was going to happen. I told Little Moon to follow me.

"Now is our time to strike -- while the women have them occupied," I whispered.

We made our was back to the horses. I quickly told Moon my plan. "With the men all being occupied with the women, we can ride quietly into their camp and quickly overpower them."

She agreed and vaulted onto Storm's back, grabbing my bow. I took my rifle and mounted Thunder. He knew that something was about to happen and snorted loudly. I rubbed his neck and talked softly to him. I did not want them to hear us coming.

We rode quietly down the trail to the stream. We decided to swim the horses across instead of taking the shallow crossing as not to make any noise. Once on the other side, we dismounted and slowly made out way towards their camp. I first wanted to locate all the men before we made our move.

I circled on direction and Moon the other. I came upon one of the men by a clump of trees. He had a young girl on her back and was pounding into her with a steady rhythm. I caught the girls eyes and motioned for her to remain quiet. She blinked at me and immediately reached up grabbing the man by his arms holding onto him tightly.

"Oh yeah, you really like this don't you bitch," he said. With those last words I clamped my hand over his mouth and drove my knife into his chest. Soon his struggles subsided as I held him. The girl was moaning and as I watched, reached a huge orgasm, riding the dead mans dick. When she finished, I shoved him from her and told her to go to the stream and wait.

I found two other in much the same position. They surely must have died happy. That made three. Two were left. One I knew was having his way with Little Flower. Him, I would enjoy killing. Then I felt something grab me. Bringing my knife up to strike -- I froze. It was Moon. With her was an older woman.

"I find one doing strange things to Crow woman," she said. "He was riding her like dog."

"Moon, I will explain all that later but first we have to get Little Flower," I stated. "I want you to remove your clothes and walk into the clearing. He will let Little Flower go and want you. When he starts towards you, start backing up towards me."

With that she immediately removed all her clothing. Standing before me, like a goddess, I almost forgot where I was and kissed her deeply. She reached down and rubbed my cock. Then she was gone.

I heard rather than saw her yell to the big man, "Why don't you use real woman to satisfy yourself with."

"Where in the fuck did you come from," he said. "Come here you Injun bitch and feel what I have for you." As he grabbed his dick and threw Little Flower to the ground.

She came into view slowly backing towards my hiding place. Next the man came unaware of my presence. As he passed I threw myself at him, knocking him to the ground. I looked up in time to see the forms of the women swarm out of the trees and fall upon the startled man.

His screams of terror sounded throughout the valley as the women hit him with anything they could find. As he was nearing unconsciousness they grabbed ropes and tied him spread eagle on the ground. Moon walked up to me, still naked, and pulled me back away from the scene before me.

As I watched, the women waited until he had come to and tried to rise. With shrieks of laughter the women started rubbing him all over.

He was twisting and turning trying to get loose from the binding ropes. As their rubbing continued his huge dick started to rise. The women, taking turns, grabbed it and squatted down over it, taking it deep inside. Each in turn rode it until he was close to coming then they would stop and let him cool down. Only to start over again. Within the hour he was screaming, begging, cussing and blabbering to have some relief.

I watched with renewed interest as the girls huddled together talking. Then they came back and started over on him again. Moon was in front of me, had slowly backed up until she was rubbing her ass against me. I was instantly hard. I reached around and cupped here tits with one hand and rubbed her cunt with the other. Her breathing quickened as she rubbed herself harder against me. I released her tit long enough to free my raging hard on from the confines of my tight pants. As it sprang out, it slapped her in the crease of her ass. She gasp with delight as she felt the hot moist tip rub her cunt lips. I slowly moved my hips back and forth, sliding my dick between her cunt lips. She bent over farther and I slid in to the hilt. She moaned with delight as we watched the goings on in front of us. I moved to far back and slipped out of her. The head of my dick sliding up between the cheeks of her ass across her ass-hole. She moaned louder and looked back at me. The unbridled passion I saw there was indescribable.

"Crazy One, do Moon like dog," she pleaded.

I was slick from her juice as I backed up till the head of my dick was lined up with her ass-hole. Slowly I pushed the head of my dick against the tight ring of her ass. Surprisingly, the head slipped in easily. I reached under her and started to rub her clit again. She bucked against my hand and in doing so drove herself farther on my cock. I continued to stroke her clit harder and faster. With one more shove, I was embedded in her ass. The air escaped from her lips as she started to move on my dick. Soon she was just a blur as she rode faster and faster.

"Give it to me, please give me more," she begged. "I am commmmmming."

"Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," she screamed.

I could feel her muscles clamp down on me like a vice. Soon I was shooting into her as fast and as hard as I could. The juice from her pussy shot from her and ran down her legs. I reached down and ran my hand into her cunt as I felt her spasm again. Bringing my hand up to my mouth, I licked all her juice from my hand. The taste and aroma was that of fine wine. Soon I started coming in her again. We fell apart just as we heard a scream from the big man that I will never forget.

Looking at the scene again I saw one of the young girls was holding the big man's balls up in the air for all to see. She had managed to get a knife and while one of the women was riding him, she fondled his balls before grabbing the sack and with one swift motion, had cut them from his body

They rose and went to gather their belongings and soon were ready to start our journey back to the village. I checked the man and decided that he would live but would no longer be a threat to anyone ever again. Especially women.

As we entered the village, there was much shouting and happiness. Later as the women were reunited with their families, Running Elk came to see me.

"Crazy One, I cannot thank you enough for returning our women and children to us," he said. What would you want in return for your brave deed?"

I looked at him for a minute not knowing quite how to tell him this.

"Running Elk, I would like to have your daughter Moon as my wife and become one of the people," I said.

He stood there never changing his expression for what seemed like an eternity. Then a smile came to his face.

"Moon has already informed me of your wish," he said. "Tomorrow there will great celebration and you will have my daughter for your wife."

Clasping my arm for a short time, he then turned and left.

I returned to my cabin. The place looked like I had been gone for a months instead of just three weeks. I started to clean up everything when I heard a noise behind me. I grabbed my rifle and turned.

Standing there was Moon and Little Flower. Both freshly bathed and beautiful. They moved towards me as I turned to put my rifle away. As I turned back around, I was greeted with a shocking site. Both had quickly removed their dresses and stood before me naked.

"We are to become on tomorrow," she said. "I have brought Little Flower with me for you to teach her what it is to make love with someone. I am with child. Later you will need someone to satisfy yourself with when I can not. Little Flower said she would be honored to be the one to give herself to you."

"Moon, she is only a child," I said. "A very beautiful and sexy child but still a child."

With that Little Flower ran to me and jumped into my arms and kissed me. Now where in the hell had she learned that? My dick was soon hard and Moon reached and released it from my pants. It immediately sprang up slapping against my stomach. Little Flower reached down and guided it to her opening. With very little hair to get in the way, I soon felt myself sliding into her as she slowly lowered herself. I could feel the head of my dick against her womb. She locked her legs around me and while hanging from my neck with her hands, started to ride up and down my cock. I felt something wet on my balls. Looking down to find Moon greedily lapping at them while at the same time starting to run a finger in and out of Little Flowers ass.

"Fuck me Brave Eagle," she screamed. "Please fuck me hard and make me come."

Those damn white scum had done a good job on teach her words to say. I could feel the heat rising as I pounded into the young girl. Then I felt Moon's finger enter my ass also. That was to much as I erupted into Little Flower.

"Yes, fill me with your seed," she wailed. "Give me a child like you did Moon."

"I'm commmmmmmmmmmmingggggg," we both screamed in unison.

Only after I had pumped all of my come into her and we managed to separate, it hit me as to what they had been saying.

"What do you mean with child? Who is Brave Eagle? What do you mean you want a child. What is going on," I yelled.

Moon sat down beside me and started talking.

"First, our time together has made me with child. Second, you are Brave Eagle. That name will be given to you tomorrow night at our wedding. Next, it is Little Flower's choice that she live with us and also carry your child. Since she has been ruined by the evil white traders, no man in our village will have her. Of course that part is up to you.

I looked over at Little Flower. She looked so sad -- tears were running down her face.

"Oh what the hell," I said. "If Little Flower wants to be with us then let it be so."

Little Flower looked up at me and with a scream of job threw herself at Moon and myself. Laughing and kissing each other, we sat in front of the cabin.

This place sure did get small all of a sudden. I'll have to do something about that.

To just think -- three weeks ago I was a lonely man. With no cares or worries. Now I'm a very happy man with two women and a whole new life ahead of me.

"Lets go inside and talk about this without being disturbed," I said.

Looking around, I noticed I was talking to myself. The I heard a voice from inside the cabin.

"Brave Eagle, come into the cabin. We got two problems here that need your attention," it said.

What a life, I thought to myself as I made my way towards the cabin. What A Life!

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