Amy's Game by Amanda

Amy's Game

"Are you sure you want to play my game?" Amy asked her lover Scott.

"Yes very sure."

"Ok then... undress." Scott slowly undressed and he was very hard... Amy liked that, she sat nude on her bed.

"Now," Amy said. "I want you to sit over there... I'm going to show you how I pleasure myself when you're not around."

Scott obediently sat as Amy spread her legs... she rubbed her clit and a look of concentration was on her face... "Ohhh" she let out a low moan.... She glanced at Scott and saw that he had begun to satisfy himself...

"No!" she said, "Tonight we play my game, and you are not allowed to do that!"

He let himself go and shifted uncomfortably in his chair... Just then there was a knock at the door... "Damn it!! Not now!!"

"Its ok love," Amy assured him... "I was expecting company... answer the door."

"But I'm not dressed!"

"Just answer the door!" she said sternly.

When he answered the door there was Amy's best friend Leslie. She was dressed in a long black leather coat... "Let her in Scott." He heard Amy yell from the bedroom. He led her into the bedroom where Amy had once again begun to masturbate.

"Now," Amy said, "let's see how much you really like my game... Scott undress Leslie."

He looked questionable at Leslie who just smiled... then he looked at his beautiful Amy who wanted him to undress her beautiful friend... if that's what they wanted he would do it.

When Leslie took her coat off she had nothing on but lacy underwear and a bra... He unclasped the bra.. Her lovely large breasts bounced out... they were at least 36 D and they reminded him of Amy's.

"Now kiss her!" Amy demanded. Scott trailed kisses over Amy's neck then reached her breasts... he gently sucked one of them and Leslie touched his hair.

"STOP!!!" Amy jumped off the bed and slapped Leslie across her face.

"OH I'm sorry," Leslie said.

"What is it..?" Scott asked confused...

"The little whore broke the rules!"

"The rules?" Scott asked?

"Yes" Amy began "this is my game! We play by my rules and the little slut knows she can't touch you... you're mine, she's just here to watch!"

"Oh." was all Scott could say. Amy sucked one of Leslie's breasts... then looked at her lover.

"Scott have you ever watched tigers fuck?"

"No!" Leslie protested.... "I told you before that I didn't want that Amy.. I don't like that!"


"No sorry" Leslie looked to the floor. Scott just stood there dumbfounded.

"Well," Amy continued "when tigers fuck the male tiger bites the neck of the horny little tigress... He then fucks her brains out while she's in pain... and even though she acts like she doesn't want it the little whore really does... she flaunts how bad she wants it she's in heat... and if she doesn't really want it... who cares... Now Scott... I want you to fuck this little tigress."

Leslie had started to cry... "But love.. I don't think she wants to."

"WHO CARES WHAT SHE WANTS??" Amy looked pissed, "I want you to fuck the slut... rape her like she's in heat."

"Amy.." Leslie pleaded...

"SHUT UP! Scott fuck her! She wants you to... look how she dressed... just like a little slut in heat! fuck the filthy bitch."

Scott looked at Leslie she was crying, but he didn't know what to do.

"Better do what she says Scott... she can make your life miserable if you don't," Leslie said softly.

Its all a game Scott thought... after all his lovely Amy would never hurt anyone. He looked at his Amy. She was gorgeous and perfect... and Leslie standing there almost nude... and her lip quivering from her crying really turned him on. So he began to kiss her gently.

"That's not what I told you to do!" Amy shouted, "Rip her damn panties off! HURT the bitch!"

Scott wasn't sure what to do... but it was exciting... (and I'm sure its all a game) he thought.

"Can we use the bed Amy?" Leslie asked, she was still sobbing..

"HA! Do you think I let filthy little animals fuck on my bed you whore? Use the floor where you belong. Yes the floor is where filthy dogs fuck!"

Scott ripped her panties off like Amy told him to do, and pushed her to the floor. He buried his face into her warm pussy. He then bit down on her clit.

"OHH! Scott stop.. I change my mind... I wanna stop... STOP!!!" but Scott just kept biting into her. He traveled his way up her body until he reached her breast. He bit hard on her nipple.

"GOD Scott please!!! Stop... STOP!! "

Scott just kept going. He grabbed her by the hair and flipped her body so she was on her knees and bit her neck. "mmm" he heard Amy. He glanced at Amy and again she was rubbing herself.

He plunged his cock into Leslie "NO!!! Scott I'm not on the pill! Stop! PLEASE..."

"SHUT....UP.... YOU.... STUPID... BITCH!!" with each yell he rammed himself in deeper... until he began to feel himself cum. He pulled out and cum went everywhere.... Leslie was crying so hard that violent sobs racked her body. Scott just stayed there looking at her.. there was a mess of cum all over him.

"Now clean that up." It was Amy... for an instant Scott forgot she was even there.

"H-H-How??" Leslie sobbed.

"With your tongue you stupid bitch!!! You don't just make a mess all over my man and expect me to clean it!!"

With that Leslie began to licked Scots prick clean.. then she wiped what was on her off and licked it off her fingers..

"My turn!"

"What?" Scott asked looking at Amy.... "I can't go again this soon..."

"I just want you to eat me out... you don't need a cock for that. I want you to get me off." So Scott climbed on the bed. Leslie laid on the floor in the fetal position sobbing very hard... " no..." was all she kept whispering.

Scott climbed toward Amy... oh god he thought... maybe this wasn't a game anymore.. what if he really did rape Leslie.. what had he done? But it was too late to think of that now...

He shoved his face into Amy gently licking and sucking.. "AAHH" Amy screamed... it was so unlike her... all this was unlike her... she was usually so quiet during sex. Never made a lot of noise, and never ever would he have dreamed she wanted this.

"In me..." Amy panted.

"What?" Scott panted back...

"Shove SOMETING in me!"

His dick was hard again and he rammed it into her. "YYYEEESSSS!!!!" she screamed!!!!!! She scratched her nails into his back so hard he began to bleed.

They pumped at each other hard, and finally reached a mutual climax... he pulled off her and laid beside her... "God that was great" he panted, breathing very heavily.

"I agree." He looked up startled... it was Leslie... she had dressed... in fact Scott had forgot she was even there... she climbed on the other side of Amy and scooped her hand on her cunt... then licked her fingers...

"Mmm" she said. She kissed Amy full on the lips. "Next time," Leslie said... "We'll play my game."