Mary Deanna's Anniversary Fuck - Episode 1 by Joe The Cuckold

Mary Deanna's Anniversary Fuck - Episode 1

Author's Note:

This is the first in a planned series of descriptions of sexual activities of my wife and I. They are not Disney, but are real "True Life Adventures" nonetheless and to paraphrase the old Dragnet show...the facts are true only the names have been changed to protect the Not-So-Innocent! As the author I would be interested in hearing from readers regarding their reaction to this or any of the subsequent stories in the series. Direct any comments or suggestions to me at my e-mail addresses of: or


Like many husbands I have had a long time fantasy of watching my lovely wife, Mary Deanna, being fucked by a black man. For about as long as I can remember I had dreamed of her sucking and fucking a big black cock while I watched her and maybe even photographed or videotaped her with her black lover. I never expected her to actually ever let any man fuck her other than myself but one has his dreams. In fact, I had only rarely broached the subject of sex with another man with her, as she was adamantly against it.

For you to better understand what eventually happened you need to know a few things about my lovely but fairly prudish wife. Mary Deanna was born and raised in the South and it was inbred into her that no proper white woman would associate with a black man, let alone even consider having sex with him! When I married my wife I was the first man to have ever fucked her. Right up to our wedding day Mary Deanna refused to have sex with me, saying she wanted to be "pure" when she came to the marriage bed. I must say I was quite happy when I deflowered her on our wedding night. Seeing as she was a virgin, it wasn't the most wildly sexual night I had ever spent, but quite pleasing none the less. Sex with Mary Deanna was good and as she became accustomed to it she became better at it but was never in the category of an outstanding piece of ass. She never did overcome her prudishness and wore only conservative clothes and one piece swim suits. Mary Deanna was real Lady in all of its connotations. A soccer Mom, member of the PTA, sung in the church choir, the epitome of the All American prim and proper wife and mother. A lady. And I was never able to get her to do oral sex on me, although she loved it when I ate her delectable pussy and climaxed strongly almost every time. She said having a man's penis in her mouth was "degrading and humiliating" and she wouldn't do it! Another thing my wife wouldn't do was let me fuck her in the ass. I have to admit that it never had a great appeal to me but it would be nice to know my wife would yield all of her holes to me. But alas, I had to be satisfied with only her pussy. Another frustrating thing was she wouldn't allow me to photograph her nude, saying women who did were of "easy virtue."

As all marriages do, ours developed its routines and as the years passed children were born and grew and sex became more and more infrequent, although good when it happened. Seems that after our 3 children were born, Mary Deanna lost her interest in sex. This bothered me because I could remember her wanting me to fuck her so she could get pregnant. Of course she didn't say "fuck" because she didn't use strong language either. After about 15 years our sex life was infrequent and dull. The usual bumps and grinds. Mary Deanna was not an experimenter... she only liked sex in a bed. No bursts of sudden passion in the car or on a deserted beach or in the orchards around our country home. She didn't even like to try various positions. The old missionary one was just fine with her. Rarely would she condescend to do it in any other position. I think in 15 years I had only fucked once or twice doggie style and only once with her on top. As a relief for my building sexual frustrations, I found myself more and more drawn into a fantasy world of Playboy type nude models and the like, and best of all daydreaming about Mary Deanna fucking other men... white men, brown men, yellow men, but most of all... Black Men.

Part One - Anniversary Dinner

One day while we were in bed and I had just shot a load into her still reasonably tight pussy, even though she had had three children. I asked her if she had any sexual fantasies. To my surprise she said she did and I asked her what they were.

"Why do you want to know?" she said.

I told her I was just curious as to her sexual fantasies. "I'll tell you what. You tell me your fantasies and I'll tell you mine."

She looked at me and then said she had fantasized about having sex with movie stars. Specifically, Harrison Ford and Tom Selleck. She added that she just thought about it now and then and thought it might be pleasant to try it with either of them. Now, I found this not unusual as many bored housewives probably had similar such dreams too. Then she asked me what my fantasies were. I was hesitant to tell her, knowing her sexual hang-ups. But I thought "what the fuck." Nothing ventured, nothing gained." I told her I dreamed of her having sex with other men.

She looked me in the eye and said, "really?"

I said "yes." and she naturally asked if I had any one in mind. I said no, as I had just fantasized about her meeting other a generic sense. No one in particular. I didn't tell her I had jerked off time and time again fantasizing about her sucking and fucking a big black cock! Knowing how she felt about interracial sex, that would have been most unwise. As it was, I was surprised she even discussed it this far, because in the past whenever I even hinted around this subject it was dead in the water as far as he was concerned and that ended the conversation.

Mary Deanna is not one of your hardbodied babes you see in the newsgroups online. She is just a good looking wife and mother pushing 40. She is attractive with a nice set of tits with pink areolas and nipples that jut out nicely when aroused. A natural dark brunette but lately she has died her hair kinda reddish, having tried blond and even black before. A while before this conversation I had measured Mary Deanna and she was comfortably upholstered at 38C-27-39. This is quite in line with her 5'5" 130 pound frame. Naked she is still shapely and my cock stands at attention whenever I see her that way...which lately hasn't been too often.

Our 15th Wedding Anniversary was approaching and we decided to go out to dinner to a very nice restaurant in town...a French one, quite expensive. All day I found it hard to concentrate on my work anticipating the evening. We had arranged to leave the kids at her parents' house for the night, wanting to have an empty house for later. Knowing it was our anniversary I knew I would get laid that night even if our lovemaking was uninspired. I always got laid on our anniversary. As luck would have it, I had to work late that day and I had arranged with Mary Deanna to meet me at work and we would go straight to dinner. I told her since I was leaving from work I would just wear my suit but put on a clean shirt before I left. I asked her what she was going to wear.

She answered, "Oh, I'll figure out something special and surprise you."

Promptly at 7:00 she showed up at my office wearing a grey linen coat and silver highheel open toed sandal pumps with black nylon hosiery disappearing under the coat. Her coat was open at the throat displaying a nice view of her upper chest and a hint of cleavage. Circling her creamy white throat was a black velvet choker with a white cameo, which only enhanced the view. I thought this was very sexy, as she normally didn't expose any of her breasts. But since this was our anniversary I let it pass, as she was just probably doing it special for tonight. Boy was I right on the money as I later found out! But for the present, I just enjoyed the scenery.

We went to dinner and it was very pleasant spending over two hours in the restaurant. I love my wife very much and enjoy her company, anniversary or not. I was quite pleased at the looks other men were occasionally giving Mary Deanna. She WAS very attractive even though she was no longer young. It gave me a nice feeling to know other men still found my wife desirable. We toasted our marriage, our love and our children with champagne. As we dined, I gave my bride of 15 years her present which was a new gold anniversary ring with a large (for my budget anyway) 2.5 carat diamond. She put it on her right ring finger because she was wearing her engagement ring along with her wedding band on the left hand. I noticed she had on a set of diamond ear studs, but no other jewelry. I thought this was unusual, as she loved to wear lots of jewelry, which I had given her over the years.

When I put the ring on her finger she gave me a strange smile, and said "Oh Honey! This is perfect...just perfect!"

I asked her if she had a present for me?

"Oh yes! Quite a nice one too. I am sure you will find it unusual too."

She gave me a strange smile as she spoke and left the subject hanging. I assumed she had some kind of surprise for me. How true. How true, as it turned out.

Part Two - My Wife Sucks a Cock

We left the restaurant and drove away, as I headed home she told me she wanted to go for a drive. I asked her any place in particular and she said to go out the old highway heading north. I looked at her and saw that strange smile on her face again and I thought to myself, "she is up to something," as there wasn't anything out there except an old motel and miles and miles of miles and miles. I was soon to find out I was right and very surprising something it was! As I drove north we came upon the old motel, bypassed mostly now because of the new freeway, but still in business, barely, as there was only one other car in the complex. Mary Deanna told me to turn in here and stop in front of the far unit. The other car was several doors down and I assumed it belonged to the sole tenant in the complex.

Mary Deanna got out and looked at me with that same strange smile on her face..."Coming, she asked?"

Then she walked away. I got out and started to follow her and asked, "What's going on?"

She stopped in the shadows and turned to face me and I could just barely see she was holding her linen coat closed.

She said, "I am going to give you your anniversary present. You do want it don't you?" With that she opened the coat and took it off in one swift movement...obviously practiced, and said "catch!" tossing it to me.

I missed catching the coat and it fell onto the hood of our car. I watched as my wife stepped out of the shadows and into the light. I was amazed to see Mary Deanna standing there in the moonlight, smiling that strange smile and except for a pair of black thigh high nylons, her highheel shoes, and her wedding and anniversary rings she was as Naked as a jaybird. Mary Deanna was a lovely sight standing there in the bright October moonlight... her reddish brunette hair contrasting to her white skin... the dark triangle of fur on her Mound of Venus... her pink nipples distended and erect... the light reflecting off of the diamonds in her ears and on her hands. "Damn!" I thought. "All this time she was wearing nothing under that linen coat as we had dinner in the most expensive place in town. Jesus Christ, here is my wife standing naked in a public place." Without thinking I swiveled my head around looking to see if there was anyone watching us...seeing my wife naked. "How out of character for her. She must have had fun planning this! Guess this is going to be a memorable night for me!" How right I was. But not the kind I was thinking about!

Mary Deanna asked me, "Do you truly love me Darling?"

Of course I told her I did. Which was true. I did love, truly love my wife. She had brought much happiness and contentment into my life.

"I'm so glad," she responded, "I want you to remember that... later!"

She turned and walked up to a room and opened the door... lingering in the door way, silhouetted by the lights inside, and still wearing that strange smile she said... "coming?"

And how! I ran to the door, closing it behind me. The room was quite large and clean despite its age and almost abandoned look from the outside. The bathroom door was closed and I started walking over to Mary Deanna, planning to take her in my arms and kiss her.

She said, "stop! Take off all of your clothes please."

"Ok," I thought... "she has plans... I'll go along with it." I undressed quickly and my cock was already hard. I saw Mary Deanna looking at my hard manhood. Now, I am not large, 6" long and about 5 inches around. I know lots of guys have this thing about small cocks, big cocks, but I was never ashamed of what I had. It gotten the job done for 40 years and I was satisfied with it. I assumed Mary Deanna had been too, as she had never once made any comment about its size in all the years of our marriage. I stood there naked looking at My Naked Wife looking at her naked husband.

I said, "obviously you have taken great pains to plan this... so what's next?"

She moved within about two feet of me and looked me directly in the eyes. Saying, "I'm going to give you your anniversary present. Something I think you've wanted for a long time...many years in fact. I'm going to ask you just once if you want it. If you say yes then there's no going back, darling. No matter what happens, there's no stopping it or going back. What is your answer? Do you want it?"

Looking back on it now, I must have been pretty obtuse not to have guessed what she was referring to. But that night I did not have a clue. I think it was because everything she had done to that point was so far out of character for the woman I knew. I told her of course I wanted my present. It was clear she had gone to considerable trouble to get this far and I was wondering what she had planned anyway.

Still looking me in the eyes she said, "Ok. "I want your solemn oath and your promise on our wedding vows that you won't interfere and won't try to stop whatever happens from here on out. Whatever I say goes!"

I wondered what she was referring to... "from here on out... whatever happens... no stopping it..."?

I told her, "On my wedding vows I won't stop whatever you have planned and I won't interfere. Whatever you say goes!" Mary Deanna had a look of resignation on her face and in her eyes what seemed to be a little gleam of fear. I thought, "Have I made a mistake? What's going on here?"

She turned and walked away toward the bathroom door. Her body erect, her proud full breasts swaying with each step, her erect nipples leading the way. She stopped at the door, took hold of the knob and hesitated for a second or two.

She opened the door and said, "Come on out," turning to face me and moving a few feet back my way.

I was wondering to whom she had spoken when a tall, muscular, good looking and very dark black man came into the room from the bath. Like my self and Mary Deanna, he was totally naked. As he moved his long semi-soft ebony cock with a its large helmeted purplish head swung back and forth. Even in its present condition I could see his cock was almost as long as mine was when it was hard. I thought when it is hard it's probably 8-9" long and a good 7-8" around if not more!

Mary Deanna looked over her shoulder at him, then at me and said, "This is Robert. Robert and I are going to fulfill your fantasy my love. Robert is going to FUCK me while you watch him. Oh, and you can capture it all on video and film too," pointing to the corner where I saw a video camera on a tripod and a 35mm camera on a table.

As she spoke Robert moved up behind my wife towering over her, giving me a contemptuous look. He put his hands on her shoulders then slid them down over her chest and cupped her white breasts in his very large and very black hands.

I stood there dumbfounded. When Mary Deanna had said fuck, she said it loud and with emphasis. Almost spitting it out. I didn't even know she knew the word. I had never heard her say it in our entire time together. I saw My Lovely Lily White Naked Wife being fondled by a Naked Black Man... she was looking me in the eyes with a look of achievement and then I knew what the strange smile meant. I couldn't say or do a thing. I was frozen in time and space.

Robert was kissing her neck and he looked at me and said, "Yes, I am going to FUCK your wife for you white bread and show you how a white woman should be fucked!"

I was mesmerized by the sight of Robert's hands roaming freely over Mary Deanna's very white body. Fondling and squeezing her tits, massaging and kneading her small pink nipples till they stood out like erasers on a pencil, moving over her tummy and onto her hairy Mound of Venus, then a strong black finger disappearing into her slit. Mary Deanna reached back with her hand, took hold of his cock and began stroking it slowly. She was standing there clearly enjoying this...for a woman with all of her sexual hang-ups she showed no sign of embarrassment at being seen nude or having a stranger's hands on her tits and pussy while I observed them. "Or was he a stranger?"

While we had talked about what the military would call the "rules of engagement" my dick had gone flaccid. But at the sight of Robert's black hands on My Wife's Naked Body and hearing from Mary Deanna's own lips she was going to be fucked by him... "FUCKED BY HIM!"... my cock had instantly grown hard. So hard it almost hurt. I grabbed my cock and stroked it. I looked at the video camera and saw it was already running. I wasn't sure why this was happening but by God, I sure as hell wanted to capture what was happening and picked up the 35 mm. It was mine, as was the camcorder... "Mmmm... real preparation here." I saw a couple of spare videotapes on the table too. "Good Girl!" I took a couple of shots of Robert fondling Mary Deanna... she had her head thrown back as he kissed her neck and was placing hickeys there... a low murmur came from her throat.

Robert spoke saying, "I am going to enjoy fucking you, Mary Deanna, and I am going to enjoy it even more having your husband watch me fuck you!

"Yes," she said. "I want you to fuck me in front of my husband. Make his day!"

Mary Deanna turned and put her arms around Robert's neck and kissed him full on the lips... I was going bonkers watching My Naked Wife kissing a naked black guy and knowing soon he was going to fuck her right before my eyes! His hands found her ass cheeks and grasping both tightly, he drew her hairy pussy to him... his cock trapped against her belly, her tits and hard nipples pressing against his chest.

"Oh Yeah, you can count on that," he said, "I am going to fuck you lady, but first you're going to suck my cock," as he pushed Mary Deanna to her knees.

His cock was hanging semi-erect now, just before my wife's face. Mary Deanna looked at the video camera and adjusted herself so it would have an unobstructed view of her face and his cock. The thought ran through my head they must have choreographed most of this previously. I wonder if he has already fucked her? Sometime before today? Tonight? My cock was raging hard now and I pumped it furiously for a few strokes, then took a few frames with the 35mm.

Mary Deanna took hold of his cock and stroked it, then kissed the head and stuck her tongue in the pee hole, then licked it lengthwise. Opening her mouth she wrapped her lovely ruby red lips around his black cock and sucked on him. I thought back to Mary Deanna warning me not to interfere or try to stop what happened. I laughed to myself. "Stop it? No fucking way! This is my dream come... cum? true!!!" I was thoroughly enjoying every bit if it so far and I knew the best was yet to cum... literally! Mary Deanna was really going to town on his cock...sucking and licking and bobbing back and forth on his stiff ebony shaft. For a gal who never would suck my cock she was doing an expert job of sucking Robert's. I wondered how she learned that?

Robert was moaning..."Good, oh yes, suck it baby. Suck my black cock. Show your hubby how much you love my black cock. Tell him baby. Tell him how much you love sucking black cock!"

Mary Deanna looked at me and the camera and said, "Oh God, darling... I love sucking his big black cock! I can't seem to get enough of it!"

She rubbed his cock around her face then took it back into her mouth sucking and licking, her tongue swirling around the purplish black helmeted head...her teeth scraping along the tender underside of the head. My Lovely Lily White Naked Wife was worshipping Robert's Big Black Cock with her lips, mouths and tongue. Robert took hold of Mary Deanna's head with one hand on the side away from the camera and the other on the top. He began thrusting his cock into her mouth...forcing his cock deep into her...deeper than she had been able to take so far. His cock was almost 6 inches into her mouth...I saw my wife choking on it as her gag reflex kicked in. His strong hands held her head in place not allowing her to pull away. Gurgling sounds were coming from her throat as she took his cock deep into it...she struggled but couldn't get away from him. His strong hands holding her in place.

"Open your throat're gonna take all of it before I am through here."

Mary Deanna stopped struggling and he began thrusting again. In and out, his cock gliding in my wife's mouth then deep into her throat... her saliva glistening on his black cock as it withdrew from her mouth. The big helmeted head popping in and out of her mouth. He increased the tempo of his thrusting and Mary Deanna knelt there as he fucked her face with his long thick ebony cock. Mary Deanna's eyes were open wide and she was watching him, but would occasionally steal a glance at me. I was alternately stroking my hard 6" cock and snapping shots of Mary Deanna sucking this black stud's cock. I wondered what she was thinking as I watched and photographed her..."Naked on her knees and getting her pretty face fucked by Robert's cock?"

Mary Deanna was moaning as her face was fucked...her throat swelling as his thrusts went in. "MMMMMmmmm... MMMMMmmmmm... MMMMMmmmmm."

I could tell my wife was really getting into having this big hunk of black cock fucking her tonsils. Then I noticed a stream of glistening juice running down the insides of her thighs and the wetness of her pubic hair.

"My God! He has made her cum just by making her suck him and fuck his dick with her face!"

"Your wife is a damn good cocksucker. I oughta know. I taught her!" Robert said to me as he thrust his ebony bone in and out of Mary Deanna's mouth and throat.

"He taught her?" I thought to myself. "There's a lot more to this than meets the eye, that's for damn sure and I'm going to find out what!"

Mary Deanna had both of her hands firmly grasping his ass cheeks and seemed to be pulling him deeper into her mouth and throat. Her ruby lips wrapped around his black rod, the veins down its length bulging with the blood coursing through them. Robert's tempo had increased to a fast short stroke thrusting and I knew as his ass cheeks tightened that he was close to cumming.

"Oh yeah baby, here it comes. Your first load of black cum..." Robert held her head and rammed his cock full length into her face.

Her nose buried in his pubic hair above the base of his stiff prick. His back arched as he came and I saw the spasms of his cock against my wife's cheeks. Again and again his cock pumped his cum into her mouth and throat. White cum bubbled out around her lips... out from her nose... she began gagging and struggling as his load continued to explode in her mouth. She was clearly drowning in his cum! Mary Deanna broke his hold and as his cock came from her mouth a burst of cum spewed forth and splashed on her face... striking her right between the eyes...then dribbling down her cheeks and onto her heaving tits. Another burst struck her in the right ear as she turned her head and a third splashed into her forehead.

Robert grabbed her hair and tilted her head back and told her to clean his cock, knowing as he did that white women just loved to do that anyway.

"Clean it up baby! Show your hubby how it's done!" Mary Deanna again took his cum covered cock into her mouth and licked and sucked it 'til all of his cum was in her mouth.

All the while Robert had been fucking Mary Deanna's lovely face with his rock hard shaft, I had been either jerking my cock with one hand or the other or trying to take photos of my wife sucking him off. I wondered how they would look considering how shaky I was.

Mary Deanna wiped the cum from her eyes and her ear. Kneeling there before us with cum all over her face and tits. More cum dribbling from her mouth she looked at me. Then she looked down at her hands and saw the cum all over her wedding and anniversary rings. Lifting her head she looked back at me into my eyes, a large smile of accomplishment spreading all over her face! She ran her hands over her face in a washing motion wiping Robert's jizz over her face. Standing up and rubbing her hands on her tits in cleansing motion she walked over to me.

"Still love me darling?" she asked with an inquiring and hopeful look on her face.

"Yes, of course I do," I answered.

Mary Deanna stepped in close to me, pressed her cum wet tits against my bare chest and took my head in her even more cum wet hands. Leaning her head forward she gave me a kiss on the lips. I returned her kiss, tasting the salty slippery cum still on her ruby lips. Her tongue darted from her open mouth and my mouth automatically opened to receive it. Along with her pink tongue a fat glob of Robert's cum was deposited in my open mouth. The slimy salty gooey cum that had just a few minutes before been placed there by Robert's Big Black Purple Helmeted Cock!

Part Three - The Fucking of My Wife

Mary Deanna walked back to Robert who was still standing where she had left him. She placed her arms around his neck and kissed him on the mouth, driving her tongue deep into his mouth through his parted lips. Robert fondled and squeezed Mary Deanna's tits some more and again let his big black hands roam freely over her white body. Turning to give the camera the best view possible Robert slid his hands down between my wife's white thighs, forcing them apart. Mary Deanna opened them for him giving access to her slit. His strong black fingers massaged her labia while one finger disappeared into her crack and stimulated her clitoris. Soon she was wiggling as they continued to kiss, her hips moving about. I could hear whimpering noises coming from her throat and saw that Robert's hand was wet with her love juices. She was obviously hot and working up to a climax.

Robert worked her love button rapidly and her moaning became louder. Her whimpers turning into AHH's and Umm's. Cum was flowing down her thighs and she was wet from crotch to knee, soaking the black thigh high nylons she was wearing. I saw her body tense then shake uncontrollably as wave after wave of orgasmic delight swept through her body.

"AAAAHHHHHHH... UUUUUUMMMM..." she almost screamed as her orgasm convulsed her body. Her tits wiggling and jiggling as she shook.

Now Robert is probably about 10 years younger than either Mary Deanna or myself. I never did learn his exact age. He is muscularly built and there is not much fat on him. I am just under 6' tall and he is about 4" taller than I am. He picked up Mary Deanna like she was a feather and walked to the bed and placed her on it on her back. She automatically bent her legs and spread her thighs in the classic "Fucking" position. The bed had no pillows or covers, just a bottom sheet. Robert adjusted Mary Deanna so the camera could see what was happening and he placed his face between my wife's thighs and began kissing them and licking the cum and love juices there. Mary Deanna purely loved that and began purring like a kitten. Robert's face moved onto her Mound of Venus and licked the wetness there too. Then his lips drifted down her slit and probed the depths of her pussy. I could see his tongue parting her now swollen labia, pink with the blood in them. He licked her hairy crack from clit to asshole sucking up the cum he found there.

Mary Deanna was getting hot again and I knew another climax was building. And he hadn't even really begun to eat her yet! Robert took hold of the back of my wife's knees and pushed them up towards her head and spread them wide, which rotated her pussy up towards his hungry mouth and made it easy for Robert to bury his tongue deep in her snatch. He worked his tongue in her wet box for several minutes and all the while Mary Deanna was getting hotter and hotter. She was rolling her head from side to side, her eyes tightly shut, her hands beside her on the bed. Her fingers digging into the sheet. Robert moved his hands onto both of her tits and began to roughly squeeze and pinch them. Tweaking her swollen nipples in his fingers 'til not only the nipple was erect and standing hard but the areola was distended as well! Mary Deanna lowered her feet onto the bed and as her arousal became more pronounced she began bucking her hips toward Robert's face and tongue. She ran her fingers through his short kinky hair and then held his head close between her white thighs pressed tight to her wet quim.

The now all too familiar Ahhh's and UUmmm's became louder and louder till she was really letting us hear her. I had never seen her make so much noise when I had eaten and licked her pussy. The most I had gotten were a few whimpers and once in a great while an Ohh! But here my wife had turned into a real moaner and groaner making lots of deep throaty noise and was telling Robert how good it felt to have him eat her pussy.

"Eat me. Eat my pussy. Oh God, how great that feels... I'm gonna cum again... I'm gonna cum... I'm cumming! I'm cumming!!"

Great shock waves of sexual release crashed over my wife's body rocking and shaking it violently, her hips bucking up and down, as cum spewed from her pussy into Robert's face and waiting mouth. Robert's hands continued grasp her tits, roughly squeezing and kneading them, pinching the nipples between his thumb and fingers, pulling on them straight up 'til her tits were pointed. All the while his face was buried deep in my wife's pussy his tongue licking and tasting her juices as she climaxed over and over. Eventually her body slowed its jerky spasmodic bucking and she laid there her thighs spread wide her lovely wet pussy inches from Robert's face.

Robert was up on his knees between Mary Deanna's wide spread legs, his ebony shaft again hard and erect as he stroked it slowly and aimed it at her love slit.

"I think you're ready now for this black cock, aren't you Mary Deanna?" he asked of her.

My wife opened her eyes and looked at him between her legs stroking his cock. She told him, "Oh yes! I'm ready for it."

Inclining his head towards me in a jerking motion Robert told her to tell me what she wanted, as he laid his hard cock on my wife's thatched Mound of Venus. His long dark shaft pointing towards her tits and extending onto her white belly.

"I want you to fuck me with your black cock," she said, as he began to slide the head of his purple-black cock up and down the crack of Mary Deanna's pussy lips, just making contact with them. "MMmmm yes, that's it give it to me," as she moved her hips toward the cock in his hand.

"Tell him like I told you to tell him," he quietly ordered. "And look at him when you do it!"

Mary Deanna looked me directly in the eyes and said, "FUCK my cunt! Give me your big beautiful black cock. Put that hunk of black cockmeat in me. Please! Please, fuck me!"

Robert retorted, "You want me to fuck your white cunt with your husband watching us? Do you baby?"

"YES, yes please! I want you to fuck me with my husband watching. I want him to see how a black man fucks his white wife!"

Mary Deanna's eyes never wavered from mine through this discourse. I heard her say "Cunt" for the very first time in my life. I didn't think she even knew the word nonetheless its meaning. I now knew they had been together at least once before this night. It all made sense, too much preplanning and choreography for it not to have occurred.

Robert placed his hands on the insides of my wife's thighs where her nylons stopped and spread her even wider and separating the outer labia lips, stretching the clitoral hood exposing her hard swollen clit. Mary Deanna's womanhood was total exposed and presented to him. His Proud Pulsating Purple Protuberant Prick 1/4 inch from her Pretty Pink Pussy. He slid his hand down her thigh onto her Mound then let his thumb rest upon her Clit. She moaned as it pressed in on her love button, wiggling and stimulating it.

Mary Deanna tried to wiggle her pussy onto his cock but he held her off as his thumb brought her back into an excited state.

"Fuck me." She groaned. "Give me that cock! Ram it up my pussy and fuck my cunt! Please!"

Robert directed her to, "Tell him the rest of it."

Mary Deanna still looking at me said, "Ask him to fuck me, Darling. I want you to give him your permission to fuck me in front of you. And say please."

I looked at my wife naked and spread-eagled on the bed, her wet twat 1/4 from a big black cock. I looked at Robert still giving me contemptuous glances kneeling between by beautiful wife's wide spread thighs. If this is how she wants it, so be it.

"Robert. You have my permission to fuck my wife. Right here. Right now." I looked back at Mary Deanna and then said, "Please fuck Mary Deanna."

My wife had a pleased look on her face as I said the words. Robert gave me another of his contemptuous glances... probably thinking I was a wimp for asking him to fuck my wife. Or even worse that I was some sort of homosexual who wanted to suck him off after he finished fucking Mary Deanna!

"Ok buddy. I'll fuck your white wife and give her the best fucking she ever had. So pay attention and you might learn something. But when I get done with her she won't be wanting your cock anymore!"

I looked at his large black cock poised for penetration into Mary Deanna's snatch. It WAS big. Not the humongous horse cocks of erotic literature, but still plenty big. I looked down at my hard and erect cock. I knew I wanted this to happen or it wouldn't be so hard. My cock was erect and pointing straight out. It was a good looking cock, but no matter how you looked at it, it couldn't measure up to Robert's black one. His prick was significantly bigger than mine in any direction you wanted to measure. I wondered if Mary Deanna could accommodate that much meat in her love canal. Of course she could. She's had 3 babies and they all were bigger than Robert's cock. But it had been a longtime, 10 years. Has her birth canal shrunk too tightly to accept his cock? I guess I'll know in just a few seconds.

Robert had continued to stimulate my wife's clit and was poking his fingers in her pussy. Juice was oozing out in rivulets running down the crack of her ass and onto the sheet. Her hips were moving up and own as she orgasmed again.

"Oh God please fuck me Robert. Give me that thing between your legs. I gotta have it!" Mary Deanna blurted out loudly.


Robert pressed the purple head against her pussy lips and it slowly separated them, disappearing inside bit by bit.

"MMMM MMMM, yes Robert that's what I want. Give it to me."

From my vantage point I witnessed his big black rock hard cock slowly disappearing into my wife. Mary Deanna squirmed as his anaconda cock wormed its way into her pussy inch by inch. I could tell she was uncomfortable as it cleaved her pretty pink pussy, its blackness contrasting sharply with the lily whiteness of her skin.

"Oh Jesus, that feels good!" She moaned. "All the way. Put it in all the way. I want all of your cock in me!"

Mary Deanna was raising her hips trying to force his cock deeper into her. I could see her pussy lips were stretching tightly to allow him to pass into her. He pulled it out a bit and then pushed it back in again when about half of it was in her. With each passing inch his cock steadily penetrated my wife and filled her pussy with the biggest cock she had ever had. Eventually it was in all the way. His pubic bone was pressed tightly against my wife's pussy lips. His pubic bush mingling with hers. Slowly he began moving his cock in her. Out and in. In and out. Slow long thrusts with his hips. His long cock sliding almost all of the way out of Mary Deanna's hot wet box. The juices from her hole lubricating his dick.

"Oh yeah, that's it. Fuck me Robert put that big pole in me and fuck me." Mary Deanna groaned.

Her eyes were closed as he fucked her slowly. A contented smile on her lovely face, now covered in dried cum from the face fucking she had already had. They were positioned on the bed so that the camera could clearly see his cock in her puss. On the TV their coupling was flashing on the screen. I had been so immersed in the events unfolding before me that I had not realized the camcorder was connected to the TV until the light flashing from it caught my eye, as the sound was muted. I alternately watched them fuck on the TV then in Real Life and back again.

Mary Deanna looked between her legs and saw his cock gliding in and out of her cunt. Tears welled up n her eyes and flowed like a river... she began uncontrolled sobbing, tears running freely down her face. I didn't understand the tears. I thought I heard her mumble something like more... but it wasn't more... it was something similar.

"Hey, white boy." Robert called. "I'm getting some of her pussy YOU never had," he laughed

Robert had taken hold of her ankles and was holding her legs straight up and spread in a wide V. Her silver sandals opposite his head but arms length away. I was mesmerized again as I watched his black cock sliding easily in and out of Mary Deanna's love canal. He was thrusting his hips faster but not rapidly yet, taking long strokes. The size of his cock stretching her pussy and causing her clit to rub on the long veins running its length made Mary Deanna rise close to climaxing again. I thought she was having more orgasms tonight than in all of our married life!

I heard my name called out and realized my wife was talking to me!

"Darling, look at me!" she commanded.

I looked at her face. Gazed into her eyes.

"Darling, is this what you wanted? Look at your wife, Darling," she purred. "Here I am totally naked before you. My legs are spread wide and a big pricked Black Stud is fucking my Cunt with his long thick Black Cock. See how easy it glides in and out of my hot wet white woman's pussy. Isn't it wonderful, Darling? Don't you just love this? This is what you wanted isn't it? A black man fucking your wife!"

A black man fucking my wife. "A BLACK MAN FUCKING MY WIFE!" I thought.

"JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!!" I blurted out.

A black man WAS fucking my wife and I was here watching it. I couldn't believe it. The truth of its impossibility was right before me.... shattered forever. I never in my wildest dreams had ever truly believed I would see the day when my wife would let anyone, let alone a black man fuck her in front of me. I was so excited I could feel the pain in my balls and rock hard erect prick. I had been so busy taking photos of what was happening I had become consciously detached from situation. More of a disinterested spectator than the indirect participant that I was.

"Yes, my love this is EXACTLY what I wanted!" I said to her.

"Happy Anniversary, Darling!"

Robert looked over at me and said, "I'm glad your satisfied with it, but it hardly even begun yet Bud. I like the feel of your wife's cunt around my cock and I'm gonna give it the fucking it really needs and never got from you!"

That same contemptuous look was on his face and I thought about dragging his ass off Mary Deanna and punching him out, big as he was. But I remembered the promise I had given Mary Deanna in the motel parking lot...."won't try to stop it... won't interfere....."

Robert moved his hands to the back of my wife's knees and pushed the top of her thighs up to her head beside her ears. Her pussy was almost vertical and in an attitude for maximum penetration. I could see the lips of her vulva swollen with blood and hyper sensitive. He steadily increased the speed of his thrusts until he was ramming his shaft full length into Mary Deanna's cunt. Fucking her hard fast and deep. His rapid fucking had brought her to the brink of climax. His cock hyperstimulating her clit 'til she was squirming, then bucking her hips up and down trying to match the rhythm of his thrusts into her hole.

Mary Deanna was thrashing her head back and forth on the bed, her hands running over his back. Her long fingernails digging into his back leaving long dark scratches and deep marks in his ebony skin. No longer moaning and groaning, she was speaking in a clear and loud voice, albeit with ragged breath.

"Fuck me Baby! Oh yes. OH Lord God, yes. Fuck me. Put that big black cockmeat to me. FUCK MY CUNT!!!! Fuck my brains out! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Robert was thrusting into her with a speed of a dynamo. His cock was pistoning into Mary Deanna's cunt, her juices flowing from her hole lubricating his cock as it thrust deep into her pussy. Her juices flowing down the crack of her ass past her asshole and onto her lower back. He placed a hand on her ass and worked a finger over her little brown puckered asshole. He worked a wet thumb against the sphincter, pressing strongly 'til the nail slid into her tight asshole. He worked his thumb deeper into her brownie and she shrieked in delight. He then began a poking motion, timing it with the thrust of his huge bone in her cunt.

Mary Deanna was going ballistic literally screaming in pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her, "I'm cumming...I'm Cumming...I'M CUMMING!!! Oh fuck me Robert. Don't stop fucking me. Fuck me all night! Fuck me...Fuck Me... FUCK ME!!!"

Robert was really doing some serious long dicking of Mary Deanna's fuck hole now. They were wildly and wantonly thrusting and bucking. Mary Deanna's full tits were jiggling with each thrust like two cherry-topped mounds of creamy white jello.

All the while I had been moving about trying to keep out of the camcorder's angle of coverage and taking photos of Mary Deanna getting the fucking of her life. I had run through several rolls of film so far and was thankful my fore-thinking and preplanning wife had put in a big stock of film. I noted on the TV the onscreen lettering indicated the VCR was recording at the slowest speed and had several hours left to run before it needed replacing.

Robert's balls, which had been slapping against my wife's wet ass were now shrunk up into the sack and his ass muscles were bunched up tight. He was close to cumming himself. I may not like the bastard but I had to give him credit. He could FUCK!!!

"F-FUUUCCCKKK M-MEEEEEEEEEEEEE....!!!!!!!" screamed from Mary Deanna's wide-open mouth.

Robert pulled his thumb from my wife's asshole and with a strong convulsive thrust dumped his load into her womb! I could see his nut sack contracting time and time again as they pumped his warm, baby making cum, jism and sperm deep into My Beautiful Naked Wife's Hot Wet and OH So Willing White Wifely Cunt!!!!!!!!

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!" I said out loud when I realized for the first time that he wasn't using a condom.

His cum was being fired right into my wife's cervix and probably right up into her uterus! My wife was still fertile. God I hope she doesn't get pregnant! I don't know haw we'd explain her having this black bastard's baby!!!!!!

Just at that moment I felt a pleasant pain start in my groin and spread out and proceed down the length of my stiff cock. I was amazed to realize I was shooting my load. I had been so aroused I had cum with out jerking off. My sperm was firing out the end of my cockhead like water from a high-pressure hose. I was thrilled to see the amount of jism I was unloading onto the carpet.

Robert let his still hard cock soak in my wife's dripping wet hole. Cum was oozing out around her cunt lips, testifying to the size of the load. He must have spewed forth his jizz for at least a full minute. Her cunt had to be full with his sperm wiggling and worming their way looking for an egg to fertilize.

Mary Deanna looked at me with a look of satisfaction and also a look of prideful triumph. She called to me and motioned for me to stand by the bed. She asked me after what I had just seen if I still loved her?

"Of course I do honey. I have always loved you and I will always love you," I said smiling.

Robert pulled out of Mary Deanna's hole turned her over onto all fours, slipped his cock into her slimy cum filled cunt and immediately began fucking her some more. His cock was ramming deep into her cunt rapidly and Mary Deanna was soon pushing her ass back toward his cock meeting it as it rammed home. To my amazement, I saw her rise to climax again as he fucked her dog style.

My wife was ramming her ass back at his cock and I heard her making throaty noises, "MMMMM.......MMMMM.....MMMMM.......MMMMM."

I saw her swollen cunt lips wrapped around Roberts black member and the cum and her love juices mixed on it as it thrust into her pussy. Robert had his hands firmly holding her hips and he leaned over and grabbed her hanging tits, groping them, pulling hard on her nipples, and squeezing hard. He was fucking her hard fast and deep giving her some short strokes. My wife was clearly enjoying this fucking from the rear...something she didn't like to do with me! Mary Deanna was cumming again and again as he fucked her hard.

Then he pulled out quickly and she cried, "No don't stop... don't stop... Fuck me Robert."

Robert laid down on the bed and told her if she wanted more fucking to climb aboard. Mary Deanna straddled his waist and quickly lowered her dripping snatch over his black fuck pole, self-impaling her body on his hard rod. She was facing him and he roughly fondled her tits and pinched her nipples, then really began an unmerciful mauling of her tits and already erect nipples. She shrieked in pain as his fingers dug into her tit flesh leaving red marks wherever he touched them. Mary Deanna rode his cock hard, her eyes were glazed and her motions automatic as she humped up and own on his cockpole within her cunt.

"Unh...Unh...Unh...Unh..." she moaned as she rode his stiff thick shaft.

I was continually being dumbfounded. Here was my wife riding this stud's cock fucking it like crazy. She just wasn't turned on, she was rutting like a bitch dog in heat. Which as I thought to myself is exactly what she is right now. A bitch in heat!

She was cumming again and wave after wave after wave of orgasm shook her body. Her tits shaking and jiggling as she went through the throes of her passion...cum running freely from her pussy smearing over Robert's pubic hair, balls and even onto his stomach.

Robert pushed her off and again put her on all fours kneeling behind her. His rigid cock smeared in the cunt juice and cum from her sopping pussy. He was stroking it slowly and he told her.

"Tell him where you want me to fuck you now!"

Mary Deanna looked at me and said in a throaty but clear voice, "I want you to sodomize my ass. I want you to fuck my asshole Robert. Please fuck my ass."

I was shocked. Never had she even allowed me to finger her ass, no less actually try to enter it with anything. Now here she was begging him to fuck her in the asshole! Robert placed the wet cockhead on her asscrack and spread her cheeks with his hands revealing the tight brown asshole. He reached into her sopping, mushy pussy and got his fingers dripping wet with their cum. Using it as a lubricant he smeared it around her bunghole and placed the cockhead up tight against the brownie. He pressed and the head of his purplish black cock harder against her hole and the sphincter opened slowly and his cockhead eased into her ass. With constant pressure his cock penetrated her ass, the muscles relaxing and allowing passage into that forbidden territory.

I could see the pain on her face she grunted and moaned as his large shaft stretched her.

Mary Deanna cried, "big... too big... it hurts... oooowwwww... can't take it all."

Robert told her, "You'll take it lady. You'll take every inch of my cock in your ass. He viciously rammed his cock deep into her ass in one motion burying it to his pubic mound. His balls swinging and slapping her dripping pussy.

My wife howled in pain as her asshole stretched to the breaking point and tried to get away from his cock. Robert held her tightly by the hips and she was held fast against his pelvic bone. Slowly he began a thrusting motion. In and out of her ass...a few inches at a time...until he was making long strokes deep into her ass going where none had ever gone before.

"God I love ass fucking a white woman," Robert said looking at me. "Especially in front of her husband!"

His thrusting began to increase in tempo and Mary Deanna's discomfort and pain soon was turning to arousal. I saw her pushing back to meet in incoming thrusts... grunting with increased pleasure as his cock plowed her rectum. Soon she was again making those throaty noises as her body climaxed again and again spewing her love cum from her open snatch.

"God Damn!" I thought. "My wife is having an orgasm as she is being butt fucked by this stud. I wouldn't have believed it unless I was seeing it myself. He was really laying some serious pipe in my wife's once virgin asshole.

Of course I did believe it as I was seeing it... I tried to take pictures but my hands were shaking so badly I was sure none of them were properly focused. I was so engrossed in watching what was happening in front of me I again didn't realize my body had reacted to the scene on its own and I felt my cock springing forth another load of cum onto the carpet.

Robert on the other hand knew exactly what his body was doing as he fired another full load of his black cum into my wife's no longer virgin ass.

"Oh BABY! I just love filling a white wife's ass with my jizz." Robert said as he looked at me with contempt and disdain. "It's the ultimate thing to take from her."

Part Four - Aftermath

Mary Deanna laid on her back and spread her legs, she rubbed her pussy and fingered herself as Robert moved up to her head and placed his slime covered cock into her mouth. Remarkably, without hesitation considering where it had just been, my wife licked and tongued his softening cock, cleaning it for him. I was standing truly in awe at Robert's sexual prowess. He had fucked Mary Deanna in all of her orifices and had cum three times, depositing his cum jism and sperm in each hole. All within the time of just about two hours! I knew I couldn't match that. Mary Deanna's oral work on his cock had removed the slime and cum from his dick and she was still working it over.... causing it to find new life and stiffen steadily until it was erect and ready for action again.

Robert moved between my wife's wide spread thighs and eased his cock into her cunt. Sliding it full depth with no resistance. He slowly pumped his cock in her as he held himself up off of her.

"Do you love me darling?" my wife asked of me.

"Why yes, of course I do Mary Deanna." I replied without hesitation. I did love my wife.

"Even after what you saw me do tonight with Robert?" she inquired. "Things I never did with you?"

Did I? Good question. But I knew the answer.

"Yes, honey. I still love you. Even after what I saw you do with Robert tonight."

A thankful look spread over her face. Then she said to me, "Who am I?"

I said, "Why you are my wife, honey."

"Yes, I am your wife Darling, and what am I to Robert?"

I wrinkled my forehead, "Uh umm, you're the one he just fucked. Uh... his mistress."

"Yes, I am his mistress. NOW! But what else am I?" she inquired again.

"I don't know." I confessed.

Mary Deanna looked into Robert's face and eyes and smiling she said, "I Am His Woman!"

I was shocked to hear her say it. Shocked to the very foundations of my beliefs.

"NO! You're not. You're my wife, Mary Deanna, my woman!" I exclaimed with force.

Shaking her head she said, "No, you are wrong Darling. Not anymore. Tonight I am still your WIFE. But I am his WOMAN!!! She kissed Robert's mouth and Frenched him passionately. Looking back to me she said, "Darling, I know it's hard for you to accept, but no female can be the woman of another man and do what I did with Robert. What I AM going to do AGAIN with Robert, TONIGHT!"

She saw the uneasiness on my face and in my eyes and instinctively knew what I was thinking. Was I losing my wife right here, right before my very own eyes? Was my fantasy come true just the beginning of my worst nightmare?

"Do not worry my darling. You haven't lost me. I am still your wife and if you want me I always will be your wife. But when Robert takes me again, when I give him my body again I will be his Woman. You must accept this Darling. Whenever someone fucks me, I will be his Woman!!!"

My mind was racing. What does she mean..."when someone fucks me?" Can I accept it? Do I want to? I looked at My Naked Wife with Robert still between her thighs... his chest pressing into her full tits... his cock still pumping in her cunt.... her mouth kissing and swapping spit frantically with him. I realized I had no choice. No choice that is if I wanted to keep my wife.

"I accept it," I told them.

"Good buddy cause you don't really have any choice not to." Robert said to me scornfully. "I am going to make YOUR WIFE... MY WOMAN... often!"

Crestfallen I turned and walked over to an easy chair... a fairly nice one considering the sleazy kind of room this was and sat down. Mary Deanna and Robert continued to fuck. I was lost in my own thoughts and despair seeing but not seeing him and her sucking again and fucking again, and again. The only thing I could think of was how can I accept this? How can I keep my wife?

I must have fallen asleep. Robert and Mary Deanna were still on the bed. Their bodies intertwined sleeping. I walked over and looked at my wife sleeping with a self-satisfied look on her beautiful face. Tears rolled from my eyes. I have lost my wife I cried... my fantasy come true has cost me my wife. I again sat down in the chair crying uncontrollably. I thought somehow I must fight this, but how?

Again, I must have fallen asleep. I awoke to the sounds of Mary Deanna's throaty moans and groans as she climaxed on Robert's cock. I saw her straddling him facing the camera, rutting furiously on his black pole. Her tits hanging, wiggling, jiggling up and down. She came and came and came. My God, I thought. How much can she cum? She is a sex machine turned on and never stopping, a real fuck machine.

But eventually, she did stop. I saw that it was 4 am and Mary Deanna said to Robert that she thought it was time for him to go. He agreed and they walked naked to the door, his arm around her. He opened the door and I moved to the door intending to go with them. I saw they intended to go outside just as they were. I thought someone would see them and I wanted to stop them.

I said, "Mary Deanna don't go outside naked. Someone may see you."

Robert retorted, "Just who the fuck do you think is going to see us white boy?

He had a good point. This place was so deserted even during the daytime they probably could go naked and no one would see them. Even so I wanted to assert myself and regain some of my lost self-respect. I told them it didn't matter. She was MY wife and she wasn't going outside. Robert moved quickly and pushed me in the chest. I rocked backward but, it was a glancing blow and I recovered before he could get set. I grabbed his wrist pulled him towards me and before he knew it I had him in a control hold I remembered from my military police days.

I told him, "Look mother fucker. Just because I let you fuck my wife tonight doesn't give you the right to order or push me around."

Robert was strong and he was fighting the hold I had him in. I wondered how long I could keep him in it. I had to defuse this quickly. That or break his arm, because if he got loose he was going to kick my ass!

"You keep your hands off me and we'll get along just fine, hear me?

He looked at me and stared me in the eyes and finally said, "I can take you white boy."

"You can try," I answered.

We stood there for a few seconds then he laughed, "Ok. You're not the wuss I thought you were. Mind if YOUR Naked Wife, MY Woman, walks me to my car?"

I nodded it was ok, and slowly let him loose, wary for some kind of trick move on his part. But he just took hold of Mary Deanna's hand and led her outside. Just as she passed through the door she stopped and motioned for me to come to her.

"I want you to thank Robert for helping me give you your anniversary present, Darling," she purred. She just had us fighting over her and she was pleased with that.

I looked at her and saw she was serious. I looked at Robert and knew I would never like this Bastard. But he had fulfilled my fantasy, and I had just made him back down.

"Ok, Mary Deanna. Robert, thank you for...for fucking my wife in my presence," I said.

He grinned at me and told me he knew I thought I had allowed him to fuck her. But I was wrong. He took my wife without my permission, he alleged.

"Show him babe," he told my wife.

Mary Deanna walked over to a drawer and took out my MP handcuffs and a rope. Robert said if you objected to what was going to happen or tried to interfere or stop it at any time tonight, your wife and I were going to use those on you. We would have let you leave, but any interference would have resulted in you being bound and gagged if necessary. Your wife promised me that if she entered this room tonight she wasn't going to leave until I had fucked her repeatedly in all of her lovely holes. I saw Mary Deanna nodding in agreement. So you see, he continued, you didn't give me anything buddy. I took it from you. I made you a CUCKOLD!

Robert said, "Punkin..."

"Punkin! He called her Punkin. That's the name of affection that only I use for her. None one else uses it, " I thought to myself, "Has he even taken that from me too?"

" prime white pussy. There was no way I was gonna let her get out of here tonight without getting that hot married white woman's cunt of hers thoroughly fucked!" he finished saying.

"Come on Punkin," he said again and they went through the door.

They walked over to his car. It was chilly outside but I stood by the door on the porch and watched them. In the still bright moonlight they stood close and I could see he had put on some kind of coat. I could tell they were kissing and I saw his hands roaming over my wife's ass cheeks. I heard her giggle and say the word... Saturday. He got in and started his car and drove away.


Standing in the drive by our car, the moonlight illuminating the very Naked Mary Deanna, she asked me if I had enjoyed her anniversary gift to me?

I said, "I certainly did. You couldn't have given me a better one. It was the best gift a wife could give her husband. But to tell you the truth, I still don't fully accept this my wife, his woman shit! Just where did you find this guy?"

My wife told me she worked with Robert and known him for about 2 years. She said he immediately began hitting on her and had asked her out several times but always she had refused. Refused until she realized I wanted a black man to fuck her. I inquired as to how she deduced that and she said she found my computer picture files full of black men fucking white women. That there were so few white couples pics and so many black men/white woman pics, that she just knew that was my fantasy. I admitted it was and said I didn't have the nerve to ask her knowing how she felt about interracial dating and marriages. I asked her feeling how she did about it, why did she do it. Fuck a black man? Her reply was she loved me and to prove her love for me she would humble herself, degrade herself to give me what I wanted most from her.

Then without warning she shook violently, placed her face in her hands and cried uncontrollably, "I am so degraded... so cheapened by what I did tonight. How can I ever look you or any other decent person in the face again? You have no idea what this has cost me...will cost me."

I took her in my arms and kissed her and held her close, assuring her I loved her and respected her and was proud. Yes, proud of what she had done because of her love for me.

She raised her head and looked at me. "How can you darling? I whored for him to night. I let him have me, use me like a common street walking slut."

"Let's have no more of that talk." I said. "You are not a whore and you are not a slut. Got that?"

Mary Deanna nodded and I dried the tears from her eyes.

"Cost you?" I asked. "Money?"

Mary Deanna nodded yes, "Money. I didn't pay him to fuck me, but I had to cover the cost of this room and I have to do other things in the future."

"Now tell me exactly how this all came about," I told her.

Mary Deanna proceeded to tell me she found out about my fantasy and decided to make it come true. She wondered who to do it with and about that time Robert began hitting on her again. She said he was good looking and he obviously wanted to fuck her. Then in the coffee room at work one day she over heard someone say that Robert was a terrific stud and he was rumored to have a string of women and wives whom he serviced. She said she decided to see if he was interested in her proposition. Well he was definitely interested in it but he had certain conditions of his won she must comply with to gain his compliance with her requirements.

She told me they had met after work one day and come to this motel. He told her it was perfect for what she had in mind. He told her that he rarely let husband's photograph and videotape him fucking their wives, but if she insisted he would go along with it. If she did certain things for him. Mary Deanna said he wanted her to meet him here every day for five days before our anniversary so he could teach her how to do all of the things she needed to know for the "show" they were going to put on for me. She said once they were there he insisted on her stripping and going naked for him all the time they were in the room setting things up and choreographing the nights activities.

She said, "You have no idea how embarrassed I was the first time I let him see me Naked. I was so humiliated. He made me stand before him and do all sorts of nasty things with my body."

"Like what?" I asked.

"He had me spread my legs and show him my cunt, finger myself in my cunt and ass and talk all sorts of dirty filthy words. He told me that from now on I was never to refer to my pussy by any terms other than pussy or cunt or hole or some such similar vulgarism. Then he put his hands on me for the first time. I cringed. I was so mortified as he fondled my breasts and put his hands and fingers in places only you have touched. I cried and cried as he forced me to fuck myself with a huge black dildo in both my ass and cunt. I had told him that I didn't want any penetration of my pussy or ass by him until tonight because I wanted you to be there to see the first time anyone had fucked me in those holes."

I asked her if this was so humiliating for her why did she do it?

And she replied, "because I love you darling. If this was what it took to give your fantasy then I would endure it."

She continued saying they met everyday after work and he had her come to the motel wearing nothing except her shoes and wedding ring. He got off on seeing me naked wearing only my wedding ring and shoes. He said I was no longer to go outside wearing a bra or panties and I was to practice letting men see me naked. She asked if I remembered when she had gone to the ladies room at the restaurant? She said Robert had told her to flash the Maitre 'D and at least one other employee. She said she did as she walked out of the ladies room she opened her coat and let the Maitre "D and the wine steward see her Nakedness and gave them both a big smile!

My wife told me she recoiled in embarrassment when Robert told her to do it but he was so forceful, so dominant with her that she knew she would do as he said. Also, I was to open my coat under the table and let people see my pussy, but without letting you know what I was doing. Everyone seated behind you was able to look under the table and beneath the tablecloth which was off centered and allowed a clear view of me exposing myself.

No wonder I got all of those admiring looks in the restaurant! I nodded in agreement. I had to admit he was forceful and he did clearly dominate Mary Deanna and the night's activities. He didn't use the usual verbal abuse and brutality I had half expected but he definitely had control of the situation and of my wife. Still had control of her.

I asked her, "What's this about Saturday?"

Mary Deanna looked me in the face and said, "I am going out with him Saturday night. To the restaurant we went to tonight and wearing the same thing I wore tonight. He said he has plans for me."

"Are you going to go?" I inquired, looking into her eyes. "Do you WANT to go?"

My wife said, "Yes. I want to go. I need to go. I HAVE to go."

"Why?" I queried.

"My... My..." she stammered.

"Your Master says to?" I said.

"NO. He's not my Master. I'm not his slave. He... he's my teacher. He's teaching me to come to grips with my sexuality. To overcome my inhibitions and prejudices!" she shouted at me.

"Ok then. I'll go with you," I said.

Shaking her head she told me I couldn't. That that was part of the deal. For every time I was with them while they fucked, she had to meet him without me two other times. Saturday would be the first time and some day next week the second.

I nodded acceptance of this. I knew it would be useless to argue. I knew my wife was stubborn enough to make me go along with it. Besides, an idea had suddenly popped into my head and I was formulating a plan around it.

"Ok, you win. I stay home," I said. "Are you ready to go home? If you are I will gather up the stuff and put in the car and we can leave."

"No, I am not ready to go home. Not like this, but I will. That's another part of the deal. I go home with you naked, with his cum still in me and on me."

I collected our gear and threw it in the car and as I drove home I looked at My Beautiful Naked Wife, Mary Deanna, who had that unmistakable fully satisfied glow of a woman who has been very well and very thoroughly fucked!

I wondered what lay in store for me and my wife?