Mary Deanna's Anniversary Fuck - Episode 3 by Joe The Cuckold

Mary Deanna's Anniversary Fuck - Episode 3

DISCLAIMER: This story is intended for reading by adult persons over the age of 18 or 21 depending upon the laws of your locality. It contains explicit language, nudity, and sexual acts graphically described. If you are offended by such material, STOP NOW and close this file. However, if you enjoy this kind of erotica, Read On!

Author's Note:

This is the third in a planned series of descriptions of sexual activities of my wife and I. They are not Disney, but are real "True Life Adventures" nonetheless and to paraphrase the old Dragnet show...the facts are true only the names have been changed to protect the Not-So-Innocent! As the author I would be interested in hearing from readers regarding their reaction to this or any of the previous or subsequent episodes in the series. Direct any comments or suggestions to me at my E-Mail addresses of: or

Part 1 - Wednesday Dinner

I have been fucking Robert for a little over two months now. Two of the most sexually wonderful and satisfying months of my life. What had started out in my mind, and I am sure in Joe's, was a one night stand, but the best laid plans of mice and men... well... now, I am getting fucked by Robert at least two nights a week, usually Wednesday and either a Friday or a Saturday. I am also getting it on at least one night by my husband. Sexually, I am satisfied, pleased with the fucking I am getting, even the one I get from my husband which, before Robert, had been uninspiring, but was now much more energetic and inventive. Competition does have an effect.

It is almost Christmas and the relationship I have with my husband Joe is strained, even if he is fucking me on a weekly basis, there is the problem of our weekly Wednesday dinner with Robert at our house. Let me regress a bit. My first "date" with Robert and without my husband, Joe, was the Saturday after My Anniversary Fuck, as Robert refers to it. I spent the night and the next day till midnight with him, fucking a large portion of the time. But not all. We did spend a lot of time just talking between sexual bouts. Talking about everything in my life.....Robert was becoming an expert on me and my life. Just before I left to return home, Robert told me he wanted to meet the rest of my children, and see my home. He told me to have Joe call him and invite him over for dinner on the following Wednesday, the 14th. Which was exactly one week after My Anniversary Fuck. Joe would have none of it! He told me he didn't want Robert coming into our house, in no uncertain terms. I was finally able to convince him to make the call.

I was there and Joe dialed up the number and when Robert answered Joe just said. "You're invited to dinner, Wednesday, our house 7:00 PM." No lead in or nothing no small talk. I didn't realize Joe had nothing he wanted to say to Robert other than... "Stop Fucking My Wife!"

Robert arrived promptly at 7:00 PM and per his instructions I sent Joe to let him in...make small talk... get drinks... etc. while I was busy in the kitchen fixing dinner. Joe was not having a good time, but when I came out I could tell Robert was. He was enjoying Joe's state of barely concealed anger, confusion and disbelief that his wife's young black lover was in his home and was an INVITED guest. Dinner was not a smooth thing. The kids were home as instructed and they knew something was not right. Robert made no advances towards me, no innuendoes, no improper touching. Everything was so above board it was almost sterile. By 8:00 dinner was over and the kids were on their way to visit with some friends. The house was ours for about the next two hours.

I was sitting on the couch next to Robert when Joe came back in from seeing the kids off. Robert had his arms around me and I was leaning back into his chest. Robert's hands were fondling my tits and my head was tilted back, my skirt up around my upper thighs as I had hiked it upper Roberts request. I wasn't wearing any panties or bra, again at Robert's orders. Robert was looking at Joe who was looking at Robert feeling me up. My husband told Robert he'd "appreciate his keeping his hands off of my wife." Robert answered him by suggesting that we let me decide if I wanted them there or not. Joe looked at me and seeing I was obviously enjoying Robert's caresses just said that it was clear the deck was stacked against him any way so why bother. Good thinking Joe. I felt bad for him looking at us... we began to kiss and neck and in a few minutes we were both naked on the couch and I was sucking on Robert's Cock... delicious! Joe sat there and watched but didn't watch. He didn't pretend to ignore us... just focused his eyes somewhere else. I was getting real hot and wanted Robert to fuck me right there on the couch, but he said no, not yet and told me to take him to our bedroom.

I led Robert upstairs and into our bedroom, with Joe following like a puppy... after picking up all of our clothes. He didn't want the kids to see them if they came home early. Joe objected as I pulled down the covers and made the bed ready for sex. There was a real deeply pained look in my husband's eyes when he realized Robert was going to fuck his wife in our marriage bed, in the very bed where all three of our children had been conceived. I KNEW what he was thinking, as I was thinking the exact same thing. A part of me rebelled at the idea. But another part, a stronger part wanted me to be fucked in this bed... and to have my husband Joe witness it. I walked over to Joe took his face in my hands and kissed him softly and gently on his lips and told him I was his wife and loved him. He quickly replied... "My wife... but not my woman... anymore?" I lowered my eyes and shook my head no... not anymore, and then rejoined Robert in our bed. For the next two hours Robert and I passionately fucked ourselves silly. I sucked his cock, he ate my pussy, he fucked me in my pussy my mouth and my ass. He deposited two loads in me within 20 minutes. He was not pacing himself... he gave it to me furiously and I took it wantonly, screaming in delight whenever he brought me to orgasm with his mouth, fingers or cock. Of course this was often. It was good the kids were out of the house. There was no way they wouldn't have heard me.

My children came home at 10:30ish and went directly to bed. Joe met them and told them I was already asleep. At that exact moment he was telling them... I was straddling Robert and riding his cock slowly... quietly, as not to let on to the children that their mother was whoring for a black man in her own bed, in her own house. Joe came in and watched us for a while then laid down on the floor wrapped up in a blanket and tried to ignore us. Fat chance that! Robert and I fucked way into the night... resting then fucking then sleeping then fucking. Joe awoke(?) at 6:00 in the morning, showered and started fixing breakfast for the kids. Robert and I slept in till after they had gone. Then we fucked again and Robert filled my pussy for the 5th time. Just as Robert finished depositing his latest load in me Joe came in. I was laying on the bed on my back totally naked with my legs spread obscenely, giving an unobstructed view of my freshly fucked quim with Robert's seed oozing from between my labia.

Joe looked at me on the bed and Robert standing near me and shook his head and then said, "Mary Deanna, look at yourself. Here you are in our bed, your cunt spilling his cum from it and you have no shame for the fucking you've done all night. YOU are a whore!" Robert spoke sharply, "Well, Joe, if Deanna is a whore, then it's your fault. You made her what she is."

Joe rebutted, "How in the fuck do you figure I am responsible?" Robert said, "If you hadn't let your wife know of your secret desire for her to fuck a black guy, she never would have. But because of the love she had for you she did, and now she has found out she likes it. That's good for her and bad for you. And now you're pissed. Tough shit Joe. I don't like you and it makes me feel good to know I have taken your woman from you. That's right Deanna is my woman now. She may be legally your wife, but she is MY woman." Joe looked balefully from Robert to me... I lowered my eyes not being able to look him in the face. Robert continued, "See Joe, she can't lie to you. She's my woman and she knows it. I took her Joe. I took her from you with these..." and he held out his hands... "and these..." pointing to his lips and tongue... "and these..." he grabbed his cock and balls. I took her by fucking her better than you ever did. I took her by giving her what YOU can't give her... a Big Black Cock! I've only fucked your wife on three different occasions, but in those three I have done more with her, she has given me her body in more ways than she ever gave it to you, I have fucked her better than you have done in fifteen years of marriage. She's my woman now because I took her by the Right of CONQUEST. Isn't that right Deanna?" I looked at Robert and Joe then nodded and said, "Yes Robert I am your woman now."

Joe was seething with anger, he was barely holding it in... I was afraid he would go over the top, lose all control because of the harsh way Robert was treating him. I thought of the gun Joe kept in his closet, just a few feet away. Robert then spoke of how it was clear I had chosen him as her lover and was going to fuck him in her own home in her own bed, even when her children were there. I lowered my eyes in shame at Joe's glaring look. Robert said new arrangements must be made. The 2 for 1 was out, and he felt every Wednesday he should come for dinner and then fuck me in our bed. Robert told him if he wanted to watch or not, it was up to him, he could even join in if he wanted... but then he changed his mind saying it was better Joe watched and videotaped us fucking. Robert further described our new situation as that on either Friday or Saturday... sometimes both... I would go out with him somewhere. Needless to say, I liked the idea and Joe hated it. He told Joe to think on it and call him at work when he had decided to accept. Joe said what if he doesn't accept? Joe was told he would accept, because even though his mind rejected this situation, his body was loving it. Robert said think on it...even though you hate me fucking Deanna, your cock is hard when I do. You like it alright. Your mind is just fucking with you. Robert told him besides, he had no choice, as I had already accepted the new arrangement! Robert then told Joe he had better run along to work and if he was wondering, he and I had arranged for us to miss work that morning and we would be doing a little more fucking while Joe was gone. He asked me if that was right and I was unable to look my husband in the eyes and simply nodded yes.

After Joe had left. I asked Robert if he thought he was handling Joe a little too roughly, as Joe was a proud man and he was really rubbing his nose into it? Robert thought about it a bit and said he didn't think so. He knew Joe was having a hard time handling this but he thought Joe was more resilient than I thought. Robert said, "Joe has to get over his pride and ownership of you Deanna. If he loves you as much as I think he does. Then he'll come around, if not... well..."

Part 2 - Halloween

Joe and I didn't talk a lot for the next three weeks... just enough to conduct family business. On Friday and Saturday nights I was "dating" Robert and fucking him at home in our bed on Wednesday. Our kids wondered why Robert came over on each Wednesday and we just said there was "business" to conduct between us... not so much of a lie if you think on it. They KNEW there was more to it than that... but we kept the truth from them. Joe was impassive on our Wednesday night romps. He dutifully videotaped Robert and I fucking. We made him do it naked, and we saw his cock was rigid hard. The tell-tale sign that he really liked what was happening even if his mind would not admit it. Robert stayed the night each time and I had arranged to miss the morning work, not being due in till 1:00 PM. I had asked Robert to be discreet around the office and he was as good as gold on his word, not making any improper references, touching, etc. I was thankful. For the part of me that was still thinking in conventional terms did not want everyone to know I was fucking Robert twice a week. There were enough people who already knew. I did not need anyone at work other than Sheron to be in on my secret. Of course that was doomed from the beginning, but I was trying to stave it off for as long as I could.

On our "dates" Robert would take me to his favorite black bar and show me off to his was clear to all I was his new "whore" as that was the way his friends referred to me. Afterwards he would take me to the motel and fuck me all night and into the next day... sometimes I wouldn't come home till Sunday afternoon or even later. I realized I was addicted to Robert's black cock. I HAD to have it and would do anything to get it... I was to learn how far I would go very quickly.

On Halloween night, a Saturday, I was with Robert as usual and he told me we were going to a party at a private home. I had been told to dress in a costume... he was the Devil. How appropriate I thought... I was told to dress as an angel. Robert gave me my costume which he had purchased. It consisted of a very thin and quite revealing white negligee with a pair of wings on the back and a golden halo resting on my head, and silver highheels on my feet. I told Robert I couldn't go in public wearing this, as it showed everything... I was almost nude in it. He told me I WOULD wear it because if I didn't, I could forget ever getting any more of the cock he knew I loved so much! I looked at him and cried because I knew I was beaten. I would do anything he asked just so he kept on fucking me.

When I walked into the home there were only Black people there... no whites, no hispanics, no asians. There were a few Black women most very pretty. Everyone had some kind of costume on... even if it was only a mask. No one was dressed scantily... only me. It was clear I was "on display." I was embarrassed and blushing all over, they all were making lewd comments about me and talking about fucking me. I was scared silly. I clung to the only familiar thing I knew... Robert. For about an hour there was nothing but talk, then Robert led me into the bedroom and told me to undress. I did as he asked even though the door was wide open. I asked him if he was going to fuck me now... here? He said I was going to be fucked but not by him. I stepped back with my hand to my mouth... I knew what he had in mind... but I was so aghast at the prospect. I asked him, what he meant... knowing full well what his answer was going to be.

"Deanna, I think it is time you found out what it was like to be fucked by more than one man at the same time. I have arranged for you to fuck some friends of mine. I am sure you will enjoy it, if... IF... you let yourself. You will have to forget your long held thoughts on this and just enjoy the pleasures of multiple cocks in you."

I told him, "Robert please don't make me do this... please. I beg of you." He told me he wouldn't dream of forcing me to do it. I had the right to refuse and if I asked he would take me home immediately. But if I did, I wouldn't ever get another inch of his cock again! I looked at him and told him I couldn't believe he was doing this to me... I told him, I was "his woman" and didn't that mean anything to him? He said he was glad I was his woman and if I was his woman then I will do as I am asked if I wanted any more of his cock. Tears streamed down my face as I begged him again to just take me to the motel and fuck me. He said, "I will fuck you as much as you want... after."

I knew I was beaten, I couldn't resist him. I meekly asked him where this was to happen and who would see it.

Robert said right here in this room and only those actually fucking me would see it... well except for the two would be videotaping it. I shrunk... withered inside... thinking two men are going to videotape me getting fucked. Robert finally said, "Well? What's it going to be Deanna?" I wiped my eyes and tried to stand up straight, but I was shaking with nervousness when I told him, "Lets get it over with."

Two pretty black women immediately walked in with two camcorders... they had obviously been listening from the hall. They were followed by two naked men who stood beside me. Their cocks were hanging semisoft and were as black as coal. The girls started the videos and Robert narrated, introducing me by my real name, saying who I was married to and telling the camera that I was going to get my first gang bang fucking. At this the two guys began touching me and fondling my breasts and groping my ass and running their hands between my legs. I was really afraid. I had never had more than one man doing me and this was so unreal... so frightening, but so very erotic! I could feel myself getting wet just thinking about being fucked by these men. I tried to will myself to relax... but I was very tense. They put me on the bed on all fours and one stood in front of me and stuck his cock in front of my face... I opened my mouth and he fed his shaft between my lips. The second one put his face against my wet quim and licked and tongued and fingered me.

Part of me didn't want to acknowledge this was happening... but my body responded as the pussy licker began to excite me. I began sucking the guy's cock in earnest and was finding it very pleasant to have a cock in my mouth as a tongue penetrated my pussy. Robert told me to enjoy and walked out of the room. I began to panic... I wanted him here... he was my link... my safety blanket. I felt a hard cock pressing against my labia and felt it cleave them and slip in me slowly... I gasped involuntarily. I was being fucked! My new lovers fucked me with little technique but lots of stamina and desire. I on the other hand became very aroused as my inhibition against two sex partners crumbled. I started enjoying the feeling and thought "this is not so bad... in fact it's pretty good." I put more effort into sucking the cock in my mouth and was soon rewarded with a mouthful of cum. No sooner had he pulled out than a new cock was offered to my mouth... I felt the cock fucking me let go and shoot sperm in my pussy. It was rapidly replaced by another new cock. I was not aware that Robert was sending new men in as soon as one blew his load in me. Finally, I was so wrapped up in sucking cock and being fucked Dog style that I lost count and reference to when new cock entered me... until. Until a nasty voice spoke in my ear. Hello, Mrs. Benton. You don't know me but your husband does. He got me fired. But I am getting even now... I am fucking his "devoted and proper wife" and he doesn't even know. But he will!"

For what seemed like hours I was fucked dog style... missionary... me on top... every which way. I couldn't keep track of how many men fucked me... I only knew I was getting royally fucked. I was hot, turned on with the idea of so many men fucking me. I came many times... sometimes screaming... sometimes whimpering... sometimes I talked hot and nasty when they did... other times I said nothing. I only knew I was thoroughly enjoying my gangbang, and the only thing that would make it better was for Robert to fuck me. But he didn't... yet I remember riding one particular cock... long maybe 10+ inches and thicker than Robert's. Each time I came down on it I could feel it press against my cervix. I thought when he comes in me... there is no way I cannot help but get pregnant, as he will be planting his sperm right where it needs to be for conception! I shook with another orgasm as I thought of being pregnant with his black baby. I was sure Joe would kill me! As the fucking got hotter I felt a third pair of hands touching me... I knew I had a 3rd lover and prayed it was Robert. It wasn't. I was straddling a well hung Black guy when #3 touched me every where and eventually moved behind me and shoved his ebony phallus against my asshole. Now I was nearing sensory overload... I had a cock in my mouth fucking me wildly...another in my pussy and a third trying to enter my ass. My asshole screamed in pain as this huge cock penetrated my sphincter and entered my bowels. Through the erotic fog, I realized I was the recipient of a triple penetration! I screamed as loudly as I could... with a big dick in my mouth... "God Yes! Fuck me, it feels so Good!!!"

Through the course of the evening I had been fucked by 12 men... Robert later informed me, each had cum in me multiple times... all of my holes had been well used, and I had submitted to three triple penetrations. Robert said he was surprised but not so very surprised at my capacity for sexual fulfillment. He stood me in front of a mirror. I had rashes all over me from my body being used by so many men... my vulva was swollen and bright red, I had cum jism semen and sperm everywhere... in my mouth on my face, in my hair, on my eyes and in my ears. My pubic hair was soaked and matted with it... my pussy and ass both dripped with the loads of 12 men oozing forth. And I had the glow that only a very well and thoroughly fucked woman had. Robert was very pleased. He led me out to the car with my angel costume in my hands... saying it was time for me to be returned to my husband. He dropped me off at the curb and told me to get out... it was 3:00 AM... I didn't think anyone would be seeing me. I walked up to my home and the door opened and I went in to my husband Joe.... newly gang banged... and strangely... proud of it!

Joe took one look at me holding my "angel" costume in my hands wearing only my shoes, and I could see in his eyes that he knew what I had done. How could he not? I was a real mess. He just asked, "How many?" I was embarrassed. I didn't want to tell him. "3, 4, 6, a dozen?" he asked. I nodded finally and he said, "12 men fucked you tonight Mary Deanna?"

I whispered, "Yes."

"All black, unprotected?" he asked.

I again whispered, "Yes."

He had the most terrible look in his eyes... the most pain I had ever seen until then. "Why? Why would you let something like that happen? He inquired hotly.

"I wanted it. That's why Joe. It's as simple as that. I wanted it."

Joe looked at me with what I saw as undisguised revulsion. "You fucking whore! You let 12 of those black bastards fuck you and you have the temerity to come home to me with their cum still in and on you? You fucking nigger's slut get out of my sight!"