Ann's First Camp by Les

Ann's First Camp

"Come on girls get into the coach." Julie coaxed the girls to the awaiting vehicle. 30 girls scrambled for their seats. "Where's Ann?" Julie asked, looking around. She had not been crossed off the list.

"Here she is miss," they shouted. Ann was running with a knapsack on her back Julie got off the coach and waited to put Ann's bag into the boot. Helping her off with it Julie noticed how the straps of Ann's knapsack had pulled her T-shirt taut, displaying the outline of her firm bust. She was sweating. "Sorry miss I had to wait for a lift".

"Well you're here now. Get on the bus".

Ann sat in the single seat in the front. Julie had taken over the whole of the back seat. Placing her bags and information sheets for the girls hiking trip -- maps, compasses, first aid boxes, etc.

Julie sat back as the coach started on the long journey. This was the second time she was in charge of the camp. It was run by the youth club that Julie worked at as a councilor. She had 3 other helpers to supervise the girls. Ann was from a children's home. Her parents had died in a boating accident two years ago. She was 14. Julie liked Ann. She was always willing and eager to help Julie staying on after the other kids left to clear up the hall they used.

It had gone dark outside and the girls settled down to sleep as the coach trundled on its way, chewing up the miles. Julie walked the length of the coach checking the girls were all right. Ann was staring out of the coach into the darkness. She was lonely. She had not made many friends as she was a shy girl and kept her own company.

Julie bent over her and said, "Every thing all right Ann?"

Ann snapped out of the daydream and saw it was Julie. She liked Julie there was something about her that made her feel safe when she was with her. "Yes thanks miss," she smiled.

"Why don't you come and sit at the back with me?" Julie said. They went to the back seat and Julie tidied the papers up.

They talked for a while about the children's home and how she missed her mom.

Julie noticed there was a tear in Ann's eyes as she spoke about her relationship with her mother. Julie pulled her in to her side and cuddled her, smelling the freshness of her hair. As Ann sobbed onto Julie's breast, Julie stroked Ann's hair and spoke softly to her "Don't worry, if you ever need someone to talk to come and see me any time."

Ann looked into Julie's eyes and kissed her cheek. "Thanks miss. I like spending time with you. You remind so much of mom".

Julie smiled and bent down and kissed her eyes. "Brush those tears away and try and get some sleep."

Ann rested her head on Julie's shoulder. "Lay your head on my lap, it will be more comfortable for you". Ann laid down and fell asleep quickly. Julie smiled as she watched the girl sleeping. She was on her back. Her long hair had fallen over her face. Julie carefully removed it, feeling the softness of her delicate skin. She was going to grow into a beautiful woman. Looking down her sleeping body she saw the breasts of a girl about 18 on the body of a fourteen year old. They stood out proud and the hint of her small nipples was visible through her T-shirt. Her waist was thin. And her legs were held in a pair of tight fitting jeans which accentuated the smallness of her hips.

Julie laid her hand on Ann's stomach and felt the heat of her body. Laying her head back she drifted into sleep.

They arrived at the camp still in darkness. The tents they were staying in were made up with the exception of four. The warden that greeted them explained they had been damaged and would be replaced in the morning. Could the girls double up that night. The girls ran to their tents those that were left found friends that they could share with. With the exception of one. Ann. Being a loner she had held back. She didn't know many of the girls that well. Julie noticed this and said, "Ann you can share my tent tonight."

Ann's face beamed with pleasure, and grabbed her bags and entered the tent.

Ann got into her sleeping bag, which was next to Julie's on the floor. Julie walked around for a while making sure that the girls settled down for the rest of the night.

Satisfied the girls were settled she entered her own tent. Ann was laying in her bag waiting for Julie. "Thanks miss," she said, and turned onto her side.

Julie started to get undressed. As she did she noticed Ann watching her. Smiling Ann said, "You've got a nice figure miss". Julie smiled as she put her night-dress on. "Thank you," she said, getting into bed.

As they laid there in their sleeping bags Ann told her how she had to share a room with three other girls. They were bullies. They made Ann do the tidying of the dorm. They also did horrible thing to her at nighttime she said in a quite voice.

"I wish I could leave there".

Julie didn't ask her any questions. She would tell if she wanted to. This poor girl needed friends. She felt like comforting her taking her in her arms and telling her things would be better.

Ann had moved closer to Julie's sleeping bag as they talked. She felt so close to this woman who had taken the time to listen to her. She explained to Julie how she used to get in bed with her mom and talk when her dad was away. She didn't like sleeping alone.

Julie realized what was happening. This young girl was giving her the signals. She needed someone to get close to. Her home life was hell. She had no friends. And she had no family.

Julie turned to Ann and said, "Would you like a cuddle?"

Ann's face shone. "You sure you don't mind?" moving closer to Julie who had raised her arm for Ann's head to rest on.

Julie responded by putting both arms around Ann and pulled her in close. She wasn't allowed to get caught up with the problems of the girls. But with this young girl it seemed different. She felt she had to help this emotional wreck of a young girl. They lay there hugging each other. Ann raised her head and planted a kiss on Julie's cheek and said goodnight.

They both drifted off to sleep holding each other. "Time to wake up sleepyhead," said Julie, shaking Ann.

She stirred. "Good morning miss," she said.

"Call me Julie when were alone. But not in front of the others, OK?"

"Yes Julie," she said happily.

Ann started to get dressed. Pulling her T-shirt that she used as a nightdress off gave Julie a look at her young body. Her long hair fell over her shoulder and partially covered her breasts for a second then as she pulled it behind Julie could see the fullness of her breasts. They were big for her age and size. The nipples were in the center with a slight tilt. Upwards her waist was slim and her vaginal area was covered by a sparse growth of hair.

Ann felt she was being watched as she got dressed. She was used to that. Being in a dorm it was normal. Anyway she was proud of her body. Boys at school had teased her about her breasts because they jumped about when she ran.

Julie realized she was staring. She had noticed a gnawing in her stomach while she watched. It was strange she had not felt that feeling since being a young girl and she had a crush on the gym teacher Mr. Platt. But she convinced herself it must be a different feeling. This was a young girl.

They dressed quickly and went to breakfast. All the other kids wanted things to do and the morning went by quickly. After lunch they set out for a short hike to a local farm. The owner allowed the kids to help out for a couple of hours around the farm. He had done this for years. When they had finished he always did a barbecue for them. Julie had brought her guitar and they sat around on the grass singing and eating into the night. Walking back in the dark the kids made farmyard noises. Torches flashed through the darkness as they approached the site. They were all happy.

The tents had been repaired. Well three had, the other was beyond repair. Julie asked Ann if she wanted to join the other girls in a tent. Her face dropped. Julie realized that was not a good idea and said as an afterthought "...or you can stay in with me".

Her face beamed and she said, "Yes please miss."

They had a cup of cocoa and went to bed. It was a very hot night. They lay on the top of their sleeping bags. Julie had replaced her nightdress for a T-shirt. It was more practical and cooler.

They lay close and talked about things that happened that day. Ann turned to Julie and said she was so happy at the camp and wished it could go on forever. Julie smiled and raised her arm on her pillow. It was a signal for Ann to cuddle into Julie. She moved close and snuggled into Julie. Flinging her arm across Julie's waist, pulled herself as close as she could. They drifted off to sleep holding each other.

Julie woke up with a start. Something seemed different. She listened. No sounds. Then she realized Ann's hand was on her breast. She looked over at Ann -- she was asleep. Her tousled hair partly covered her face but her breathing was regular.

Julie realized that feeling was in her stomach again. She liked the feel of Ann's hand on her breasts. She lay back and placed her own hand on Ann's and pressed it harder. Her nipples sprang to attention with the stimulation. She held her hand and moved it over one breast then the other. She felt as if her body was getting little electric shocks. It felt so good.

Lifting her T-shirt up she placed Ann's hand on her bare breast. A shock coursed through her chest. It took her breath away. Ann stirred. Julie froze and feigned sleep. Ann did not wake. Instead her hand began to grip Julie's breast by itself

Her finger took Julie's nipple and rolled it around. Julie had to bite on her lips to stop herself from calling out. The pleasure rippled through her whole body. She could feel her vagina was getting very wet. And she crossed her thighs to stop the throbbing that had started.

She looked closely at Ann she was breathing a little faster. But she was asleep. Her T-shirt had pulled up a little and Julie was amazed to find Ann's other hand was between her own legs rubbing her own pussy while still playing with Julie's breast.

Julie was so turned on! She had never had any thoughts of girls or women. She had a lot of boyfriends and had sex frequently. But this was different. The pleasure she was getting was more intense than she had ever experienced.

She was scared to move. If Ann woke and found her enjoying the actions she would be sure to say something to someone and there would be hell to pay.

Meanwhile Ann was about to come. The efforts of her finger rubbing her own clit was bringing her to climax. In her dreams she was in the home and the bullies had tied her to the bed like they always did spread-eagled. They would then get a feather and tickle her pussy, which was opened by her spreading legs. They used to tickle her clit and even put the tip of the feather into her pussy. It always made her come. But why did they have to tie her up? She would have let them do it. She enjoyed it. They used to make her suck their nipples as they leaned over her tied body. She loved to suck nipples.

She came. Her body jerked as the passion of her dreams had taken her to a high. She grabbed Julie's nipple and pulled it hard. Julie was playing with her own pussy. The sight of Ann coming was too much. Her hand pushed three fingers in deep and she shook. And cried out.

Ann jerked awake at the sound of Julie's orgasm. Looking down she saw her own hand wrapped around her own pussy and the other on Julie's breast. Julie was still coming and had not noticed that Ann was awake. Her hand was rubbing her clit to get the drop of pussy juice to flood out of her.

She collapsed back on the bed. Then she saw Ann wide awake. She was crying. "I am so sorry Julie. Please forgive me," she sobbed.

Julie took Ann into her arms and kissed her full on the lips. It was not planned. She was so mixed up herself. Holding each other Julie calmed her down still kissing her all over her face. Ann responded to the kisses. Soon they lay entwined. Rubbing their hands over each other's body. Finally they lay side by side and Julie told Ann what had happened. Ann blushed as the story unfolded. Julie tried to explain the feeling she got while Ann was playing with her.

They had taken their tops off earlier while they were kissing. Julie noticed as she continued the story that Ann's nipples were growing hard she ran the tip of her finger over the swollen bud. Ann gasped and explained what the girls did to her. And what they made her do, how when she was tied up one would get on the bed above her head and place her pussy over Ann's mouth and made her lick her out. At the same time another girl would be between Ann's legs doing it to her. She explained to Julie that she loved the attention of the girls and the sex. But not the bullying...

Julie was getting turned on by Ann very descriptive words she was still playing with Ann's nipple. Bending over she took the nipple in her mouth and sucked gently. Letting it swirl in her saliva and flicking the tip with her tongue, Ann stopped talking. Her breath was taken when her bed companion started. She gently took Julie's head and moved it around her breast. This is how she wanted to be loved.

Julie lost all reasoning. She was in the clouds with this young and vibrant girl, letting herself go along with the waves of lust that had taken over her body. She lowered her head giving little kisses wherever her lips found flesh.

Ann lifted Julie's head up and said, "Lay back". She was taking over. She wanted to show Julie how she wanted to be loved.

Starting at Julie's eyes she showered them with little kisses just brushing the skin. Moving down she kissed the area around the lips letting her tongue trace the out line before darting her tongue into her mouth. Julie was surprised at the gentle touches that were turning her into a raging fire. Brushing Julie's hair away from her neck she kissed the ears. Letting her tongue flick inside and around the lobes. Taking one of the lobes in her sweet lips she sucked gently. Pulling it into her mouth she nibbles softly with her teeth. Placing small kisses down her neck she pulled Julie's arm into the air and licked her armpit, tasting the salty sweat that had gathered.

Moving down she held both of Julie's breasts in her hands feeling the nipples with her thumbs.

Julie was shaking. She had never been so alive. Sex had been good before with her boyfriends but this was so intense. Every part of her body was crying to be touched at the same time.

Moving her mouth to the giant nipple she sucked hard. Grating the nipple with her teeth. Chewing it made Julie cry with pain but the pain turned to pleasure as Ann sucked it. It was as if Ann wanted to feed from her breast.

Ann's hand had descended to Julie's thigh. She traced her nail around Julie's pussy. Not touching it just grazing the edge of the lips. Julie was panting now. Her hips rose to meet Ann's fingers that were dancing over her flesh.

Suddenly she felt her body jerk uncontrollably. Ann had grazed her nail over her clit. It was mind blowing. She begged Ann to touch her pussy but Ann had different ideas. Moving down the bed she placed herself between Julie's legs. Taking a blade of grass from the floor she traced the outline of Julie's lips. The blade of grass being soft gave no relief to Julie quite the opposite. Her legs jerked open so far that her lips opened by themselves showing Ann the pink flesh of her innermost body. Ann placed the blade of grass into the gaping hole. Julie screamed, "Oh my god I'm coming!" as a massive orgasm racked her body. The grass was dancing across the sensitive flesh its touch like a pinprick. Her clit stood proud of the puffed lips. That was the next to get the grass treatment. Letting it drift across the blood-engorged clit sent Julie into another orgasm. All with a blade of grass.

Julie was a wreck. Her body no longer belonged to her she was being wafted on a sea of passion. As wave after wave of lust filled her body. Ann became overwhelmed by the sight of the woman she loved. Yes loved. Thrashing on the bed. Placing her mouth against Julie's lips she drank the heavenly fluid that oozed out of her most secret place. She took the clit into her mouth and sucked it like a woman sucks a man's cock. Drawing it deeper into her mouth she could feel the juices run freely against her face. Releasing it she ploughed into the furrow with her tongue the lips parting as she licked deep into Julie's pussy.

"YES, YES!" said Julie as her hips raised in jerky movements, "LICK ME DARLING LICK ME DEEP," she pleaded. Taking Ann's head, she crushed it to her pussy as another wave passed over her and her love juice flowed like a small river.

Ann plunged her tongue deep into the moist hole she could feel the spasms that racked her lover. Replacing her tongue with her finger she plunged one, then two, deep into Julie's squirming vagina. She was getting carried away herself. This is how she wanted to be loved. Still thrusting away, she saw Julie's puckered ass open and close as her fingers ploughed into her pussy. Placing her finger at the entrance she gently probed into the puckered hole, it entered easily. Her muscles were relaxed by the orgasms she was having. Feeling the finger enter her she gasped. She had never had that done before. But as the finger moved in and out it was fantastic. This fourteen year old girl was giving her so much love and consideration, more than all her lovers had before.

Suddenly a massive orgasm ripped through her making her pass out with pleasure.

When she came round she found Ann cuddled into her asleep on the bed. She pulled her closer and she knew they were going to be together as much as they could during this holiday.

What happens next?

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