Appleseed or "I Guess That's Poetic Justice" (Hetero sex, NC)

Appleseed or "I Guess That's Poetic Justice"

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I knew I'd used this one up the moment she got in the car. She was too quiet and when I leaned over to kiss her she wasn't real enthusiastic about it. I shrugged and pulled away from the curb. I didn't need a scene in front of her parent's house.

"So," I said, "what do you want to do tonight? You want to eat or see a movie first, or should we just go right to my place?" She burst out crying. Yeah, this one was history. I pulled over and turned on the concern. "What is it? Shelly, what's wrong?"

"Oh, Joey," she sobbed, "Joey, I-- I think I'm pregnant!"

"What?!", I feigned surprise, "But, Shelly, that's impossible!"

"That's what you said!", she wailed. "But my period's almost a whole week late, and it's never been this late before! Oh, Joey, what am I going to do?" She fell sobbing into my arms. Hey, I thought, I might be able to get one more fuck out of this cunt. It won't be as much fun, but, hell, a lay is a lay.

"Shelly," I whispered, "listen. Let's talk this out at my house. I know you're upset, but it's not that bad. It could even be a good thing, I promise, but we can't talk here in the car. I have to concentrate on driving, okay? Now you sit up and please don't worry. I hate to see you so upset."

"O-Okay, Joey," she sniffed as I pulled out and drove to the apartment. Except for a couple of sniffles, she kept silent until we walked through the door. I went to the kitchen to get us drinks and she hit the couch and started blubbering again. I came over with the two glasses of limeade. I love limeade. The tartness hides the taste of the pills and these high-school cunts think it tastes like that because it's not lemonade.

I sat next to her and wrapped my arms around her. She sobbed into my neck, and her jiggling tits pushing into my chest started getting me hot. Like I wasn't already, right?

"Ssh, now, Shelly," I said soothingly.

"B-but I'm ruined, Joey, ruined! I'm not even out of high school, I can't have a-- a b-uh-- buh--" She went back to wailing uncontrollably.

"But, Shelly, Shelly, don't you know what this means?" I pulled her back and lifted her head. "Shelly, this is a miracle! It means the doctors were wrong! Don't you know what joy you've brought me if it's really true? Shelly, I never thought I'd ever hear the words, 'my baby', and now you're telling me this miracle is true? Oh, Shelly, I love you so much!" I hugged the bitch for all I was worth.

"But I-- I--" She sounded a bit confused by this turn of events, which, of course, was what I wanted.

"Listen, Shelly, we'll get married right away, as soon as my parents get back from Europe. We'll get you out of that stupid public school and you can go to school with me. Don't worry, there are always pregnant girls there and everybody's okay with that. You'll have lots of new friends, and your old friends will be jealous as hell. We can live at the apartment on Oakland Drive, and when it's time for you to quit school, we'll get a nurse to take care of you."

"But Joey--"

"What 'but'?" I looked her straight in the eye. "Shelly, do you love me?"

"Oh, Joey. More than anything in the whole world!"

"And I love you, so it's settled. Oh, Shelly, you don't know how happy you've made me." I gave her the mother of all kisses and, sure enough, she started getting hot. Works every time. Throw money and power at 'em and they'll be eating out of you hand. Out of your lap, actually.

I started to lean into her, my tongue in total possession of her mouth, and moved my hand up under her tit and cupped it. She gasped into my throat. I laid her down on the couch and she gave me no resistance whatsoever when I started unbuttoning her blouse. I freed her mouth and kissed and licked down her throat and into the cleavage her bra created between her breasts. As she softly moaned, I slipped off the couch, picked her up into my arms and, still nipping at her, carried her off to "my room".

"Oh, Joey, no, we shouldn't," she panted as I laid her onto the bed. What was this, habit? This was the same game she always played. This time, though, I deflected that bullshit a lot quicker.

"Shelly," I said tenderly as I undid her bra, "what difference does it make now? You're carrying my baby. I need you, Shelly, just like our baby will need the milk from your breast." I tossed the bra aside and I bent to nip at one of her nipples, pushing her back onto the bed. Yep, they were a lot darker and fuller than they used to be. No doubt it, I'd knocked her up good. When I drill 'em, I do it right.

While I sucked and nibbled at her tits, my hands were busy loosening her skirt from her quivering hips. I kissed down to her belly, pulling the waist of her skirt down. "Oh, Shelly," I sighed, "is it here? Is my baby really growing here? Here in my wife's belly?"

That got her. "Your baby," she moaned, "your wife." I lifted her bottom and slipped off her skirt and panties. I quickly threw off my T-shirt and slacks. I never wear jeans because they're too hard to get off quickly. Underwear? Give me a break!

I kneed her legs apart and stuck my tongue into her pussy. I don't really like face-fucking, but you do what you have to do. I'm good at it, though. A couple of licks, a nip or two and a little sucking always gets them creamy. This one never took much effort, though, and tonight she was bucking into my mouth before I even got to her clit.

I slid up her body, crushing my chest against her tits. I love the feeling of firm young tits mashed up against me. My cock poked up between her pussy lips and I pushed down hard into her. She was still as tight as she was when I took her cherry a couple of weeks ago. Her breath caught when I stuck her, just like it always did, but I hammered in so hard this time that she squeaked! I was going to miss this one. But not much.

I decided not to waste time and started fucking her good. I pulled her legs apart and threw them over my shoulders, then I grabbed her hips, pulled her bottom up and really gave it to her, pounding my hips down, spiking into her again and again. She started grunting and squealing at the reaming I was giving her. Right away her pussy started spasming on my meat. I love it when they're tight and they come. This one comes a lot.

I was banging away into her, crushing her into the mattress, and she was screaming like a banshee, when the burning in my balls began. Usually I hold off as long as I can, not just because it feels so good when I let go, but then it really shoots in deep. I figure this time though that I can't make her any more pregnant, so I just let loose.

I love it when they feel me come, and I make sure they do. I give them one last, deep thrust, pressing my cock into them as far as I can, then I keep it dug in while my prick pumps away inside them. These tight pussies feel every spurt and it drives them apeshit. This one's no exception. She shrieks even louder when she feels my cock start jerking inside her. What makes is really good is that then the cunts start orgasming over and over, milking the cum right out of me and sucking it deeper into the womb.

When my spurts began to get weaker, I started thrusting into her again. It drives the cum deeper, and it makes the cunts crazy because they thought it was over and it ain't. When she started spasming on my prick again, I quit and collapsed on top of her, feeling her pussy walls grabbing tight at my cock, pulling out every last drop of my cum. Shit, it's no wonder she's pregnant. She didn't have a chance, she was born to breed.

I laid there panting, my hips still twitching a bit, trying to catch my breath and the bitch started hugging me. "Oh, Joey, Joey, I love you so much. You'll take good care of me, I know you will!"

Jesus, I hate this part. All I want to do is sleep or eat or do anything else at all but be with this cunt, and she wants to "cuddle". It's easier at the beginning, when I can do it four or five times at a stretch to the same cunt. For sure, this one's used up. I got to get rid of her. Now.

I gave her a squeeze. "Yes, love," I cooed, "I will. Forever." I kissed her on the forehead. "And the first thing I'm going to do is take you home. You've got to get more rest now. You're sleeping for two, you know." I flashed her that always-perfect boyish grin of mine and she bought it.

We got dressed and I drove her home. I kissed her tenderly and told her I couldn't see her the rest of the weekend because of some service work I was doing for my church, but I'd call her as soon as I could. She got out of the car and I drove away.

I started listing the things I had to do. It wasn't actually much this time. The apartment's rent was almost up; I'd just let it lapse. So the only real thing to do was to get a new car. And a new identity. Both are easy to get when you have as much money as I do.

I make an obscene amount of money for doing almost nothing at all and, no, I'm not going to tell you what I do. Suffice it to say that I've got a hell of a lot more money than I know what to do with. A lot of people in this situation (and you'd be shocked to know how many people have this "problem") end up blowing it on drugs. Well, maybe this is a kind of drug, too.

Yeah, I could buy just about any woman I wanted, but the women I want and the way I want them are very hard to find on the market. Besides, you can never be sure you're getting what you paid for. My way, I know what I'm getting.

And they're so damn easy to get. I'm twenty-two, but I easily pass for seventeen, and I'm average-looking. I can blend into any group of teenagers. People move around so much these days that a "new kid" doesn't even rate a second look anymore. And the one kind of group that'll welcome you with open arms are church groups. There's a hell of a lot of churches in the Los Angeles area and so much hatred between denominations that I could go from church to church until I was ninety and never be found out.

There's a lot of high schools, too. I usually scout around at school functions like sports events and fund-raisers, looking for plain-dressed groups of girls. Not the real pretty ones or the real hip ones, but the average ones. The lonely ones. The hungry ones. Then I watch. If none of the good-looking guys talk to any of them, I've found my pigeons. Then I ask around about them. Sometimes I don't even have to go the holy-roller route and I can wriggle my way into their group, into their hearts and finally into the hungriest one's pants.

The real secret is in the waiting. If I'm just in the mood for a quickie, I can easily find a virgin cunt and pump her the same night. That's the way I started out, but it left too much up to chance. Too scattershot. I wouldn't know if I was going to get any results. No, you got to play a waiting game. Get to know your mark. Find out when she's the most fertile, then make your move.

My all-time favorite is still the twins. Sometimes you can caress your load up her snatch, sometimes you have to be more forceful. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if I'd gone one way with a particular slit instead of the other. The great thing about the twins was that I had it both ways.

They were in a church group, of course. This time I was Jerry and I lived with my dad, who was never home. I was mad at him for leaving mom and moving to L.A., and I was mad at her for recently sending me to live with him. I was so pathetic that they all loved me instantly.

They were called Julie and Judy and they were perfect. Identical from their hairstyles down to the curve of their butts, they were short with big boobs and wide hips. Most guys go for the reedy athletic blondes. Been there, done that. Most of 'em are so self-centered they couldn't throw a good fuck if their lives depended on it. The buxom cunts might not do somersaults, but they're hornier than hell and fuck like bunnies. I'll do a chunky girl over a skinny one any day. Not gross but, you know, ample.

They were perfect in temperament, too. They spent all their free time at the church. They didn't have real lives. They were shy unless you talked to them about your problems or something religious. Then they got real animated. Needless to say, I went on about how pathetic I was. They ate it up.

All I had to do was separate them. I figured out early on that Judy was the more insecure of the two. I proceeded to make her jealous of her sister. Just before it was time to go, I engaged Julie in a deep conversation full of bullshit while Judy was talking with another of their friends and then I suggested we continue at a coffee shop.

"Of course," Julie said, "let me get my sister, and we'll go."

"Oh, gee," I said, "I don't know. I just opened up to you. I don't think I'd be comfortable talking about it with your sister there."

She got the hint, and we ended up in the coffee shop and Judy went home alone. The next night at the church I took Judy aside and told her that I thought it was her I was talking to instead of Julie.

"I'm real sorry I made that mistake, Judy. I should have know better, because you really are more empathic than your sister."

"I am?"

"I figured it out in the coffee shop, though."

"You did?"

"Yeah. She really didn't understand, and I knew you would."

"She didn't?"

That night I took Judy to the coffee shop without her sister and we talked for hours. At that point she was hooked. All I had to do was reel her in.

I started taking Judy out to the mall and to the movies, making sure there was always an excuse not to take Julie, and not a moment too soon. It was only a couple of days later, she and her sister both started menstruating. I can tell right away, the scent is unmistakable. At that point I knew I had less than two weeks to set it up.

The subject came up easily enough. This time I'd rented a whole furnished house with a pool and a fireplace. We'd stopped there on the way to the mall to get a tape and ended up on the couch drinking "limeade" and talking about church teachings and marriage.

"My mom says the church broke up her marriage," I said.

"What?" Judy was incredulous. This was far outside her realm of comprehension. "Why does she say that?"

"She told me that it was because she was a virgin on her wedding night and she didn't know how to please my dad."

"Your mom told you that?", she asked, wide-eyed.

"Uh-huh. She told me a lot of things about their marriage."

"Like what?" Clearly, she was interested.

"Like a lot of things," I muttered, looking into my lap. C'mon cunt, pull it out of me.

"Jerry, you can talk to me," she coaxed. "I promise I won't tell a soul."

"Not even your sister?", I asked anxiously.

"Not even my sister," she agreed.

"Okay." I took in a deep breath. "I've never told anyone this." I hesitated, then went for the burn. "I had sex with my mom." Her mouth dropped open. "She made me," I quickly added, "I didn't want to. She told me that she didn't want what happened to her to happen to me. She said there was stuff I needed to know to please a woman. She-- she taught me stuff."

Judy listened, frozen, and when I got to the bull about being "taught" her knees ever so slightly pushed in together. God, I'm good.

"Wow," was all she said.

"And what I'm afraid of is that I'll never have a decent relationship with a woman."

"She 'taught you stuff'?", Judy asked.

"Oh," I began to cry, "it's all so ugly!" I began sobbing, and leaned slightly toward her. She took the cue and put her arms out. I fell into them. Did I mention that I love the feeling of firm young tits mashed into my chest?

"It's okay, it's okay," she soothed. I continued sobbing into her neck. My right hand slipped behind her and softly and rhythmically I pressed against the small of her back. My left hand "just naturally" fell into her lap. As I "cried", I very slightly rocked her back and forth, making her thighs rub featheringly against the back of my left hand. Before too long she was moving on her own, unconsciously tightening and loosening her thighs, my hand slowly falling in between them.

"Oh, Judy," I sniveled, "I knew you'd understand and wouldn't think bad of me." I pulled my head up and stared at her face. Her eyes looked up at me, the image of concern and empathy. I decided to go for the initial pitch. I leaned down and kissed her.

I always start out real innocent at first. It's a very delicate point in the attack. I mashed my lips against hers, and when she didn't resist at all, I pressed the tongue in. There was no hesitation in her at all, not even a muscle shiver. I pulled her to me and my left hand dove toward her slit.

But only for the merest split-second. I suddenly let her go and jumped off the sofa. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry, Judy. I didn't mean to-- I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, I--"

"Jerry, it's okay," she said, a little out of breath, "I understand. It's okay, really." She got up and stood next to me. "As a matter of fact, it was really nice". As she said it her thighs shivered. She wasn't just talking about the kiss.

"O-okay, it's just-- I don't want to--" I looked down. "To lose you." I looked back up. "Listen, can we go now? I-- I don't think I want to talk about it anymore, okay?"

"Sure," she said and took my hands in hers, "but listen, Jerry, if you ever want to talk about it again, I'll always be there for you. Always." She kissed me on the forehead.

Bingo. She's taken the bait. Now all I had to do was reel her in. And I would. I'd bag her in just less than two weeks.

We saw each other every day. Sometimes Julie was with us and I'd be sure to pay her attention, almost as much as I gave to Judy, but I made sure Julie understood that it was Judy I was interested in and made sure Judy and I got to talk to each other alone for a while even when Julie was there. Julie, of course, made like she was happy for Judy, but I knew it was eating her up. On rare occasions, Julie got stuff that Judy didn't, but it never happened the other way around. Julie couldn't handle it, and I planned to use that.

We were getting more physical with each other, too. It seemed all so "innocent" on the surface. We'd hug and peck at each other almost all the time we were together, oh so friendly-like, but it was getting her hot. Like I said, I've got a nose for that kind of thing. She'd start wetting herself especially when we'd talk. Judy and I talked about everything, but she always wanted to get back to "The Subject". She was creaming to know what "my mom" and I did together, what she "taught" me. I gave her little drips and drabs along the way, but I saved most of it for the pool party.

I called her on the afternoon I figured she would start her fertile period and told her I'd just gotten off the phone with my mom and I was real upset and could she come over. I told her to tell her folks that a few of my friends were coming over to my place to swim in my pool. She said her folks were starting to make noises that she and I were seeing too much of each other, but she'd be right over. This was working out even better than I'd planned. The idea was to make her sister jealous, but nothing makes a teenage slit swallow your cock faster than her folks telling her not to see you.

When she got there I was already in my swim trunks. Right away she noticed my cock bulging in my pants, but she tried to make like she didn't notice, except of course she kept staring at it while her breath got shorter and kept unconsciously licking her lips. I gave her a glass of limeade and suggested she change and we'd talk in the pool.

When she came out she was wearing the bikini I'd bought her. It was pretty clear by the way she was walking that she'd never worn anything that revealing before, but she smiled when I told her how good it looked on her.

"So, uh, what did your mom have to say?" she asked, getting into the water and coming up next to me.

"Oh, you know, the usual stuff, how's dad, how's school, do I want to move back in with her so we can fuck like rabbits."

Her mouth dropped open and her eyes widened. "I'm sorry," I said, "but that's what she said! She always talks like that. She said that since I've been gone she's gone out with dozens of guys and none of them 'do it' as good as I do. She said she wanted my big cock in her pussy. Those were her exact words."

I started with the tears, making my eyes all puffy and wet. "And Judy? The worst thing is I-- I'm real tempted."

Judy put her hand on my arm and cried, "Oh, Jerry, no! You can't mean that!"

I swam over and pulled myself up on the edge of the pool, sitting on the big towel that "just happened" to be there. Judy followed and sat on the towel with me.

"You don't understand," I cried, "she did things to me and now-- I--"

"You keep saying that," Judy said. "What is it, Jerry, what did she do? Tell me what she did."

"She made me addicted to sex." I looked her straight in the eye. "Before a guy gets married, he kind of wants to do it, but he can usually control himself. When you get married, though, and your wife is with you all the time, you can have sex all the time, and the more you do it, the more you want it. You knew that, didn't you?"

"Well, yeah, I knew that," she lied. It no longer amazes me that they always buy it.

"My mom made me have sex with her a lot, especially when she was teaching me not to ejaculate when I came."

"She taught you that?" This intrigued her. Wonder why?

"Uh-huh. She didn't want me to get her pregnant. It's easy. But once I learned that she could make me have sex with her all day and night if she wanted and she wouldn't get pregnant. There were whole weeks where we'd never get out of bed." I could tell the hamster in her head was doing overtime spinning that wheel.

I turned toward her, my legs crossed, my cock starkly poking straight up under my swim trunks. "Judy," I cried, grabbing her shoulders, "we started doing it when I was twelve, and now it's like I'm going to die if I don't--"

Making like it was an extreme effort, I let her go and she started breathing again. Then I jumped into the pool and swam across the length of it. When I got to the other side, I looked back and she was still sitting there, looking dumbfounded. The limeade was evidently working it's magic.

I swam back, got out of the pool and said to her, "Judy, I'm sorry I grabbed you like that. I'm really worried about losing control. I'm going to end up hurting somebody."

"I don't see any other answer," I said. I plopped down on the towel, pulled up my knees and put my head in my hands. "I've got to go back!" My voice started to crack. "T-there's no other way!"

Judy started getting panicky. She didn't want to lose her new boyfriend to his mother. "Jerry," she cried, "you can fight this! Drug addicts get cured all the time! You can be cured, too." I looked up. She was staring at me, her pupils like saucers, her tits quivering like-- well, like every other virgin bitch in heat.

I made my eyes suddenly brighten. "Wait," I said. "You're right, it's like being a drug addict. They give heroin addicts a substitute drug until they're not hooked anymore. Judy, can it-- No," I interrupted myself, "I can't ask you that. It's too dangerous."

"What's too dangerous?" she asked. She looked at me. "Jerry, I told you I'd be here for you. What do you need from me?" She put her hand on the hand in my lap. Hell, this was like taking cherries from a baby.

"I want to try something, but it'll be dangerous if it doesn't work. The reason I think it will work is because I--" I took her hand and pressed it between mine and said in a voice dripping with sincerity, "Judy, I love you and I'd never want to do anything to hurt you."

She looked like she'd been hit with a bag of rice. "Jerry," she whispered, "I love you, too. Whatever it is, let's do it. I want to help you beat this!" Her entire body was shaking.

I wrapped my arms around her and said, "Are you sure about this?"

"I-- I think-- No, I know so," she replied. "I've never been more sure of anything in my life."

"Oh, Judy," I cried, "this will work, I know it will!" I pushed her back upon the towel and pressed my mouth against hers. I slid my tongue between her lips. She stiffened for a second, but she quickly got the hang of mouth wrestling and soon my teeth were vibrating with her moaning.

I pulled myself away, taking care to keep my chest pressed against her breasts, took a deep breath and said, "So far so good. I'm in control. How are you feeling, love?"

Her dilated eyes were a bit unfocused. "Hh-I'm okay." Which was a bit of an understatement. Her hands were clutching at the back of my neck, trying to pull me back into the kiss.

I pulled my head farther away while at the same time moving my groin so my cock pressed hard against her hip, then started squeezing my butt. My dong twitched at her over and over and her eyes opened even wider. "Judy, I just wanted to be sure you're all right with this." I started twitching my hips a bit.

"Jerry, I'm sure, I'm sure," she moaned. "But-- but b-be careful, o-okay? I- I can feel-- Oh, my!" Damn straight she could. I made sure of it. "I-- I just want to-- to m-make you feel better!" Sure she did. The big itch was fast growing in her crotch and soon she'd need to scratch it.

"You are, my love, oh, love, you are," I moaned as I rolled between her legs and started grinding my cock at her. "I'm being careful, love, I won't hurt you." Between the two of us was only the filmy material of our bathing suits, so finding the crease of her pussy lips with the head of my cock was no problem. I slid my cock up and down, pressing hard on her clit, and she started losing it. Well, she hadn't lost it yet, but it was only a matter of minutes. With each prick of my prick, she uttered a little "Oh!" and her hips began to pump a bit back at me.

"Is it okay, love?" I asked.

"S-oh! So f-far," she gasped, clearly enjoying the flame I was kindling in her belly.

It was time to get out of the sun and into this cunt. I stood and pulled her up with me, lifting with a hand under her butt, keeping her pussy glued against my cock.

She started to ask, "J-Jerry, what are you do-Oh!" I gave her a little lift and drop onto my throbbing cock and that stopped her breath long enough to forget what she wanted to say. She wrapped her legs around me as I carried her inside and into "my folks" room. The bed was bigger in that room.

I sat her on the edge of the bed. At this late stage, the silly slit was actually began to get a bit concerned. Her voice trembled. "J-Jerry, are you b-being careful?" she asked, still caressing my shoulders.

"Yes, my love. I think it's working," I said, my hands kneading her hips and thighs, making them shiver. I stared into her eyes. "Love, please trust me. I can do this."

"Oh, Jerry, of course I do, and I know you can do-Oh! Oh my!!" I'd just gotten to her breasts. My hands cupped them as I took her mouth again. With each squeeze of my palms, she blew air into my lungs. Sort of like a pump organ, I thought. I was playing her like a musical instrument.

With a little experimentation, I found the tit that was the most sensitive and kept a hand busy on that one while my other hand reached around and undid her top. When she felt the top slip away and my fingers on her bare breast, her moaning got a bit insistent. Hell, she started shouting into my throat! I pressed my mouth tight onto hers and pushed her back onto the bed. My bare chest scrubbed against her tits.

I pulled my head up and she went off. "Jerry, no! What are you doing?!" she protested while making no effort to push me away. In fact, her arms were pulling me into her. Meanwhile her hips are rocking back and forth. The poor thing was badly confused, and clearly wanted me to help her make a decision. No problemo.

"No, Judy, it's good!" I cried, sneaking my hand along her belly. "It's working! You're acting real excited, just like my mom and-- Oh, damn, I thought about her! Judy, please, help me stop thinking about her!" I crushed my lips into hers again and my tongue danced in her mouth as I pressed her down until we were both lying across the bed. She gave up trying to fight and got into it again. When my hand pressed into the curve that separated her belly and her leg, she actually began throwing her pussy at me. Time to move.

I slipped my tongue out of her mouth and ran it along her neck, licking and nibbling as I went. She started getting verbal.

"Oh, Jerry- oh my, Jerry, be- Oh! my, be careful, it feels so- s-Oh! Jerry! Don't do- d-Oh My! Oh My!'

I'd reached the valley between her breasts and I was nibbling under and up her right tit, the less sensitive of the two. I did a couple of circles around her tight nipple and her head started tossing back and forth and her little "Oh my"'s got louder. When I finally pulled the nipple between my lips, her back arched fiercely and she cried out in sharp gasps, "Hnnh! Hnnh!!"

I nipped at that a while she squirmed and cried, then I favored her left nipple, the more sensitive one, and she squirmed and cried even more. Her hips were bobbing up and down and the pace increased when I pinched and rolled the other nipple between my fingers.

My other hand slid up and down her body from her belly to just above her knee. As I came near her pussy, she cried, "Jerry, no! Don't t-Oh! Oh, no-- it feels too good! I can't-- You sho-Oh! Aah! Hhnnh!" It wasn't long before I got the signal. Her thighs parted and I began caressing her inner thigh while my lips began to slide down from her tits and along her belly.

"Jerry! No! Don't kiss me th- h-oh, my, oh! No! Don't!!" She was beginning to protest a bit more strongly, but my nose made it clear her body wasn't listening to her. Whether she knew it or not, she was on the verge of a major orgasm. When my burrowing tongue reached her belly button, she suddenly shuddered and started screaming, "Aaah!!" over and over as the scent of her orgasm rose and her hips beat frantically. Wow, I thought, and I hadn't even gotten to her clit.

Now, thought, there was a problem. There was a real danger that with her release she'd come back to reality and throw me off. While she was still in her rapture, I quickly undid the strings at her hips and slid the material of her suit down. Then I dropped my face into her pussy hair.

She tried to fight through the spasms wrenching through her, crying, "Aah! Nah! Doh! Noh! Oh!!". It was no use. My tongue was pressing apart her pussy lips and bearing down, my chin getting drenched with her cream.

She started to get a bit more coherent. "Oh, my, oh, my, oh, Jerry don't do that, Jerry, no, oh, no oh please No! No!!", but the first slip of my tongue against her clit, she went non-verbal again, "Oh!! No!! Nuh!! Nuh- Nuh-!!" and she drove her pussy into my face again and again.

She was right on the edge of her second coming. This cunt was primed; it was time to stick the slit. I pulled the snaps on the sides of my bathing suit apart and scrambled up, pushing my full weight down onto her.

All she could say was, "Nuh! Nuh! Nuh!"

I positioned myself at the entrance of her dripping pussy and with the next upward thrust of her pounding hips she took the entire head of my cock into her.

I painted an expression of panic on my face. "Judy," I cried, "Stop! You're making me lose control! I can't-- I--" I began meeting each push of hers with a prod of my own.

"Nuh! Nuh! Nuh!," she replied, each outburst accompanied by a sharp jerk of her hips and my prick sank further into her.

Inevitably, I hit her cherry, and just as inevitably, reality intruded. Her thrusting became less intense and her screams became words. "No!! No!! Stop!! Not in me!! No!!"

My face twisted in a perfect mask of fear and shame, I screamed back, "I-- can't-- stop-- I-- sor--", and drove my hips down, bursting through the membrane.

"Aaaah!!" she shrieked as my cock buried itself into her cunt. "Oh No! Oh No! Oh No!"

I held my cock still, deep and tight, letting her cunt get used to being full. "Oh, Judy," I moaned into her ear, "I'm sorry, I thought-- Oh, God-- I can't--"

"Not in me! Not in me!!", she wailed, pushing weakly at my shoulders.

"I can't-- I can't-- Oh, God-- So tight-- So good--" I began to twitch my hips at her.

"Get it-- Aah! Aah!! No!! Ohh!!", she cried as she felt me moving inside her.

"I can't-- I ca-- Oh, God!! OhGod!!" I groaned as I slid out and then drove back into her tight slit.

"Hnnh!", she yelped as I stabbed into her. I pulled back and jabbed in again. This time her hips jerked up as she cried out. Again I plunged into her, again her pussy pushed itself up to swallow my cock.

After only a few more thrusts her body shook violently and her pussy began spasming on my cock. Her arms and legs wrapped around me and she rasped, "Hnnhh!! Hnnhh!! Hnnhh!!" over and over. She savagely threw her pussy up into my groin and I returned each charge with a blow of my own, brutally piercing her again and again, my balls slapping rapidly against her butt. Already I could feel them beginning to swell up.

As her orgasm began to subside, her cries again became words. "Hnnhh! Hnh! h-Oh! Doh! Don't- Don't-" I responded by increasing the force of my hammering and accentuating each deep penetration with a grunt. Within me, the pressure was building intensely.

"Jerry," she moaned, "don't- come- in- me- not- in- me- don't- come- don't- co-Oh!! Ohh!!" She knew her cycle and knew the danger, but, not surprisingly, she wasn't screaming for me to stop. I pulled up so my cock grated hard against her clit. She began to tense again and her bucking pussy sucked me deeper into her. She made those "Hnnhh!! Hnnhh!!" noises again as the orgasm flashed through her. Her legs scissored me even more tightly and her fingers dug into my bottom as she tried to pull me in even more deeply. My balls felt like they were going to explode, but I held it as I battered her into the mattress. Even before her spasms had a chance to ebb, she went off again.

Her tight, grasping pussy was too much. I brutally slammed my hips down, driving my rigid cock as far into her tight pussy as I could, rooting it firmly within as it swelled up and bloated the spasming channel. Groaning loudly, I blasted my first sweet surge of sperm into her fertile womb.

She shook as she felt my ballooning cock's sudden fit inside her pussy, understanding instinctively that I was impregnating her. "Gnaaaa!!", she screamed, her body convulsing under me as I grunted again and pumped a second delicious spurt of seed into her. Again she started at my prick's sharp wrench within her and her shriek grew even louder.

I planted spurt after fiery spurt into her, filling her full with my cream. Her gripping cunt milked every drop out of me, sucking it deep into her womb, all the while screaming and wailing. As the squirts became less frantic, I again began sliding out and jabbing in, forcing my potent seed further up to inseminate her waiting unprotected egg. She responded to my renewed pounding by flailing up to meet each stroke as yet another violent orgasm swept through her.

The last trickles of sperm fully drained from my balls. I wanted nothing more than to collapse onto her inviting, heaving tits, but I had to set up the next round. The moment I was sure every drop was out of me and deep in her, I swiftly pulled out of her and rolled over onto the bed next to her. She was still in the throes of orgasm, her body twitching and spasming. Her scream had softened into a series of sobs and whimpers.

I sat up next to her and put her head in my hands. "Oh, Judy," I anguished, " oh, God, what have I done, what have I done?! Oh, God, I've raped you, oh, God, oh, God, I'm sorry, God, I'm sorry!"

"Yuh- yuh-" she stammered, tears streaming from her eyes, "You cuh- you c-came in muh- me n uh- uh- you chame in muh- uh- n I'm fuh- fuhtle n yuh cuh- cuh- oh no- oh no no--" She choked as the sobs overwhelmed her.

"Judy, no!" I cried, "No, I didn't come in you! No, love, no! I told you, I don't ejaculate when I come! No, love, you don't have to worry about that. I just-- oh, God, I've hurt you so, I--" I broke off and started sobbing. Real tears and everything.

She looked up at me through her tears. "Yuh- you didn't- you didn't come i-in m-me? I-I'm not puh- puh--"

"No, love, no!", I sobbed, "but I t-took-- I took your virginity, I-- Oh, God, Judy, I'm so sorry. I-- I told you it was too dangerous. I never should have-- have--"

As my sobbing increased, hers began to slack off. "I'm not-- you didn't-- Oh, my! Oh, thank God! Oh my! Oh my! I'm not pregnant! You didn't come!!"

She sat up, put her arms around me and held me tight as we cried into each other's shoulder. We stayed that way for what seemed like forever, but finally she pulled my head up and kissed my tear-streaked cheek. "Jerry," she said softly, "It's okay. Really. It was going to happen sooner or later, and I'm glad it happened with you. Jerry, I love you!"

I stammered, "R-really? It's really o-okay? D-didn't I hurt you?"

She blushed. "Only for a second, but-- well, it-- it felt really good, Jerry, it really did." Her arms tightened around me. Am I good or what?

"But, Judy, I--"

She cut me off. "Jerry, you told me you weren't sure what would happen and I knew what could happen. Well, I sort of knew. I sure didn't know it would be like that! Wow! I can see why they don't want you to do that until you're married. You'd never do anything else!"

"Then-- then you understand? You see what she did to me? Can you see why I have to go back to her?"

She stared at me. The dumb little twat had forgotten why we'd made the beast with two backs in the first place. When it finally hit her, the tears began to well up in her eyes again. Then I waited for the "solution" to come to her. C'mon, bitch, figure it out!

I had to give her a hint. "As long as I stay addicted to sex," I said, seemingly to myself, "I need someone to have sex with." After a second or two, her eyes brightened. Jesus, what took so long, Einstein?

"Jerry," she said, "you don't have to go."

"But I--"

She put her finger to my lips. "You don't have to go back to your mother because you need sex. Jerry, you can do it with me." Bingo!

I looked at her in shock. "Judy, I can't ask you to--"

"Jerry," she interrupted, "it doesn't make any difference now. If you need to do it, you should do it with me, not your mother." She twined her fingers into the hair on the back of my neck. "As long as you're not putting sperm in me, that's no harm, really. I liked it. I liked it a lot." She put her lips to my ear and whispered, "And I think I want to do it some more." I've long since stopped being surprised that the moment these cunts get even a little taste, their moral resolve goes bye-bye.

She fell back onto the bed, pulled me down on top of her. I was still stiff, so without ceremony I rammed my cock into her slick twat, still dripping with my last load. She groaned at the deep sudden penetration.

"Did I hurt you?" I asked, holding still inside her.

"N-no," she breathed, "I'm just a bit sore. It feels so good having you in there."

"It feels good being in there," I gasped back at her. "You're so tight and warm."

"And you're so big and full ins-oh!" I twitched my prick and her hips quivered. "Ooh, Jerry, it's like nothing I've ever felt before, it's so-- Ooooh!" I slowly slid out, leaving only the tip caught between her cunt lips, then sharply speared back in.

"Unngh!" she cried as I drove it in and my balls smacked against her upthrusting butt.

"Do you like that, love?" I softly asked, again gradually slipping up and away.

"Uh-huhh," she moaned, "I h-like it a h-lot. Hnnngh!!" I slammed back into her and her pussy propelled itself into the blow.

I increased the rhythm and she kept pace, meting me stroke for stroke. Her body stiffened, then shuddered as she went off. I decreased the force of my thrusts, relishing the feeling of her cunt clamping down on my dick. When her spasms ebbed, I quickly pounded at her even faster and deeper and the fever seized her again. Each time the tremors overtook her I eased off, then hammered at her with a renewed ferocity.

I pulled myself up, supporting myself on my outstretched arms as I pummeled my cock in and out, and I looked down at her rutting, quaking body. Her eyes were alternately squeezed tightly shut or wide in shock, her pupils rolling freely about. Her mouth was frozen open, gasping in ecstasy with each stabbing thrust of my cock. Her head rocked from side to side, occasionally lifting up so she could look down between us at my prick driving in and out of her. Her breasts bobbed up and down in time with our pistoning hips, her nipples like spikes jutting up from the pink aureoles. Her abdomen was sucked in and her knees were lifted high and parted widely on either side of me. Her skin glistened with sweat, matting her hair and pooling with mine in the valley between her breasts. Her clenching fingers dug into my buttocks, her spasming pussy pulled at my cock, and the ache in my balls as they swelled with my sperm became uncontrollable.

My back arched sharply as I forced my cock in deep, pushing her halfway across the bed, and fired the first charge of my ripe seed into her welcoming womb. When she felt me stiffen, swell and pump inside her, her eyes flew open as the shock of my release engulfed her and as before her scream filled my ears.

A second rush of sperm pumped out of my cock and into her cunt, then another and another, flooding her, filling her to overflowing. The froth coated our thighs as it gurgled and squirted out around my swollen prick, wedged tightly in her clenched passage. Her scream became a shriek as, my balls drained, I again battered into her, pushing my seed further up into her, forcing it up to her unguarded egg.

Spent, sated and satisfied that I'd put Judy firmly on the path to motherhood, I fell to her cushiony bosom and fought to catch my breath. Her heart was fluttering away and her pussy still spasmed on my softening cock.

When she was able to talk and breathe at the same time, she gasped, "Th-that was incr-credible! H-how come nobody told me about this sooner? Oh, my, Jerry, oh, my!" She squeezed me tightly to her. I choked as my air supply was cut off and pulled myself away from the grasping bitch, rolling over onto the bed.

When my cock slipped out, the thick white semen I'd deposited poured out of her stretched-open, gaping pussy and pooled under her. She gasped at the syrupy stream flowing between her buttocks and sat up, staring at the blood-streaked puddle on the bed. Her brow knitted and she looked at me with a mixture of wonder and horror.

"Jerry," she said, "you're sure you didn't come, right?"

I looked up at her. "Uh-huh. Of course, I'm sure. Well, actually, I came, but I didn't ejaculate, so there's no sperm. Nothing came out of me, I promise. Judy, I don't want to make you pregnant."

"Not even a drop? Jerry, I'm in the most fertile time of my cycle and right now it wouldn't take any more than a drop to make a baby grow inside me."

"I know, Judy. It just take one sperm, but I didn't put any sperm in you. If that wasn't true, I would have had six new brothers or sisters by now. Judy, don't you trust me?"

"I trust you," she said, looking down between her legs, "but I don't understand where this puddle came from."

"Judy," I laughed, "That's all from you! Women secrete a lot of lubrication so they don't get sore from the friction, especially when they come. And Judy," I smiled, "you came a lot!"

"But I've, uh, you know, masturbated, and I never got this wet before and-- and it wasn't so thick before either.

"Judy," I lectured, "you've never had a penis inside you before, either."

She gave a sort of half-smile. "That's true. Am I worrying too much?"

"Maybe. I guess it's hard for girls not to worry about that kind of thing. But I don't like to see you worried. So don't, okay?"

I hugged her. She said, "Oh, Jerry, I guess you're right. I've always worried too much, I guess." We got into a lip-lock and I felt my cock start to rise against her thigh. "Mmmm," she grunted, then, pulling away, added, "Looks like you can't get enough of me."

"I can never get enough of you, love," I whispered, as we fell back to the bed.

I pumped her full twice more that afternoon. Then she went home for a while to change. She told her folks she was going to the movies with some friends, but she ended up in bed under me and I drilled her three times more. After I took her home that night, I was one tired, but happy, puppy.

I was barely out of bed the next morning when she showed up on my doorstep. She didn't even hesitate. She pulled me right into the bedroom, shedding clothes along the way.

"I was squishy all night," she giggled as she climbed on top of me, grabbed hold of my cock and pointed it at her slit. "I went through three pairs of panties. I can't seem to stop dripping. Hnnhh!" She dropped her hips and swallowed me up. "I-- ooh! guess I'm-- ah! really horny, huh-- Hhnh! Hhnh!!"

I dumped four more loads into her that day. By the end of the afternoon, so much of my sperm was swimming around in her womb that there was no doubt in my mind that one of them had to have impregnated her. I knew it wasn't going to be long before I got bored with this one. It was time to begin the second campaign.

Judy had to at least make an appearance to her folks before we went out that night. There was a dance at the church and she was going with her sister. While I drove her home to change, I planted a different kind of seed.

"So have you told your sister about what we're doing yet?" I asked.

"No way!" she replied. "She's jealous enough about how much I'm seeing you. Besides, I promised you I wouldn't tell her about your mo--, uh, about what we talk about. She'd never understand. She doesn't understand much of anything, anyway."

The gods were smiling on me, for sure. "I'm sad to hear that Julie's jealous," I said.

"Oh, she is, big time!" she continued. "She said the only reason you're going out with me instead of her is because that night you took me to the coffee shop you thought I was her. I told her it was the other way around, but she won't listen."

"Well," I grinned, "I can sure tell you apart now!"

"Really?" she asked, "Can you really tell us apart?"

"Uh, sure," I replied with just the slightest amount if uncertainty.

"How?" she demanded.

"Well, uh, I don't know how to say it. It's just-- it's-- well, listen, I can't put it into words, but I can tell, okay?"

"Okay," she said. I looked over and there was a slight smile on her face.

That night when I saw them at the dance, sure enough, they were dressed and made up identically. I smiled to myself and walked right up to Julie, kissing her on the cheek. I said to Judy, "You look lovely tonight, Julie." Then I turned to Julie and said, "Want to dance?"

Julie turned to her shocked sister and flashed her a nasty grin, then turned to me and said, "Sure!" We went off together.

"That was cute, dressing up the same." I said as we hit the dance floor. It was a slow song, so I held her close. Just for a moment, I held her close enough to give her the idea that Judy and I had more than a "just friends" relationship. I felt her stiffen in my arms.

"I told you I could tell you apart," I continued. "I'll bet she's over there seething, huh?"

Julie smiled and said, "Oh, I know she is!" She looked over to make sure Judy was watching, then rested her head on my shoulder and put her arms around me tightly.

"Judy," I whispered, "it's a church dance. We shouldn't be doing that here."

Julie looked up at me and breathed, "I really don't think anyone's watching."

"Your sister is," I protested.

"Oh, her? She can watch all she wants."

When the song ended, another, faster song followed. I said to Julie, "I'm going to dance this one with your sister, okay? She looks kind of sad." We went back over to Judy, who looked like she was about to cry. I pulled her onto the dance floor and before she had a chance to say a word I smiled and said, "Of course I knew. I just wanted to teach you a lesson. You deserved that, you know."

She brightened immediately. "Okay, yeah, I guess I did." She started to lean into me but I stopped her.

"Wait. I didn't tell your sister I knew. She still thinks I think she's you. No, don't look. I think we should string her along for a while. Maybe even a couple of days."


"Don't worry. You do worry too much, you know that?" She smiled wickedly at that. "Listen, think how much of a fool she'll make of herself and how upset she'll be when we tell her. And I know the perfect way to tell her, too."

Judy was warming to the idea. There's no love lost between sisters when guys are involved. "How?" she asked.

"Here's the plan. Tonight I'll keep making like I can't tell the difference. Let her keep pretending she's you. Then tomorrow night, I'll take her out to a movie. I'll find a reason to go to my place . While we're there, you come in. She'll flip!"

"She sure will, especially when I come in all angry and then burst out laughing," Judy added. "But you'll have to take her to a late movie, because I don't know when I'll be back from San Diego."

"San Diego?" I asked, feigning surprise.

"You remember, silly! Tomorrow's my community service day? I'm working at the food distribution center?"

God, how I hate when these twats start talking in questions. I smiled anyway. "Oh yeah, that's right. When will you be back?"

"About nine, or so?" she twitted. Damn, they get on your nerves real fast, don't they?

"Okay," I said, swallowing my disgust, "so I'll take her to a nine o'clock show. When you get back just wait for us across the street. When we get there, give us a couple of minutes, then come up."

"Sounds like a plan," she cooed. She began to lean into me.

"Uh-uh," I warned, pulling away from her. "She's watching. You're supposed to be Julie, remember?

"Oh yeah." She frowned. "I don't know if I like this."

"It's only until tomorrow. Trust me, it'll be worth it."

The song ended and we went back to Julie. "That was nice," I said to Judy, "you dance almost as good as your sister."

"Oh, thank you very much," Judy said icily. Julie's grin was threatening to engulf her face.

I looked at Julie. "You want some punch, love?" I asked.

Julie's eyebrows shot up at the word, "love", but she kept her composure. She said, "Sure, let's go," then glanced back and in a voice that wouldn't have sounded the least bit catty to anyone except Judy, said, "See you, Julie."

I held Julie's hand as we walked over to the table. Julie asked me, "You two were awful talkative while you were dancing. What'd you talk about?"

I leaned over and muttered, "Boy, you're sure right about your sister."

"Why," Julie asked, "What did she say?"

I got some punch for her and me. "She sure is slutty. She kept on asking me to go out with her. I told her I was going out with you, but she just told me that she could make me happier. She even tried to grab me on the dance floor. Twice."

"I saw that," Julie said, seething, "Yeah. Julie's slutty all right." I could tell right away that Julie's hamster ran a lot faster than Judy's.

I downed the punch, then said with a sly grin, "You want to go for a walk?"

The question seemed to startle her, but she recovered quick. "Oh, Sure," she replied, trying hard to hide the anticipation in her voice.

We walked out into the night air, arm in arm. There are never enough chaperones at these dances. I figure more kids are conceived on church grounds than anywhere else. I'd scoped out the area long before and decided the best place was the most obvious. There was a dark corner right near the front door the church and we sat together there.

The moment we hit the ground, Julie snuggled into me, pulled my head down to her and plastered me with what she thought was a passionate, closed-mouthed kiss. I returned in kind, and she decided to get bolder by separating my lips with her tongue. I reacted by wrapping her arms her and pressing her body tight to mine.

I felt her surprise instantly. She was trying to shock me by her "sluttiness" and it wasn't working. Her tongue became more animated, her hands more clutching. I matched each movement. It wasn't long before her lust made real what her calculating had begun and I recognized the familiar scent of passion.

I pulled her away and said, "Love, we'd better go back. You don't want your sister to miss us."

"No," she gasped, "sure wouldn't want that."

We straightened our clothes and went back into the hall. Judy was sitting almost on top of the door.

"Where did you go?" Judy demanded.

"Just out," Julie crowed. "To get air."

"Yeah, well," I stammered, "it was getting kind of, you know, stuffy in here."

Judy grabbed her sister by the arm. "Come with me to the restroom."

Julie complained, "But I don't need--"

"Now," Judy said firmly, practically dragging her through the room.

There were gone a while, but it wasn't near enough for me to get the amused smile off my face. Soon enough, Judy come barreling back, scowling, with Julie close behind, a grin from ear to ear. I almost cried out when Judy grabbed the skin on my arm and said, "Julie, we'll be right back."

"Okay," Julie smiled, "but remember what we discussed."

As Judy started to drag me away, I said, "But, love, we just came from outside."

"Shut up, Jerry," she muttered.

The moment we were out the door, Judy tore into me. "What were you two doing out here?"

Wide-eyed and innocent, I said, "What? We went for a walk." Judy glowered. "Okay, we necked a bit."

"A bit?" Judy's voice carried across the courtyard.

"Sssh! They'll hear you in the hall!" I cautioned.

"A bit?" she said, softer. "The way Julie tells it, she threw herself at you and you lapped it up!"

"Hey," I protested, "I didn't 'lap it up'. I didn't complain, but I had to play like she was you, right?" I took her arm and we started for the front of the church. "Besides, she really didn't start anything big. Your sister has some quaint ideas about being sexy, you know."

We reached that dark corner at the front of the church. "Let me show you what we did." I sat on the cool grass, pulled Judy down to me and kissed her closed-mouthed on the lips.

She pulled away. "That's it?"

"No," I said. I pulled her back, pressed my mouth against hers and wriggled my tongue between her teeth.

After a while we came up for air. "Hi-is that all?" she asked while catching her breath.

"I swear, that's all. For sure, I didn't do this." I buried my head in her neck and started sucking. At the same time, I cupped her breast and squeezed.

"Mmmmmh!", she gasped.

After a while we wandered back to the hall. Before we walked in, I said, "Okay. You tell Julie you made up some story about losing your earring in the grass and 'things just happened'. That way she won't get suspicious".

"Alright," she sighed, "but if you go back out there, don't make me out as a slut, okay?" She told me to wait at the door while she "switched" with Julie .

Julie played at "being Judy" the rest of the night. We snuck out to that dark corner a few more times. Each time we went Julie got bolder. She pulled one of my hands up to caress her tits and pushed the other down to rub her jeans-covered thighs, and the last time had even unbuttoned her blouse and pushed my face into her cleavage. Each time I had to drag her back in, "so your sister wouldn't get too jealous".

Finally the dance was breaking up and the three of us were standing together near the dance floor. I said to Judy, "Do you need a ride home, Julie?" Julie grinned at her sister.

"No," Judy said sadly, staring at me with puppy-dog eyes. "I'm staying here. I'm going to San Diego tonight."

"That's right." I said, then put a look of confusion on my face. "Wait." I looked at Julie. "Judy, I thought you were going to San Diego tonight."

"No, silly," Julie replied. "Remember I told you tomorrow my sister was going? My turn is next week?"

Oh, God, she was doing it too.

I turned back to Judy. She was fighting back tears. "Okay," I said, "I'll see you when you get back, right?"

Judy looked at the floor. "Uh-huh."

"Can we go now?" Julie whined. Jeeze, this one really was the bitch of the family. "See ya, Julie" She turned, grabbed my arm and started for the door.

When we got to the parking lot, I said, "Your sister seemed really sad tonight."

"Yeah, well, that's the way she always was until-- uh, since we've been together."

"That's too bad," I said, "I hope she finds someone soon."

"Yeah," Julie said, clutching my arm tighter, "I hope Julie does, too. So, where are we going?" I opened the car door, she got in.

And just so, she was mine. What I had in mind for this one was going to take too long to do tonight, though. Wouldn't want her parents getting worried about their little girl staying out too late. This was going to have to wait until tomorrow. I got in, put the key in the ignition, then turned to her. "I'm sorry, love, but tonight I have to take you right home. I have to get up early tomorrow. My dad needs to take me to the bank tomorrow and I have to get up early." Julie's face fell.

"Tell you what," I continued, lifting her chin with my finger, "I'll come get you tomorrow morning after I get finished at the bank and we'll go to the usual place, okay?"

She brightened a bit, obviously curious about what this "usual place" thing was all about. "Okay," she twittered, rubbing herself up against me and staying there all the way home. When I stopped the car near her house, we kissed long and hard before she got out.

I went home and crashed. It'd been an exhausting day.

The next morning I picked up Julie. She was dressed in one of the sexier outfits I'd bought Judy. It was crazy, but Julie looked better in it than Judy.

"You ready?" I asked her as she got in.

She hesitated just a bit before replying, "I- I think so." She leaned over and kissed me, and we drove off.

I knew she was dying to ask me where we were going, but that would have given it away that she wasn't Judy. "You're awful quiet," I said.

"I, uh, I'm just thinking," she stammered.

"About what?"

She recovered. "About Julie. You know, she really deserves to have what we have."

"I don't know," I said, "do you think she could handle it?"

She looked at me, no doubt wondering what I meant. "I hope so," she muttered.

We got to my house and Julie did a pretty good job not looking surprised. I told her I was hungry, so while she sat on the couch looking a bit edgy, I made eggs for us, adding plenty of salt on hers. For the first hour or so we sat and ate and talked about some of the people in the church group while she gulped down a few glasses of limeade. When she finally relaxed enough to be giggling at nothing, I knew it was time for the move.

"You know you're cute when you giggle like that," I said and leaned into her and locked my lips onto hers. Her arms came up around me and we battled each other's tongues while my fingers pressed into her tit. I didn't even feel her flinch as the moans started rising from her throat. Already I could smell her creaming. It's too bad I couldn't have started with this one.

I stood up, pulling her with me. "Let's go," I said.

She stiffened a bit. "Wh-where?"

"You know. Outside." Still needed just a bit of priming, but not too much. I'd made the limeade strong this time.

I guided her through the back door of the kitchen and to the pool. I let her go and pulled off my shirt and then my pants, finally standing naked in front of her. She stood frozen, shock trying to make it through the cobwebs, and stared at me as I jumped into the pool.

I floated on my back, my stiff cock standing high out of the water. She couldn't pull her eyes off it. "You coming in?", I called.

"Uh," she started, trying to decide if her modesty was more important than her pride. Pride won. "Y-yeah," she said as she began to peel off her top, then her shorts. Then she hesitated as she stood in her bra and panties.

"You need a hand?" I grinned up at her from the deep end.

"N-no," she replied, and resigned herself. She quickly removed her bra, slipped off her panties and jumped in. The cold water on her bare skin shook away some of her fuzziness. It also hardened her nipples.

"Feel better?" I asked?

"A-hn," she mumbled, turning her back to me. I moved up behind her and cupped one of her butt cheeks in my hand. She flinched violently, sending a wave of water into my face.

"Hey!" I sputtered. "What's the deal? You want to play, eh?"

I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into me. She gasped as my cock poked into her ass. I pulled her up out of the water, twisted her sideways and then let her go. Still out of breath from my dick's contact, she went under. As she fought to surface, she turned toward me, so when she came up we were face to face, belly to belly, pussy to prick. My arms came around her and I squeezed her into me.

She shrieked and tried to get away, but I held firm. "Oh, no you don't! You started it." I pulled us both under, poking my hips at her as we went. She clawed at me, but even desperate for air, she couldn't get away.

When we surfaced, I let her go and she scrambled, choking and sputtering, to the edge of the pool. Gulping air, she pulled herself out of the pool and lay there gasping on the deck. I was right behind her.

"Yeah, I'm ready, too." I said, kneeling next to her as she frantically tried to catch her breath.

I bent over and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. "Nagh! Nagh!", she gasped. Her hands flew up and tried to pull my head away. I grabbed her wrists and pulled them down against the deck, then moved over onto her flailing legs. With little effort I positioned myself between her thighs and let my full weight fall onto her belly, knocking what breath she'd recovered out of her. My cock was jammed tight against her, it's length pressed against her pussy lips.

"This is nice," I said, "but if we do it here, you'll scrape up your sweet bottom on the deck." With that, I let go of her wrists, scooped my arms around her and lifted as I pulled myself upright. She still hadn't found her voice, but she gulped, "Naagg! Naagg!" over and over as she pushed at my shoulders trying to get away. Between the limeade, her lack of air and my superior strength, it was useless, of course. Clutching her tightly, I carried her desperately thrashing body into the house, into the bedroom and dropped her onto the bed.

For a moment she just lay there, her chest heaving as she fought for air, each gasp for breath a harsh squeak. I slipped onto the bed next to her, pressing my body close to hers and saying, "God, Judy, you make me so hot when you get excited like this."

"Aah- nah- jah-," she rasped.

She suddenly threw her head and shoulders up, but between the hyperventilation and the drug, she quickly collapsed back onto the bed. I rolled over on top of her and forced her legs apart. As I settled myself upon her, I said, "Yes, lover, yes, I know you want it inside you." I lifted my hips and stroked the length of my cock along her slit, pressing it between the folds. "There it is, Judy."

"Naa! Naa!!" As her lungs filled with air, her cries became stronger and clearer. "No!! Haah-- I-I'm n-not J-udy, I'm Jh-hulie!! No! Stop!!"

I smiled down at her. "Oh, you want to play, 'Rape Julie'? Cool!"

Her eyes were wide in fear. "No! No!! I am!! I'm Julie! Don't!! No!!"

I rocked against her writhing cunt, rubbing the base of my prick against her clit. "Yes, yes, you're 'Julie', and you wanted what your sister had, so I'm going to give it to you and see how you like it!" With my hips raised, I pressed up and the head of my cock caught between her pussy lips at the entrance.

"Aah! No!! Don't put it in me!! Jerry, please!! Don't!!" Her struggling body pushed against it, and she cried out at the sudden stab into the tender flesh. She was dry, and I moaned in anticipation of a tight fuck.

Her wounded body stopped trying to push me off her and instead tried to drag itself up and out from under me, away from the thick pole trying to dig into her. "Uh-uh, 'Julie'," I said, "it's too late to change your mind." I grabbed her by the shoulders and slowly but firmly pushed up and in.

"Oh, God, no!! Not in me!! Not in-- Aaaghh!", she screamed as I lodged the head of my prick between her cuntlips and pushed, stretching them wide apart as I gouged into her. She started to really scream then. "Aaagh!! Aaagh!!" Little by little, I forced it in as she shrieked in agony at the dry penetration, her inflamed flesh clenched tight trying to keep me out. "Naagh!! Staagh!!" Her thighs scissored at me, trying to clamp together to stop me. Her fingernails clawed at my back.

"Fight all you want, 'Julie'," I grunted. "My cock's going all the way up into you. I'm going to fill your cunt with my cock, going to bury it deep in your belly." I sank in deeper and breathed into her ear through her screams. "There. Can you feel it? I'm digging deeper into your virgin slit, Julie. Soon I'll be all the way inside you."

Julie could only scream. Her clawing became less intense as her strength began to drain, and before long all she could do was lay with her head snapped tightly back in agony, gulping air to fuel her persistent screams. Even her thighs' pressure on my legs began to slacken off. Soon the only fight left was her contracting pussy trying to block my penetration.

I felt my dick press against her hymen. "Can you feel that, Julie? My prick is right at your cherry. Here it goes, Julie, I'm pushing through. Nngh!!" I hammered my hips down and as she shrieked in pain, my cock ruptured the membrane and drove itself fully into her spasming tunnel. "Ahh," I sighed, "there it is. All gone!"

"Hnnngh!! Hnnngh!! Gnnndd!! Nnnngh!!"

I held my prick hard inside her, enjoying her cunt's tight embrace. "How does it feel, Julie," I asked, "your pussy stretched full and bulging with my throbbing cock deep inside you?"

"Nnhh! Daugh!! Puuhh! Stnhh! Aahgd!! Aahgd!!"

Ooh, Julie," I moaned, "you're so tight." I pulled out a bit and dug in a little deeper. She yelped as the shaft jabbed further into her raw snatch. I slid out again until just the head of my cock was lodged between her cuntlips and then jammed it in even deeper, making her howl again.

"Aaough!! Naough!! Huuh!! Huuh!!"

"Your pussy's too tight, Julie." I began to plunge in and out of her inflamed twat and she squealed with each thrust. "I've got to stretch it out. Got to open you up. Got to get you open and ready."

"Nuugh!! Nuugh!!"

"Can you feel my balls beating on your ass, Julie? Can you feel them getting bigger?

"Puh!! Puh!! Stuhp!! Duhnt!!"

"My balls are swelling up with sperm, Julie, filling up fast! Ooh, Julie! It's getting hard to hold back!"

"Ghhod!! Ghhod!!"

"I'm going to spurt my cum into you, Julie! Going to squirt it deep into your pussy."

"Nuugh!! Nuugh!!"

"Yes, Julie, yes," I panted. "I'm going to pump you full of semen. I'm going to fill you up, Julie.

"Puh!! Puh!! Nuugh!!"

"You're ready, aren't you, Julie? It's your most fertile time, isn't it? What's going to happen when I come, Julie? What's going to happen when I fill that sweet pussy of yours full of semen?"

"Nuugh!! Ghhod!! Nuugh!!"

"Your pussy will suck it up, won't it, Julie? It'll flood your womb, won't it? What's in your womb, Julie? You're ovulating, aren't you? You've got an unprotected, fertile egg in there, don't you? What's going to happen to the egg when your womb fills up with my seed?"

"Ghhod!! Ghhod!! Puh--Puh--Nuh--Nuh!!"

My breathing came faster and sharper as my thrusting became more intense. "My sperm-- will impregnate-- your egg-- won't it-- won't it?! You'll be-- pregnant! Yes-- Yes! You'll have-- my baby-- inside you-- won't you?! It'll grow-- and grow-- your belly-- big-- fat-- my baby-- in you-- in you--"


I was pounding rapidly in and out of her now. I grunted at her, "My balls-- so full!! I can't-- hold out!! Gonn-- fill-- you-- up--


"Gonn-- fill-- you-- full--"

"Naah!! Naah!!"

"Nnnghh!!" I brutally jammed my cock deep into her tight cunt and it swelled and spat the first thick gush of my seed up into her open, defenseless womb.

"Naaghh!!" she shrieked, her eyes wide in horror, as she felt the violating presence within her bulge and lurch inside.

"Nnngghh!!" I grunted again as I blasted a second fiery burst of sperm deep into her.

"Gaaghh!!" She recoiled in shock as again the alien penetration wrenched fiercely against her insides.

Again and again I grunted as my spasming cock pumped her full with rich white cream. Again and again she screamed as the violently throbbing flesh jammed tight inside her forced spurt after spurt of the potent semen through her cervix and into her fertile womb. She knew I was planting my seed in her. She knew I was making her pregnant.

When I began thrusting again, my cock slipped in and out of her cum-soaked pussy with a lot less effort. "There," I said breathlessly, "That's better, isn't it?"

"Hnngh-- hnngh--", she sobbed. Her screams exhausted, her eyes glassed over and filled with tears, she lay under me all but motionless, her breasts rocking with my thrusts. The damage was done. Or so she thought.

"Had to get you oiled up a bit," I continued. "Your pussy's wide open now. The next load will go in a lot easier."

"Hnxt?!" she cried.

"Yes, Julie, we're not done yet. You were too tight before. We want to be sure lots of semen gets into your womb, don't we? We want you filled up with my sperm so we're sure that egg inside you is fertilized. We want to be sure my baby is growing in your belly, don't we, Julie?"

"Nuh-ho," she sobbed, "Oh Gh-od, p-hease-- n-ho moh-re!"

"Yes, Julie. Quite a bit more."

I slowly increased the rhythm until before long I was again hammering into her, bearing down hard against her clit. Her sobs became louder, her breath became short and, in spite of herself, her hips began to rut into mine.

"Nh-oh-- nuh-- no-- nhh-- oohh," she moaned as the pressure on her clit sparked an unwanted pleasure within her.

"Mmm, Julie," I smiled, "it's beginning to feel good, isn't it?"

"Noh-- Noh-- I dohn-- dohn't wahhn-- ohhh-- Ohh--"

I pumped faster. "It feel good, Julie, doesn't it?"

"Nohh-- nohh-- it coh-- Oh! Oh, Ghod! h-it-- Oh! Oh!!"

She was driving herself up to meet each piercing blow of my cock, feverishly trying to fill herself up, hungry for it.

"Yes-- it does--" I felt the pressure building in my balls. "You want it-- You want-- my cock-- deeper-- in your pussy-- don't you-- don't you--"

"Ohghod!! Ohghod!! Ghodyes!! Oh!! Hyes!! Ohyes!!"

She was bucking her hips off the bed, pounding into me as I stabbed into her slit, ramming it in hard and deep. She grabbed my butt and pulled at me, gorging herself with my cock. She was on the edge. So was I.

"Gonna come-- again-- in you-- gon' pump-- you full-- more-- in-- you-- in-- you--"

"Ohghod!! Ohghod!! Ohgaaa!!"

"Nnnghh!!" I gored myself down and in as her body suddenly spasmed in orgasm and as my cock throbbed and spurted out the thick jets of semen, her convulsing pussy sucked it deep up into her.

"Ghaah!! Ghaah!!" she screamed. Through the waves of ecstasy, she felt my quivering prick pumping her full of my seed and her devouring cunt swallowing the semen, gulping it deep into her receptive womb.

As I again began stroking into her sopping slit, still twitching and clutching at me, I panted, "Yes, Julie-- hold me tight-- inside you-- your pussy-- sucking my semen-- inside you-- isn't it? You want my baby-- don't you? Yes, Julie-- suck at me-- suck my seed into you--"

"Ohghod, ohghod, ohghod," she moaned.

I felt my cock going soft and I dropped onto her heaving body. "I know you want more, Julie," I whispered, "but you'll have to wait a bit. Just a little while." She lay under me, sobbing.

My shrinking prick slipped out and our fluids dribbled out out of her newly-opened cunt. "You feel that, Julie?" I asked. "The semen seeping out of you and running down your ass? We're going to have to replace that. And we will. Soon, Julie."

I rolled off her and got up off the bed. I reached under got the cloth strips, and grabbed her wrists. "Don't want you wandering off, do we?" She didn't give me much of a struggle as I tied her wrists to the bedposts. Taking them rough usually tires them out.

When I was sure she was secure, I looked down at her and said, "Boy, Julie, all that exercise made me really thirsty. I'm going to get something to drink. Can I get you anything?"

She just lay there whimpering. She didn't even pull against the constraints. "Well, I get you some limeade, anyway, okay? Then we'll play some more." Her sobs got a bit louder at that.

I left the bedroom and started for the kitchen, but before I got there, I decided to take a piss, so I stopped in the hall bathroom. Even in there I could hear Julie sobbing and mumbling to herself. I called out, "I know, Julie, it's uncomfortable, but I'll be back soon." That shut her up.

I went to the kitchen, made myself a glass of that powdered protein crap and downed it. It tastes like shit, but the way I had my day planned, I was going to need it. Then I got a glass of "limeade" for Julie and started back in.

She'd calmed down a little. She wasn't crying near as much has she had been. I pulled her head up and drained the glass into her mouth. Some of it spilled onto her tits and the bed, but she swallowed most of it. "There," I said as I put the glass on the nightstand, "you'll feel a lot better in a bit. Your sister can't seem to get enough of that stuff."

"My sister?" she rasped.

"Yeah, Julie. Your sister, Judy. I did her, too, you know. You don't think I was fooled by your little game, do you? Over the past couple of days, I've been filling her belly full, too. She's a mommy in waiting, Julie, and now you're both got my babies growing in you." I patted her stomach. I expected her to start bawling, but she just looked angrily at me.

"Well, I'm sure about Judy, but I've still got stuff a few more loads into you before I'm sure about you. And," I pointed down at my rising pecker, "it looks like I've recharged enough to start pumping again."

As I started to roll on top of her, she tried to kick me, but I pinned her legs with mine. "Uh-uh, Julie," I scolded, "you just don't have the strength. And once the limeade kicks in, you're going to be pretty out of it, so don't bother. Lay back and enjoy this, 'cause I sure am."

I pressed my cock between her cuntlips and drove in. I slipped in easily the first inch or so, but then she felt dry and tight. "Your pussy's almost empty, Julie. All that sperm is all up in your womb now." I pushed in and she grunted as I stabbed my full length into her.

She didn't make as much noise this time around. She just shut her eyes tight, enduring the assault. Her cunt started getting wet, though. She was getting used to being dicked pretty fast.

It wasn't long before I started feeling the tightness in my balls. "Oh, yeah, Julie," I grunted, "it's coming. My balls are filling up. I've got a lot more cream to shoot into you, Julie. Mmmm, a lot more. Can't hold it for long. Ooh, this'll be a big one!"

She suddenly started hollering, "Ohhh! Ohhh!" Maybe she was finally getting into it.

"This one--" I gasped, "is going to-- shoot deep-- way up-- into you-- oh yes-- oh yes! Nnngh!!" I bore down and let it go. I was right. It was an intense eruption. I expected it to come out of her mouth. I grunted over and over as I emptied my balls into her. When I began stroking inside her again, she screamed, "Now!! Now!!" and then I felt the incredible pain on the side of my head before I blacked out.

I've been in pretty much constant pain ever since. I really shouldn't have gotten a house with a fireplace. Julie hit me so hard with the poker that she fractured my skull. Between that and the number they did on my face with that fucking glass I left on the nightstand, I was a mess.

I was in the hospital for over a month while they tried to reconstruct my face. The doctor they got for me wasn't very good, though. I look like I'm wearing some kind of Halloween mask. I guess they weren't going to spend a lot of money on a multiple rapist. They wouldn't let me get my own doctor. That bullshit's still in litigation, but it's eating up a ton of change.

The trials are expensive. The first one, of course, was Judy and Julie's. Judy started talking to somebody in San Diego about me that day, and it turned out to be one of my previous conquests from over a year ago. I'd used the same story on her. I wonder how long I'd been repeating myself?

So Judy rushed back, but didn't get there until after I picked up her sister, and by the time she got to my place, I was sticking it to Julie. She must have hid in the living room until I went to pee and then switched places with Julie, because the way they both told it, I raped them both that afternoon. My lawyer told me there wasn't a lot he could do to refute that, because they both had my fresh semen in them when they were examined. They found me guilty on both counts.

But that was only the beginning. All these cunts I'd nailed came out of the woodwork. A few I won, most I lost, but all of them cost money. The worst part about the trials was finding out about my "bad gene". Every one of these bitches miscarried near the end of the second trimester. I guess that's poetic justice.

Anyway, it looks like that if everything goes right, and so far it has, I should be out of here real soon. I keep on getting these really light concurrent sentences. The fact that they got pregnant is never mentioned. So what if she didn't take precautions? It's not just my responsibility, so it's what they call "irrelevant". Then all my lawyer has to do is argue that the girl knew me for weeks before the "so-called rape", came with me willingly and probably even lied about her age. The jury just figures that the little bitch "ensnared me". Between that and the hatchet job they did on my face, they figure the "poor boy" has suffered enough. They have to find me guilty and give me the minimum sentence, but my lawyer says the chances of serving the entire time are nil.

As long as my money holds out, and with my investments there's no reason why it shouldn't, I'll probably serve just over a year. Then I can get a new face and start over. With the right doctor, I can stay seventeen forever.

Maybe I should send Mike Tyson a fruit basket or something.