Asian Ecstacy, Part 2 - Snowed in with Mollye by Renegade

Asian Ecstacy, Part 2 - Snowed in with Mollye

"Ohhhhhh, Yeah, Do it baby!!" Mollye moaned.

With Keli and her parents in California, Mollye home from college, and the two of us snowed in at her place, we were having a great time.

It was about 4:30 in the afternoon, and Mollye and I had just fucked for about the nine millionth time in a few days.

I knew I had promised Keli that I wouldn't get with Mollye unless we were all there, but I was human after all, and Mollye was hotter than ever.

"Come on baby, let's do it again." Mollye said, stroking my head.

"Damn Mollye, do you ever get tired?" I responded.

"Keli's only gone for another week Chris!" Mollye said.

"Alright, but then we're taking a break," I said.

Mollye rolled over onto me and kissed me on the lips several times. I kissed back gently, and our tongues began to meet, as we probed the inside of each other's mouths.

As soon as she felt I was fully hard, Mollye got on top of me, straddling her pussy over my solid cock.

She began to fuck herself slowly, up and down on my cock, my hands rubbing her cute tits gently. I gently lifted my head up and began to kiss her body, working from her stomach up to her tits, she began to moan more and more. She began to get faster and faster, bouncing up and down on my cock. Mollye began to scream with delight as she started to hit her orgasm, I reached my head up, and shoved her whole right tit in my mouth, and cumming up her cunt in the process.

We both were so extremely exhausted from all of our fucking, that we decided to nap for a while, and we fell asleep on her parent's bed, where we had barely left for the last few days.

I woke up several hours later, but I felt kind of odd. All I could see was black, so I went to touch my eyes, only to find my hands bound to the bedposts. I was blindfolded and bound.

"Mollye?" I nervously questioned. There was no response.

"Come on baby, what's going on?" I asked again.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a hand thrust itself into my groin, tightly clenching my cock and balls. I screamed in pain, but began to get hard in the process.

"Baby?" a female voice responded. "I'll tell you what's going on! You think you can just use me as your little fuck toy all week? You just don't cross Miss Mollye this way Chris! You will do whatever I tell you to do. Understand?" Mollye ordered.

"Yes," I said, now fully aroused.

"Good. My God, look at that pathetic little cock. I deserve so much better, letting you stick that little thing in me. But that won't be a problem." Mollye continued.

Mollye grabbed the back of my head by the hair, and thrust it to her panties, I could smell her nice and good, and could feel her wetness on my nose.

"Now Mr. Fuckhead, what color are Miss Mollye's panties?" Mollye asked.

My eyes were still covered, so I let out a shot in the dark, Mollye loved to wear her purple panties, they were her favorite.

"Purple?" I nervously responded.

"Heh, just as I thought. THAT'S WRONG!" she screamed. "Now, You will have to pay the price! My panties are black," she continued.

"Now, let's see how good you really are. Rub your face in my pussy, let's see if you can do something nice and easy, like get me off!" she ordered.

As I began to rub my nose on her panties, I truly realized that Mollye was an amateur in bondage and discipline, I tested my bonds, and realized they were trick handcuffs that belonged to Keli, who had used them on me before! I kept Mollye going while I reached for the switch. I carefully released my right wrist, then my left, allowing me to remove my blindfold.

Mollye was dressed in a full dominatrix uniform, and her eyes were closed as I continued to satisfy her. Now it was my turn.

I nailed her with a swift punch to her cunt, which nearly doubled her over, then, as she fell, I cuffed her wrists. Looking at my failed dominatrix, I knew she needed a lesson in real domination.

"Chris, it was just a..." Mollye began.

"Shut the fuck up!" I yelled, slapping her across the face, she was scared.

Now, let's see what you can do, "Miss Mollye!" I said.

Mollye and I had fucked every which way, except up her ass, and what a better time to start than now.

I lifted her legs up in the air, acting as if I was going to fuck her up the cunt, but then stuck it up her tight ass instead.

"You'll learn to like it!" I said, licking her cheek.

I began to fuck her virgin ass fast and hard, drawing a decent amount of blood, she began to cry in pain, but was obviously getting some pleasure out of it.

"Chris, please, just stop!" she cried.

I figured I'd give her a chance.

"Ok bitch, let's have some of that good head you give, than maybe I'll change my mind!"

She opened her mouth, and accepted my cock reluctantly, it having just been up her ass. To make it easier, I grabbed her by the hair, and began to face fuck her. My love toy did it best as always, no teeth, just hot tongue lashes, and whatever bobbing head action she could provide in this situation. Finally, I hit my orgasm, cumming all over her face.

I let Mollye out of her bonds, and after suffering about 10 minutes of verbal abuse from her about letting the game get out of hand, we were back to normal.

"God Damn, Mollye, you are something." I complimented her.

"Yeah, I know. Little bitch Keli could never do anything that hot, could she?" Mollye asked me.

We both began to have a good laugh, and leaned over for a kiss. It was then that it happened.

Something hit us both in the head, knocking us out could. When we awoke, we were both bound, gagged, and blindfolded. As I came to, I heard some voices.

"Just as I suspected," a male voice said.

"Oh kids," A female voice began.

"The bitch is back!" it continued.