The Babysitter by darkdante

The Babysitter

My wife's beeper had ruined our night out once again. It was almost 9:00pm but this emergency could not wait. We left our food on the table and left the restaurant. I dropped her by the hospital and she told me to go home and she would call me when she got out of surgery. I drove home pissed off and depressed. When I got home I saw Jodie. My wife had picked me up from work so I assumed her mother was watching our one year old son. Boy was I surprised when I saw our 18-year old next door neighbor Jodie sitting on the couch. Jodie is one of the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on. She about 5' 9", 120lbs with short brown hair. She was wearing her cheerleader uniform, a short sleeve sweater which made her breasts look very large for such a thin girl and a tight, little skirt which showed off her tan, smooth legs. I said hello and explained what happened, telling her she could go home. I asked her how much my wife had promised her.

"Ten dollars," she said.

She was looking at me very strange so I said, " Are you ok?"

Jodie suddenly started to cry. Not knowing what to do, I put my arm around her and asked her again what was wrong. "I'm sorry Mr. Murphy" she sobbed. "I've had the biggest crush on you since I was 13 years old. I know it's wrong cause you're married" she explained, "But it hurts so much." She cried against my shoulder for another minute and then stepped back. " I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything." She sobbed again. I placed my hands around her small waist and pulled her lips to mine.

At 33 years old, I had never been unfaithful to my wife but now I was kissing a beautiful high school girl and my wife seemed a million miles away. Jodie kissed me back softly as my hands went under her sweater. I touched her flat belly and she instantly started to moan. Pulling her sweater over her head she stood in front of me in a white, lace bra.

"Please kiss my breasts," she said, removing her bra. I moved my lips to her tits and gently kissed her nipples. "Yes...ohh god" she whispered. Her breasts were almost a D cup, perfectly round with small pale pink nipples.

I maneuvered her into a sitting position on the couch, kneeling at her feet. She looked at
me with her soft, innocent, brown eyes, her mouth open, chest heaving. I waited for her to tell me to stop, but she just looked at me with wonder. I parted her warm, tan thighs and pulled the bottom underneath her skirt off. Her vagina was covered with a small tuff of brown hair from which I could just make out the pink folds of her entrance. I gently begin to lick her moist vagina. Her breathing became short and fast as soon as my tongue touched her lips. When I moved up to her clitoris she cried "Ohh my god...oh god!" I pulled back the hood of her clitoris with my thumb, licking circles around the swollen nub. Less than one-minute later, Jodie's whole body became rigid as she came, spasmastically rotating her pelvis against my tongue. Standing up I suddenly realized what I was doing was very wrong. Jodie sensed my trouble and sat up with a frightened look on her face.

"What's wrong?" She asked. "I'm sorry, what did I do?" I looked down at her angelic face.

"Nothing, it's my fault. I can't think. I'm sorry." I said. As I started to back away she suddenly reached out to touch me, her hand brushing my crotch. Realizing she had just touched my cock, a startled expression appeared across her face. I froze, unable to move as she stared at the lump in my pants. Slowly she kneeled in front of my groin and carefully undid my jeans, pulling then down to my thighs. Placing her hands on the both sides of my boxers, Jodie slid them down to meet my jeans. Leaving her hands on my thighs, she stared at my cock for almost 30 seconds. Her wide eyes and half-open mouth told me it was the first cock she had seen up close. Now, my dick is almost eight and one-half inches long and very thick, so I immediately worried that sweet, innocent Jodie was in a state of shock, frozen with fear by the size of my organ. Never taking her eyes off my cock, she leaned forward and with her small pink tongue, began to lick the glands of my erection. Jodie's lips parted as she took the head of my cock into her mouth. My legs began to tremble as one of her hands left my thigh to reach up and cup my egg-sized testicles. Because of my wife's schedule, we rarely find time for sex, and it had been two weeks since our last encounter. Therefore, I was not surprised to find myself approaching orgasm after only about two minutes of Jodie's gentle sucking. Once she realized she could take no more than the head of my penis in her mouth, she brought up her other hand to slowly milk the shaft. The intense pleasure of this was to much to bear. I began to moan as I felt my balls contract. Jodie, inexperienced as she was, sensing something was happening, removed her head from my penis just as my climax began. The power of my orgasm was enormous. Jodie was caught completely by surprise as my cock suddenly spewed a long stream of milky white cum onto her chin and lips. She continued to milk my organ, directing the head down towards her chest. The next blast, larger than the first, landed across her chest, covering both breasts with a long stream. My cock convulsed again and again, spraying her perfect chest with cum. Finally, my climax subsided, leaving Jodie's breasts dripping with my cream. Jodie looked down at her chest, unsure of what she should do. Bringing a finger up to one breast, she scooped up some of the cum and slowly brought it to her mouth. As she tasted it, her beautiful, brown eyes looked up towards me, as if for approval. Once again I reentered reality. I froze again, what had I done? I just took advantage of this gorgeous, pure, naive creature. I stood there, totally speechless, without a clue how to get out of this. Would she tell her mother, my wife? I looked down at Jodie and she looked at me with a gaze so pure that it suddenly dawned on me. This sweet, 18 year old girl was in love. I started to relax. I would explain to her that this was a mistake, that she was a beautiful, young woman, but I was married and we can't undo that. I would say this can never happen again.

Just as I was going to start my speech, Jodie placed her soft cheek again my penis, gazed up at me and said, "I want you inside of me." My cock immediately began to grow against her cheek. "But," she whispered "I have to save myself for marriage. But I want you now, and I know I'll regret it if we don't. Please... put it in my behind". I almost fainted.

"What ?" I said even thought I heard every word. She said nothing. She began to rub my organ against her whole face, which quickly became fully erect. The hell with it. I took off all my clothes, running towards the bedroom. When I returned with the tube of K-J jelly, she was in the exact same place, kneeling on the floor. She stood up, I kissed her softly and then turned her around. She bent over the armrest of the sofa, looking back at me over her shoulder. She looked more anxious than scared as I lubricated my pole. Her ass was so perfect. Round and tight, with a subtle tan line running through the middle of each cheek. She was still wearing the cheerleader skirt, which I flipped up over her waist. I placed the big head of my cock against her asshole, and slowly began to enter her. Jodie continued to look back at me over her shoulder as I gently eased into her. After about five minutes of careful labor, I had about 6 inches in. I slowly pulled out, then pushed back in until we built to a slow, steady rhythm.

Jodie began to moan, never taking her eyes off me. "Oh...ok..ok... Ooooh...Oh god " she whispered as I reached around her leg to rub her slit. Her breathing became spasmatic as she started to climax." Oooohhh!...Don't stop...oh my god...oh my god. " Her orgasm sent me over the edge as I began to cum inside her. As Jodie's orgasm subsided, I slowly withdrew from her beautiful ass. She turned around and looked at me. Her gaze was a mixture of satisfaction and relief. "Thank you," she said. I didn't know what to say

"Sure," I said, "I better get you home."

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