BeachBums by Marsh


We made an early to drive to our favourite spot, a remote beach only accessible through a rough dirt road, found a small clearing, grassy, surrounded by bushes and trees, very private, just right for a loving couple. Spread the beach towels, slipped all our clothes off, I lay there, quietly admiring my wife, she was very relaxed, eyes closed, very erotic, full breasts sagging slightly, pink nipples like little strawberries, rounded belly, prominent mound covered with soft golden brown hair, pouting slit of her sex.

My cock stiffened but I resisted the urge, just enjoy the sunshine, plenty of time for sex later. I lay back and dozed, must have fallen asleep. I awoke to the sound of a voice, opened my eyes squinting, two guys standing directly in front of us, one tall, fairly old, long unkempt grey hair, the other a lot younger, in his twenty's, short but thickset with powerful body, smiling at my wife Jennifer, who was trying to cover her naked body with the towel. The older one spoke, "just thought we would stop for a while, that's Charlie and my name is Ray", then they both sat down, Charlie next to Jennifer, Ray close to me. The atmosphere was electric, I had no idea what they wanted, but it all happened very quickly. Charlie leaned over and cupped Jennifer's left breast, squeezing the milky white flesh with his fingers. Still smiling he lowered his head and sucked the nipple, making loud slurping noises. I yelled out in anger, "Come on guys, fuck off and leave us alone", but Ray just calmly grasped my naked testicles with a huge hand and squeezed, The pain was excruciating, "We don't want any trouble, do we boy?" and laughed. Then they both grabbed me. I put up a struggle, but was quickly overpowered, wrists and ankles bound with plastic electrical tape. I was naked and helpless, also with a mouthful of sand.

Poor Jennifer was screaming and sobbing, then suddenly she jumped up and made a run for it. They let her go for about twenty yards, running through the hot sand. Charlie followed her, then grasped her ankles in a flying tackle. Jennifer fell down with a thud, winded and very quiet, I think then, she was resigned to her fate. Charlie returned her to the rumpled towel, roughly pushed her down, gave her a hard slap on the cheeks of her bottom. She lay with eye's tightly shut, legs slightly apart now, showing the plump mound of her sex. Charlie's right hand slid down her body, his fingers now exploring between my wife's legs. She gasped and her whole body jerked as two fingers were roughly inserted into her vagina. Jennifer moaned and opened her legs wider, lips of her cunt held open, gaping, pink and wet, Charlie's fingers working well.

I thought, "holy shit" the bitch is enjoying this. Without removing his fingers Charlie opened the front of his canvas shorts, his dick seemed to spring out. I have never seen anything like it, great ugly white thing, huge head on it, must have been nine inches long and incredibly thick. In one smooth motion he mounted Jennifer, her legs now open wide to receive him, the head of his cock searching for her hole, his shorts now about his knees, balls hanging size of oranges. Charlie now gripped the plump cheeks of my lovely wife's arse and slowly slid his weapon into her trim little vagina. "OH, PLEASE, IT HURTS," Jennifer shut her eyes and clenched her fists, was it pain or pleasure? I could see her wet twat now stretched, just a round hole with hairy frill gripping Charlie's cock, her juices flowing, she now moved her body in time with Charlie's thrusting, breasts rolling, hips rising, a ring of her "cunt butter" around the base of his weapon. Mouth open, gasping in a low, guttural voice, "FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!!!!!! You Bastard!" Charlie went faster, his great tool reaming Jennifer's juicy twat.

Ray then gave me a nudge in the ribs, sardonic smile, "I'LL BE NEXT!"

Charlie came to a halt, still remained on top of Jennifer, penis twitching as it ejected his last drops of cum into my pretty wife. Then pulling out with flaccid cock still dripping, he calmly grasped Jennifer's legs just below the knees, held them wide open and displayed her, like a prize, her poor vagina, hanging open and sloppy. Ray then slipped his shorts, held his short, but very thick penis, stroking it, in anticipation, gazing intently at my wife's puckered little anus, browny pink, virginal, tiny, girlish wisps of hair. Ray moved forward, into position, purple cockhead pushing, Jennifer struggled violently, but Charlie held her firmly by her breasts, while Ray grasped his penis, carefully placed the weapon and slowly entered Jennifer's virgin bottom. In and out with deep powerful strokes, his big hands grasping her ample buttocks, Soon after he roared with pleasure as he filled her rectum with great jets of sperm. Held her tight as he enjoyed the orgasm. Shortly after Ray pulled out of Jennifer's back passage, carefully wiped his flaccid penis with our towel, then they both quietly disappeared into the sand dunes.

Jennifer released me from my plastic bonds, I took her in my arms and kissed her tears away, gently caressing her breasts. She moaned and pulled me onto her. I felt my penis placed into her sloppy lovehole, slack and juicy. I fucked Jennifer very slowly, with great tenderness. I think she needed this to reassure her, after the ordeal with Charlie and Ray.