Beach Padre I - a Life in Paradise by Bruno K

Beach Padre I - a Life in Paradise

A Padre speaks

I have spent the past four years as a padre administering to a gay beach community in the Santa Monica area. My flock come to the beach at mid-morning and usually stay until sundown. During that period they spend their time in nude play and sexual activity. My formal duties are the blessing of new unions and attendance at the initiation of fresh boys. I also explain to new visitors the rules about nudity at all times, about fresh-shaven cocks and balls and advise on good quality lotions for cock and skin care. I have a regular lover, Orlando, but avail of every opportunity to fuck which arises during my day. I bless all the cocks and butts from the beach's high point at the day's start and at sundown. If not engaged in sex, I tour the tide line at mid day, blessing couples in sex action, helping difficult ass entries, introducing singles to each other and advising them on condom and grease use. I preach at lunch on the joyous aspects of safe sex and gay love and am available for sex and religious advice during the evenings.

The Padre executes his duty and gets his rocks off

When a mature stud brings a fresh kid to the beach I attend at the preparation for the first fuck. I check ID to confirm 16+ years of age. I then see to it that the boy is well greased with shaven cock and balls and check his ring before he is mounted. I bless the cocks and butts and make sure that the kid is well aroused and rock hard before the stud takes over. This means that I caress the kid's cock and balls, his pecs, his butt, ring and tits... and test for pre-cum on his cock head. I like the kids to display their cocks and butts to the mature studs during these warming up sessions so that the studs' cocks are also rock hard. I like to feel young, oiled nudes writhing under my expert fondling and always get a splendid erection. I select the guests - who must attend nude - and play appropriate music during the fucking. If the kid's balls are low slung I support them during his ordeal under the stud. After the first fuck I mop the kid's ring and examine it to determine the advisability of seconds. If seconds are permissible I bless the cock and butt again... using a scoop of spunk from the fucked asshole. Sometimes I take the seconds myself if the stud is drained or I suck the kid off if he hasn't cum.

The Padre's request

I ask the young nude to wear a white silk ribbon on his cock for an hour after his first fuck to let the beach guys know that a new playmate has come amongst us.

The Padre declares his preferences

I like young ass .... 18 or 19 year olds are my favourite. When I see spunk streak on young thighs on my beach travels I bless the fucked butt. I always take time to bless the cock and balls of my own lovers when they have finished with my butt or I have finished with theirs. I like to see young boys hand in hand with mid-30s studs because I have confidence that these boys will have been brought to the joys of orgasm when loosing their virgin rings to an experienced cock. Fresh boys have their tender rings well-greased and gently but firmly opened when under my supervision... rape is not allowed on the beach. There is more laughter and happy cock-play in consequence on my beach than on any other.

The Padre suggests

I also perform a marriage service for couples and love to indulge my special delight in mature and young union. In my pre-wedding advisory session I always suggest that both parties refrain from spunk discharge for a 7-day period before the ceremony. Their first fuck after the final blessing should be copious and joyful. I regard the discharge of 7-day spunk retentions into loving assholes to be of a special benefit to overall gay health. Where the marriage ceremony follows a shorter than usual introductory period of sex activity I sometimes suggest that the young bride inserts and retains a butt plug during the 7-day spunk holding period. This helps in the taking of the groom's distended shaft on the first post-ceremony ass fuck and also discourages unfaithfulness.

The Padre gets his rocks off again

I have designed a short wedding ceremony with special gay hymns and a homily about the joys of gay sex. My first concern is to check that the couple have had their enemas and that their butts are as clean shaven as their cocks and balls. This requires me to fondle the equipment of both parties and is a very good method of tension relief...pleasurable to couple and priest. I wear my white collar and black bib, a silk jock and a blue garter for holding the fee dollars. I arrange for two of the more handsome guests to keep groom and bride in full cock stand during the ceremony through genital fondling . After the homily and hymn singing, rings, large enough to slip onto the cock shafts, are exchanged. The bride then kisses the groom's cock head and bends to show the witnesses his asshole. The groom applies a special nuptial cream to the ring of his bride and I, as clerical stud, grease the groom's ring. I complete the union ceremony with a special blessing on the couples cocks, ball sacs and butts and bring the two cocks into contact with my priestly hands. I strip off my jock and pull the warm pouch over the kid's cock and balls so as to give support during the next stage of the ceremony......the first fuck. The bride is laid on a special rug spread on fresh raked sand and his thighs opened by the guests. I place a pillow under the bride's ass, give a final blessing to the groom's cock and then help him to mount his prize. When the first coupling is complete the kid's asshole is mopped with a white cloth which is boxed as a souvenir of the day. The kid is then stripped of the jock and helped to mount the groom to take his fuck. His spunk is boxed in the same manner. Those of my clients who have taken the 7-day advice are delighted with the length of orgasm and the copious quantities of spunk which result. The ceremony then ends in orgy with the bride and groom being fucked by the guests.. and the priest!

Something more of the Padre....what a sweet guy!

I have a 31- year, hard, tanned bod with excellent pecs and round buns. I pump iron and keep in shape with regular exercise. My cut cock is thick and 7 inches when erect and I keep my equipment clean-shaved. I have a very large ball sac. My anal ring is loose from fucking but still gives good cock clutch. I like sucking young cock and take mature cock up the ass with great pleasure. I can cum without touching my cock while being fucked and I am a popular ride and rider.

Orlando, the poor bastard

My home lover is Orlando, a Mexican 21 years old. He is small but very muscular with a long, thick, uncut cock. His ball sac is almost black in colour and a full mouthful. I adore him and we have wonderful sex together.
My lover wears a jock during house-work periods... which we take turn and turn about... and I have full access to his ass, cock and ring at all times. We have our first fuck in the shower before I go to the beach and at night no matter how late it is. Orlando produces an amazing amount of thick spunk each time. We have very relaxing sessions shaving each others cock and balls. His ring is really tight and we have a regular enema routine. When he has guests I play the role of houseboy and serve the drinks with my genitals in a tight pouch. Orlando fondles me and invites the guests to do the same. We have really good times.

This jerk loves his work

My entire working day is spent nude on the beach. I love my work. When I was ordained I had no idea that I would be spreading the good word to the gay community. When I saw the beach first and saw the nude studs playing in the surf their cocks wagging I knew where my parish was to be. I was initiated that day by the beach master who left me ass-sore but joyful... next day I returned and paired off with my first lover. I had finally found my vocation.

Home sweet home

I have rooms in the gay hotel just above tide line and live on a weekly collection from the beach nudes and fees from weddings and first-fucks. I give private consultations in the hotel and have initiated many young studs into correct and moral gay-sex lives. My clients usually come straight from the beach, always nude and sometimes freshly fucked with spunk trickling from their open assholes. They may have had painful fucks or were unhappy with their cock performances or had other gay worries. I am nude and very hot during these sessions and I play calming music while Orlando, in a tight jock, serves cool drinks. We discuss the problems and invariably come to a satisfactory resolution. I always demonstrate correct sex positions and ass entry to clients worried about technique.

Padre and sanitary engineer

All my private demonstrations are for real and, while I advocate condom use, with a very young and inexperienced kid I fuck his ring nude in body and cock shaft. I find that I give larger amounts of spunk when cock naked and this is good for young beginners. It lubricates their colons and helps in ring stretch. With Orlando's help I administer warm water enemas before seconds and always fuck the clean colon as a fee payment. I teach the young men how to grease their rings and shave their cocks and stress the importance of beach etiquette in the areas of waste disposal. I advocate either the use of the beach latrine or the careful burial, clear of the tide line, of filled condoms, shit and ass paper and the passing of piss well clear of recognised fucking areas. On general gay hygiene I recommend twice-daily hot showers; a careful cleaning under uncut cock heads; and fucked butts flushed out at night with warm water enema action.... best administered by a loving partner who should refrain from a follow-up fuck session until morning.

The Padre kneels....Orlando makes a few bucks

After resting from our activity my client and I kneel and ask the Creator to look with favour on our butts and genitals and grant us long orgasms, powerful spunk flows and joyous sex lives free from stress. For a small fee Orlando gives a nude body massage to relax the visitor and prepare him for his next day's sex activities. After a full sex consultation my clients leave confident in the knowledge that gay sex is guilt-free, good and healthy and to be indulged in whenever an available butt or cock presents itself. Orlando and I have intense sex after these sessions.

A runcible thought

My work is, I think, valuable, and designed to promote gay body and cock pride