Blind Man's Buff- A Game Adults Can Play (Yes, "Buff " not "Bluff"!) by Captain Squall

Blind Man's Buff

Both Jenny and Janet, together with their husbands were talking with friends over a cappuccino in the city one sunny afternoon, when Gina invited them to an "adult" party game. It wasn't an ordinary sort of party, because everyone had to meet certain criteria. Gina was an attractive, adventurous middle-aged lady and one who was always taking the initiative. She wasn't the sort of person to let the world pass her by. Gina was of average height, had black shoulder length hair and big, brown eyes. She also had a lovely olive complexion, kept that way be regular visits to a local nude beach, with the result there were no "bikini shadows" on her skin.

Her close friends Jenny and Janet were also known to be fairly adventurous, and they had confided in Gina and other girlfriends about their recent trip to Bangkok. Their husbands couldn't be with them on that occasion, and had reluctantly farewelled the duo at the airport. But since their return from Thailand, both girls had been surprisingly active and vigorous in their lovemaking, and their husbands were not complaining.

Gina told the gathering that she had been on one of the "special" parties before and it had been an unbelievable experience. Reaching into her handbag, she produced a sheet which she waived with a flourish at the table and said "These are the game's rules!"

Everyone made a grab for the sheet at the same time, but Gina produced more copies and handed them around. It was almost as though she knew she needed them all. The table went quiet as they read the rules studiously.

The rules went something like this:

Blind Man's Buff (and we mean buff, not bluff)
* This is an ADULT game!
* All players must be willing, with no coercion used.
* Male players must either have had a vasectomy (proof required) or practice "safe sex", i.e. use condoms.
* All players, both male and female, must produce evidence of good health (know what we mean??!!)
* There is no age limit, although players must be at least 18 years of age.
* Blindfolds. Comfortable blindfolds will be worn, they will cover the eyes totally and must not be removed during the game, under any circumstances. If they are removed, and the person is found out (see later note regarding the closed circuit TV) they will be banned from all future games.

Game type 1. One male and/or one female, not necessarily partners, will wear a blindfold, the person wearing the blindfold to be chosen by a secret ballot.
Game type 2. One set of partners will each wear a blindfold.
Game type 3. All players wear blindfolds. In addition, each set of partners will wear a small bell on a chain on their wrists. Each couple who arrived together will be given the same sounding bells. So if you are blindfolded, and hear "your own bell sound" you must be with your own partner. If the sound is different, the person with you will not be your partner. To make sure you are with a person of the opposite sex, girls will wear the chains and bells on their wrists, the guys wear the chains on their ankles. You will need to "touch" to check where the chains are being worn!

* All players are forbidden to wear clothes, once the game commences.
* How to play: Once game type 1, 2 or 3 is chosen the game commences.
All participants, including the blindfolded person(s) also remove their clothes.
* People hosting the game sessions must have one "games room", with enough soft, gym mats to cover the floor area. Soft music is requested.
* The "game" will have four "quarters" of one hour each, with an automatic timer sounding after each hour.
* At the end of the evening's games, music will start playing. You are to keep blindfolded, and shake you bells, until you find you original partner.
* You will then be told when you are permitted to remove your blindfolds.

"Phew! THIS is a challenge!" said Jenny scanning the page. "There's a lot of rules but I guess you can't take too many chances these days." And after finishing reading the rules, everyone said almost simultaneously "Well? When is the party??!!" So the following Saturday evening around eight o'clock Janet and Jenny with their husbands turned up at Gina's home. They saw a few more cars parked outside and they knew about seven or eight couples had been invited.

As they entered the lounge, it could have been a gathering of adults anywhere in suburbia. People were talking quietly, sipping their drinks and looking very relaxed. Most were in their thirties or forties, but there were also some younger guys and girls. All looked quite surprisingly comfortable in the circumstances. Janet with her husband Alf, together with Jenny and her husband Ray, mixed with the guests nervously at first, but they were quietly admiring the other couples, surreptitiously checking them out, knowing what might lay ahead. There noticed there was also a tall black American couple, as well as an Asian couple present. Both Janet and Jenny's thoughts immediately flicked back to their Bangkok escapade and their first sexual interlude with a couple of well-hung Thai guys. The black American looked a little like the guitarist George Benson, thought Jenny, and his partner resembled the pop singer Toni Brankston. Jenny thought, I wonder if it is true what they say about the physical attributes of these guys...

Just before nine o'clock, Gina stopped the background music and said, "OK my friends, welcome to tonight's games. Please put your glasses down - the game will start in a few minutes. Please remove your shoes and follow me" and proceeded to walk though to an adjoining room. When they had all entered the room Jenny saw that it was quite well prepared. Soft gym mats were on the floor, it was comfortably warm, the lighting was ultra soft, and so subdued and they could barely see across the room. It had no other furniture, but it had an erotic, sensual atmosphere, enhanced by the musk and sandalwood incense burning on several small ledges.

Gina said, "Tonight its Game type 3." Upon hearing this, both Janet's and Jenny's heart skipped a beat. Tonight everyone would be making love anonymously!! The thought gave Jenny a pang in the fold of her legs. Gina continued: "OK everyone? No late withdrawals?! (Everyone laughed at the unintended pun.) OK, so you should all know the rules about Game 3. This means blindfolds for everyone, and here they are". Walking around the room she gave everyone a comfortable but effective blindfold, keeping one for herself. "Everyone ready?!" she asked.

"Yes!" came the reply in chorus.

"Blindfolds on now!" said Gina. "NO cheating please, you know the rules. Gentlemen, please form an inner circle, ladies on the outside please - facing inwards."

With all guests now blindfolded, talk ceased and the noise in the room became very subdued. Only the soft background "new age" music on the stereo could be heard. Gina then broke the silence by saying, "OK, everybody undress down to your underwear now!" There was a rustle of dresses and blouses being removed, trousers being dropped and shirts removed. There were also a few nervous giggles...

Gina then said, "Please start moving slowly sideways around the room, to your right. Take small steps, and use your hands to help you find your way around. The game has started!"

Jenny and Janet immediately tried to recollect who was standing where before the blindfolds were issued and their hearts were beating very fast as they started to edge their way around the room. They felt aroused by being in a room with virtual strangers in only their brief knickers and scant bras. The other guests were also treading warily as the bells on the ankles and wrists started to jangle, as people touched and signified their sex and status. Just then the timer buzzed loudly - it was time to stop circulating.

Jenny reached out and touched her game partner, who in turn put his hands on her shoulders. She knew it wasn't her husband (the bell had told her that) - and her heart was pounding so loud she thought she could hear it. As if using Braille, their hands started to move sensitively over each other's bodies, feeling the shape and form. Her partner then reached behind and unhooked her bra, before he slid his fingers inside her panties and pushed them down to her ankles. Jenny stepped out of them, kicking them aside and in turn she reached down and tugged at his bikini underpants, She felt her wrist touch his hard cock. God, but he was big!! They were now facing each other stark naked, their hands still moving over each other's bodies. Jenny felt his large pectoral muscles beneath his hairy chest - the hair being short and coiled. "My god," said Jenny to herself - "I think I've won the black guy." "This will be interesting," she thought. He cupped his hands under her breasts, then moved one hand down to Jenny's private parts. His fingers gently probed and found her very wet with anticipation, just as her hands closed around his rigid cock. They sank to their knees and started kissing tentatively, exploring each other with tongues and hands.

Around them, other couples were experiencing similar thrills. Janet was moving her hands up and down her new partner's cock, savouring its newness, its rigidity, and its length. He was not overly long but the thickness surprised her - it was like holding someone's forearm she thought. Its tip was bulbous and spongy, and she was careful not to squeeze to hard, knowing this was ultra sensitive, especially the skin under the penis' tip. Her partner was also feeling tentatively around her breasts, marveling at their shape and their large nipples, now fully aroused and erect. His hand moved down over her cunt folds, enjoying her bushy triangle, before he rubbed his forefinger softly up and down over her slit. She gasped in pleasure and gripped his cock tighter. This was FUN!

Meanwhile Jenny and her partner were feeling each other's bodies, their hands moving sensitively over each other. Jenny felt her new partner's hands on her breasts, just as she move her hands over his hairless, but firm buttocks. Her hand moved between his legs and she almost fainted when she felt his cock. For such a black man If indeed he was black his cock was nothing if not nine inches long, but quite slender and smooth, as was the rest of his body. His balls hung pendulously down - soft, warm and silky in their skin pouch. He was not yet fully erect but his stirrings could be felt as she kneeled down and took the head of his cock in her mouth. It was the size of a kiwi fruit and she almost gagged as she opened her lips wide and closed them around the cock's head. She heard him gasp and she responded by taking a little more of his growing length inside her wet lips. The feelings she was experiencing made her own pussy become very moist and she was getting hornier by the second. They both sank to their knees, hands still moving and exploring, the anonymity of it being a phenomenal turn-on for both of them. They had both yearned for a safe, anonymous extra-marital sexual experience and here it was, being realised. It was a safe, private way to enjoy the physical part of sex, and where you could enjoy fucking a person other than your partner. He was too big to give a total blow-job so Jenny opted for a doggie style fuck instead.

Taking the initiative Jenny crouched on all fours, leant forward so her elbows rested on the mat and her partner quickly picked up the "body language". Moving behind her he leaned down and started kissing and licking her labia and the sensitive area between her pussy and her anus. Jenny responded by pushing her face back into him and moaning softly - this was pure bliss. He then kneeled and with one hand started rubbing the head of his cock around her cunt's entrance, wetting his knob and shaft. Holding Jenny's hips he then moved gently in and out, wetting the generous length of his manhood before slowly and inexorably inserting his entire nine inches inside Jenny. Her insides were wet and hot and he slid effortlessly into her up the hilt. The sides of Jenny's cunt walls were now stretched more than had ever before, with her labia wrapped around is thickness, her wet juices making it slippery and soft. My god, thought Jenny, who was also moaning softly, lost in her lust and desire, it doesn't get any better than this....

Around the room activity was increasing quite audibly. Everyone had obviously been paired up by now, and the start of lovemaking was evident, by the sounds of muted voices, gasping and crying out softly in their personal ecstasies. An added turn-on was that people could hear and recognise their own partners voices as they cried out in pleasure and lust, being sexually satiated by another blindfolded person, somewhere else in the dimly lit room. The whole scene to an outsider was one of a Roman orgy, with bodies scattered around the room on the floor, feeling, kissing, fondling and exploring their new partners.

Janet was flat on her back by now, impaled by a new eager and thrusting cock, not long but thick with muscles that she could feel inside her vaginal walls as he flexed and pumped inside her. Her legs were wrapped around his waist, her heels pushing and kicking on his buttocks, like a jockey urging on his steed. Her arms reached under his and clasped his back to her heaving breasts. She was kissing and biting his neck in her wild passion, the anonymity making the lovemaking a more erotic act than she ever thought possible.

Their partners Alf and Ray were also very busy right now. Alf thought he was with the Asian girl, judging by her long hair (he recalls it was down to her waist) and her very light bush of pubic hair. He was tonguing her vigorously in a 69 position, while she hovered above him holding his cock, moving her mouth up and down in a simulated fucking motion on his firm shaft.

Ray was lying under his new partner, who squatted over him, her hands on his chest, while she lowered herself onto his vertical cock. She impatiently pushed her hips down, taking all of him inside her without delay, and she immediately started jerking herself over his shaft. He in turn pushed upwards, making his insertion deeper and fuller, with each sensational stroke.

Jenny and her black partner were now both heaving and gasping, and he started to whisper, "its coming, its coming......" She was not to know that he was a champion producer of large volumes of cum, a strange physiological "gift" he learned he had early in life. He produced so much sperm that he often felt uncomfortable unless he masturbated or had sex to reduce the pressure inside. Jenny also felt the surge in her loins as she rapidly approached her orgasmic peak. Kneeling behind her, he suddenly gave one long slow deliberate thrust, momentarily stopping, as he said "now.. now... my god, its all commmiinnggg..." as he started to shoot unusually long bursts of cum deep inside her. Each burst must have had a foot-length of spurting hot semen. The bursts continued for several seconds, Jenny feeling it impact on her cervix and vaginal walls. She cried out as she too peaked, pushing back onto his cock as she flicked from one intense orgasm to another, as he slowly resumed his shafting motion. The excess amount of his warm semen was starting to escape from between his cock and her cunt lips, and it smeared her thighs and his balls. She almost screamed in pleasure and continued to move backwards and forwards on his still rigid cock. Their actions slowed as they "warmed down" from their intense love making.

All partners were now crying out in their orgasms, each cry adding to the turn-on factor they were all experiencing. Each participant knew that their partners had just been well and truly fucked by a total stranger - but with certain safeguards in place. This gave them all some comfort and reassurance.

As they all lay around, still blindfolded, a buzzer sounded. Gina, who was also playing the game, said "Please stand everyone and face your partner. Please notice under your feet that the mats in the centre circle are a little silkier than those on the outside - use your feet to feel the difference. This will help you re-form the circles again.

The buzzer sounded and Gina said, "OK everyone, move to your right again, and use the bells as explained in the rules."

As they moved again, Jenny was conscious of her thighs and cunt, still smeared with the excess semen and love juices. Well, she thought, all the other girls must be in a similar situation to me, and I trust no-one minds "batting on a sticky wicket...

Thus started the longest most erotic sexual experience she had ever encountered, and was to continue for another three hours. She could remember that she had at least five sexual partners, and to her great delight, she found that each was as enthusiastic as the other, She also had reinforced her belief that "size doesn't matter", but rather the style and sensitivity of her partners was paramount. At the end of the three hours her thighs were smeared with the warm semen on her lovemaking partners, its stickiness and viscosity varying with each partner. Also her cunt was alternately pumped full with warm sperm, and then emptying as much flowed from her swollen cunt-lips as she stood and maneuvered for the next bout of lovemaking.....

That night all of the participants experienced what they could only describe as an exquisite combination of trust and bonding. While they did not regard themselves as promiscuous, they had pushed back the barriers and entered a world that most only dream about...