Boys Day Out by The Lord

Boys Day Out

I never had sex taboos, but I always kept a reasonable line as to how far I could get. But my fantasies were and still are wild. I've never stopped creating sex scenes in my mind before I sleep at night, even after I got married. So, every night before I manage to sleep, lying in my bed I think about my sex bomb-shell neighbor giving me a blow-job and then me fucking her doggy style feeling that incredible ass of hers. Or think about my wife's 14 year old close cousin, who makes it too obvious that one day she will be giving me everything I want from her athletic body.

But before you come into any early conclusions about myself, I would like to tell you that I had never cheated on my wife (although I'm only 25) before this story took place. Flirting with women is almost everything I need ("it's not the kill, it's the thrill of the chase" Deep Purple), and this is how my story began. With a usual flirt.

A friend and me were out to one of our boy's day out without our wives. It usually involved some alcohol and dance at a club where we flirted with women of all kinds. As soon as we started dancing to the DJ's program, my friend noticed an old flirt of his at the far end bar. We approached them politely and started dancing. My friend began talking with M. trying to convince her to continue from where they had left off, some years ago at his apartment, where she wouldn't give him anything more than a good body rubbing with her clothes on, leaving him with a hard-on that kept coming whenever he faced her. I was left with her friend, N. that looked much better looking than M. She let me flirt with her up to a point and later told me that she would meet her boyfriend outside the club in five minutes time. I was a bit annoyed and trying to amuse myself, I turned and said, "We can finish in five minutes!" She gave me a cold look and went out of the club. This was a bit fortunate, as I did not notice one of my wives' cousins who lives in another city, coming towards me.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" I asked her, as we hugged each other. This was the first time we ever did that (mainly due to the alcohol we both consumed), and a reason was that from the beginning we liked each other quite a bit. L. is 21 with a nice figure, which always shows by the way that she dresses. I felt a bit aroused in the next few minutes as the club was already packed and I was leaning my body on hers, with my cock touching her leg. It was obvious that the alcohol affected her more than it did me and this gave me some freedom when talking to her. In the meantime, my friend had left off with M. so they could talk in piece (he took a cold shower as soon as they were done talking). I told him that he could leave, as L. would drive me home.

As we were dancing, I grabbed her from behind and we shook together rhythmically. I did that on purpose but she could not tell if this was done sexually or not, as I didn't leave my cock long enough on her ass. Around 3:30 we decided to leave the club. We were out of the club, when she asked me

"Does your wife knows what are you doing?"

"What am I doing?" I replied.

"You know too damn well what are you doing, flirting with women. I saw you with the other girl," she said.

I thought that I shouldn't pretend to be anyone else, but myself so I replied back once more. "I can't help it if women are after me all the time!"

"Don't be such a humble man" she said ironically and she continued "You'll be in trouble if I tell her". By this time, we were in the parking lot, where her car was, but she stumbled on a rock and fell down. Her skirt rose up and I could see her inner thighs and black panties. I tried lifting her up, but she was too drunk to do that and instead she just sat down on the ground, with her legs open and half of her tits out of her blouse. Arousing thoughts came into my mind, as she tried to get up, using my arms as support. But once more, she nearly fell, but this time I managed to GRAB her. Yes, I grabbed her from the waist with one hand and her right tit with the other.

"What the hell are you doing?" she tried to scream.

"WHAT I'M I DOING?" I screamed trying to cover for myself. "I'm grabbing you so you will not fall down."

"Do you have to grab my tits for you to do that?"

"I don't think I want to continue this argument, with you being so drunk," I said.

All this time I couldn't resist not looking at her sexy body, and she noticed that. The next time she tried to complain, I pushed her on nearby wall, my hands been firm at her body, and I told her

"Look here, I never expected that you would be such an attitude, even drunk. I can't figure out why are you acting like that, unless you are annoyed by something ELSE."

"What are you trying to say?" she said aggressively.

I couldn't last any longer. My cock was already hard, and me holding her by the wall in a remote, dark parking lot, was too much for my dizzy brain. As if she could read my mind, at that specific time she gave me a hug. Ten seconds later I was caressing her beautiful ass and she laid in my neck moaning. I took her hand and put it on my cock. "Feel my cock L. The hard-on is for you, my arousing baby. Do you know how long I imagined this moment." I said a couple more stuff, so that she wouldn't even think of stopping. I turned her round and pulled her skirt up to her waist. I saw her G-string that I felt a couple of minutes ago, which gave me a feeling of bestiality. I wanted to fuck her strong. I was going to fuck her nice body right there. I took my cock out of my pants with one hand, as I slid her G-string aside with the other. I felt her wetness and that was good, as I wanted to stick my cock right away. I pushed forward as she waited for me to do it. As soon as my cock touched her pussy, she jumped off, as if my cock was a reminder of our situation.

"No, stop. We can't do this!" she yelled.

Before she said anything else, I grabbed her from behind and forced my 80kg on her body. She was too weak to fight and she wasn't sure I she really wanted to fight back. I slid my cock inside her pussy and I could not believe how hot she was. She tried to get away but all she did was give both of us an extra sensation of her ass and body moving along with the thrusts of my cock. I grabbed her tits and stopped for a half a minute. We were enjoying the moment of me staying still inside her, and moving together.

"Do you want me to cum in you?" I asked her in ecstasy.

"NO, don't."

"Where do you want me to come then? Where, baby? Tell me. Your mouth?"

She didn't say anything, and I knew that she didn't reject the idea although she wouldn't say "yes". She was still my wife's cousin.

I took my cock out, and said, "Come on baby, here it comes."

She took a good look of my cock and then grabbed it, opened her mouth and started sucking it. She was great, almost as good as my wife. I pushed her head away; I grabbed my cock with my left hand and jerked off at her face. As I was coming, sperm fell on her beautiful tits. When I was done I guided my prick in her mouth once more. She started licking it until I stopped her. I asked her if she wanted me to lick her pussy, and she replied

"I think we did more than we should ever done."

She drove me home, in some difficulty, and then went off.

I'm curious at her reaction at the next family meeting. We both know that although we both liked it and wanted it, nothing would have happened if we were sober. Thank you dear Alcohol.

I'm writing this story at the office that I'm working, and as soon as I get home I will fuck my wife's brains out as my hard-on hurts. I will have her suck my shaved cock and then turn her all on fours and stick my prick up her wet cunt. I will try fuck her ass as well, is she lets me.