Boys will be Boys by Pecker

Boys will be Boys

We filed in one after another in the school building, carrying our backpacks. The eighth grade field trip was going to be a strenuous 5-day workout in this remote, dusty village some fifty miles out of town. We would be toiling in the fields, working with the local farmers to harvest the crops of vegetables, and build a stretch of dirt and gravel access road to the main highway. We were a group of 13-15 year old boys from the school in the nearby town, and this was our annual ritual as part of the physical education program.. I didn't really mind the toil and the hardship. It was a chance to get out of the stuffy classrooms, and crowded city streets, and enjoy the fresh air and simple, rustic life. I was 14 at the time, and just beginning to discover things about my growing body that the textbooks did not talk about, neither would my parents. They were a bit old-fashioned about things in general, and frankly, I didn't mind discovering the wonders of my body by myself.

I had just discovered masturbation, although I had no idea that there was even a name for it. It was quite by accident. Some six months earlier, during my summer vacation, I had discovered that the stimulation of my penis at night as I lay in bed, helped me relax and fall sleep. For several days prior to this night, I had been troubled by a persistent itch in the groin area, and had found myself scratching my inner thighs, scrotum and penis during the night. Summers in our part of India were always rather hot, but mostly dry, until the monsoons started. Then it would get hot and humid... rather miserable. So as I lay in bed rubbing and gently scratching my groin under the cover of the sheet in the darkened room, I became aware of a new and pleasurable sensation in the pubic area. It was a new experience, and I liked how it felt, especially as I realized that my scratching and rubbing had caused my penis to become quite large and stiff. It fascinated me to experience the growth and hardening of my cock. Once when I was alone at home, I measured it when it was stiff. I was surprised to see that it was almost 6" long, nearly twice the length when it was soft, and pretty damn stiff. And it looked beautiful. I was fascinated by the thick, hard shaft, and especially the dark red head. It was softer and spongier than the rest of the cock, and it felt just delirious to rub the ridge along the base of the tip.

So this one night, I was rubbing and massaging the groin area, trying to be very careful not to make a lot of noise or movement, since my mother and younger sister also slept in the same room. So I lay on my back, and drew up my knees and spread them under the sheet, and went to work on my hot poker. I found that if I grasped it between my palms and rubbed it back and forth, it caused a very intense, pleasurable feeling all over the stiff shaft. I rubbed the whole length of it, and occasionally rubbed the balls. The intensity of pleasure kept rising, and reached beyond what I had ever experienced. I started panting and breathing heavily as I was driven to rub harder and harder, not being able to resist the intense pleasure and the realization of the incredible stiffness of my cock. All of a sudden, I felt the cock twitch, and my stomach muscles contracted. I groaned involuntarily as the cock slipped out of my hand and jerked sharply upward. I felt something shoot out of the tip in a powerful squirt, and the sense of pleasure I got at that moment was indescribable. I was shocked and scared that I might have accidentally pissed in bed, but when I touched the stuff that was still spurting out of the jerking cock, it was not at all like urine. It was sticky and smelled quite exotic. I couldn't see a thing in the darkness, and so I licked my fingers to see what it was. It tasted funny, but not unpleasant.

Soon the stiffness of the cock subsided, and I relaxed. I realized that the intense activity involving my legs, hands and penis had made the whole groin area a bit sore. But I slept, thinking about this new experience. I tried that experiment again the next night, and the night after that. Every time, I shot off a huge load of the sticky stuff, and I was hooked on it for life. In the following days, I managed to find some books and magazines around the house which gave some idea of what this was all about. I had discovered masturbation. From that point on, I masturbated constantly, sometimes twice or thrice in the night. On weekends when I was alone, I would masturbate during the day, often sticking the tip of the cock into a flower vase or something like that. A couple of times, I almost got caught when my mother walked into the room just as I had ejaculated into one of her vases. I scrambled to push my cock back inside the pants and pretended to be cleaning up the room. She looked at me strangely, and I had a feeling she knew what I was up to. Once I couldn't push my still squirting cock back into my shorts quickly enough. She saw it, and looked at me. She must have seen the strange, silly and ecstatic expression on my face, because I was still coming all over my fist, but she did not say anything.

So anyway, by the time I went to this summer camp, I had masturbated many times in my bed at night. We entered the school house where we were given a large hall to sleep at night. I picked a remote corner at the far end of the large hall where I would be out of sight of everyone. I spread my bedding, and settled down. After dinner, I washed my feet outside, and got back in to the hall. When I approached my corner, I found that one of the boys from my class had occupied the empty spot next to mine. He was a year older than me, and taller, with a lanky, awkward frame, and a fair skin. He was also a bit effeminate in his mannerisms, which made him the butt of nasty jokes and taunts from some of the big, rowdy boys in our class. I was the only boy in the class that he trusted, because I did not tease him. He was a very nice, friendly fellow, and a good friend. So I was actually delighted that he took the spot next to mine. One of the big rowdy boys came over to us, and made some vulgar remark about a boy and a girl sleeping together. We just ignored him.

As the night fell, and everyone retired, I slipped under the sheet and stretched out. My friend had already changed into his pajamas and made himself comfortable. We said good night to each other, and went to sleep. Soon I had the urge to masturbate, because I could not sleep with all the excitement of the long journey and a new place. I turned to my right, and loosened my pajama strings. I was already hard. As I started pumping my cock slowly, my friend turned on his side and moved closer to me in his sleep. He was facing me. I paused, and reached out tentatively to see how close he was, so that I would not accidentally bump into him during my cock play. He was much closer than I had thought, and my hand brushed his crotch. He did not wake up. Curious, I tried to grope him, and sure enough, I could feel the shape of his cock. It was semi hard, but as I ran my hand over it, it began to grow.

I wanted to feel the naked flesh of my friend. Carefully, I loosened the drawstring of his pajama bottom and reached inside. He was wearing jockey shorts. I cursed my luck and pulled my hand out. Going back to my own cock which had become soft in the meanwhile, I began to play with it. Soon it was hard again, and I started pumping it. I moved closer to my friend, and tried to press myself into him My cock rubbed against his underwear, and it sent a new kind of thrill down my cock. This was fun.

But all this movement had awakened my friend. He reached down to see what was poking him, and found my hard cock touching him. He wrapped his fingers around my cock, and whispered, "What are you doing?"

I told him I was horny, and was trying to masturbate. He whispered in surprise, "I didn't realize you knew how to do it. You have such a big cock. How big is it?"

"Six inches. How big is yours?"

"I don't know. Would you like to touch me?"


He pushed his underwear down, and freed his cock. It was long and slender. As I touched it and caressed it, it began to grow. Soon he was hard. I knew he was at least an inch longer than me, but not as thick. But it was such a thrill for me to touch and feel another hard cock. I massaged and played with it, caressing his balls which were bigger than mine. He whispered, "That feels good. I didn't know you liked this kind of stuff."

"I love it. I just found out recently how to masturbate."

"Great. Let's do it to each other."


We started jacking each other off. I was already quite aroused, and he was an expert at this. He brought me off in a very short time, and I exploded all over his cock, balls and thighs. He rubbed my sticky stuff back on my cock and said, "Do you always shoot so much?"

"Yes. How about you?"

"Not as much. Actually, I don't enjoy it much because it hurts."


"Don't you feel any difference between your cock and mine?"

"No. You are a bit longer, but that's all.

"Here, let me show you." He took my fingers and rubbed them on the tip of the cock. It was covered by the skin. I grabbed the tip in my fingers, and tried to push the skin back. It went back a little, just exposing a part of his tip, but then he stopped me. "Now it hurts. I am not circumcised."

I felt bad for him, because he could not experience the thrill of being able to scrub and rub the sensitive bulb. I pumped him slowly, taking care not to push the skin back too much. After almost half an hour in which my arm had become quite sore, he still had not come. Finally he said, "Let me do it myself. You just play with my balls."

I felt his hand pumping his cock in a circular and twisting motion, as I fondled his balls and occasionally touched his shaft as it bounced against my pubic area. My cock was hard again, and I pushed it against his, poking at his balls. Suddenly he started jerking his hips and whispered, "I think I am going to come now. Rub your cock against mine. Let me grab both of them and jerk them together."

He grabbed my cock in the same fist, and began jacking them off together. It was so exciting that we both came at the same time, drenching each other in the sticky stuff. Exhausted, we slept close to each other, our bodies pressed together, and our cock nesting between each other's thighs. Some time during the night, we must have turned over and moved apart, because when we woke up in the morning, we were at a respectable distance from each other. None of the other boys suspected anything.

In the next couple of days, we did not do anything, because we were too tired by night. One day while we were out in the field, we decided to take a piss together. Walking away towards the bushes together, we smiled at each other, and whispered at the same time, "I want to see your cock." We started laughing.

Once we were out of sight of everyone, we lowered our shorts and underwear, and stood facing each other. I saw his cock for the first time. It was long, and really beautiful. When he started pissing, it would jerk as he contracted his muscles to piss in spurts. He looked at my cock, which was bigger than his, but not as long. He said he loved the shape of it, because it looked like it was slightly curved. My cock is curved to the left, and without the foreskin, the tip looks really big. He was fascinated by the shape of the tip, and said that he wanted to see how his tip would look. I told him to push the skin back slowly until it slipped over the bulbous portion. He tried but it was too painful for him. Then he said, "I guess I have to fuck a girl to do this. Then the pain won't matter so much because the joy of fucking would take care of that." We laughed about that and returned to the group.

That night, he made his move first. He reached for my cock, and pulled it out. He had already taken his out. He whispered, "Tonight I want you to jerk me off. Do it the way you pump your cock. Don't mind my protest if I say it hurts. I want that skin off the tip so I can enjoy the sensation."

I started jacking him off. As he got more excited, he pushed himself against my cock, rubbing it furiously and making me come in a huge burst against his cock. I was pumping him at the same time, and some of my jism got inside the skin covering his cock. That sticky stuff provided enough lubrication for the skin to slide back over his bulb, and suddenly his sensitive tip was out of the sheath. He grabbed his cock and began rubbing his bulb, panting and thrusting against my cock. He pressed into my belly, pushing against it as he jerked his hips. With a shudder and a gasp, he unloaded his balls all over my stomach and pelvis. My cock and hair were soaked in his cum as he continued to spurt. Finally he stopped and whispered, "Oh god. That was the best orgasm I ever had. You freed my cock from the tyranny of the foreskin. How can I thank you?"

I said nothing. Later in the night he reached for me and masturbated me to another wonderful orgasm. That was the end of our short homosexual relationship. We never talked about it again, and then I lost track of him after the year ended.

It was a couple of years later that I had my next, and last, homosexual experience. It was quite an experience, because by then I had grown taller, and my cock had also grown another inch or so in length. I had learned a lot about the female anatomy and had become somewhat of an expert at conjuring up sexual images while jacking off.

I was in my senior year in high school. We had to appear for a qualifying exam for the State accreditation which was required for all the graduating students for eligibility to enter college. The qualifying exam was given by the school, after which the classes essentially ended, and we spent the next 3 months preparing for the State exam. I had finished my qualifying tests, and was mostly at home, studying day and night, because I wanted to get a good ranking for college. This was during the months of January and February when the weather is a bit nippy but pleasant. My parents and sister had gone for some family event out of town, and I was alone. Since there had been some robberies in the neighborhood during that period, our landlady send their male servant to sleep in a room in our house during the nights to keep me company.

The servant was about my age, may be a little older. He was a nice, harmless kid, but given to bragging about his sexual prowess. Rumor had it that he used to frequent prostitutes once in a while. Anyway, he came over that evening with his bedding and spread it out on a low wooden table which was almost like a bed. I had just changed into my pajamas, getting ready for bed when he came into my room and let me know that he would be sleeping in the next room.

I followed him to the other room, and sat down next to him on the low bed. Since he was reputed to be skilled in the art of sex, I wanted to ask him a few things. We were soon talking about sex and girls. He was only wearing shorts, and a sleeveless t- shirt. I noticed that his cock was beginning to bulge. I reached out and slid my hand inside his shorts, and took hold it the cock. It was hard, and hot. I told him to take his shorts off. He got up smiling, with a knowing look on his face, and pulled the shorts down. Standing naked in front of me, he asked, "What do you want to do now?"

I didn't say anything. I just looked at his thin cock. He had a darker skin than mine, and even though he was quite hard, the tip of his cock looked rather shriveled to me. I cupped his hairy balls, and played with the cock, trying to see if it would get any harder. It didn't, but he made a whimpering sound, jerking his hips slightly. I looked up at his face. He just smiled, eagerly waiting for me to jack him off.

I got up and said, "I think I should get naked, too." I removed my clothes, and we stood facing each other, our cock pointing at each other. He looked at my cock which was longer and thicker than his, and also looked healthier. I figured that he was probably screwing the hookers too much, and had caught something from them. So I decided not to touch him. I excused myself for a minute, and went and washed my hands with soap. Then I returned to the room, and told him that we should jerk off together. He said we should do each other, so I told him to go wash himself thoroughly before I touch him. He came back in a few minutes.

We stood close to each other, rubbing our cock together, like a duel. We laughed about it and continued to pump each other slowly. He jabbed my balls with his cock and so I slapped his cock with mine. We kept playing like that for a few minutes. By this time, he had really got himself worked up, and began jerking off rapidly, at the same time trying to push his cock between my legs. Soon he was thrusting his hips against his fist, and with a loud grunt, he shot off all over my belly. His cum was rather thin, and almost transparent. I thought that he has just pissed, but it was sticky and didn't smell like piss.

I commented on the texture of his cum. He said it happens when he masturbates every day, but if he waits for a couple of days, it again becomes thick. I didn't buy that story. I told him that also masturbated every day and mine wasn't so thin. He started pumping my cock harder. I told him to hold it in his fist with both hands, and not move. I grabbed his hips and began thrusting my cock in his grip. I told him to grab his cock also with mine and hold both of them together. Then I started fucking his fist and cock with mine. I was really turned on by the rubbing of his cock against mine. He was getting harder again.

Soon I was on the verge of orgasm. I shouted that I was close, and asked him how he wanted me to shoot. He told me to shoot on his cock and balls. I told him to let go of our cock, and grabbed them in my hand. With a sharp thrusting motion, I rammed my cock against his, and shot off a thick load of cum. He watched in amazement as my cock spurted jets of sticky, white cum on his belly, cock and balls. He rubbed the tip of my cock in his palms and licked them. I was surprised. He smiled and said that my cum tasted very good. He knelt down before me, and bringing his face closer to my cock, rubbed it against his face. I thought he was going to put it in his mouth, but he didn't. Instead, he just caressed the deflating cock and balls, and smeared all the cum on his face. Then he got up and looked at me in admiration.

"You have a really big and hard cock. I am impressed. Have you fucked a girl yet?"

"Of course not."

"Well, I know you want to fuck my employer's daughter. I have seen you looking at her."

"Hey, you keep her out of it."

"Don't get all worked up. I know you want to fuck her. I can see it in your eyes. I fantasize about her also. All the boys in the neighborhood also want to fuck her. She had the best tits in the neighborhood."

I got mad at him, because he was talking lewdly about the girl I was beginning to fall in love with. She was about thirteen at the time. She did have the nicest, and biggest breasts of any girl her age in our neighborhood. She was very slim and that made her body look so fucking sexy. I knew how all the boys ogled at her, but she never looked at them. She was my girl, and although we were not officially together as girl-friend/boy-friend, I just knew she liked me.

So I told him never to think of her in that way if he still wanted to keep his job. That stopped him, but he still smirked that he knew I was jacking off over her. Well, that was true, so we made a truce not to bring her up in our conversations. He wiped his hands on his t-shirt and said, "We better go to bed. If you feel like jacking off together any time, let me know."

That was the end of that relationship, and so ended my last homosexual experience. Many years later, I did marry the girl of my dream, our landlord's daughter. She still has the best boobs as far as I am concerned, even after giving birth to two boys, and I still love the way her boobs feel in my hand when I am making love to her. But after that night many years ago, I have not had any homosexual experiences, although I have often wondered about licking and sucking a cock that is pounding a cunt at the same time. May be some day I will have a chance to do that.