Cheerleader Fun by Renegade

Cheerleader Fun

I couldn't believe it was finally over! I had managed to trudge through my Sophomore year, and make it out alive.

Yes, school was finally over, my parents were out of town, and it was just me and my twelve year old sister Jamie. Jaime had developed nicely for her age so far, a nice figure, cute ass, and her little tits were just beginning to form. She had decided to become a cheerleader for some stupid reason, and they gave them a practice clinic on the last day of school. Now, with parents out of town, the house to myself and my sister, we had obviously already planned to do some heavy partying. Her idea was having some of her cheerleader friends over, and maybe some girls from around the block. Mine was to get my friends over there and fuck as many as I possibly could.

My friends arrived over around 4:00 that afternoon, and Jaime would not be home until at least 8:00, which gave us plenty of time to set up. We had enough smoke, and enough serious beer and liquor to get these little girls fucked up big time, and indeed we would.

Jaime arrived around 8:00 with about 10 of these girls with her. Most were cheerleaders, the others were all from the neighborhood, a jock type girl named Melissa, a seriously advanced girl named Michelle, a quiet girl with a good body named Liz who just came along for the ride, and a 12 year old black boy who was a football jock, named Jon. My sister had told me many times how Melissa wanted to get with Jon for the longest time, but her parents would get on her about the racial difference.

The girls came into the living room and sat down on the couch with us, obviously feeling important that 16 year old guys were talking to them. My buds lit up a few joints, and started sharing them with some of the girls, who began to feel the effects after a short amount of time. The rest of us passed around a bottle of Vodka, which the rest of the girls got drunk very quickly off of.

Now, the fun was ready to begin. Jon's hand had already been down Melissa's shirt for about 5 minutes now, and the began to kiss deeply. Jon kissed down her neck, rubbing her cunt through her shorts at the same time. Melissa began to moan lightly with pleasure as she began to work on getting Jon's pants off, and succeeding. Melissa began to pump Jon's cock heavily, and then took the whole thing into her mouth, giving him the best head she could.

Michelle had wasted no time getting started, and was already riding one of my friends. She knew exactly what she was doing, as she bounced up and down, fucking herself on his cock, her tits all over my friend's face.

My sister had become quite popular it seemed, her cheerleader uniform had been dismantled for the most part. The skirt was pushed up to about her waste, as one of my friends began to fuck her up her pussy. Another dick then appeared in my sister's face, and she took it right in, still moaning from the hot sensation in her wet little cunt. A third dick appeared, and she grabbed it with her left hand, and began to pump it while she sucked the other one. There were hands all over her chest, rubbing her budding pink nipples rock hard.

As for me, Jaime's friend Amanda was already on my lap. Amanda and I had fucked plenty before, so she knew exactly how to turn me on. She bounced up and down in my lap as my rock hard cock fucked her semi-tight cunt. I was getting really close to cumming, and it appeared she was also. I laid her down on her back, and continued to fuck my little love toy, sinking my mouth into her little titties. As I felt the rumble in my cock, I shoved my tongue nearly the entire way down her throat, and shot my load all over tits.

Amanda moved on to the next guy, and as I was recovering, I saw one girl who was obviously not having such a great time, Liz! I walked over to her with 3 of my friends and said, "Come on Liz, join the fun!"

She kind of gave me a scared look, she was completely virgin to say the least, and was horrified at this little orgy.

"Hey guys, looks like we've got a virgin on our hands!" I said.

One of my friends held her arms behind her back, and led her towards the coffee table. She was wearing one of those long sundresses, and with the help of some scissors, we cut right through it, and stripped her down. It was a shame she was a virgin, she didn't have a bad body at all! Nice forming tits, cute ass, and a pussy with little curls of hair, I had to get some of that.

My friends got her up on the coffee table, and hand cuffed each of her wrists to a leg of the table, she wasn't going anywhere now.

After fighting her resistance, I managed to spread her legs, and then went for the plunge into her virgin cunt.

"Owww!!" she screamed.

I bet it did hurt her, she was tighter than any other girl I had ever fucked, she needed to be loosened up. Since we had her chained up anyway, I pulled out, and just left her there, so anyone could fuck her.

Within 4 seconds, she had a dick up the pussy, the ass, and Michelle sitting on her face, looking to get eaten out. It was then I noticed what good a job my sis was doing on these guys.

She was being fucked good and hard by guy number 3, and her mouth was wide open, so I figured I'd sample her finally.

I stuck my cock right over her mouth and just looked at her, she had a puzzled look on her face.

"Suck it." I commanded.

My sis complied almost immediately, taking my whole cock in. For a 12 year old, she was great, no teeth in the way, full bobbing head action, great tongue lashes, and hot pumping of my cock. I shot a huge load all over her face and in her mouth.

The orgy was a complete success, but we were practically out of booze and weed, until my friend gave the great news, "Everybody to my place, no parents, and plenty more beer!"

With a loud cheer, everyone loaded into the cars and left for his place. Everyone except Liz that is.

We just left her there, chained to the coffee table, cum all over her body, pussy smell all over her face, and no longer a virgin.

Melissa finally got with Jon, Michelle and my sister were on a role, and I had gotten laid enough for 100 guys.

All it took was an empty house, the right toys, and a little cheerleader fun.