Chicago Extra-Marital Affair by F. Nedlaw

Chicago Extra-Marital Affair

12:08 A.M.

No, 12:09 A.M.

It was past midnight, and she still wasn't in her bed. Didn't she realize we would get a wake-up call at 5:15 A.M.?

Since she hadn't seen her favorite aunt in more than five years, I could understand her wanting to spend time with her. But, all night?

This was supposed to be a business trip.

Her first. My second.

I gazed over at where she was going to sleep. I could picture me sneaking over in the middle of the night and laying beside her. I would put my hand underneath the covers and squeeze those 36D tits of hers and slide my fingers inside that hot cavern of lust, surrounded by soft brown pubic hair. By that time, she would beg me to push my eight inch dick deep inside that sweet moist nest of desire. But, I could also picture her husband standing at the edge of the bed with a rifle in his hand.

12:15 A.M.

We were just two unknown employees from a drug store in Arizona invited to a two day seminar in Chicago to learn how to improve business through advertising and buying products from a two-bit small company in Chicago.

Mary was excited by the offer. It gave her a chance to visit with some relatives while we were there. She also liked the idea of our penny-pinching boss allowing us to take this trip.

Her Aunt Joanne and two cousins were waiting for us when the hotel van pulled up in front of the hotel we were staying at. They recognized each other and no sooner than we opened the van door, than they both ran to hug each other.

"I'll take our bags to the room," I said, as I watched her and her cousins exchange welcomes.

"Thank you, I'll be up soon," Mary said.

"Take your time and have fun," I added, "But, don't stay up too late. We have to get up early tomorrow."

Assuring me she would not forget, Mary and her brood shuffled off to the hotel bar to catch up on each other's lives.

12:18 A.M.

Not wanting to make a bad impression on our hosts, I decided to get dressed and go down to the bar and bring her back to the room.

There they were. Sitting around a small table in the corner, laughing and talking loud enough to disturb the other customers.

"Mary," I said, sliding a chair over to their table. "Do you know what time it is?"

"Yes, it's time for another round."

"It's past midnight. We have to get up in less than five hours."

"Well, then, forget the next round."

I could tell she was pretty wasted, as her words started to slur. Who knows how many beers she had. She's told me several times if she drinks more than three, she can't remember anything the next morning.

As Mary and her relatives hugged each other goodbye and promised to call and write, May put one of her arms around my shoulder as I literally dragged her into the elevator and up to our room.

She had little problem sharing the room with me. I was pretty shy and my wife trusted me, as did her husband. We were pretty close friends at work to the extent that we would just kid around with each other, nothing sexually implied. At least, on her part.

"A shower, that's what I need, a shower," she said, as I propped her up by the hotel room door and locked it behind us.

"What you need is some sleep," I said, putting the door key in my pocket.

As I walked into the bedroom part of our suite, she was already undressing in the doorway to the bathroom. Mary had unbuttoned her blouse to reveal that lacy green bra she used to wear with one of her summer dresses. It dropped to the floor to expose two beautiful mounds of white flesh that I used to dream about.

She was about to fall down as she started to unbutton her blue jeans when I caught her, slightly touching one of her breasts. They reminded me of Suzanne Somer's breasts I had seen in Playboy magazine back in the 70's. They were slightly huge and well-rounded, with nipples the size of silver dollars. "I wish George was here, I'm so horny," she sighed, as she slipped off the blue jeans to reveal matching green lace panties. I could see pubic hair peeking out from either side of them.

"George isn't here. It's only me."

"Are you sure you're not him. He likes to undress me and fuck me in the shower."

Not wanting to miss this opportunity, I eagerly admitted I was George, her husband. I knew it was wrong to take advantage of a drunk woman, but this was the woman of my dreams.

Pretending I was her husband, I helped her out of her panties, took off my clothes and stepped into the bathroom. I sat her down on the toilet as I reached in to turn on the shower. Seeing her sitting there naked and half-aware, my cock began to get erect. "Ooh, George, it's starting to get big," she said, leaning over to kiss it as she slipped onto the floor.

I couldn't wait any longer. I pulled her flat on the floor and spread her long thin golden legs. Her breasts were big and firm as they as I reach up to suck them. Her nipples became instantly erect, almost as erect as my eight-inch dick. She moaned a little as i caressed them in my hands, squeezing them and running my long tongue across each nipple. They felt like two white balloons, with brown dots in the center. I was halfway into my dream with a woman I longed so much to fuck.

I started kissing her from her tits down in between her thighs, all the while her sighing and moaning in delight. By this time, my penis was erect enough to fulfill my ultimate fantasy with her and I slid into her hot wet love canal.

I started pumping her slowly, until I could hear sweet demands of "faster, faster." I came on like a freight train, pushing and grinding at full speed like I had to meet a deadline at the next station. I could feel my dick sloshing in and out of her as both our pubic hairs became saturated with love juice we made. After what seemed like the time between a second and eternity, I came as hard as I could inside her, giving her each and every sperm that was forced out of my dick. Just as she reached her climax, she fell asleep on the hard tile floor, with sperm dripping out of her pussy. At first I thought she was dead, until I gave her pussy one last lick and felt her quiver a little. Not wanting her to remember this night, I pulled down a towel from the bathroom sink and wiped away all the cum both of us had produced. I went into the other room and got the clothes she took off and put them on her again. I figured when she woke up, she would just believe she feel asleep in the bathroom. After dressing her, I stepped out of the bathroom and turned off the light. Mission accomplished, I thought to myself.

"Thank you for the wonderful sex, George," I heard her whisper. "And, I won't tell anybody if you won't, Frank."

"Deal," I said.