Cocktease, Part 2

Cocktease, Part 2

The night we had spent in the Adult Video Parlour certainly changed our ideas and heightened our sex life. We constantly entertained the idea of going back for a repeat performance. That night Sarah had been a wild sex thing and had teased the men without mercy. She loved doing that - teasing men into new states of lust on account of her body and her actions. Before she had only danced for me but now she had a desire to dance for more and then be taken by them. I entertained this idea as well because nothing turned me on more to see my girlfriend act the slut and being taken by other men. She seemed to love being treated like the slut.

Anyway we eventually decided to return to the theatre. Sarah dressed that night for the kill. She wore black stiletto pumps and black fishnet stockings that came right up around her hips with a hole around her crotch. She wore a black g-string made of shiny latex and a matching latex bra. Over this she wore a very high-cut black tight mini-skirt and a classic black tight top that started just above her navel. It was low-cut and exposed a lot of cleavage. I told her she looked very sluttish and she just smiled saying that that was exactly the look she was going for then she winked at me.

We headed off into town in the car. This time we decided to go somewhere slightly different; we finally decided upon one of the larger adult parlours in town. We walked up to the entrance and paid our entry fee. It was a little more expensive than the last one but, we were assured by the ticket collector, that the fee was worth it.

We entered through the doors and into the parlour. There were stairs leading up to our right apparently leading to the main theatre, several doors leading off to the video-viewing booths and strip-tease booths. An adult shop was open to our left. There were also private rooms available for private parties. Firstly we walked up the stairs to the movie theatre.

As we entered, we paused and allowed our eyes to become adjusted to the light; the theatre was quite full. On the screen was a porno-film where a well-endowed blonde was being ridden by a well-hung man while she sucked on another's swollen member. We could see one woman near the front of the theatre, her blouse had been torn open and several men had were groping her body. They laid her down on the ground and tore off her skirt. One man inserted his cock into her pussy as two others held her legs apart. She just groaned in pleasure as she was ridden. Other men sat alone in the theatre, apparently rubbing themselves off at the film on the screen and the action going on all around them. Several men were staring up at Sarah from where we stood. Three men began to wander over to our direction.

"I want undivided attention", Sarah said smiling at them. "Where can we go?" "Follow me", one of them said, smiling and he winked at his two friends.

His eyes were glued on Sarah's tits. He walked up the stairs and led us out of the theatre. The other two stayed where they were. We followed him down the stairs and off towards the private rooms.

"This one's empty", he said, opening the door to a large darkly-lit room.

It was decorated bondage-style with a metal table over to one side and large metal poles beside it.

"I want lots of undivided attention", Sarah said, smiling sexily at the man.

"Wait. Be patient", he said.

Shortly afterwards the door opened again and men began piling into the room. It was nearly filled with about twenty or so men and Sarah was the only female! I looked at her but she didn't even appear nervous. "That's more like it", she said, grinning.

The men moved into a kind of semi-circle around her and she began to dance around them. She moved up to one of the men and asked him to take off her top. The man complied and she danced back into the centre of the room. She then moved over to another man and rubbed her pert ass up against his thigh and as she did so she peeled off her skirt. The men's eyes were all glued to Sarah's body as she moved around the room; one predominant thought seemed to be on their minds. She then unclipped her bra revealing her beautiful breasts, her nipples hard and erect. She looked so sluttish dancing up to the men, wearing only black pumps, crotchless fishnet stockings and a black-latex g-string. She moved to the centre of the room again and bent right over, showing off her beautiful tight ass. The line of the g-string barely concealed her semi-shaven pussy! She brought her hands up and over her ass and then began gently caressing her pussy through the latex. She then slapped her ass hard with her hand.

"Show us your pussy, slut!" One of the men shouted out. Languorously

She smiled and pulled the g-string to one side exposing her soaking pussy. She stood back upright and moved over to him. She stood in front of him and reached out and began to caress his cock through his trousers. She then knelt down and unzipped his pants exposing his hard cock. She began to lick the head gently and sucked his balls while rubbing the shaft up and down. Another man grabbed her head and pushed her mouth down over the cock:

"Take it all in slut. Don't tease." The man commanded. She ended up being forced to take the whole thing down her throat.

"Fuck her mouth", another man said and the man began to drive his hips, slamming his cock in and out of her mouth, his balls whacking against her chin. Sarah was groaning at the effort of deep-throating the cock. Suddenly the man pulled out of her mouth and pumped his cock in his fist. Come jetted out from its head in spurts and landed in Sarah's awaiting mouth. The man then pushed his still-spurting cock back into her mouth, forcing her to take it all down, as his cock convulsed and sprayed its last against the back of her throat.

Finally he was spent. Sarah stood up, cum was dripping down her chin and onto her tits. She just smiled and rubbed the cum over her tits until they glistened, her mouth open in ecstasy.

"The slut loves cum", I told them. "Suck me, bitch", another man said.

He took out his huge, swollen cock and began to rub it. Sarah moved over to him and knelt down to suck it. She began by licking up the pre-cum glistening on its head before taking it into her mouth. The man groaned in pleasure as he watched. Other men began to move in. One grabbed her head and began to force her again into deep-throating the man's cock. He was much bigger than the other man which made Sarah gag as it was forced down her throat. As she pulled away a man behind her slapped her ass hard with his hand.

"Take it you slut", the man who slapped her said tersely.

The man then pushed his cock back into her mouth harder this time, pulling her head down over it. Her lips were tightly splayed around the huge cock but finally she took it all in. Several others knelt beside her and began to squeeze her tits roughly, pulling at her nipples and rubbing them briskly.

"Swallow that cock", they began saying.

"Let its cum soil down your throat", the man behind her slapped her ass again, which made Sarah groan, this time in pleasure.

"The slut's enjoying it!" The man said.

He then tugged down her g-string exposing her wet pussy. He slapped her naked ass again and then spread her cheeks giving everyone in the room a clear view of her tight puckered asshole and her gushy wet pussy.

The man then undid his pants pulling out his hard member.

"We'll give the slut a night to remember."

He pushed his cock into her tight pussy, her juices making it slide in easily. He began to ride her without mercy, banging against her ass relentlessly. Sarah began to gyrate against the thick cock in her pussy, groaning as she deep-throated the other man. The man who was getting the head then pulled out of Sarah's mouth.

"Cum all over the slut's face", someone said.

"Jack me off in your face", the man then ordered. Sarah was hesitant but someone gave her ass another hard slap and she reached out to grab it. She began to rub it faster and faster.

"Open your mouth bitch", the man said and then came; his hot sticky cum splattering over Sarah's face and landing in her mouth. She licked the salty cum from her lips and chin. The men all saw her do it and she looked up at them smiling,

"Mmmmmmmmmm, I love to eat cum"

Sarah was playing the perfect part of a man's fantasy slut. The man behind her was nearing climax, he suddenly grunted and the others held Sarah's hips as he came with his dick shoved deep inside her pussy.

"Bring her over here", someone said and I saw him standing over near two large metal poles mounted with heavy stands. Someone retrieved some rope from a corner and some others moved the large metal poles into the centre of the room. Sarah was stood up and led to the poles.

"Tie her arms", one said.

Rope was tied around each of her wrists and her legs were bound to each of the metal poles. The men then moved the poles apart until her legs were stretched wide open, revealing her wet pussy which dripped cum down her legs. Sarah looked a little nervous but I think she was also looking forward to what was to come. The two men who were holding the rope connected to her wrist then pulled her whole body downwards so that she was in a bent over position.

"Look at her pussy - it's just begging to be fucked", someone commented.

She was a slut there for their taking. One man moved in front of her and pushed his cock into her mouth. Sarah was far from tired and sucked on it like there was no tomorrow. The man came quickly inside her mouth and another took his place. Soon there were two or three men taking turns fucking her mouth. They fought over who would be next. They finally undid the ropes holding her arms so that she could rub two cocks while one fucked her mouth. Two of them lifted up her head and came at the same time, filling Sarah's mouth with their hot cum. Soon her face and her hair was entirely covered with cum but she just kept going.

Behind her men had lined up waiting to fuck her pussy. The first man's cock was huge. As he pushed it into Sarah's tight little pussy she squirmed.

"Shut up and take it slut", the man said and he began to slap her ass in unison with his prodding. Gradually his cock eased into her pussy until his whole 13 inches was deep inside her. He then began to pound her into oblivion while some men held her cheeks apart. They then began to rub her asshole with their fingers, Sarah moaned as they probed her ass with their fingers while the huge cock pounded her pussy. She loved the feeling of being completely helpless, unable to do anything with her legs tied to the poles as she was taken by multiple men and treated like a slut. The first man came and another took over.

After nearly all the men had had their fill of her, they untied her bonds. She looked like a perfect slut, face and body covered with cum. A lot of the men had left but some remained and they wanted their turn.

"Make them take my ass and pussy", she whimpered at me.

I moved her over to the table. One man got onto the table and two others picked Sarah up. They eased her cunt down over the man's hard cock and she gasped as it entered her. She sat up on his cock and looked around at the five men remaining.

"Fuck my ass!" She said, spreading her cheeks at the men, "Please someone push your cock into my tight little ass."

One of the men quickly complied, leaping onto the table. He positioned the head of his cock against Sarah's tight ass, as she spread her cheeks, opening her asshole slightly. He shoved his cock hard into her.

"Oh god!" Sarah gasped, as she was taken by two cocks at the same time. Her favourite position when in her sluttish role. She began to ride around, gyrating her hips in a lusty motion, grinding down on the cocks as one slid in and out of her pussy and the other fucked her deep in the ass. Another man came around to the front of her and pulled out his cock. Sarah grabbed it and thrust it into her mouth groaning.

"The sluts taken three cocks and still wants more!"

The other two men watched, rubbing their cocks as the men fucked her relentlessly. The man on the bottom soon came and slid out from under her and I took his place. I held up my erect cock that was screaming out to cum. Sarah rubbed her clit over it and then slid down over it, she groaned again, even more so this time for she realised it was me. We then began to alternate rhythms, she would grind her pussy down over my cock and the man fucking her ass would pull out slightly, and vice versa. Sarah loved this method, it made her feel like a slut getting a really good solid fucking. She kept her tempo going the whole time and soon we could all feel everyone was near the edge. The rhythm suddenly sped up. The man getting blown was soon thrusting her cock in and out of her mouth in a blur and pulling her hair. Both our other cocks were banging into Sarah simultaneously and I could feel her pussy tighten each time as the other man's cock pounded into her ass. I was nearing the point of no return as well.

Suddenly the man fucking Sarah's mouth began to come. Sarah grabbed his cock and milked it into her mouth using hard strong strokes which sent a torrent of cum down her throat. The other man pulled out of her ass and spread her puckered asshole wide open. He then came splattering his load all over her ass-cheeks. He then pushed the head of his cock against her opened asshole and shot the last of his come into her. I pulled out of her pussy and spread her onto all-fours. She realised what I was going to do and smiled sexily at me. I pushed my cock into her asshole. It slid in easily because it was lubed with the other man's cum. I then pounded her until I finally came with my cock buried to the hilt in her ass, my cum filling her insides. The other two men then moved towards her and brought themselves off spraying her body with long wet streams.

Finally it was all over. Everyone left the room leaving me and Sarah to talk about our experiences. She was a sight to see alright as she stood beside me. Black pumps, torn fishnets, her thinly-shaved pussy sticky with congealing cum, her ass red and raw and beginning to drip wet cum, her tits red and raw and her face entirely layered with the stuff. She had certainly gotten her fill this time as a slut.