The College Girl by Lil' Kim

The College Girl

I was 19 and finally starting college. I couldn't wait for the very day to come that I could move out of mommy and daddy's house. Even though I was a freshman I was very excited because I was going to school near Minneapolis. I had known a man that lived there when I was 14 and wanted so bad to visit there.

I remember the day I met him like it was yesterday. We had both been talking online in the same chat room and then we started talking privately. What was thought to be an innocent relationship turned out to be a little more. He was older then me and we both knew that but our heart or maybe it was just our hormones didn't care.

His name was Tom and at the time when I was 14 he was 31. He had been divorced and had 2 children with his ex-wife. Tom and I had talked online everyday for 3 years straight but somehow in my senior year of high school we lost contact with each other. So now that I was starting college near where he lived it would be great.

One week after I arrived I decided to call him and see what he had been up to. As I was dialing the number I remembered the last time I heard his voice when I was 15. We had steamy phone sex for 3 hours. God that was good! As I listened to the phone ring my mind just kept wondering back to everything that we had ever talked about until suddenly the deepest, but sexiest voice I had ever heard said "Hello?"

For a moment I was speechless. "Tom?" I continued to say with a little fear in my voice. "Hi, this is Kim. Remember me? We talked online. How are you doing?" That was probably the longest I had ever talked on the phone in one day. To my surprise I found out that he was still single and hadn't gotten re-married. So that day we had made plans to meet and have dinner at a restaurant in Minneapolis.

I drove my car to the restaurant and parked directly out front. I nervously walked through the doors of the restaurant and looked around. Sure enough he was at the table by the window like he said he would be. I was wearing a short black skirt with a red short sleeve, button down shirt that showed some of my chest. I wore black thigh-highs held up by a garter just like he had told me to wear to my homecoming my freshmen year of high school. Tom was wearing a pair of black dress pants and a blue silk shirt. Damn he looked so good.

He stood up and started walking over toward me. He put his arms out and put them around my waist and I had mine around his neck to give him the biggest hug possible. I could start to feel his warm hand sliding down my ass and over to my leg, moving my skirt. Then he stopped and walked me over to the table. He pulled out my chair for me to sit down and I crossed my legs. He then took his set on the other side of the candle lit table. As he sat down he grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes and then slowly moved down to my chest. At that very moment his napkin dropped to the ground. His sweaty hand slowly slid away from mine as he bent down to get his napkin. He was now looking under the table so I decided to spread my legs a little to give him an idea of what was underneath the skirt of mine. Just by the color and look on his face I could tell that he had realized that I wasn't wearing and panties. At that moment we both decided that the restaurant was a place both of us didn't want to be. So we both stood up and walked hand 'n hand out the door.

Tom opened the door for me of his jeep. The night was cool but not as cool as the seats were against my ass. He got in the car and shut the door. He leaned over to me and we both started passionately kissing. His hand ran over my knee and then up my skirt to my garter that was holding up my thigh-highs. I slowly started to run my hands through his hair with him now half on top of me. We suddenly stopped and he sat up straight in his seat and drove us to his house with his hand high on my inner thigh the whole drive.

When we finally got there he jumped out of the jeep and ran over to my side and opened the door. I moved my body so that I was still sitting on the set but my feet were out the door. He moved in close spreading my legs and kissing me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he picked me up as I put my arms around his neck to hold on tight. We continued to kiss as he carried me in through the front door of the house. He then put me down and I walked the rest of the way in the house. After he sat down on the couch I sat on his lap facing him with my legs bent in a straddle. His hands started running up my skirt again. His hand then traveled to the back of my skirt to the zipper and unzipped my skirt. While kissing, I ran my fingers through his hair and down his chest, unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. As I was running my hands all over the upper part of his body I started to kiss down Tom's neck. Then I slowly ran my hand down to his black pants and unbuttoned them. Just by his breathing and the way he was squirming I could tell that I was arousing him. I continued kissing down his body, to his chest, and then down his stomach, and stopped at his belly button. I looked up into his eyes and removed his pants and boxers. I then started at his belly button and continued to kiss down spreading his legs with my hands. I then kissed his inner thighs just to tease him a little. Slowly I started to put the head of his dick in my mouth and licked it with my tongue. I moved my tongue around his dick consuming it in my mouth even more. I then started sucking him off, first gently and then a little harder. I could now taste a little bit of cum slide out of his dick and down my throat. I suddenly stopped, wanting him to save his cum for my warm wet pussy. I slowly worked my way back up his body.

I then, sitting on him once again, removed my shirt exposing my bare breasts to his site. Then I stood and lifted one foot so it was up on the coffee table and slid my skirt farther up my thigh. I then ran two fingers from each hand under the top of my thigh-highs and then slid it down my legs and bending over enough for him to see part of my ass. I then repeated the process on the other leg. To top it all off I then slid my unzipped skirt down to my ankles and stepped out of it.

Now that we were both totally naked, with Tom sitting on the couch and me still standing, I walked back over to him, straddling his legs while I was on my knees. I looked down at him and started kissing him. I could feel his hand running down my back until he got to my ass and just held it in his hands. He then started to slowly pull his lips away from mine. Tom's mouth and tongue started to move down my neck to my hard nipples. First I could feel him licking around my nipples then he started to play with it with his tongue. Then he finished it off by gently sucking. Tom had realized that this was arousing me very much so he moved his body and was moving mine for me to lay on the couch under him. We started out just laying there kissing and then he once again started down my body. This time when he got to my breasts he kissed each nipple and continued down my body. When he got to my belly button he stopped. He looked up at me and gave me the most beautiful smile I had ever seen in my life and I gave one right back.

He then continued kissing down my body and spread my legs wide with his hands. As he ran his hand on my inner thigh right next to my pussy and he could feel how wet I got. He then started kissing every part of my thigh that he had just touched. He could now hear me moaning knowing exactly what I was craving. He then started kissing and sucking on one of my lips, sliding his tongue in my pussy near my clit every few seconds. He then stuck his tongue in my pussy and was licking my clit. When he started to hear me moan a little more he put two of his fingers up my pussy. He then pulled them out very fast and replaced his fingers with his tongue. Just to make me crave him more he stopped at that moment and started kissing back up my body.

He got up off of me to slowly start to guide his dick into my pussy. At first he just stuck the head in and even then I could feel his dick growing more inside of me. He slowly then slid his dick farther in my pussy as I let out a moan. Then all at once I could feel Tom's dick go deep inside of me. He started off moving his body against mine slow to let me get used to the size of his dick and then he started to move a little faster. As his dick was moving in and out of me I could feel it still swelling. Both of us started breathing very heavily and I was moaning and screaming so loud I'm surprised the neighbors didn't hear. Then I could feel him shoot his cum deep inside my pussy. That's when I could suddenly feel my pussy get very wet and tight around his dick and did nothing but scream for the next 10 seconds, because it felt so good for him to finally fuck me after all that time we had talked.

For the rest of the night we stayed up for a while talking in front of the fire place and then when we went to bed that night we repeated the process again at least 2 or 3 times if not more that night.