The Counsellor gets a Nice Surprise by Captain Squall

The Counsellor gets a Nice Surprise

Patricia had finally landed the job she had yearned for after so many years, as a student counsellor at a local university. It was her job to provide advice and professional counselling to the growing number of overseas students, who came to her university.

She was also involved in providing "pastoral care" for the students, especially on matters relating to adjusting to being away from their own countries, and often from their husbands and wives. So he was not surprised when Alex Leung made an appointment to see her for advice about a personal matter. She introduced herself to Alex and made him feel comfortable, using the skills and cultural awareness she had gained by working overseas herself in Asia.

Alex was a little atypical from most overseas students, as he was relatively tall, but he had a solid frame, helped by his weight lifting activities at his high school and later in the university gym. Patricia thought he was a good looking fellow and she felt quite at ease talking to him. It seemed as though he was missing his fiancÚ back in Hong Kong, and wanted some advice as to how to cope, as well as getting involved in some social contacts while in Australia.

Patricia had obviously made a good impression as Alex was very pleased with her advice and, as he was going to lunch, asked her to join him. Patricia had no hesitation in accompanying him, as it was important that she be seen on campus to be mixing both socially and professionally with the overseas students.

Over lunch they talked of many things, and Alex even managed to discuss some of the more liberated aspects of Australian students' behaviour. Patricia laughed and confided in him that, yes, he may find the local social habits a little different from that of conservative Hong Kong. Alex had also managed to adjust to the local habit of shaking hands, and when he said goodbye and expressed his thanks, Patricia's thoughts dwelled on his warm, friendly handshake.

A week or so later, Alex was surprised to receive a telephone call late in the evening from Patricia. She was working late and wanted to run some ideas past Alex regarding some social activities, and she wanted his advice. He quickly asked her to visit him at home, even though he was discussing some assignments with another friend of his.

As Patricia drove up to the house, she saw another visitor's car in the driveway, and she recognised this as belonging to another overseas student, David Chin from Singapore.

She was warmly met by Alex and the three of them sat in the lounge discussing the proposed activities. They needed some "ice breaking" activities to get things moving along at a future party and they were "brainstorming" a range of ideas. Alex passed everyone a generous glass of cognac and after an hour or so, the mood was definitely more relaxed.

David knew Patricia and had always admired her from afar, as she was quite pretty, and kept her figure in good shape, even as she had just turned forty years of age. She could easily have passed for someone in her late 20s most people thought. David was short and stocky, his physique and fitness helped by his regular badminton.

The conversation actually was getting a little risque, when Alex started to talk of his fiancÚ and how they had to be very secretive about their love life back in Hong Kong. David also seemed to want to reveal how he had recently been seduced by an Australian girl, who had confessed she "wanted to know what it was like", making love with a guy from Singapore.

Patricia soon found herself being a little aroused by all this talk, and she took a healthy swig of her cognac. After a while, she glanced at her watch and realised it was later than she thought. She stood up and felt a little light headed, and realised she would probably be over the 0.5% alcohol limit. Embarrassed she asked Alex if she could stay over that night in his spare room. Before long she had left the two boys, had a quick shower and lay down on the double bed in the guest room.

She couldn't recall when she awoke, but she heard the sound of a video being played on the television in the lounge. Tiptoe-ing to the door she opened it a little. She could see David and Alex watching and obviously enjoying a blue movie - and one showing a Western girl enjoying the attentions of two young Asian men. Patricia felt herself getting wet with her arousal, as she watched the scene on the TV, and also glanced at the boys, whose hands were inside their bulging trousers.

She continued to stand there, transfixed at the video and the thought entered her head that the scenario could be played out in that house that very evening. She was now feeling hornier than ever, but couldn't bring herself to walk out brazenly into the room and possibly spoil things. But a thought came to her mind as to how she could arrange things to go the way she would like and send the boys "a signal".

After the video had finished the boys, still sporting impressive erections, and feeling quite horny themselves, got up to go to bed.

"Hey Alex - take a look at this", said David. Alex came over and they saw Patricia's bra and panties had been left hanging on the door handle - outside her bedroom - and obviously meant to be found. Exchanging smiles, they interpreted this was a fairly obvious and welcome invitation.

It was Alex who opened the door, and they both approached the bed in the darkness. "Pssst - Patricia, are you awake?" whispered Alex.

"Sure" she replied lazily, with a smile - " what took you so long?" They could see the outline of Patricia's body under the bed sheet.

Both boys undressed in record time, tossing their clothes in the corner. They both climbed on the bed, naked and obviously very erect, still aroused by the video as well as the sight of Patricia's underwear on display. Neither of them had ever been in a threesome before but the prospect was making them both very hard and their hearts were pounding.

David slowly pulled back the bed sheet, revealing all of Patricia's naked beauty. They saw her dark hair spread on the pillow case, her slender body spread lasciviously and invitingly on the bed, her breasts falling to one side, her dark bush of pubic hair - more than they had seen on any Asian girl. The sight aroused them even more, and they knelt beside Patricia and started to gently stroke her body. In turn they kissed her breasts, and nuzzled her pubic hair. Patricia was almost beside herself in her own desire, as the thought of having these two gentle, athletic young Asian men pamper to her every need. Her mind flicked back to the video she had seen and she thought of the options in front of her.

It was Alex who took the initiative, as he crouched between Patricia's legs and he leaned down and started to tongue her very gently. Patricia arched her hips to meet his mouth, while David moved alongside Patricia's head. She turned and reached for his hard cock, pulling him towards her and taking him in her mouth. He had little pubic hair like most Asians, but his cock was as hard and majestic as any she would wish to hold. Both men were also circumcised, which Patricia knew was unusual. She preferred it that way, and she started licking and sucking on David's cock, which by now had assumed impressive proportions, his balls suspended in their soft sac beneath him. Patricia fondled them sensitively, while she also felt Alex's tongue darting into her vaginal folds.

Both Alex and David could feel the seeping of lubricating fluid from the tips of their cocks, as they anticipated the action ahead. Patricia was now very wet, due to Alex's skilful stimulation and her own desire, being there stark naked, with two, sensitive guys pleasuring her.

Patricia reached over beside the bed and squeezed some KY jelly onto her hand. She reached down and applied it to her anus and to Alex's cock. She then pulled Alex towards her and pushed him down on his back, and she moved around and crouched over him, facing his feet. His cock rose majestically from his loins, and squatting over him she circled it with both hands, applying the lubricating jelly, and then lowered herself onto its rigid warmness. To his surprise, she took it inside her anus, its close warmth and tightness surprising him. She then lay down so her back was now on his chest, and her legs lay outside of Alex's. David knew an invitation wen he saw it - and he saw Patricia, impaled on Alex's cock, but her pussy was still awaiting a visitor. He kneeled between her legs and rubbed the tip of his cock around her vulva. He was staggered at its wetness and state of readiness. Without waiting he slowly inserted his cock into Patricia's waiting cunt, and he slid in easily and smoothly, up to the hilt. She gasped as she was now stuffed with cocks fore and aft.

Alex reached around Patricia's body and started to fondle her breasts and erect nipples, as he gently heaved his hips up and down, moving his cock slowly in her anus. Above her, David was shafting his generous cock in and out of her glorious cunt, as he felt the other cock through the membrane between her cunt and her anus.

Patricia was almost weeping in gratitude as she felt the thickness and gentle shafting in her rear, complemented by David's slow and deliberate in-out as he leaned down and kissed her eyes, her lips and her cheeks.

Patricia was now moaning in her lust, as she heaved and rocked to and fro, full of cock, and the object of two very desirable young guys. She knew the anus was a relatively taboo area for sexual activity but she was now aware of its ability to deliver intense sexual pleasure. She was now in a "double penetration" situation - one which she had read about and occasionally seen on blue videos. But this was real, and not just fantasy.

She felt Alex beneath her start to grunt and he whispered "oh god, I'm coming... I can't stop it comes...." and she felt his hot creaminess shoot deep inside her, time after time, as his hips jerked up in synch with his jetting inside her. Hearing this was too much for David's control, and too felt a surge in his loins and then it came - several long, generous bursts of warm semen, shot deep and long inside Patricia's clamping cunt. The thought of these two guys shooting their loads inside her was enough to bring Patricia to a shaking climax and she actually screamed "Aaaaaghhh......oh my god, I'm coming,... I'm coming.... I'm coming...." and she shouted a very loud "OOOOOHHHHH!" before she slowed her heaving movements - under David and on top of Alex.

She felt she had ejaculated herself and her own juices combined with those of David and Alex as their own thrusting slowed and slowed.

It was to be a long night that night. After they all had showered and refreshed themselves, they returned to the bedroom for some other interesting variations.....and Patricia knew she had made the right career choice after all......

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