Cuckolded and Loving It by Ooz

Cuckolded and Loving It

"Darling, have you seen my pink panties? The ones with the green stains in the crotch?" Darla Jenkins asked her husband. She knew full well what had happened to the panties, having discovered them in the back corner of her husband's closet, full of cum and shit stains.

"I . . . gee, no dear," Don Jenkins answered meekly. "I have no idea what you did with them," he continued, his face burning with shame.

"Well they were in your closet the last time I saw them, Donald. And they were full of cum. You were wearing them, weren't you, sweetie. Admit it, you wimp."

Don hung his head, mortified beyond belief. First he had been forced to endure Darla's mocking, accusing smirks each time they'd tried to make love lately. For some reason, his cock lately had failed to respond. He could maintain an erection only for a few moments, and then it wilted, leaving him shamefaced and humiliated. To make matters worse, whenever he was able to sneak out to the adult theater in town, or one of the bookstores with glory holes in them he was able to not only succeed in becoming erect, he was also able to produce the most glorious orgasms he'd ever had. Sometimes his cum would spew as high as two feet in the air before splattering nastily down onto his pudgy stomach . . . or lately, inside some strange man's mouth.

"Well, Donald? I'm waiting for an answer. Can you explain your actions to me?" Darla glared, arms crossed, a stern expression on her face.

"I . . . I don't know what to say," Don stammered, which was the truth . . . what could he say . . . he had no idea.

"Well I know what to say, you little worm. You're a little faggot . . . you've been wearing my panties, and where? To the movies again? Have you also been sucking men's cocks, Donald? Or letting them fuck you? Have you? TELL ME, GOD DAMN IT!" Darla screamed, her hands on her hips, her glaring gaze so frightening Donald wondered if he might faint.

"I . . . yes. I . . . I have," he whispered, so ashamed now, so humiliated, he wanted to cry. How had it come to this? What evil forces had driven him to so debase and embarrass himself, he wondered. Yet it was true what Darla was saying. All of it. Every word . . . .

"You have been WHAT?" she screamed.

"I've been wearing your panties . . . to the adult theater . . . and I've been . . . letting men . . . do things to me," he whimpered, closer than ever to tears now. His entire marriage, he realized, was crumbling and he was powerless to do anything about it.

"Oh Donald. You're such a wimp," Darla sighed. "Come here, sweetie," she cooed. Sit next to me. Right here. On the bed," she said, patting the spot next to her at the edge of the mattress.

Don walked over to his wife and slumped down next to her. "What?" he whined.

"If you wish to save this marriage, Donald . . . if you wish to remain living in this house, you must tell me everything you have been doing. EVERYTHING, Donald. Is that clear? Otherwise I'll throw your faggot ass out on the street and take you for every penny you ever had or will have for as long as you can imagine. Now fess up, sweetie. Tell momma all about what a baddddd little boy you've become," Darla said lightly. Since the first realization that Don might be interested in other men, Darla had begun fantasizing about how this little tidbit of information might improve her life. Don was okay as a lover, or at least had been in the past. But lately, he just wasn't giving Darla the kind of sex a hot woman like herself needed. And so her campaign to convert her husband into a bisexual slave had been hatched.

At first during their lovemaking she'd merely hinted at how much fun it might be to have another person in bed with them. Then she'd begun talking about what if that other person would be a man. Each time she mentioned it, Don's cock had throbbed inside her cunt, and when she began making him suck her thumb, telling him to pretend it was another man's cock, right there over her face, fucking Don's mouth while Darla watched, well, each time she made him do that he came, almost immediately. Lately, however, even that had failed to arouse him, and when she began secretly following him to the theater, observing him on two occasions when he came out afterward, she realized he must have been doing something inside the theater other than just watching the movies. His face was always flushed, and on a couple of occasions Darla noticed cum on his trousers, or shorts. Cum from whom, she wondered. Now she was going to find out.

"So tell me, darling. Have you worn my panties to the porno theater?" Darla asked again.

"You . . . you know about that?" Don asked, his face turning crimson again.

"Yes, baby. I know about you going there. I've seen you, Donald. I've followed you there. So confess, baby. I'm not angry. Just horny. Tell me what you do there, Donald. And don't you fucking DARE leave anything out."

"It's true," Donald admitted quietly, the shame so great now he could hardly stand it, especially since at that very moment he was wearing the same pair of panties Darla had asked about. That afternoon he'd sneaked out of work early and gone to the theater where a stranger and Donald had engaged in mutual masturbation, with both Donald and the other man ending up coming all over the panties. They were still wet, and as Donald thought about it he realized his cock was growing hard again. "I . . . I've worn them to the porno theater. And I've come in them," Donald confessed, his voice quivering with shame.

"And when was the last time you were at the theater, Donald?" Darla asked. "Remember, you better tell me the truth or you're out on your ass."

"I may be anyway," a contrite Donald offered weakly, trying to gauge just how much he should admit to Darla.

"Not if you tell the truth, Donald. I swear, if you tell me the truth about what you've been doing, I won't throw you out. But if I catch you in even the smallest lie, you're history. IS THAT CLEAR, you little weasel prick?" Darla screamed.

"YES!" Don hissed, startled by the venom in his wife's voice.

"So . . . when were you there last?" Darla asked again.

"Today," Donald whispered.

"What? I can't hear you, faggot. Speak up!" Darla snapped.

"I said I was there today," Donald answered louder, immediately regretting his impertinence, or at least what he felt sounded like impertinence.

"And are you wearing my panties, Donald?" Darla asked.

"Yes," Don whispered, his head down, the humiliation of his confession crushing him, yet somehow something about telling Darla was exciting as well. He felt his cock twitch in the wet, cum-stained panties, and suddenly it was growing.

"Take your pants off, Donald," Darla snarled. "I want to see what you look like as a sissy."

Donald's embarrassment was strangely acting as a stimulant to him, and as he slowly unbuckled his belt, unbuttoning his pants to let them fall to the floor in front of him he was suddenly glad his cock was hard again. He WANTED Darla to see how hard his cock could get when provided with the right kind of stimulation.

"My God, Donald, my panties are all WET! They're stained with CUM!" she gasped. And then she began to laugh. "Oh Donald, you pathetic little sissy. Is that what you do there, sweetie? You jack off and come in my panties? Is that why I found them all sticky like that in your closet? Or is that cum from another man? Or better still . . . other men?"

"It's from other men," Donald said almost proudly. Suddenly, with the emergence of a full erection he seemed to become more defiant.

"Take them off at once, Donald!" Darla snapped.

Donald did, stripping the panties down over his cock and balls, over his knees, and then to his ankles, where he stepped out of them.

"Give them to me," Darla commanded, holding out her hand. Donald draped the wet panties across Darla's hand, then waited to see what she would do next.

Darla held the wet panties to her nose, sniffing them, the unmistakable scent of male cum filling her nostrils as her hooded gaze glared at Don.

"Come closer, Donald," she said menacingly. He did. "Now lick them. Lick the cum from them, Donald," she said, watching as Don immediately did as she commanded.

"You like that, don't you, Donald," Darla purred. "All that nasty cum . . . all sticky on your face . . . like this," she said, mashing the cum panties all over Donald's face, smearing his lips and cheeks with cum, washing his face in it.

"Oh God!" Donald moaned, his uncontrollable excitement causing him to suddenly begin coming all over Darla's leg.

"Why you little SHIT!" Darla laughed. "Now look what you have to clean up!"

Without being asked, Don fell to his knees and immediately began licking the hot cum off Darla's leg. Above him, his wife continued to smear his neck and cheeks with the soiled panties. "Good boy," she said, patting him on the head like a puppy. "Good boy LIKES to eat cum, doesn't him, snookums. So bad . . . so nasty. Him would just wuv to eat some nasty old hot cum out of mummy's pussy after a mean old man just fucked her, wouldn't him," she teased, her baby talk and what she was doing, and saying, turning Donald on again. Remarkably, his cock remained hard, and when Darla saw it she told him what she wanted from then on.

"Listen to me, Donald. While you have failed to satisfy me lately, it is clear you still can manage a hard cock under the right circumstances. Therefore, my pet, I will work on creating the right circumstances, just for you, because I really do love you Donald."

"What . . . what are you going to do, Darla?" he asked.

"Why Donald . . . I'm going to let other men fuck me of course . . . lots of other men. And then I'm going to have you eat me afterward. I'm going to straddle your face and smother you in hot cum from strange cocks, Donald. And if you're VERY good, I'll consider even bringing some of my lovers home so you can suck them to get them hard for me. Would you like that, Donald?" Darla cooed, watching her husband to gauge his reaction to her plan.

"I . . . oh God, Darla . . . I don't want you fucking other men, darling," he moaned.

"Well that's too bad, isn't it, sissy boy. You started this, Donald. And I'M going to finish it."

That weekend Donald sat meekly watching as his beautiful wife got dressed to go out without him. She wore her sexiest panties, a pair of high-cut black bikini panties, trimmed in red lace, a short tennis skirt, a thin tank top without a bra, and a pair of white tennis shoes.

"Where are you going to go, Darla?" he asked.

"To get you your cum, darling," she answered, her pussy aching with the thought of what she was going to do.

"But where?" Donald asked cautiously.

"Why the same place you go, darling. I'm going to go to your movie theater. And I'm going to suck and fuck strangers, Donald. But don't worry. I won't be out too late. The cum will still be warm when it leaks out of my pussy and into your mouth," Darla smirked. "Don't you DARE jackoff until I get home, Donald. If you do I'll cane your sorry ass until it bleeds. Understand?"

"Yes, Darla," Donald whispered. His cock was so hard it ached. Every word uttered by his sexy wife was like a pair of lips caressing his dick. Was she REALLY going to go to the porno theater? By HERSELF??? God! The men there would be on her like flies on honey. He could just imagine what she'd let them do to her. Already this week she'd fucked someone and made him eat her pussy afterward. Poor Donald didn't even know who the lucky fucker had been. All Donald knew was that he had adored eating the stringy, warm cum from his wife's pussy when she came home and sat on his face. And now she was going to go to the porno theater. Donald could hardly wait for her to return to him and tell him all about what she'd done while he was sucking the cum from her pretty pussy.

The hours passed slowly as Donald sat waiting for Darla to return. She had left around 6:00 and now it was getting dark outside. The clock had chimed ten times a few minutes ago, and Donald was beginning to become worried when he saw the flashing of headlights pulling into the driveway. Instantly his cock began to harden. As instructed, he was wearing the lingerie Darla had told him to wear while waiting for her. She had purchased a complete set of lingerie for him, and he was wearing it now . . . a black slip, black nylon panties, black garter belt, black stockings . . . even a small black bra which held his pudgy tits nicely inside its silky confines.

Donald waited in the bedroom as he heard the garage door opening. He listened as the car motor stopped, then heard the kitchen door open while the garage door began to close. His cock hard now, Donald held his breath, listening as Darla clinked a few ice cubes into a glass. After an eternity, she appeared in the doorway of the bedroom. Donald's mouth dropped open as he stared at her.

"What's the matter, baby? Didn't you believe me when I told you where I was going?" Darla smirked. She was a total mess. Her dark hair was streaked with gobs of thick, white cum, and her tank top was wet and caked with it. She reeked of cum, and as she walked toward him, Donald could smell the familiar scent of male ball sweat on her face.

"Kiss me, Donald," Darla said, leaning down to her husband, grasping his cock in her fingers as she slid a gob of cum into his mouth. "I've been saving that for you, Donald. I drove all the way home with my mouth full of cum just for you."

"Oh God!" Donald gasped, his cock twitching as a small gob of cum erupted from its tip into his panties, staining them.

"You like that, baby?" Darla asked, smearing her cum-caked cheeks against Donald's.

"Yes!" he hissed, licking her face, uncaring of what she thought of him now, instead simply wanting to debase himself before her.

"I have more, Donald. I brought you a souvenir. Look," Darla said, holding up a used rubber. It was full of cum, and as Donald stared at it, Darla began to slowly tip the contents of the used scumbag into his mouth.

"Oh GODDDDD!" Donald moaned.

"Open up, baby," Darla teased. "I found it. On the floor of the men's room, Donald. I don't even know who it belonged to. But you don't care, do you, sissy boy?"

"No!" Donald cried, his voice strangled with lust. "Just give it to me," he whimpered.

"Here, you little pig. Eat it," Darla snapped, squeezing the base of the rubber tightly together, then running her fingers down the length of it, draining a puddle of cum from the rubber into Donald's mouth.

"Oh YESSSSSS!" Donald hissed, his cock immediately exploding, spewing messy gobs of cum into his panties.

"Poor baby. So hot . . . so depraved. Coming already, are we, Donald?" Darla laughed, squeezing his prick, feeling the thick cum collecting around his cock inside the panties.

"Oh . . . oh . . . oh Goddddd!" Donald moaned, his cock spurting again as Darla teased and laughed at him.

"If you like that so much, taste this, Donald," Darla said, crawling onto the bed. Pushing Donald down onto his back. Darla stood above her husband's face, her sopping panties drenched with cum. "Suck me, Donald. Suck the cum from my panties, then pull them aside and swallow all of it."

Darla lowered her crotch to her waiting husband's face, smearing the gooey mess all over his lips before settling down onto his mouth. Donald eagerly lapped the thick, wet cum from her panties, feeling it all over his face, on his lips, and in his mouth. As quickly as he could, he tugged at the edge of the panties with his teeth, pulling them aside, freeing Darla's cunt hole from the captivity of the panties.

And then he was drinking it, drinking rivers of hot, dirty, nasty cum from her cunt, sucking it, tasting and adoring it. God I'm a slut, he thought to himself as he devoured the sticky dirtiness. And oh God how I love it!

"God Donald, you do eat me so fucking good, darling. I'll give you that. You do know how to please a girl with your mouth and tongue. But you're such a nasty slut, Donald. Eating your whoring wife's pussy after she's been fucked by a group of nasty old strangers. Shame on you, sissy boy. Have you no self-respect, Donald?"

"NO!" he moaned, pushing his tongue further up inside his wife's cunt, wallowing in the filth of the nasty river of cum flowing over his lips and into his perverted mouth. "I love it!" he moaned from somewhere deep in her crotch.

"Then you'll love this, too," Darla said, suddenly taken with a new way to humiliate her husband. Slowly, leisurely, she began to relax. And then she pissed, directly into Donald's mouth.

"HMMMM!" Donald cried out, pressing his mouth even harder against her pussy, tasting what she was doing to him, wanting it, wallowing in the filth of this totally sick perversion as well.

Darla back away from his face while continuing to piss all over his face. "You like that, too, faggot?" she smirked.

"YES! Oh GOD yes!" he gasped, licking at the stream she was spraying all over his face, her cunt moving around in a circle, drenching him as he tried to capture the golden flow in her mouth.

Above him, Darla giggled madly. She felt as though she might be going insane, and believed Donald already had. What man would drink piss from a cunt that had been recently fucked by strange men? What kind of man would allow his wife to go out and GET fucked in the first place? And what kind of man would truly CRAVE the cum dripping from his wife's freshly fucked pussy if he wasn't mad . . . insane . . . truly sick?

"But I don't care," she heard herself saying aloud.

"What darling?" Donald asked.

"Nothing, worm. Keep drinking my piss. And while you're at it, I think you'd better clean out my asshole, too. A very large black man fucked me there just before I left, and I think you need to eat that, too, don't you, Donald?"

"Oh God yes!" Donald moaned. His throbbing cock was about to burst for a second time. Darla moved up, still dribbling piss droplets across his face, holding her ass cheeks apart for him, for his licking, sucking mouth. And then she felt it . . . his tongue in her asshole, probing, sucking, tasting the cum draining from her there. God this was wonderful! Her husband was such a sick puppy, and she was as darkly evil as he was sick. She loved this . . . abusing him this way, just as the men in the theater had abused her. And they were only just beginning . . . .

The next day, a Saturday, Darla told Donald to dress in his lingerie again. "I have a surprise for you, Donald," she smirked.

"What?" he asked.

"You have no right to ask me anything, slave. Now get your pudgy ass in your panties and bra and stockings. Forget the slip for today. Now MOVE!" Darla snarled, noticing a car pulling into the driveway. Donald scampered off toward the bedroom like a scolded puppy, as Darla went to greet her sister and her husband before the doorbell rang.

"So what's up, sis?" Tina asked her sister.

"You won't believe it, sis," Darla said, ushering Tina and her husband Carl into the living room.

"Well then tell us," Carl said, grinning seductively at Darla. The three of them had fucked several times in the past few weeks, without Donald, of course, and now Darla was anxious to show them what a slave her husband had become.

"It's Donald. The little prick has been wearing my panties and going to that porno theater on the south side to get off with other guys. I caught him at it, and now the little fucker is my sex slave. He'll do anything I want, Tina, and I do mean anything. I want the three of us to use him today. I want you to be as nasty as possible with him, especially you, Carl. I want you to fuck him, and to come in his mouth and all over his face. Hell, you both can even piss on him if you want to . . . he loves it all. Believe me."

"You've got to be kidding!" Tina laughed. "Donald? Pudgy little Donald, one of the most successful accountants in town? A gay sex slave?"

"Well he does have nice fat lips," Carl grinned. "Hell, he can suck my dick if he wants to. The little fucker probably gives a pretty good blow job, you know?"

"Why Carl," Tina teased. "Don't tell me you're into men, too, darling."

"Hell, I'm into getting my fucking cock sucked," Carl laughed. "Don't much give a shit who does it. Lips are lips, baby. And a blow job is a blow job. I don't have to fucking LOVE somebody to fuck 'em in the mouth."

"Well let's go see how the little sissy performs on a real cock then," Darla giggled.

The three walked down the hallway toward Darla's bedroom. In the doorway Darla said, "Donald? Are you dressed as I instructed yet?"

"Almost finished, sweetheart," he called out. "I'm just snapping the stockings to the garter belt."

"That's great, Donald, because your surprise is here," Darla sang out, opening the door, leading Carl and Tina into the bedroom.

Donald turned and saw his sister and brother-in-law staring at his near nudity and his humiliation instantly became complete. His face turned crimson, and he could certainly not do much to hide his feminine costume, even though he tried to cover his cock with his hands.

"Gee, Don, you sure do look pretty as a fag," Carl laughed.

"A sissy fag, too, baby," Tina giggled.

"And he's a cocksucking sissy fag," Darla smirked. "Aren't you, baby."

"I . . . I . . . oh God," Donald gasped, slumping to the bed, his arms at his side, thoroughly beaten.

"Hey little buddy, it's okay," Carl said, walking over to the bed. "Actually, you're kinda cute. Hell, all you need there is a fucking wig and a little makeup and you'd almost be cute enough to be a hooker."

"Thanks," Donald said sarcastically.

"Donald, you wimp! How DARE you talk to Carl that way," Darla snarled.

"I . . . I'm sorry, baby. It's just that . . . that . . . ."

"That WHAT?" Darla snapped.

"Nothing," Donald said, hanging his head meekly.

"That's better. I'm only doing this for you, Donald," Darla said, unbuttoning her shorts, letting them fall to the floor as she removed her tank top. She was naked now, and as Donald watched, Carl and Tina both walked over to Darla and began kissing and hugging her. Carl fondled Darla's breasts as Tina ran her fingers across, and then into Darla's pussy.

"They've been fucking me for a few weeks, now, Donald. Ever since you stopped satisfying me. And now you're going to watch as the three of us fuck each other. You can help get Carl hard, and you can clean us up afterward, sweetie. Okay?"

"Yes," Donald said, raising his head to look at Tina and Carl as they disrobed. Carl's cock was huge, almost twice as large as Donald's, and he wondered how Darla would be able to take it in her small pussy. Carl grinned at Donald, and uncontrollably, Donald grinned back, feeling his cock hardening.

"Turn you on, buddy?" Carl asked softly.

"Yes. It does," Donald whispered.

"Then suck it, pal," Carl said, walking over to Donald. Donald looked at the cock, inches from his face. Licking his lips, he continued to stare at it as Carl moved closer, so close now Donald could feel the heat from the cock on his face.

And then he was doing it . . . he was sucking the cock, slathering spit all over it, eager to do it now, wanting it, feeling his own cock growing totally erect as he licked and sucked and slobbered spit all over Carl's beautiful shaft.

"Didn't I tell you?" Darla said to Tina. The two women were hugging, fondling one another, and as Tina continued to watch her husband being sucked off by Donald, Darla dropped to her knees and began sucking her sister's cunt.

"Oh God, yes, sis, eat me, suck my pussy," Tina groaned.

"Damn, baby, you sure do suck good cock!" Carl gasped, feeling Donald's fingers on his balls, probing behind him, feeling the fingers searching for his asshole, finding it.

"Hmmm," Donald groaned, probing between Carl's ass cheeks, running his fingers through Carl's sweaty ass crack. And then into his anus, inside his asshole.

"Oh FUCK!" Carl gasped, spreading his legs further apart, giving Donald more access to his ass.

"Oh God, Donald, yes, blow him, suck the fucker until he sprays you with cum," Tina gasped, her hands firmly planted on top of Darla's head, holding her against Tina's dripping cunt.

"Won't be long now, sweetie," Carl moaned, pumping his hips into Donald's face, feeling the cum boiling in his balls as Donald continued fucking him with his finger.

"No STOP!" Darla screamed. "I want you to fuck him in the ass!" she commanded.

"Oh GOD!" Donald groaned. His cock was so close to coming now . . . so close. And yet he wanted to wait until Carl did exactly as Darla suggested. He WANTED him, his cock, wanted to get fucked by him. But did Carl want to do it?

"Take 'em down, bucko," Carl said, his voice deep, threatening. "And spread 'em."

Donald lay back down onto the bed, raised his legs high in the air, and rolled the panties down over his ankles and off over his feet. His cock sprang out, hard, coated with pre-cum drizzle, as were the panties.

"Give them to me," Carl said. Donald did as he was told. Carl held up the delicate panties, sniffed the wetness in them, licked it as his eyes bore into Donald's, and then took the panties and stuffed them into Donald's mouth. "Suck 'em while I fuck you, slut," Carl growled, grinning sadistically at Donald.

"Come on, Tina. I want to see this," Darla said, excited, crawling onto the bed next to her husband. "Fuck him, Carl," she urged, her eyes wild, crazed.

"Yeah, baby. Slide that big cock into the little fucker's ass," Tina encouraged.

"Just what I intend on doing," Carl said, spitting on his hand, wiping it on his cock as he leaned down between Donald's spread legs.

"Oh Goddddd!" Donald moaned as he felt the huge tip of Carl's cock crown pressing against his pudgy ass.

"Want it baby?" Carl asked.

"YES!" Donald cried, feeling his own breasts, squeezing them, tugging on the nipples. If he used his imagination his tits really did feel like a small breasted woman's.

"Here goes, slut," Carl groaned pushing forward, sliding his cock into Donald's ass.

"OH . . . MY . . . GODDDDDDD!!!" Donald screamed. The cock was HUGE! Much bigger than the carrots Donald had used on occasion to fuck himself in the ass while masturbating. And it was so HOT!

"Oh God he's a tight little fuck," Carl gasped, pushing forward again, feeling the walls of Donald's ass clinging to the cock as it moved deeper inside the tight ass.

"Does it feel good, baby?" Darla said, leaning down to her husband, kissing him on the mouth as Carl began pulling out, then pushing in again.

"Uhhhhh . . . it . . . hurtsssss!" Donald cried, his eyes filled with tears.

"Try having a baby, sissy. This is nothing. Now tell Carl to fuck you . . . harder!" Darla giggled madly, her crazed eyes on fire with perverted lust.

"Fuck . . . me . . . harder," Donald wailed, trying to smile at Carl.

"You got it, baby. I haven't fucked an ass or a cunt as tight as this in YEARS!" Carl grunted, pounding into Donald's ass, then pulling almost entirely out before entering the anal canal with a rush again.

Donald was beginning to like it, the sensation of having a cock in his ass. No he was beginning to LOVE it . . . no he WAS loving it. Oh God it felt good . . . so hot, so hard, so big, fucking him like he was a woman, a true slut. Taking him like a whore, which he was, wasn't he? Wasn't he a whore? A slut? Letting his wife drip the cum from other men in his mouth, drinking her piss? What more could he do, could a whore or a slut do? God this was great. So fucking great. He'd done it. He'd pulled it off. Fooled them all. Got what he wanted. Month earlier he'd grown tired of sex with his smartass wife. So smug. Such a hot shit, thinking she was so superior. For years he'd been having sex with other men . . . great sex . . . fantastic, nasty, dirty sex, the only kind he liked anymore.

And so he'd formed his plan. Funny how Darla thought all this was her idea. What a joke! It was Donald who had led Darla right down the garden path, fooling her into thinking she was controlling him. Now, finally, at last he'd pulled off the ultimate coup. From now on he could get all the sex he wanted from men, and all the cum. God he loved eating cum. And he even loved drinking piss. And now Darla, the dumb cunt, would be going out and getting it for him. All of it. All he wanted. He had to laugh at her arrogance, thinking she was in control. What a joke, Donald grinned to himself as Carl's cock continued to pound into him, fucking him, gloriously, right in front of his gullible condescending wife. The dumb bitch. And the nasty sex was just beginning . . . everything Donald loved . . . perversion, kinky sex, MALE sex. God he loved it!

Lying there listening to his stupid wife urging Carl to fuck Donald was the crowning glory to his devious plan, the ultimate vindication for putting up with her shit. Yes, everything was working out perfectly . . . he'd never have to fuck Darla again if he didn't want to, which he probably wouldn't. And all he had to do was dress up and she'd bring all the cock, and cum, he wanted home to him.

Life was good, for sure. And it was only going to get better . . . .