Dawson's Creek by Homey D. Clown

Dawson's Creek

This is a story based on a TV show. This is an entire work of fiction (although it would be great if it were real).

The sun shining in through the window is what woke 15 year old Dawson Leary. He yawned as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Turning over he looked at he best friend laying next to him, 15 year old Josephine (Joey) Potter. Her soft brown hair spread out over the pillow, the look of content on her face is what made Dawson decide not to wake her. Dawson and Joey have been friends since they were seven years of age. They had slept in the same bed before many of times but never once did they attempt to do anything sexual of the nature.

Dawson got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. While he was brushing his teeth he thought about the days events. He loved making films with his friends and was currently working on one with Joey and his other friend Pacey. After he was finished his morning routine he walked back to his room to wake up Joey. He laid next to her on the bed, leaned over her and whispered into her ear, "Joey?"

"Joey, wake up." He got little response from her. Dawson decided it was a worthless cause so he grabbed the remote and turned on the TV.

As Dawson watched TV. he would look over at Joey to see if she was slowly waking up. Every time she would move, he would look at her. But the one time he looked he couldn't help but notice just how beautiful she is. He had never really thought about it before being as how they have been friends since the age of seven. But at fifteen, their hormones started to rage slightly. As Dawson was looking at her, she began to move. However, this time when she moved, her little grey sweat shorts rode up on her a bit and revealed the bottom half of her right asscheek. Smirking to himself, Dawson reached down to pull the bottom of her sweat shorts down when his hand grazed her asscheek. He stopped for a minute and thought about how that felt. Dawson placed his hand back on her cheek and began to feel up. The farther he felt, the closer he got to her asscrack. Once he reached it, he felt that he should stop, but Joey rolled over a bit trapping Dawson's hand between her ass and the bed. His finger was just at her crack and Dawson began to feel a bit aroused. He wanted to go further. So Dawson pushed his hand farther so that his fingers were slowly going into her asscrack. The tip of his finger found her little puckered asshole. Once his finger touched it she let out a little moan. Scared, he thought she might be waking up, so he went to quickly move his hand out but then he looked over and saw her bite the bottom of her lip. "Jesus, she's awake!", Dawson though to himself. Rolling back over, she gave him better access to her ass. Dawson rubbed the tip of his finger over her asshole. He couldn't believe he was actually doing this!

Moving his finger down, he found the folds of her pussy. He slipped a finger inside and felt her wetness. "My god is she wet!" he thought to himself. He took the pussy juice that was on his finger tip and rubbed it over her asshole. Rolling over to face him, Joey looked deep into Dawson's eyes. No words were spoken at that moment. He began to push his finger into her asshole. Pushing deeper and deeper. Joey closed her eyes, bit her lip and let out a slow sigh. He just got past his second knuckle when something stopped him from going deeper into her asshole. He just realized what it was when he began to pull his finger out. "NO!", said Joey firmly. "Don't take it out, if feels too good." Please Dawson!?"

"But but..Joey..", started Dawson. With that she reached back and pushed Dawson's finger all the way inside. He felt it push right through the poop in her ass. As he started working it in and out of her she reached down into his shorts and pulled out his penis.

Joey started stroking it up and down. This sent a wave of excitement through Dawson as he finger-fucked Joey's asshole harder. "MMMMM yeah Dawson, fuck that feels good!", moaned Joey. She looked him in the eyes and asked, "Please Dawson...please put it in my butt."

"But Joey", replied Dawson, "is it gonna fit?"

"Well you can't put it in my other hole cause I'll get pregnant, duh!", said Joey. With that, Joey turned over and pulled her shorts down to her knees. Dawson took a hold of his penis and put the tip up to her slightly stretched asshole. He looked at it for a second. Admiring it. How brown and wrinkled it was. He pushed the head of his cock inside her. Joey let out a loud YELP once the head popped in. He pushed in more and more until he felt that barrier of little 15 year old girl poop inside her. He pushed through that until all of his cock was inside her sweet soft ass. He started pulling out then pushing back in. He couldn't believe he was fucking his best friend in the ass. "mmmmmm fuck..oh my god Dawson, fuck me!!!", yelled Joey. As he looked down he saw he cock was beginning to get covered by her shit. This was too much for him and he began to feel himself building to a climax. Just then she stopped him. Joey looked up at a flustered Dawson and said, "Dawson, I've known you for eight years. You are the only person that has ever made me feel good about myself. I love you Dawson. I don't think I could ever love someone like I love you."

The look on Dawson's face was very surprised. "Why didn't she tell me this sooner?", he thought. "Dawson...if I have a baby I want it to be yours. Will you please?? Dawson, will you make a baby in me?", asked Joey.

"Joey, we're only fifteen. There are so many years ahead of us to do this.", replied Dawson.

"I don't care!!", Joey bagan to cry. "Dawson, I love you more than anything else in the world and if I'm gonna have a baby I want it to be yours and I want it now!"

Knowing that he was not going to win at this, Dawson pulled his shit covered penis out of her and sank it into her pussy. He got a little of the way in and felt something. "That's my cherry, Dawson. Just push through it.", said Joey replying to his perplexed look. Dawson gave one hard push and with a popping sound her hymen broke. He pushed all the way in. "Oh god Dawson, please fuck me!!!"

"Give me a baby!" "Pppppppllease make one in me for us!!" All this talk brought Dawson to a climax. " OH god Joey, it's coming! I'm gonna cum right inside you and make a baby!"

"Oh fffffffuckkkkkkkk!!!!!!!" She reached back and held Dawson close to her as he shot his cum deep inside her womb.

About nine months later Joey gave birth to their little girl, named Becky. She and Dawson married and now live happily ever after.