Don't Get Mad, Get Even by Captain Squall

Don't Get Mad, Get Even

My name is Judy and my partner is Bob. It took me quite a while to calm down after my flight took off for Bangkok. That afternoon I had been delivered incontrovertible evidence that my husband of twenty years had been having more than a few affairs with his students at the university where he taught. I didn't want to believe it but now I had no choice but to accept the reality of the situation. My husband Bob had tried to explain his point of view but we really didn't resolve anything before I left for my business trip. We did agree, however, to talk about it when I returned in a week's time.

I settled back into the business class seat and sipped the Veuve Cliquot provided by the helpful cabin crew. I decided to try to forget about domestic affairs and concentrate on my own priorities for the next seven days.

Half way into the flight I was approached by the senior flight attendant. "Miss Judy Brandish?"

"Yes - can I help you?"

"Well, the Captain is guessing that you're a private pilot. It seems he recognised the flying club stickers on your cabin luggage when you boarded. He's inviting you to the flight deck".

* * * *

Judy accepted the invitation and before long was sitting in the cockpit, discussing flying matters with the Thai pilot, Sombat and his female co-pilot, Sirikit. Sombat was about thirty five years of age and Sirikit looked even younger. Judy enjoyed practising her Thai language, which impressed the crew, even though she was fairly rusty with her vocabulary. They chatted about flying, living in Bangkok, and even discussed Judy's visit to Thailand. She found the crew friendly and genuinely interested in her points of view.

After about twenty minutes she said, "I'd better leave you - it looks like its getting busy", as the radio crackled into life. Judy flashed a smile at Sombat and Sirikit, who joined their hands in the traditional "wai" greeting.

Before she left the flight deck Sirikit handed Judy her business card and said, "Maybe we can meet up after we arrive. We've both got a week's holiday and maybe we can show you some Thai hospitality." Judy noticed that Sirikit was staring at her in an admiring fashion, and she felt a pang in her loins. Sirikit was very attractive, with short black hair and a visible swelling in the blue blouse of her flight uniform.

Smiling to herself Judy returned to her seat, in time for the gourmet in-flight meal. She was pleased the seat next to her was vacant as she disliked making small talk with strangers. Anyway, she told herself, she had some work to attend to before they arrived in Bangkok. But her thoughts drifted to the pretty Sirikit and her handsome colleague, Sombat. I wonder?, she thought..... hmmm, let's wait and see....

As the aircraft made its final approach to Don Muang airport, Judy looked up to see Sombat approaching her. He stopped and said, "Hope you enjoyed the flight, Judy?'"

She smiled up at him and said, "Yes, and thanks for your hospitality on the flight deck. Maybe we can meet up after we arrive - and I can offer you some hospitality in return. I'm staying at the Oriental Hotel which is, as you well know, famous for its cuisine."

"That's nice to know - as Sirikit and I share a condominium not very far from that hotel, just a little way up the river. I look forward to meeting up soon". He smiled and returned to the flight deck.

* * * *

Judy unpacked her bags and settled into her Hotel room about two hours later. The drive in from the airport had again been horrendous as expected and all she wanted to do was have a swim and a shower, and then relax. She had a few free days before her work started, and she intended to make the most of the break.

The telephone in her room rang and upon answering she was not really surprised to hear the soft voice of Sirikit.

"I hope I'm not bothering you, Judy - but I was wondering if you're free this evening. Sombat and I are having a quiet dinner party and we wondered if you would like to come. Its a casual evening so don't bother to dress up".

Judy smiled to herself before replying. "Of course, I'd be delighted. What time should I arrive?" she said, glancing at her watch. It was just on 4.00pm.

"We have a driver who can pick you up - how does 7.30 sound?" said Sirikit.

"That's fine, Sirikit, I'll wait in the hotel foyer and your driver can page me". Judy wondered what the evening would bring but one thing was for sure - she recalled the details of her husband's affairs and thought, well, what's good for the goose is good for the gander, sweetheart....

As she put down the phone she looked at her reflexion in the large mirror. She started undressing to change into her swimming costume. She was proud of her figure - she thought for a woman of forty she "scrubbed up well". Her breasts were full and round, her waist and hips were narrow, and she knew that heads turned when she entered most rooms. She glanced at her naked body, very aware of her large triangular bush of pubic hair. She knew this was a turn-on for many males, especially Asian guys who usually only saw the flimsy, but straight pubic hairs of their own girls. The hair reached halfway to her navel and spread to the edges of her thighs and under her crutch to her anus.

She ran her hands over her firm body and lay on the bed, closing her eyes. The very act of being able to lie stark naked on a large hotel bed gave her a sense of freedom, and raw sexuality. She spread her legs apart and started gently rubbing her breasts and pubic area. She felt horny, in anticipation of what the night may bring. She moaned softly, alone on the huge bed, before reaching into her toiletries bag and extracting a latex vibrator. She turned the vibrator on, moving it over her nipples, down across her stomach, and onto her bush. Her lips were now wet with her arousal and she easily slipped the soft seven-inch vibrator into herself. In only a few minutes she was heaving bucking her hips, plunging the vibrator in so deep it almost disappeared. With a loud cry she shuddered and shook, her orgasm coming in spasms, as she flickered from one peak to the next. After about twenty seconds of orgasmic pleasure, she collapsed on to the bed, her breath coming in gasps and her body heaving, the pleasure coursing through her lovely body....

She fell asleep, the vibrator still deep inside her and only awoke when the telephone rang, thirty minutes later. It was the front desk, telling her a package had been delivered and was waiting for her at reception.

With a self-conscious grin she removed and cleaned the vibrator, took a quick shower and headed downstairs to Reception and the swimming pool.

After collecting the small package she moved to the pool and selected a sun lounge under a fragrant frangipani tree. Frowning slightly she unwrapped the package, to find a stylish ladies Nike polo shirt, with the logo "Just do it!" in large letters. On the shirt here was also the logo of the airline she had just travelled on, and small card attached to it. She smiled as she read it. "To our new friend Judy, from Sombat and Sirikit".

Well, she said to herself, this is a pretty clear invitation. This may well be a night to remember.....

Despite the noise of the long-tailed powerboats on the Chao Phraya roaring past the Hotel's landscaped gardens, Judy actually felt herself relaxing. She ordered an exotic cocktail and sipped it while enjoying the warm waters of the pool. Almost all the male tourists in or around the pool were stealing glances in her direction, admiring her full figure, while several of the local pool attendants almost fell in, as they stared at Judy's breasts, and not missing the tufts of pubic hair visible along the edges of her bikini bottom....

* * * *

Right on cue at 7.30pm, Judy was paged and she soon found herself settling in to the luxurious interior of a stretch limo, as it drove through the warm night. The road ran parallel to the river and after ten minutes the car swung into a driveway, the security gate opening automatically, activated by a signal from the vehicle. Her young female chauffeur led her to the entrance to the multilevel condo, and after entering the foyer, took the elevator to the penthouse. Judy was then ushered into one of the most palatial apartments she had ever seen, and she felt improperly attired for the luxurious surrounds. But as the main door swung open, a smiling Sirikit appeared, her hands extended towards Judy.

"Judy! Lovely to see you - and so-o-o glad you decided to come!" She warmly embraced her new friend. Sirikit was barefoot, dressed in white slacks, with a very see-through silk blouse. Judy blushed as she saw the firm outline of Sirikit's proud breasts, the nipples pointing out against the fabric.

Judy was invited into the lounge area where Sombat bowed briefly, and also gave the Thai "wai", his hands pressed together under his chin. He then gave her a familiar hug, surprising Judy, but not unpleasantly. Sombat was unusually tall for a Thai, had perfect teeth, and a good physique - kept in shape, judy discovered later, by his regular kick boxing training, and sailing in the Gulf of Thailand, where he sailed a one-man Laser sail boat.

Sombat introduced another friend of his, "Daeng", or "Red" in English. Daeng was an aircraft engineer who regularly flew with Sombat. He was about forty years of age and not unattractive, Judy said to herself.

Having dispensed with the introductions over they moved to the rooftop garden. The warm breeze brushed Judy's face and her domestic problems at home seemed light years away. To hell with it, she thought, tonight I'm going to party.

Sirikit made up a batch of "Mekhong sours", local whisky mixed with a dash of limes and nam soms, the Thai mandarin fruit. "Delicious!" said Judy, the warming effect on her taking only seconds. The foursome sat and chatted, enjoying the view of passing boats on the river, their lights twinkling like stars on the dark water, the scent of frangipani and jasmine in the night air. The effect was intoxicating and Judy started to relax - and the conversation also became a little risque. It seems the Thai customs had confiscated some blue movies from a passenger on Judy's flight - and the videos had found their way into Sombat's possession , for the evening anyway.

The conversation dwelt on the pros and cons of film and video censorship, with the general consensus being that a "live and let live" philosophy was preferred, but with the proviso that there was no exploitation of individuals, especially children. Judy was contributing to the conversation, using as much Thai as she could, but occasionally relying on English to explain some difficult concept.

"Lets have some dinner" said Sombat with a grin, standing suddenly, "and we can make some judgements on the videos after the meal". They moved inside, the wide patio doors flung open, allowing the breeze to cool the penthouse, the air conditioning being switched off.

Sombat's cook served a delicious meal of spicy fish cakes, red curry, and spicy crisp noodles, followed by mango and sticky rice for dessert. The portions were modest but adequate, and after the plates were cleared away, Sirikit said, "OK, folks, movie time!"

Sombat lowered the lights, and started the video. Sirikit was squatting on the thick carper next to Judy, who was now drifting, very relaxed and comfortable. She sipped on a mineral water, and quite unconsciously found herself stroking Sirikit's hair. Sirikit smiled at Judy and rested her arm on Judy's knee.

The video started and it wasn't long before the real action became apparent. On the screen a particularly well-hung "farang" or foreigner was being given a skilful head job by an eager beautiful Asian girl, while nearby an equally well-hung Asian guy, possibly a Japanese, was gently and deliberately shafting a buxom blond girl, her fair skin and flaxen hair contrasting with the guy's deeply tanned skin and jet black hair.

The four watched intently, their eyes transfixed on the Japanese guy, whose long, thick cock was gliding in and out of the girls wet cunt, her face expressing pure ecstasy as she bared her teeth in her lust. Flat on her back, her thighs were now pulled flat against her breasts, while his pole plunged repeatedly into her hot insides. Supported by his outstretched arms, his hips flicked time and again in towards her now gaping vulva. The slurping noises made Sirikit squirm and she uttered a low sound. "Hey wow, that guy is keen - and I think she is for real - this is no act" said Sirikit to the group.

Judy was now feeling quite horny herself, as she saw the close-up camera work of the carnal act being played out on the large screen. She glanced across at Daeng, who smiled and then winked at her, and she noticed the huge bulge in his trousers. Judy suddenly stopped - looked at the screen again, then stole a glance towards Daeng. It was him! It wasn't a Japanese at all on the video - but the man sitting no more than two metres from her.

Sombat noticed the exchange of glances. He smiled and leaned down to whisper in Judy's ear. "That was Daeng ten years ago, as he worked his way through engineering school. You can see how well qualified he is now!" Sombat chuckled to himself as he noticed Judy was shifting in her seat. I bet the juices are flowing now, he thought.

He was right. As the video progressed everyone was starting to feel horny. As the action on the screen came to a climax, even Sirikit had moved her hand to between her thighs and was slowly rubbing her crutch. Judy's arm was draped over her shoulder and Sirikit placed Judy's hand on her breast. Judy felt the firmness through the fabric and the hard tip, now erect with passion and desire.

On the screen the farang was about to come and then the Thai girl gagged briefly, then started to swallow hungrily. It was obvious the guy was coming in large gushes, and as she swallowed, the excess dripped out of her mouth and down her neck. Her hand was between her legs, her fingers darting in and out of her own wet cunt lips. She moaned between gulps and squealed in her own ecstasy.

Nearby the blond girl screamed as though she was speared - which she was, in a fashion - and Daeng grunted and pushed hard into her. His hips were hard against the girls thighs, the full, thick, nine inches of his length deep in her body, his balls pendulously bumping against her wet, sticky buttocks. The girl separated her legs even wider and Daeng sunk into her deeper than even before - and then she felt the hot gush of his cum flood her insides, and she whimpered and moaned as she orgasmed repeatedly.

Judy was almost panting as she watched the finale. Then Sirikit stood and holding out her hand said softly, "come with me". Meekly Judy followed her to the adjacent bedroom where they both stripped in seconds. "You have the most beautiful body Judy" whispered Sirikit and she fluttered her fingers over Judy's suntanned shoulders, down to her round breasts, before they rested against Judy's large, black triangle of hair. "You have the most wonderful bushy pussy I've ever seen" said Sirikit, as she caressed the large expanse of soft, dark pubic hair. Even Sirikit's' hand with her fingers splayed couldn't cover the area.

Urgently pushing Judy onto the huge bed, Sirikit hovered over Judy's inviting naked body before kissing her passionately, her tongue darting between Judy's lips. Judy responded in kind, her arms crushing Sirikit to her body, their beautiful breasts now crushed together. They twisted an rolled on the bed, their legs entwined, their pudendas touching. Judy felt a surge in her loins and she orgasmed for the first time that night, with Sirikit following close behind.

Sombat and Daeng entered the room and they also discarded their clothes, watching the erotic scenario being acted out in front of them. They climbed on the bed and began stroking and caressing the two woman's bodies, noticing a slight sweat from their exertions. Sirikit was the first to speak.

Smiling at Judy she whispered "As guest of honour you will be treated well tonight, so just relax and enjoy our attention...."

Daeng gently adjusted Judy on the bed so that she was now able to enjoy the caresses of all three people with her. They anointed her with aromatic sandalwood oils, skillfully massaging and tempting Judy with their ministrations. Judy was floating in a sea of pleasure and relaxation, not at all conscious of laying naked and spread-eagled on the bed, open and vulnerable but not threatened. Daeng, Sombat and Sirikit occasionally leaned down and kissed Judy's body, touching on her nipples, stomach, pudenda and thighs. The three Thais marvelled at Judy's forest of hair and they knew it was turning them on like never before.

Daeng and Sombat were getting rock hard as they watched Judy writhing and moaning in their hands. The Daeng lay on his back and with hidden strength, lifted Judy over his body, so she was facing his feet. She knew this was called the "reverse cowgirl" position. Judy was almost sopping wet and she squatted over the erect manhood of her Thai host, and she reached down and grasped the magnificent rod. She moved it forwards and backwards over her labia, wetting the large glans, before gingerly easing it into her body. Placing her hands on his thighs she ever so gently lowered herself on to him. Uttering a low, guttural moan she sank onto him, her cunt lips parting to give him access. Reaching around her body, Daeng caressed her round breasts, gently rubbing the hard nipples with his fingers. The large flushed areola were responsive to his fingers and this being one of Judy's favourite erogenous zones, she felt her womb and uterus contract as the pleasurable sensations courses through her body.

Sombat was now crouching between His friend's Daeng's legs, facing Judy. Judy flung her arms around Sombat's neck and kissed him passionately, her hips now jerking up and down on Daeng's cock. She then lay backwards, so that she was now laying on Daeng's body. Moving forward, holding his hard cock in one hand, Sombat guided his tool to the already crammed pussy of Judy. Skillfully he eased his knob into her, so that she was now accommodating two cocks in the one passage.

She knew what was happening and she had no intention of stopping it. "Oh yes, come inside me too" she gasped. She relaxed her cunt muscles and Sombat eased a little more inside her. Sombat could feel the hardness of his friend Daeng's cock against his own. Judy's pussy was now being stretched like never before, but she knew she could take them both. She had actually simulated this sexual experience with two large latex vibrators she owned, which she occasionally took with her "for company" when alone on business trips. She had even tried the double penetration of her pussy and anus, which she found she also enjoyed.

But now she was the contents of the body sandwich, with two slowly shafting cocks slipping in and out of her sodden cunt, and she was climbing to a new high of sexual pleasure.

Sirikit then stood on the bed, her feet beside Daeng's head, and slightly bending her knees brought her pussy in front of Sombat's face. He hungrily took the whole of her wet vulva in his mouth, sucking on it like it was a huge nipple, eager to extract the sweet honey that was flowing freely. Sirikit's strong legs shook, as she clasped Sombat's head and pulled it in to her cunt, her head thrown back in lust.

At the edge of the room a hidden video camera was whirling silently taking in the entire scenario. It was a special low light model, guaranteed to work in the dimmest of indoor light. If one had looked through the viewfinder one would have seen the most erotic event being played out. It featured four heaving bodies, with a woman being shafted between two talented lovers, while the standing woman was being skillfully eaten by another.

Sombat was now approaching his climax and both Judy and Daeng could feel his urgency. "Oh yes, I'm coming, I'm coming ..." he grunted, as he shoved himself deep into Judy's crammed cunt. With a long groan he discharged his load deep into Judy's hot insides. Daeng felt the warmth of the seed and this brought him to the brink. Holding Judy's bucking hips so he didn't slip out of her he said, "Here it comes, here it comes..." and with a flex of his muscular cock his sperm shot in large gobs into Judy's snatch. Judy could feel the flooding of her insides and with a squeal she cried out "oh god, oh god ....yes, yes, yes, yes..... fuck me, fuck me..." and with several strong cunt contractions she came several times with an intensity she had never experienced before.

Above the climaxing trio Sirikit's body was shaking and shuddering, as though she was shivering in intense cold. Her entire body was tense, her legs muscles tight and firm, and then with a loud gasp she released the tenseness, but she was pulling Sombat's face into her cunt, almost as though she wanted to pull him inside her body. Her cunt was awash with her juices, her clitoris engorged and erect, as Sombat liked and sucked on the firm button between her labia.

The movement of the bodies slowed, and then Sirikit fell on to the bed. As Sombat's cock shrank to its normal size, it fell out of Judy with an audible plop, a small gush of warm sperm flowed out of her, down her perineum to her anus, and over Daeng's thighs. Beneath her Daeng was still slowly heaving and Judy found his hardness still arousing. Very skillfully she rotated her body and squatted over him in the usual "woman on top" position. But she then turned on her back, and placed her legs on Daeng's shoulders, allowing his to penetrate her so much that she felt him bump against her cervix. With a cry Daeng flicked his hips deep into her, the sensations against her vagina and clitoris quite exquisite.

Judy was now gurgling incoherently, and inside her she almost felt the huge cock against her stomach, before Daeng grunted and shot his second load into the wet, velvety passage. Judy screamed and relaxed her cunt allowing him to cram all of his nine inch cock into her, with his balls almost gaining entrance as well. She climaxed for almost fifteen seconds, the flow of sperm now almost a torrent, with large pools forming under her hips as it flowed from her body. Her black patch of hair was awash with sperm and cunt juices, sweet and sticky, like some aromatic anointment of love oils.

They then both fell into each other arms, Judy's beautiful breasts heaving and streaked with sweat from both Daeng and herself. In a flashback she recalled how her husband had cheated on her. This, she thought to herself, is a fuck to remember, and I haven't finished yet....

* * * *

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