Driver's License

Driver's License

Mike and I had been dating for nearly three months when he got his driver's license. He was very excited about being able to drive and as soon as he was allowed, we went to a movie in his father's car. After the film, Mike started to drive me home, but ended up pulling into a secluded state park picnic area and stopped the car.

"Mike?" I asked nervously. I had an idea of what he wanted to do.

"Yeah?" He answered, his voice husky. He turned to look at me and kissed me passionately.

"Umm, Mike...uh, what are you doing?" I asked, when he stopped kissing me for a moment.

"It's a tradition, Kelly," he said. "All guys have sex with their girlfriends when they get a car." With that he reached over and slid a hand up my shirt. His strong hand caressed my breast, still clothed in my lacy bra.

" you know," I asked. His hand closed over my breast and opened again.

He pulled a foil wrapped package from his back pocket and showed it to me. "Yeah." He then pulled my shirt over my head and unsnapped my bra. He leaned away then and opened his door.

"Mike?" I asked. A blast of cold air hit my naked chest and I shivered.

"Backseat," he said with a grin, and opened the back door. I opened mine and followed him in. He instructed me to lay down while he took off his own shirt and pants in the cramped area. He then pulled off his boxer shorts and I saw his penis already growing.

"I've never done this before," I said. He smiled and tugged my jeans off me.

"It's okay. Neither have I. I've seen movies though," he said. He succeeded in pulling off my jeans and then took my panties off. I shivered a little and wiggled. He ran his fingers through my pubic hair like a comb and slipped one finger inside of me.

"Oh God, Mike..." I said. "The condom." He opened the package and slid the rubber piece over his penis and then lay on top of me.

"God Kelly, you're beautiful," he said. He kissed me and slid lower down me. He stopped at my breasts and licked the left one. He sucked on my nipple and bit it lightly. He then moved over to the right. He slid lower down and I had to scoot up a little. His nose brushed over my pubic hair and I felt his tongue enter me and begin to lap at me.

"Ohhh!" I yelled. Mike seemed a little startled.

"Did I hurt you?" he asked.

"No, that felt great," I said. He licked me harder and sucked at me. Then he began to slid up my body again. Once more, he stopped at my nipples and licked them over. I felt his penis at the opening in my vagina and he slipped inside.

"Goddd," I moaned. It hurt a little and he was awkward at getting his penis inside of me all the way. I felt something inside of me snap and I shrieked a little.

"That was your cherry popping," he informed me. His penis pressed on further inside of me and then he began to bounce up and down on me clumsily. "I'm supposed to hump you now."

"Oh, Jesusss," I cried. His humping began to get smoother and easier and we began to move as one. I felt his penis stretching further inside of me and he put his tongue in my mouth. His hands moved from my back to my breasts, squeezing at them and thumbing the nipples. Then he moaned, his mouth full of my tongue.

"I'm going to come," he whispered. His penis seemed to explode inside of me, and I could feel it straining against my vaginal walls. I moaned and shuddered, nearly crying. I came then and Mike squeezed my breasts hard and pinched the nipples until they felt as if they would fall off. He pulled his penis out of me and pulled the condom off.

"Oh my God," I said, lying there. He reached up for my breasts again and then told me to get on top of him. He pushed me down his body until my face was above his now limp cock.

"Suck it," he said harshly. Usually Mike was the sweetest guy in the world, but he had seemed to take on a different personality. I put my lips over his cock and began to suck it, licking it up and down. It began to grow harder and he pulled it out of my mouth. "I want to have sex with you again," he said.

"Do you have another condom?" I asked.

He shook his head. "No."

"Well, then we can't," I said, but he slipped his fingers into my vagina and began to pull them out rapidly. He did this a few times and I moaned with pleasure. "Who needs the condoms?" I asked, as he put his penis into me again.