Slut Mother Gets Married (Part II)

Slut Mother Gets Married (Part II)

"Oh shit!!"... I rolled my eyes as the lady in the next seat over spilled her drink on herself. Lousy drunk, I thought, smiling a bit to myself. The plane was landing, and I was so nervous! I had never been this far away from home by myself, and especially not to meet, and stay with a guy I hadn't ever met face to face.

I leaned back in my seat as the plane landed, closing my eyes and letting my thoughts wander. I wasn't scared to meet Brendon... not in the least. He had always been nice to me, and he was never lacking in the compliment department. No, I'm not scared... just really nervous.

As the plane docks, I smile to myself, thinking I only have a little while longer till I see him. I shove my way in front of the drunk with the wet shirt, grabbing my carry-on bag and jamming out of the plane. Man my ass hurts... those seats are so damn uncomfortable. Slinging the strap of my bag on my shoulder, I start off for the rental area.

"Here you go, miss... just sign here" Man, this guy's a dork. I scribble my name down and grab the keys to my rental, hurrying away from the counter and the flirtatious moron behind it as fast as I can.

"Awesome"... I mutter, pausing in front of the dark green blazer that was parked in the lot number matching my car keys. Maybe flirting with that dork behind the counter actually got me somewhere. I chuckle and walk to the driver's side, opening the door and tossing my bag in. "This rocks", I murmur appreciatively, sliding into the seat and closing the door. Starting the engine, I adjust my seat and mirrors, strap on my belt, shift into drive, and pull away from the airport.

Setting down the directions, I switch on the radio and find a good alternative station, figuring that I had better get my dose of good music before I have to listen to Brendon's crap. Ahhh, Brendon... only a little while left till I meet him face to face. And see his water bed. Just the thought of the bed and Brendon together brings back last night's kinky dream, and I find myself squirming in my seat, already getting hot and bothered. "Jesus, Nicole... calm down...". Taking a deep breath, I crank up the stereo and drive a little faster.

"This is it," I mutter on a nervous sigh. Parked in the driveway of the house that matched the one in my directions, I sit in the car, trying to calm down. My heart racing, I look down at my clothes, noticing for the first time that I look like hell. My jeans had those little wrinkles in them from sitting for too long, and I figured my t-shirt did too. I tweak my rearview mirror so I can see my face, actually surprised that my makeup isn't smeared to hell. Taking one last deep breath, I grab my bag, pop open my door, and get out.

-Knock, knock, knock-... I remove my shaking hand from the door knocker and rake it through my short hair. Nervously, I rub the back of my neck, tapping my foot as I wait for someone to answer the door. Isn't anyone home? Aww, hell... that would suck. Raising up on my tip toes, I peer through the window. "Brendon???" I shout, hoping he can hear it inside. "Damn", I mutter, turning my back to the door and leaning against it. Where could the--- "shit!" Taken by surprise, I tumble inside the house as the door is yanked open. "ouch... sonuvabitch" Sprawled on my back in the entryway, I just realized that someone had to of opened the door. Raising onto my elbows, I look towards the person who did.

"Nicole? That looked like it hurt... did it?" Brendon asked, not able to control his laughter. I chuckle, too... realizing I must look pretty lame. I scramble to my feet, and face the guy I came here to see. He looks just like he described himself, I realize, looking him over, starting from his shoes and working my way up. Vans, Khaki pants, nice shirt.... He dressed up fo-.... Hellooooo Brendon. I grin as I look up at him, not able to control myself. Now -here- is where he failed to describe himself properly. "wow", I mutter... sounding like a complete idiot. He makes my mouth water, I say to myself, recalling that damn english muffin commercial. Why did I think of that, I ask myself, swallowing quite loudly. Ack... I'm nervous... I shouldn't be nervous... I'm Nicole... I don't get nervous. "Hi Brendon"..I murmur breathlessly, releasing all that damn nervousness in a big sigh, and throwing myself at him... wrapping him in the strongest hug my weak 5'4 frame can manage.

Twenty minutes later, after our icebreaking introduction period, we were on the stairs, heading down towards his bedroom. And the bed, I have to add, grinning to myself.

"This is it, I told you it was kind of small," Brendon tells me as we reach the doorway to his room.

"That's okay... as long as the bed is big enough," I say as I push past him with a grin on my face, entering his bedroom. I give a low whistle as I see `` the bed``... my kinky fantasy coming back to me once again. "This is nice...." I murmur, tossing my bag into the corner of the room. I slip off my shoes and climb onto the bed, making my way towards the middle before I sprawl onto my back with a sigh. "No, not nice.... Great. This is great". I yawn, and stretch... shaking the bed so that the waves start again.

"I knew you just wanted me for my furniture," I hear Brendon whine, from the foot of the bed.

Chuckling, I pat the spot next to me. "No way, I was just waiting for you to get up here" I say with a smile, closing my eyes and scooting over to the side of the bed to make room. I feel the waves start again as he climbs onto the bed, and I moan inwardly, feeling the familiar wetness that comes whenever I think of this moment.

We must have stayed that way for ten minutes, Brendon and I laying next to eachother. I realize I wanted something to happen, like... NOW, and it wouldn't unless I made the first move. Damn... this sucks... I'm so bad at the first move thing.

"Hey Brendon," I call softly. He answers with a sleepy 'hmmm' type thing. He's falling asleep? I dream of this moment for years and it's finally here, and he's sleeping. Christ. "When's your dad supposed to be home?", I ask, trying to sound casual about it. I turn my head and look towards him, waiting for an answer. He cracks one eye open and stares at me, as if reading my mind. "He's not... tonight's a ``pizza`` night", he answers, meaning his dad is not coming home to cook for him. We lay there like that, just looking at each other. I turn away first, closing my eyes again. "Oh", I mutter... trying to sound like I don't care as my thoughts start to race.

Damn... we planned this perfectly. We don't even have to play loud music. I smile to myself, remembering Brendon's horrible 'first time' story. Maybe this time will be better. Christ, if there is a -this time-... I hate making the first move. I roll over onto my side and prop my head up on my elbow, staring down at him.... Thinking of something to say.

"What", he asks, opening his eyes. "Do I have something on my face? Heh" I roll my eyes at his Beavis laugh, and think of a way to reply. Maybe I should be blunt about it... I'm a blunt kinda girl... I think...maybe? Yeah... be blunt. Go Nicole. I silently cheer myself on, needing the support.

"No, nothing is on your face."... I go for it and blurt "Do you want to have sex?" My eyes widen. Oh shit... I really said that? Rewind, go back... I wanna erase that part and start over. Ohmigawd. The cheering squad stops.

"Um... You know, yeah.. but, uh.. only if I absolutely -have- to. I get nothing outta' having sex with beautiful women." He replies, keeping a straight face.

I groan and sit up, moving to get off the bed. How can he be sarcastic when I almost pissed my pants getting up the courage to say that?

"Kidding, Kidding!" He says, laughing as he sits up and grabs my hand, stopping me where I am. "heh... I'm a smart ass, what can I say"... his way of apologizing. I smile, again not being able to help myself, and lay back on the bed, his hand in mine.

We sit there for a moment, just staring at each other, the bed waving beneath us. I stroke his hand, trying to break the tension between us, still staring into his eyes. He starts to lean down, very very slowly. Oh gawd... I think he got the hint. He pulls his hand from mine and rests it on my waist, his other hand coming to rest on my stomach. I tremble as his hand slides further up, raising my shirt as it goes. I close my eyes and sigh, his warm hand bringing waves of pleasure, even from a simple touch. The bed rocks again as he shifts his position, leaning down even more. Both of his hands span my waist as if to hold me down, as his mouth brushes softly against my skin.

"Mmm," I moan as jolts of pleasure shoot through my body. I smile, my eyes still closed, as I grasp his bedspread in my hands, his mouth still moving on my stomach. I feel him smile against my skin, his hands running up my waist to my chest, pushing my shirt up with them.

"Oh Gaw-..." I open my eyes as I feel everything stop, the bed going into ripples again as he climbs off. Whoa... that was over faster than it started. Frowning, I follow him with my eyes. Did I do something wrong? Bloody hell, I was just -laying- here. Maybe he doesn't like his covers wrinkled, I wonder stupidly, glancing down to his bedspread still grasped in my hands. Christ. Throwing down the covers, I grab a pillow and press it over my blushing face. Maybe I'll just suffocate myself... then I don't have to pray for the earth to swall---. Is that music? I peer out from under the pillow, seeing Brendon walk back towards the bed. Whoa... overreact much? Tossing the pillow down, I smile sheepishly, feeling like a complete moron.

"Heh... music." He says, almost reassuring me that I'm -not- an idiot. I chuckle softly as he climbs back on the bed, sitting between my feet. He places his hands on my legs and strokes softly, each turn taking him farther up. Leaning down, his kisses the inside of my thighs, making me writhe in pleasure and anticipation. Running his hands up the outside of my thighs, he grabs my ass and pulls me down towards him. I start to laugh, only to feel it catch in my throat as his mouth finds the source of my wetness. "Oh gawd..." I groan as he flutters tiny kisses on me through the crotch of my shorts. I grab the bed covers again and squeeze my eyes shut, overcome with pleasure. He moves on, moving up my stomach again, trailing hot kisses as he goes. His hands slide under my shirt and push it up to my neck. Raising my arms, I let him pull it off and toss it away. His hands move back down my arms, slowly, raising goosebumps as he does. I moan again, smiling as he reaches my chest. I grasp the pillow above my head, raising a leg to circle his waist, restlessly rubbing him through his pants.

His hands reach my breasts, and he rubs them through my bra, making me go wild. I throw all my weight to the side and we roll over. I straddle him as he lands on his back, grabbing both his hands in mine and stretching them above his head. Leaning down, I press my mouth to his neck, fluttering soft kisses along his pulse. I hear his breathing quicken as I trail wet kisses along his jaw line, finally reaching his mouth. I capture his lips in mine, kissing him softly as I slide my tongue between them. The pace quickens as we kiss each other, his hands coming down to grasp my waist, as my hands slide through his hair. He guides me in small circles, rubbing my crotch against his hard-on, making me moan with pleasure. I keep the rhythm as his hands slide up my back, unclasping my bra and tossing it away. He cups my naked breasts, groaning as I rub harder against him. I reach down and tug his shirt from his pants, running my hands inside and up along his chest. I yank his shirt up and over his head as he raises his arms. He takes it from me and tosses it away, his hands returning to caress me again.

"Oh, you feel good" I murmur as I run my hands up and down his naked chest, my nails raking along his sides. I kiss his stomach, running my tongue along his belly button, my hands still rubbing his chest. Trailing hot, wet kisses along the way, I make my way up to his neck, nipping the sensitive flesh under his ears. I take his mouth in mine again, our tongues meeting in a frenzy, swirling around in their sensual dance. My hands slide down to the button on his pants, fumbling with it as my senses reel from the passionate kiss. I get them unbuttoned and work the zipper down, sliding my hand inside. He groans into my mouth as my hand finds his manhood, stroking his hard length through his boxers. I gasp into his mouth, amazed at the size of it, the hardness. He chuckles as if reading my thoughts, and rolls over, pinning me beneath him.

I smile at him as he moves down to unbutton my shorts. Lifting a leg to caress his thigh, I turn my head towards the radio, noting for the first time what music is playing. I laugh, recognizing the sound of the Smashing Pumpkins, and figuring this to be the `Ava Adore` song that Brendon told me he wanted to play when we finally had sex. That thought alone, that he remembered to play it for me, made me smile. I lifted my hips and helped him pull my shorts off, the lyrics to the song getting me even more excited than I already was.

He climbs off the bed and yanks his pants down, stepping out of them. He looks down at me, looking kind of nervous, I thought. I smile reassuringly at him, and he smiles back. Reaching to his waist, he grabs the band of his boxers and pulls them down.

"Wow"... I replied, stupidly. That word seeming to be the moronic word of the day. I gaped... I couldn't help myself. I had never seen anything so... so... amazing. I don't know what he was thinking, or if I was embarrassing him, but I didn't care. I sit up, and just stare. With his 6'1 frame, his dick was about even with my mouth. He knows I won't do anything with it, though... because I told him I wouldn't give him a blow job. I don't want him to jizz in my face... quite a normal reaction if I do say so myself. He took it well though... at least, I think he did... I don't think he has a problem with me choosing -not- to suck him off.

I glance up at him to find him watching my reaction. Smiling, I climb off the bed (which is no easy task on a water bed) and stand in front of him. I raise onto my tip toes and give him a small peck on the mouth, then grab the top of my panties and slide them down, kicking them off.

He just stares. Good, now I don't feel so idiotic for gaping at him. I guess I would cause a few to be surprised. Being 19, a virgin, only kissed twice in my life, and having a hairless pussy. Some would wonder what I do in my spare time. His eyes meet mine again, and he smiles. I raise an eyebrow at him as he pushes me down on the edge of the bed, kneeling in front of me.

"Uhh, Brendon?" He spreads my legs apart, keeping eye contact with me as he lowers his head between my thighs. "I don't really think this is such a good id-... holy mother of love" I squeeze my eyes shut as my senses reel, my body being sent to heaven, his mouth trailing sweet kisses along my wet slit. His tongue delves between my lips, causing my whole body to jerk. I reach down and grab his head, running my fingers through his hair. He goes slow at first, touching all my sensitive spots and sucking on them till I scream with pleasure. I moan his name, causing him to move faster, fucking me with his tongue. Oh gawd... I'm going to die... I can't live through this. The tension builds and builds, my body getting tighter, preparing for release. He nips my clit lightly, but it's enough to do me in. I throw my head back and moan, long, loud, ragged. Squeezing his head between my thighs, my body is racked with waves of pleasure. I call out his name, over and over, until finally, I collapse back on the bed... hitting earth once again.

"Oh lord," I gasp, in between my panting. "am I alive?" I open my eyes and glance up at him, the big grin on his face telling me that he's pleased with himself. Damn, I know -I'M- pleased with him.

Still grinning, he climbs down onto the bed. I scoot back, into the middle of the bed where I was before. Nervous as hell, I can just watch him come closer. Oh gawd oh gawd oh gawd. He's done this before, I haven't. And besides, it isn't gonna tear him apart. I gulp loudly. He moves between my legs and presses me down into the pillows. This is gonna hurt. As if reading my thoughts, he lowers his head to nuzzle my neck. His hands move down to my waist and rub softly. He trails a hand down one of my legs and lifts it, wrapping it around his waist. He then does the same with my other leg. My breathing comes in ragged little pants as I feel him press against me. I close my eyes and sigh. He feels like velvet over steel.

I wrap my arms around him, laying my shaking hands on his back. My eyes still closed, I just lay there, waiting for the pain to come and pass, so I can enjoy the pleasure. Oddly enough, I notice the same song as before playing on the stereo, it must be on repeat... the lyrics seem to get my blood going again, and I open my eyes, staring up at him. I tighten my legs around his flanks and pull him towards me, our passion glazed eyes boring into one another.

He enters me slowly, gliding into my tightness, his hands gripping my waist. I grip his back tightly, biting my lower lip to keep from crying out. The sense of intrusion, and the pleasure that comes with it is too much to bear. I moan, raising my hips and closing my eyes. His control snaps at the sound of my pleasure and he plunges into me. I gasp, my nails digging into his back as the pain of being ripped apart floods my body. Tears spring to my eyes and I shut them tightly, willing away the pain. He struggles to keep still inside of me as I try to regain control of myself. He strokes my hair and presses light kisses along my face. He starts moving out of me, controlling himself and going slow. Expecting more pain, I take a deep breath, only to feel complete and utter pleasure at his movements.

"oh, Brendon..." I sigh, my breath coming in quick gasps. He grabs my hips again and slides back into me, the feeling like nothing I've ever experienced. He groans and mutters something about my tightness, only managing to turn me on even more. I wrap my legs around his back, opening myself to him. He moves faster, his rock hard tool pounding in and out of my tightness. I moan and gasp, and call out his name, over and over. The bed waves beneath us, as if mimicking our senses, tossing and rolling like the ocean tide. He breathes my name softly, his hands sliding up my waist and to my chest to cup my breasts. I rake my nails across his back, raising my hips up to meet his every thrust. We move together, in and out, up and down, back and forth. Our movements get faster and harder as we both strive for the ultimate release. I call out his name as I feel myself rising, my body tensing. I reach the heavens and explode, wrapping myself around him as the stars flash before my eyes. My body is wracked with waves of pleasure, tightening around his manhood. I feel him tighten and explode within me, causing me to orgasm again, seconds after the last. He wraps his arms around me and groans, his mouth pressed against my neck. We fall back to earth together, drained, spent, panting, still joined.

After minutes of laying there, our sweaty bodies pressed together, he raises his head.

"wow" is all he says. But it's enough.