Forgiven by Velvet Kitty


She was young and a virgin. Having gone to an all girls Catholic school all of her life didn't help much either. The nuns weren't very specific when it came to sex, explaining only the basics on a need to know basis.

It was a well known fact that there were girls who liked other girls, but no one ever talked about it. Jackie, Sharon's roommate, often snuck out of the room at night and would come back with a glowing smile on her face.

Sharon was content with her fantasy men. Often, when Jackie would sneak out, Sharon would use the time to entertain her own pleasures. She would dream of making love to a man while touching her breasts and massaging her cunt. Then she too would go to sleep with a smile on her face.

One night she was feeling exceptionally horny. Jackie didn't go out, so Sharon waited to hear the even breathing telling her she was asleep. Finally feeling safe, she began to touch herself. A moan escaped her lips and Jackie shifted in her sleep. Sharon was in such a state of arousal that she didn't care. Throwing back the covers, she revealed her nude body in the moonlight. Moving both hands to her breasts, she spread her legs as she squeezed the pink buds. All of a sudden, she felt a third hand massage her cunt. Sharon's blue eyes flew open and looked directly into Jackie's brown ones. The look she gave Sharon was reassuring. Suddenly, Sharon wasn't afraid. As Jackie's fingers slipped in and out of Sharon's slick cunt, a moan was released from deep within. Jackie gently took Sharon's nipple into her mouth. As she suckled the hard bud, she brought Sharon to the brink of ecstasy without pushing her over the edge.

Sharon begged for a release. Jackie moved her mouth down her body and thrust it deeply into her cunt. Sharon bucked against the starting sensation. Jackie's tongue moved expertly over her. Sharon grabbed Jackie's head ,pushing her deeper into her creamy depths. At last, she came. Jackie ran her tongue over Sharon's clit until every drop had disappeared. Patting Sharon's ass, Jackie went bad to bed.

Sharon had never felt so much pleasure or so much shame. What had she done? She would have to go to confession tomorrow morning. With that, she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Sharon went straight to confession. Father Thomas, a new priest, was hearing confessions. Sharon felt a small measure of relief. She had never met Father Thomas, so it would be easier to tell a stranger.

She went into the confessional and told the Father her story. He listened the whole time without saying a word. Finally, he told her that she needed more than prayer. She was to meet him outside his chamber doors at nine that evening. Sharon thought a night of scrubbing floors or beating rugs was exactly what she needed to ease her 17 year old lusts.

At nine that night, she knocked on Father Thomas' door. A gorgeous man of about 24 years of age smiled at her. Sharon couldn't stop staring into his eyes if the devil himself had appeared. He invited her in and shut the door. For the first time, she noticed that he didn't have a shirt on. He motioned for her to sit down. She felt like she was in a dream.

He moved slowly toward her and undid Sharon's braided hair. Placing his hands on her shoulders, he turned her around, looked into her eyes and then to her full mouth. Slowly, he placed his lips to hers and kissed her gently, but deep. His tongue explored her mouth and encouraged hers to do the same. He tasted so sweet that Sharon became lost and closed her arms around his neck.

His body was magnificent. Hard and firm. His hands flew over her clothed body. Before she knew it, his hands were on her supple skin and her clothes were in a heap on the floor. Sharon felt herself undo the buttons on his pants. When she felt the large bulge of his manhood, she was startled. She felt his pants slide to the floor and he guided her hand to wrap around his shaft. It was so big! Ending their kiss, she kneeled down to help him step out of his pants.

She looked up to find herself looking straight at his pulsing heat. With a mind -- not her own -- she decided to take the object into her mouth. She made a game out of it, seeing how far she could get it into her mouth. Before too long, she couldn't go any further because she had the whole thing in her mouth! Father Thomas (Peter -- as she later learned) let out a deep moan and put his hands on the back of her head. Instinct told her to slowly pull away and try again. She deep throated the cock again and again, faster and faster. Peter had taken over the rhythm with her head in his hands. She grabbed his smooth ass for support. In - Out - In - Out - Faster - Faster. Finally, he shot his load down her throat. He held her head in place until she had gulped down every drop.

Peter sat down on the bed and invited her to join him. He began to work on her pleasures. He kissed her full on the mouth, then her neck and finally cupped her breast. Nipping at her gently, he massaged and kissed various parts of her body. She was breaking into a light sweat when he touched his tongue to her light petals. With a jolt of remembrance, she came. He lapped up every drop and plunged his fingers into her, making her want more -- of what, she didn't know. She felt his mouth on hers and his manhood -- hard again -- brushed against her thigh. Soon, his fingers were replaced with a much larger member.

As he sank deeper, she felt a sting of pain, which was quickly replaced by ripples of pleasure. He was completely inside her now. He kissed her and began a slow in and out motion. She spread her legs as wide as she could to accommodate as much of him as possible. In and out, he pounded her, each thrust promising her a wonder of pleasures to come. She felt his balls slapping her ass as he quickened his tempo. She clawed his back and he kissed her again while squeezing her breasts. In and out, faster and faster -- oh, the ripples -- warm caresses -- juices mingling between them as they climaxed and came as one. Peter slowed his movements and kissed her again.

From them on, when Sharon was bad, she was very bad... she confessed and was thoroughly punished... every time.