Fun with Mr. President by Panzram

Fun with Mr. President

Copyright 1998

Note: this story is a work of fiction, and is in no way meant to damage the reputation or name of William "Slick" Bill , I just think its a great scenario to explore.

Bill yawned profusely. It had been a long day, even longer than usual. Not that he had done any work or anything, He was just bored. Life could be pretty dull when you're nothing more than a figurehead. Just then, the door of the office opened and Monica came in. She was one of his aides and he had been lusting after her particularly lately.

She wasn't a real beauty as far as most people would be concerned, she was no stick thin anorexic model by any stretch, but there was something about her. That full wet mouth that always seemed to flash him an inviting smile, those hips that a man could really grab onto, those full round tits and sexy black hair. Yes this was a woman of the voluptuous amazon variety that you could really do some damage to.

"Hello Mr. President," she cooed as she closed the door.

"Why, hello Monica, you're looking lovely today!" he said slowly.

"Ohh thank y.." she dropped the manila folder she had been holding and the papers flew all over the floor. Immediately she began stooping to retrieve the papers. Now, Bill was no fool, he knew a good piece when he saw one, and that short skirt was something else, so he blurted something pathetic like "oh, let me help you with that" and hurried over. As he bent to grab a sheet, he looked up and saw her ample cleavage staring right at him and he was mesmerized, he just couldn't look away, even when she noticed and looked right at him he looked until he finally looked up at her and saw she was grinning. Embarrassed, he went back to grab more papers and she turned around and bent down again and her luscious ass thrust in front of his face. She arched her back seductively, Bill was dumbfounded. Her black skirt rode up a little and he glimpsed her frilly white satin panties just barely. This was too much and old Bill got a presidential hardon instantly. He wondered what it would be like to grab that ass, to just pull that skirt up and rip those panties off and have his way with her. "Why not" he reasoned, "I'm the president for gods sake! I haven't had any fun since that vacation last week at camp David."

Before he knew it, his hand reached out and squeezed her soft warm ass and he began caressing it. "Ooooooh Bill!" she swooned, and arched her back even more, thrusting her crotch at his hand. He stroked the soft white panties, felt the warm moist mound beneath and teased her, running a finger from her asshole to her clit slowly and softly, back and forth. She sat on all fours like a bitch in heat and ground back into his hand.

Then Bill got up, went to his desk and pushed a button. "Kimberly, please hold all my calls and let no one disturb me," he said into the intercom.

"Yes sir," was the response, but Bill was already occupied, he picked her up and carried her to his desk, dropping her on his paperwork and kissing her wetly on that hot mouth. He got on his knees and pushed her skirt slowly up, thrilling as he noticed that she was wearing white garter belts with stockings, and kissing her hot inner thighs, licking his way inward.

She intertwined her fingers in his hair, her head thrown back in pleasure. Then, when she felt his tongue get near her panties and start to tease the crumpled stitched lining, she moved them aside and pushed his head forward to her waiting young sex. He dove in, ravaging her with his mouth, the taste of her was incredible, so sweet and young, the flesh of her pussy so smooth and soft and wet.

"Ahhhhhh!" she moaned in delight locking his head in with those sexy legs.

He devoured her, licking her clit, darting between her lips and flicking her tight little anus expertly. She grabbed his hair and rode his face for all she was worth and in no time, she came loudly, rewarding him with a mouthful of hot, sweet sex juice, and shuddering as she held him there, and then collapsing spent on his desk, her legs spread. Bill got up wiping his mouth, he now had a full raging hardon and he intended to use it. He unzipped his pants and took out his cock which he lovingly like to refer to as "the Washington Monument" and stroked it as he walked over to where her head was. He continued stroking as he looked at her lovely unconscious face, her hair was slightly mussed and her mouth was slightly open in a sexy "o" the tip of her pink tongue barely visible.

He moved forward and positioned his dick inside her open mouth without touching the lips, then he slowly softly ran the head along her pert lower lip, picking up some saliva and leaving a glistening trail along it. Her mouth slowly closed on it and her eyes opened suddenly and looked up at him. Her tongue flicked the head and she sucked on it making Bill wince with pleasure, he popped it out of her mouth and began to lightly spank it on her lips, dabbing them with her own saliva and rubbed it around her mouth and cheeks. She moved after it, trying to get it back in her hot wet mouth, and once in a while he would put it back in and she would hungrily wolf it down. But growing tired of his game, she made a pouty face and got off the desk and got on her knees on the plush presidential seal carpet. She took him in her mouth and began to slowly slide up and down on the first cock, all the while looking him right in the eye. She bobbed her head up and down, her black hair waving to and fro with her efforts.

Her "Fuck me" red lipstick smeared all over his cock. Sometimes she would pull it out and let her mouth drool onto the head with a mixture of saliva and precum, then suck the string back into her mouth and continue sucking. He was overwhelmed with lust. "Goddamn!" he thought, "If I could have this every day, this job would be a hell of a lot more fun, and that uptight bitch of a wife of mine would never give me head" He stared at her thinking how fortunate he was to have this hot little slut at his beckon call to suck his cock whenever he wanted her to. He reached down and grabbed the front of her white shirt, tearing it and the bra underneath open and her big tits sprang free, quivering and heaving. He stroked then and squeezed them, crushing their softness.

"My god I must look like a total slut" she thought to herself as he fucked her face. He grabbed her hair and roughly jacked her head back and forth onto his dick, shoving it down her throat repeatedly. He marveled at how subservient she was even though he was being rough with her and it excited him even more. It popped out the side of her mouth and she guided it between her tits and began fucking it with them, Bill thrust it vigorously in and out and every time the head went between them, it would pop out the other side and into Monica's waiting mouth making a delicious "pop!" sound. Bill began spanking his cock on her tits making them jiggle, and Monica cooed with pleasure, fingering herself furiously. Then he grabbed her hair again and shoved his cock in her slutty mouth, watching the head disappear past the shiny red lips and bulge in her cheek.

"Make me come bitch! Make me shoot my presidential load all over that slutty face of yours!!" he said in a low voice and worked her head up and down on him, her hands jacking him off and grabbing his regal balls. He jacked her up and down his dick like a rag doll, her tits bounced up and down, to and fro, and her throat contracted around the head of his dick spastically. "My god I can't believe I've got the president's cock halfway through my body," she thought. He was groaning and she knew that meant he would come soon. She anticipated this greatly, she thought of herself as a good girl and she wanted to do something good for her country. She started to speed up and sucked even harder on the meat pistoning in and out of her mouth feverishly. Then Bill pulled it out of her mouth with a loud pop and held her at arm's length, his fist tightly holding a hand full of her black messy hair.

"Yes! Cum on me, I want your cum all over my face Mr. President!"

Bill jerked himself off while looking at Monica. She was sitting there, her head held back by his fist, her mouth open, waiting. He looked at her kneeling legs, garterbelts, panties, and her big tits hanging out shaking, flush with lust and it was finally too much, he groaned and let the first load fly. The first shot crisscrossed her face from right forehead to left chin, and she jerked when it hit her skin, the second he aimed at her gorgeous tits, and then he splattered her mouth and chin. She lolled her tongue out to catch what she could and flicked it out to lick her chin and lips. It just kept coming, jetting into her black hair, shooting onto her cheeks, and splattering her tits again.

Then he said, "Swallow my cum you little slut, I'm the commander in chief," and shoved his still jetting cock into her mouth again. Monica gulped down his jism with gusto, and let it run out the sides of her mouth because she knew guys liked that. After a few more trickles, she had taken it all, and he took his cock out of her mouth and wiped it all over her cum splattered face, spanking it loudly on her cheeks, rubbing it on her nose and shaking it in her open mouth so that the lips quivered . Cum dripped off her chin and ran down the lush valley of her tits and Bill rubbed his cockhead around on her nipples, enjoying the ecstatic after orgasm feeling on the sensitive underside. She licked her tongue all over her face, savoring the cum.

She looked like a little girl who had made a mess of her ice cream. "Oh sweet Jesus!" he said, spent. "Yes little girl you and I are gonna have ourselves an understanding"

"Whenever I want a blowjob or I want to fuck that sweet little pussy of yours you do it you hear? I want you under the desk sucking my dick twice a day, and if you're good, I might even fuck you once a day."

Monica looked up, thoughtful. She could feel his cum warm in her tummy and he had certainly gotten her off well enough. "Well it could be worse" she thought.

"Now go get yourself cleaned up! You'll have plenty of chances to be covered with cum believe me, Whooooooohhhhooooo!!! I'm the commander in chief!!!!!"

And a bedraggled, cum drenched Monica got up and shakily traipsed into the first bathroom.

To be continued....