My Girlfriend's Lust by Alexander Tsigos

My Girlfriend's Lust

I have a little story that dates back to when I was about fifteen years old. My girlfriend at the time was a girl by the name of Lisa. Now Lisa was not bad looking or anything, but the problem with our relationship was that she didn't trust me. I don't want to brag but I am a good-looking guy and I do talk with other girls even when I was going out with Lisa. She wasn't always like that, though. For the first couple of months we went out, she was more a friend than a girlfriend. But the last couple of weeks, she started yelling at me about how she was my girlfriend and not just my friend and all that. She went on and on about how she wanted to be hugged and kissed and touched and loved and... you get the point I hope. Well, I hugged her and kissed her and touched her and all the stuff she wanted from me.

Being fifteen, with a girlfriend, you can probably understand what I wanted to do. I was horny like hell, and every time I would hug Lisa and kiss her, my dick would get hard and I'd stop soon enough to make sure she didn't realize it. One day, I couldn't hold it in anymore. Lisa came into school wearing a short vinyl skirt with white stockings and a tank top. My dick was the first to react and I knew I had to plug my girlfriend before I went crazy.

Right after school ended, I told her to meet me at the front entrance of the school later around ten o'clock at night. Of course she asked why and I told her that I wanted to tell her something and that it had to be at the school. She agreed. Just as she was getting on her bus, I ran over to her, grabbed her arm, and whispered in her ear, "Wear this skirt." I walked away.

Night came and so did she. I was waiting for her at the front gate and watched as her legs, which walked her from her house to the school, lifted and landed. The same skirt.

"Hi," she said. I nodded. Then made a movement with my finger signaling her to come closer. She got the idea and executed the move. I grasped her and what I hoped to happen, did happen. My dick got hard and she felt it. Before she could speak, I said, "Lisa, you said it yourself. You're my girlfriend, not just my friend, so let's do what you came to do."

We jumped over the gate and since I had stole the key to one of the doors, we got into the school. We went to our first period class, Ecology I think it was. I lifted her up on a table and kissed her. My dick felt as if it were going to explode and I started feeling her up.

I grabbed her hips and squeezed them; she moaned. I told her that I was going to fuck the living shit out of her and she smiled. Most girls at this point would respond different, but not my girlfriend. She was one horny bitch.

I squeezed her thighs to obtain grip and started pulling them apart, slowly. She made no hesitation to get me undressed; her hands were already unbuttoning my shirt. With her legs open enough for me to enter between them, my hands found their way under her skirt and grabbed her panties. I violently ripped them off her body and threw them on the floor. She giggled, "Oh, baby." She had completely unbuttoned my shirt and taken it off my body. I unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my ankles, then took my erected dick out from my underwear and with my free hand, pulled her closer. As I pushed the tip into her pussy, she started to pull away. She was virgin, and I knew that a virgin pussy would hurt and bleed at first. I grabbed her ass from the outside of the skirt and held it firmly, so she couldn't back up. A little more went in and she let out a scream and grabbed my naked back. I took it out and jerked off in front of her. I knew if I didn't, I would cum too soon. Just as I was about to cum, I grabbed her head and pulled her down to my dick; I came down her throat.

I was hard like hell again and I knew my girlfriend was getting knocked up one way or another. I took out of my wallet a condom I had been saving for this day. Just as I was about to put it on, she stopped me, "I'm on the pill, give me it raw." I tossed the condom onto her panties and pushed my dick into her pussy again. This time, half was in. Finally she was able to take the whole thing (amazing) and I was right: it bled.

I took her top off and took the bra off slowly. Then I violently started licking her left breast hard. She moaned. I pumped harder. She moaned again. I pumped faster. She screamed. In and out, harder and harder, faster, faster, faster...

I blew my second load, filling her womb with semen. After that, we got dressed, complimented each other, and went home. Wow, what a woman! Luckily, I hadn't gotten her pregnant because of a pregnancy test she took months after, but she was the greatest fuck I ever remember. Now that we're adults, she's married. But I still talk to her about it, and she still lusts for me, even now.

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