Possession of a Soul by Nicholas and Felicia Romanschak

Possession of a Soul

Chapter 1 Eye Opener

I heard the water pounding against the shower wall as I emerged from my dreamless sleep. My hands roam the bed next to me, searching for your warm body, finding only cool sheets. The sound growing louder in my ears I realize you are up before me and in the shower. Tossing the covers aside I stretch my naked arms and back and swing my legs off the bed, planting my feet firmly to the ground. Still in a state of semi unconsciousness I move towards the sound of the beating water.

Silently I slip into the bathroom, unnoticed by you. Through the smoked glass shower door I watch your silhouette sway underneath the misty heat of the steady shower stream. You move effortlessly against the pulsating water as your hands wander over your curves and valleys, spreading soapy gel everywhere. My thoughts swim with a deep desire to possess you as my hands move to pull back the glass sliding door. You turn to look at me as I enter the shower, a trace of a small smile dances across your full lips. My eyes lock onto yours and I see only love and devotion in their reflection. The gray hue of your eyes is mirror to your soul, which casts back your love for me. Without a word you give yourself to me completely. Your hands fall onto my chest, caressing the contour of my muscular flesh as they slowly work their way down over the ripples of my stomach. My hands reach for the bottle of body gel as I pour its contents into my palms. Tediously I reach up and lovingly graze my hands over shoulders, working the gel into lather over your skin.

The water beats down against your back as my hands move down your upper arms, around underneath them, and onto the soft arch of your breasts. My desires are such that my hands ache as they savor your cherished flesh.

"I hunger for you," I whisper, as my hands move downward to your hips and I pull you into me.

Without sound your eyes speak to me, telling me that your desires match that of my own. I press my palms against the round of your ass and spread your cheek apart with my fingers. I work the gel into lather, spreading my hands down over your ass, cleaning you meticulously for my own pleasure. The smooth gel allows my hands to glide effortlessly over you and into you. My soapy fingers move into your ass and slip to caress the folds of your pussy as I work the gel around your lips, up into your slit, and over your delicate clit. I clean you thoroughly, taking great care not to miss any inch of your soft wet skin. I move over your body feeling every inch of you as my fingers become drunk with the sensuality of your skin. Having rubbed the soft gel all over you I reach for the bottle of shampoo as my left hand trails up the back of your spine and comes to rest as the base of your neck. I pull you tightly against me as I pour the thick golden liquid into your hair.

My hands move up onto your raven mane as I begin to work the shampoo into your scalp. It pleases me to groom you, take care of you, and prepare you for me. My eyes remain locked into yours as my hands work the perfumed liquid into your hair. I watch you watching me, my heart racing knowing that I am pleasing you. I curl my fingers into your hair and pull your head back gently, allowing the water to rinse the lather from the top of your head. My hands are careful not to allow any soap or water into your eyes as they work over your hair, ridding it of the soapy residue. I tilt your head back up and whisper to you as our eyes lock once again.

"Let me please you my love, permit me to possess you," I whisper hoarsely.

Before you can even speak my mouth covers yours and I kiss you passionately. My hands slide back down your slick spine and cover your ass completely. My fingers dip within the crack of your ass as I press your pelvis firmly up against my hard shaft. My head falls back from you, breaking the deep kiss and a lustful smile over takes my face. Slipping my hands further down to your upper thighs, the tips of my fingers still locked into the cleft of your ass, I lift you off the shower floor and raise you up to me. Your legs instinctively wrap themselves around my hips and your head drops to my neck as your mouth moves over my heated flesh. Your slippery breasts glide over my chest as I position you over my erection and lower you down. My fingers slide between your thighs as I grasp them tightly and spread you wide.

Deliberately I suspend you over my hardened cock and rock my hips into you, massaging the head of my cock against your firm clit. I turn my body around to the side and allow the water to beat down between our bodies. The turbulent beads of water beat up against our nipples, hardening them quickly. You moan against the curve of my neck as my cock teases your clit, rubbing lightly over your throbbing knob. My arms easily move you back and forth, masturbating your clit onto the head of my stiff cock. My head moves down to yours as my mouth searches for your luscious lips. Falling upon them I cover you mouth with mine and silence your cry of pleasure as I drop you down over me and impale you onto my cock. You hands move up and around the back of my neck as your fingers weave themselves into my wet curls. This is what I desire of you today, to be inside you, holding you to me, controlling you with the fire that burns within me for you.

The water beats down, heating the fire between my legs even more as I slide you down the full length of my cock. I turn my body, stepping back into the stream of water, allowing it to beat down against the back of my head. I am lost to all that is around me except you. The steam rises up encompassing us and creates a mystical illusion, which only feeds into my desires. The water strikes into the back of my head, forcing my lips against yours as my hands lift you up off my cock and drops you back down in one swift motion. The feelings I have for you overwhelm me and I am a slave to your charms. It is you who possess me. It is your kiss, your love, your mind, body, and soul that casts a spell over me. I hungrily devour your mouth, wanting to taste you, as my hands lift you up off of me and then pull you back down. It is my arms that work your hips into me, lifting your body up and down over my throbbing shaft, impaling you repeatedly onto me. I feel you move within my hands, against my chest, inside my mouth, and I melt to all these harmonious sensations.

Your tongue greedily works it's way into my mouth, intertwining with mine as my head if forced, by the pounding water, into you. I am feeling lost as I continue to lift you on and off of me, fucking your tight pussy with my pulsing cock. The room begins to spin as the stream rises, your mouth over takes mine, and my climax builds. I try to hold on, to make the moment last forever, but my body is rejecting my thoughts as I am cumming. My hands move from underneath you and I grasp the wall of the shower with my left hand and the glass door with my right. I no longer need to move you on top of me because your hips buck wildly and you fuck yourself down onto my pulsating cock. I lock my arms to steady myself as my head falls forward, my mouths open, a cry of pure pleasure escaping my throat. Without hesitation you move your head forward into mine and cover my gaping mouth with yours.

My moaning is stifled as you consume my mouth. And when I finally cum deep within you my cries echo off the walls of your mouth and penetrate deep into your soul. You cry out as well, sweet moans of pleasure vibrate my lips as your cum spills over my throbbing cock. We are locked together; joined by one climax, within each others embrace. And as the water grows cool, the steam dissipates, and our orgasms diminish, I am brought back to the vision of you, my desire. My sweet Felicia, how I love you. It is I who wished to possess you; it is you, however that does the possessing. And I am the happier for it.

Chapter 2 Her Way

My eyes, grey shadows that absorb your love deep within the retina-core of my soul, look upon you as I cast my shadows over your contoured face. My sleek fingertips are clawing to orgasm as my forehead buries into the hallow of your neck and the cries of a woman in love fill your ears. The water from our shower beats down upon us as I unwrap my legs from your waist and you lift me off your still semi-erect member. The water begins to turn cool and we rinse the remains of our sex from one another's body. Twisting around I turn the brass handle back up shutting off the water and open the smoked glass door of the shower. Reaching out I take a plush towel from the rack, drawing it back into me and I slowly turn to face you, your chest is still slightly heaving, and the palms of your hands are bracing between the wall and the shower doors. Smiling at you I lean in patting the towel along your chest and shoulders, you look up at me and our eyes gaze at one another for what seems like forever as my hands continued to dry you off.

"I love you," I whisper softly in the silence of the steam.

Hearing my words you straighten up and grasp my wrists pulling me up against you firmly. Your hand holds both my wrists into your chest as your free hand wraps around my neck forcing my head still as you lean in sucking my lower lip into your mouth and nibble on it seductively. Sweet moans fill your warm mouth, and my tongue begins to lap greedily at yours as you kiss me ever so passionately. Pulling back from me you don't say a word as you wrap the towel around me and slide the opposite glass door open leading me out. Taking my hand we walk through our home to the den where you pull me down to our angora rug. I looked at you questioningly, but you silenced my questions with a finger on my lips, the tender smile on your face and the love in your eyes was all that I needed to see.

"I want you to enjoy the sensation of my touch," you whispered.

Just then you turned towards the fireplace and knelt down to light the kindling under the logs; my eyes glazed over from lust at the silhouette of your muscular backside and a selfish smiled played across my devilish lips. Turning on the balls of your feet you glanced back at me, my eyes insatiable, you fell to your knees and crawled back to my side. Swiftly you reached behind me, and I saw for a moment the black silk blindfold, before you placed it over my eyes and tied it gently but firmly behind my head. Then I felt your lips on mine, your tongue probing me earnestly, and I am lost for what seems like forever in a warm blur of deep, passionate kisses. Soon I can feel your hands gently roaming all over my body, sending shivers of pleasure along my spine.

I wanted to do the same for you, to have you experience the exquisite pleasure you are giving to me, but when I began to touch you, you pulled back. For a moment, I could sense nothing, except the beginning warmth and soft hiss of the fire. Your lips brushed fleetingly against mine, and an instant later your tongue was licking around my lips. I reached up for you, but you firmly moved my arms back to my side and I silently understood that you wanted me to fully experience your touch. We began to kiss, deeply, passionately. Only our lips and tongues were touching, all my sensations were concentrated there. Breaking the kiss, our tongues lightly touched and we explored each other's lips and mouths. You began to kiss and lick my face and I could feel the light touch of your lips on my cheeks, my nose, my chin and neck. Then you pulled away again. The fire began to roar in the silence as I waited and wondered what would happen next.

Suddenly I felt you pulling the towel from my body exposing my naked breasts and stomach. I can sense you gazing at me, and I can feel my breasts rise and fall with each breath. You take one wrist, then the other, applying a firm hold around each one drawing my arms over my head, pulling them back behind me, and somehow secured them. Then I felt a similar sensation on each ankle, except instead of being secured together, my legs are drawn apart, and I felt the firm pull as you somehow secured them as well. I trust you completely my love. I could imagine how I must look, my legs spread wide, totally exposed, and unable to move. My heart beat faster as my anticipation grew. For ages, I could hear nothing but the fire, as it grew stronger, I felt excited by my predicament, helpless, exposed, and vulnerable. I could feel my nipples beginning to stiffen and a telltale wetness between my legs. I gasped slightly when you finally leaned over me, and began to lick my breasts, caressing them with your tongue, circling my hard nipples, but never quite touching them. You started to nibble and kiss around each nipple, tantalizingly close, but never touching them.

My breathing became shallow and short as my desire for you became almost unbearable. I tried to move, this way and that, so my nipples would find your mouth, but my bonds made this impossible, and you kept teasing me with your tongue. Finally, your wet lips closed around my nipple and I thought I might come right then, as you gently sucked it into your mouth, rolling it between your lips, flicking it with your tongue. I can't help squirming and moaning in uncontrolled lust beneath your exquisite torture. Then you rested your head on my chest, and I could smell the sweet freshness of your hair, as you lightly played your fingers across my skin, caressing me so lightly, sending shivers down my spine. I felt your fingers trail lower and lower, barely touching my skin, until you cupped my bald pubic mound firmly.

"I want you so badly," I cried, but you don't say a word, you're totally in control, building my desire even further with each caress.

At last I feel your fingers slide across my swollen, wet pussy lips, caressing them so gently. You played with me for what seemed like an eternity, so lightly, bringing me to the verge again and again, but not letting me come. Then, for a moment, nothing. I knew you had left from beside me and I wanted to scream at you to come back and take me. But for an age, there was nothing but the sound of the fire, warmth washing over me. Finally, you return touching your finger to my lips, and as I sucked it into my mouth, I could taste the glob of sweet honey on it. As you withdrew it, I felt an odd sensation, a tickling, but not a touch. It felt slightly wet and it suddenly dawned on me that you were dribbling a thin of honey over my breasts, across my belly button and down between my legs. I can vividly imagine how erotic you look as you begin to lick the honey from me, following the sweet trail, pausing to lick every last drop from my nipples, before continuing ever downwards. I could hardly breathe as you licked and sucked the honey from my flesh.

I sensed you change position, and I could smell your sex as you straddled my face. You parted my pussy lips, and began to lick me in a way I had never imagined possible. You were devouring me, tasting me, my juices mixed with the honey, sucking the sweetness from my clit. Suddenly, your honey-covered cock forced my full lips apart and I greedily began to lick it. I was able to show you with my lips and tongue just how much I was enjoying this evening. I want you so badly, I am almost fainting, but I can only have what you will give me. As I sucked the honey from your hard shaft, I felt your fingers slip inside my soaking pussy and start to move in and out. I desperately tried to break free, push myself onto your fingers, but I can't, I am at your mercy. Again you pulled away, my overwhelming passion beckons to you.

I am begging for your return. " Ooh baby, please. I need you ".

Suddenly, I felt your hard cock fills me in one powerful stroke, you buried yourself deep inside me. Uncontrollably I moan as you withdraw your shaft almost completely, only to plunge it into me again and again. I could do nothing but give in to the exquisite pleasure as you fucked me, slowly at first, then your rhythm quickening. Faster and harder your cock entered me, pounding me, relentlessly driving into me, seemingly deeper and deeper on each thrust. I am aware only of you filling me again and again, the incredible feeling of you, the feeling as though we are one. Screaming with lust, I felt myself begin to shudder uncontrollably, and as the waves of the most intense orgasm I had ever known washed over me, you came violently, deep inside me, my muscles gripping your cock as it jerked and throbbed against them. Then you collapsed onto me, kissing me, holding me, and tearing the blindfold from my face. We lay there, with you still inside me, our bodies drenched in sweat. Whispering, touching, panting, and exhausted, my grey shadows focusing it's selfish possession upon your soul. It is you that possess me baby, completely.

Chapter 3 His Way

Time seems to stand still as I lay on top of your bound body, my mouth close to your ear, whispering softly words of love and devotion. The essence of sex permeates my nostrils and fills my being with an uncontrollable craving for you. Slowly my fingers linger up your arms and come to rest upon the chains that bind your delicate wrists. Freeing your wrists with one swift turn of a key your hands are at liberty to roam and explore, to move about at will against my scorching back. The fire, ablaze behind us, heats the desire within me to possess you completely. My hands move to the softness of the Angora and anchor themselves as I lift and then slide my body off of yours.

Moving until I am entirely withdrawn from you, I lower myself onto my knees and rest comfortably between your bound spread legs. How hungry you make me as I gaze down at the spot between your legs where your sweet nectar mixes with mine. My thoughts swim and I become mesmerized as I lower my head down onto you as if I was bowing in worship to a goddess. It is the faint cry that escapes your lips, as my tongue finds the divide between your legs, that breaks the hypnotic states of which I am in and spurs me forth to satisfy my lustful desires for you. It is the taste that fills my mouth, you and I joined together, that drives my tongue over you, lapping greedily at the divine drink. I flatten my tongue as I move it into your fleshy folds, between your amiable lips, and up onto your smooth mound.

Again I hear your whispering moans as my tongue cleans you, caresses you, taste you, and takes you. I force myself lower, laying my chest flat against the warmth of the rug, as my hands advance up the sides of your thighs and come to rest in the crease of your legs and pelvis. My fingers play across you swollen lips and part them as my tongue advances deeper into you. I hear you suck in a quick breath and feel you fingers encircle the back of my head as my lips brush against you and my tongue laps at you greedily. The weight of my arms holds you still against the softness of the Angora as my tongue teases you mercilessly, dancing across your moist pussy, but not yet touching you sweet knob of pleasure. Your hands press against my head and your fingernails dig into my scalp as you try and force my face over your clit. I smile within, knowing that my teasing tongue is doing its job and driving you wild. Your hips buck forward into my face as I drag my tongue up your middle and close my lips around your throbbing flower. My teeth drag across your hard clit as I suck it into my mouth and bite down slightly.

Even though my ears are covered by your thighs I can still hear your throaty moans as they flee your full moist lips. I answer you by working my face back and forth against you, pulling your sex between my teeth, and nipping down upon it. Your juices flow freely over my tongue as I drink you down, anxiously awaiting the main course. I am a mass of sensations, lost to the spell you cast upon me. My ears are filled with the harmonious cries of your pleasure, my nostrils are invaded with the perfume of your sex, my skin sears from the heat of the fire, my eyes catch glimpses of your swaying hips, and my tongue draws the sweet taste of you into my mouth. It seems that time has stopped and you and I are lost to all space and matter, yielding to all our lustful impulses, feeding upon our wanton desires. The feeling overwhelms me and I devour you within my mouth, hungrily sucking you in and consuming you completely.

When you finally break, your screams vibrate off the walls of our den, your legs and hips shake uncontrollably, and your cum overflows, exploding into my mouth. And I begin to feast upon you, drinking you down, gorging myself on your luscious favors. Over and over the waves of your orgasm wash over my lips and onto my tongue as your body shakes beneath my touch and your hands claw at the back of my head. Slowly your arched back relaxes and your body begins to melt back into the softness of the rug. Gratified I lift my head from between you legs and gently lay it upon your stomach. My hands move from your thighs and take your hands from my head, intermingling our fingers together and resting them above my head on your chest. And as I lay there resting upon you, feeling the rise and fall of the air being drawn into your chest, I sigh contently, knowing that it is I who possess you, cherish you, and love you. There are no words to adequately express what I feel for you, no words good enough for you.