Heck of a Job by Dogboy

Heck of a Job

I like my job. The pay isn't much, management sucks, and health plans and the such are a fantasy, but the "benefits" really count!

I work at "Monster Mart," (The large department store at the Galleria) in the toy department. The main attraction happens to be (you guessed it) all those beautiful little girls that come by!

It all started one day when I was "recovering" the department (lingo for cleaning up after messy customers) near the end of an aisle leading into the main aisle. I heard a couple of people walking towards me, and automatically glanced up and back down at my work...

Hold it!

I quickly looked back up and noticed that walking towards me was a mother in her late 20's or early 30's pushing a shopping cart with a 7 or 8 year old dark-haired girl walking alongside, and another little girl of the same age with red hair inside the cart. This was not unusual. Something else was: The little dark-haired girl was wearing red sweat-pants, a blue top, black shoes, and a grin as her right hand reached down and tickled her pussy through her pants every few seconds, then casually pulling it away when her mother looked in her direction. My dick grew hard in my pants, reaching its full 6 inches as I looked at this awesome sight!

I was cleaning the shelf and peeking a look when I heard the girl ask "Mommy, can I look at the toys! Please Mommy?!" and the red-haired girl piped up "Yeah, Mom! I wanna look at the dolls! I wanna look at Barbies!"

"OK! OK! Give me a minute!" said the mother as she took the other child out of the basket. Both children were bolting to the next aisle over in seconds.

I walked over to the next aisle casually to continue my "cleaning" (right!) which just happened to contain the Barbie isle, and two adorable little girls.

I got a closer look at the two children as I walked in the aisle. The little girl in red was still rubbing herself. "Susan," whispered the red-haired girl, "Mommy told us not to touch our coo's like that! Mommy will get mad!"

"I know, Barbara," said Susan, "but my cunny feels SO good when I rub it! Besides, you were rubbing yours last night in bed!"

I got even harder at the thought! I had a plan! I walked up to Susan and looked down. By this time she had a hand in her pants and was slowly rubbing her pussy directly, with the angle of her hand pulling the material away from her waist, giving me a look at her cunt not filled with fingers.

"I have an idea, Susan," I said. Susan jumped and spun around while pulling her fingers out of her pants, while Barbara just looked shocked.

"I didn't mean to scare you," I said as they looked at me and noticed my gray vest and store-issue name-tag reading "Bob Parker". Both relaxed slightly when it was decided I was not either a "strange sicko" come to kidnap them and commit vague crimes on them or "Mom" come to punish them for touching themselves.

Barbara recovered from her shock first (not being caught with her hands in between her legs like her sister) and asked "Wha-what do you want?"

"I said I have an idea," I said. "My name is Bob. I overheard your problem and I can fix it. Your mother told you not to touch yourselves, right?"

"Yeah," they both nodded, looking slightly embarrassed.

"Well," I said, "Mommy didn't tell you that you couldn't let other people touch you. Just rub each other!"

Barbara said, "We tried that, but when Susan touched my coo it hurt when she rubbed it, and I rubbed her too much and she peed all over the bed!"

"Susan! Barbara!" called the mother, "Lets go, I need to buy a stereo to replace the broken one. We are heading to the Home Electronics Department!"

Susan and Barbara ran off towards their mother's voice as I went to the phone. I called Bill, the guy in the next department over. "Bill! This is Bob. Look, I need to go to Home Electronics to cover. Can you take over toys?"

"Yeah, sure!" replied Bill. I had loaned him some cash to cover an abortion for his girlfriend and he was happy to repay me in any way that he could.

My next call was to John in Electronics. "John! Bob here. You wanna take a break now, instead of 11:30? I'll cover. No problem, buddy! Anytime for a friend!" I said, making my next arrangement with a big smile.

Hurriedly, I wandered over to Electronics where the mother was heading to, her shopping-cart full of the "bargain" beach towels that were on sale for "60% off" (after the store raised the original price 65% the week before) leaving little room in the cart for goods, much less children.

I entered the area and walked through the security gate, closing the small door to the cashier's booth behind me. I looked up as the mother wandered in the security gate, and up to the counter.

"Excuse me. I am looking for a home-stereo. Where would those be?" asked the girls' mother. I pointed to the back, and walked over that way, to show the different models. I asked "What do you think you will need in a stereo?"

"Well," replied my customer "I need something with a cassette, a CD and a turntable. We have many old records that I would like to keep." I showed her the only one we had with a phonograph ("What a dinosaur," I thought!)

"I'll take it!" she said. I picked up the stereo and lugged it to the counter. It was fairly big, and weighed about 40 pounds. The customer put all her other purchases on the counter and I rang them up. Finally came the stereo. The total came out to $419.78 which was paid for with a check by "Patricia Little".

"Hmmmm," I thought, looking at the address on the check, and ID. "She lives down the road a few miles from here." How convenient!

Eying the key-chain that Patricia had removed from her purse to find her checkbook and noting the Honda symbol on the keys, I said, "I will be happy to deliver and set up the stereo for you."

"Great!" said Patricia. "I was going to have a hard time fitting THAT in my car! I bought too many of these towels! My address is on the check. Could you do it tonight? I'll pay you for your trouble. I just can't sleep unless I have silence!" she said.

Seeing my blank look, Susan piped up "Mommy plays nature sounds at night so she won't hear anything and will be able to sleep."

I agreed, and smiling at Patricia and the two girls (who were both rubbing their pussies now) and made plans to deliver the stereo after work. After my shift I grabbed the stereo, and practically ran to my pickup in the parking lot, starting it up, and flying towards Susan and Barbara's house with the stereo. I pulled in, and knocked at the door. It was opened by Susan. I said, "hello, Susan. I have the stereo for your mommy."

"Mommy had to go to Norent to bring Uncle Mike his spare keys. He locked himself out of his car, and she won't be back for about an hour. She told me and Barbara where to put the stereo. Come on in!" said Susan.

I quickly looked around and asked "Who else is here with you?" "No one. Just me and Barbara!" said Susan, who had slipped her hand back inside her pants and was enjoying a good feel on her "coo".

I quickly walked in with the stereo; and setting it down, I reached over, and pulled Susan's hand from her pants. "Hey!" she said. I leaned over and put her fingers in my mouth, sucking the pussy juices off her hand that faintly smelled of pee. "Ohhhh," moaned Susan; "That makes my coo feel even more itchy!" shoving her hands back inside her pussy to frig herself some more.

"Barbara!" called Susan, "Bob from the store is here with the stereo. He is making me feel good too!"

Barbara quickly wandered in, and seeing her sister's actions she said, "Susan! Mom said not to touch your coo like that!"

"Wait a minute girls! I have an idea. I will touch you both and no-one will get in trouble," I said to them both. Taking a good look at Barbara I noticed that she was a bit too fidgety.

I reached over and slid my hand down Barbara's jumper into her panties. She gasped. I slid my hand around the lips of her pussy, and she kept gasping and tightening up until finally I slid a finger between them and flicked her baby clitty with my thumb. She melted in my arms! (God she was wet!) Barbara spread her legs as wide as they would go and pressed both hands on my hand to get more pressure on her pussy, while moaning "Ohhhh! Don't stop!

Pleeeaaase don't stop!!" Looking in Susan's direction I said, "You have to touch your sister's cunny gently, so you don't hurt her."

I continued fingering Barbara's snatch for several minutes until she started moaning "Oh! That feels so good! Slow down or I'll pee myself! Slow down! But please don't stop!!"

Susan looked at us, and pointed left to a small door, that led to the bathroom. We all went in and I stood next to the tub, and rubbed Barbara's snatch faster. "Wait," said Barbara. She removed all her clothing except socks and panties and stood in the tub. (For some reason she was shy about showing me her pussy just yet.) I rubbed her cunt frantically. Her pussy finally twitched (hell, her whole body shook!) and she let loose a stream of pee when her small body climaxed. I waited until she relaxed and I removed my fingers. "Mommy doesn't like us to touch ourselves, so I hold my pee until I almost wet myself and have to rub myself to keep from wetting my pants. If mommy sees me, she just tells me to hurry up to the bathroom before I make a mess," said Barbara.

I stripped her wet panties and socks off her, and Susan giggled. "It's silly to almost pee your pants just to touch your coo. Just do it when no-one is looking!"

I wiped Barbara's pussy with a face-cloth and said to them both, "Well lets all go to your bedroom and I'll show you what I meant earlier."

"OK!" both quickly agreed. We all ran to their small bedroom off the main hall. The left twin bed turned out to be Susan's. Both children stripped all their clothes off, and stood bare-assed before me and waited for instruction. I took my clothes off quickly and both girls were slightly shocked and embarrassed.

"What are you doing!?" screeched Susan and Barbara together. "Well," I said, "I saw you naked, so why shouldn't you see me? Don't worry, I won't do anything to either one of you, if you don't ask." This statement relaxed both girls visibly.

Susan shyly came over to me, and looked my cock and balls over. She reached out and touched the head of my cock (which was raging hard from sliding my fingers inside little girls snatches) I moaned, and said, "Please touch it!" and showed her exactly what felt best for me in a hand job. I explained "A boy has a penis or a 'cock' or 'dick' just like girls have a vagina or a 'cunny' or a 'coo'. It feels good when you touch a boy like that just like when someone touches your coo."

The girls looked curious. "Does a boy pee white pee in your throat to give you a baby? Can the baby get stuck in your throat and make you die?" asked Barbara. "The girls at school tell stories when the boys aren't around."

I smiled and said, "No. The boy gets a hard penis like mine, and when you are a little older, he will put it inside your hole, underneath your bum, and slide it in and out until he 'cums' inside your cunny. If the come gets lucky, it will mate with an egg inside your belly and make a baby, but you are both too young for a baby to come yet."

Susan continued jerking me off at the same speed, and I said, "Faster! Grab a little tighter! faster!" I could feel myself starting to get really turned on. After a few minutes of her little hand working hard, I said, "I'm gonna come! It'll make a mess. Get me something!" Barbara was grabbing her pee-stained panties for me to shoot into, when I erupted; and seeing nothing else to do, Susan put my cock-head in her mouth! I blew my load like Mt. St. Helens, and collapsed like the old man in the rocking chair.

When my heart-rate went down, and I stopped breathing heavy, I opened my eyes to look at the two girls standing in front of me. Susan was swallowing the last of my come and wiping the cream from her mouth that she wasn't able to take in. Both girls were rubbing their pussies furiously now, obviously turned on by my actions.

I stopped both girls. I positioned Susan on the floor with her legs open. I then got on my knees and reached towards her with my mouth. "What are you doing?!" exclaimed Susan. I said, "I am going to use my lips and tongue on your cunny. I am going to lick you so much you will beg me to stop!" "But that's where I pee from!" said Susan, in shock.

"Just relax, and enjoy yourself," I said with a warm (and lustful) smile.

Looking at Barbara I said, "This is called 'eating out' a pussy. Both of you watch so you will know what to do."

Susan shoved her pussy closer to my mouth, but would pull it back whenever I went to make contact with my tongue. "Ohhhh! Your breathing on my coo feels too good! It tickles too much!"

I held my breath for a second, not allowing the warm air from my mouth to touch her beautiful pussy, and she relaxed a bit. Then suddenly, I slid my tongue over her soft, baby smooth mound, not quite penetrating the lips. "Ohhhh! Keep doing that! Rub my cunny with your mouth some more! It feels soooo good!" said Susan, as her hips (small as they were) began jerking back and forth, and her legs opened and closed.

Finally, I slid my tongue in between the pretty lips, into the tight, warm slot itself. Susan's legs began to alternate between slamming shut on my head like a vise (almost painful), and then opening to their widest extent. The moaning continued for some minutes, while her legs jerked back and forth at top speed, and little Susan unconsciously pulled my hair while jerking my head tighter to her coo. Finally, Susan yelled out, jerking a few frantic times, and her bladder loosed for a second as I sucked on her clitty, releasing a teaspoon of urine on the carpet.

Turning to Barbara, I asked, "Did you see what I did to your sister to make her feel so good?"

"Yes," replied Barbara with a husky voice. Barbara's face was flushed with desire, and she was sliding a large Crayola marker up and down the top of her pussy, running the smooth, flat edge on her clitty, for once not caring who saw. I reached over, and took her hand, and slid the Crayola from her fingers. I then lay her down on her bed and slid on top next to her. I reached over, and gently rubbed her nipples with my fingertips. Looking at her, I asked "Would you like me to do anything with you?"

"Yes!" she almost shouted.

"What is that?" I asked. Barbara's face turned a bright shade of red. "I want you to put *mumble mumble* ... me" said Barbara softly in a shy voice.

"What did you want, Cutie? I didn't hear all of what you said," I admitted.

"I said....I said... I... wanted you to put something in my...in my coo! But first I want you to close your eyes!"

"OK, I will," I stated, closing my eyes tightly, and rubbing my penis, which had grown incredibly hard at all the sights, sounds and smells.

The next thing I knew my left wrist was grabbed and a small plastic hardened band went on with a clicking sound. Looking up I saw Barbara attaching the other end of a pair of small but sturdy looking plastic handcuffs to the metal headboard of the bed we lay on. In her other hand was a soft tube about 5 inches long, and tapering from a 1/2 inch to an inch and a half at the end with a small spout at the smaller end.

Looking closer, it appeared to be a disposable cake decorating bag and nozzle.

"Bob...put this in my cunny hole...and rub it back and forth and make me feel good...like you did to Susan. And don't stop 'til I say so...or I won't give you the key to the cuffs until mommy pulls up, and she'll be mad if the stereo isn't set up when she gets here!" stated the desperately horny young girl.

"No problem, honey. All you had to do was ask!" I said. Personally I was more worried that mom would find more wrong than the stereo if I was cuffed here naked with her children and a raging hard on!

I was also curious how Barbara expected a tube of frosting to be firm enough to pleasure her hot little pussy. That was, until I grabbed the tube, and noticed it was real cold and firm. "Mommy never throws frosting out until we buy more...We just put it in the freezer to keep," stated Barbara, trembling with desire.

I was looked on with a pair of pretty brown eyes, and asked "Please, Bob, put it in me now! My coo is so itchy! Please make it feel good!!" blurted the little girl.

Barbara spread her legs as wide as they would go, and I slowly and carefully worked the soft but firm decorating bag inside her little cunny. Luckily the bag was small enough to slide in, and not hurt. Barbara gasped, "Oh my goodness! My coo! My coo! Please rub my coo!!" as I worked the bag in and out.

Her small childish hips rocked back and forth every time I slid the bag around, and she began moaning, "Ohhhhhhh! Don't stop! Don't you dare stop! You're tickling my coo! My coo feels sooo good!! I feel like I gotta pee, but don't you stop! I want to keep doing it forever.... After some vigorous rubbing and heavy breathing Barbara yelled out "Oh .... OH ..... OHHH ...... OHHHH ....... OHHHHH!!"

At this point, Barbara's pussy jerked in a powerful climax. I slowed to a stop with the bag, expecting to slide the bag from her and give my tired right arm a rest from pounding her hot little cunt. "Don't you dare pull that out!" yelled the little girl in a breathless voice. Quickly she reached down and pulled the bag outward until it was almost free of her pussy lips, and squeezed the end of the bag. A quick shot of warming vanilla frosting flew out from the bag. Her cunny filled to the brim with a white, sweet, and oh so tasty substance.

Barbara half stood up, and slid onto my chest, and past, with her nude butt sitting on my upper chest, and her pussy in my face. "I want you to lick all the frosting out of my coo and eat it, right now!" stated the bossy and more confident girl.

"Wait a minute!" I said. "What about me! My cock is so hard my balls are beginning to hurt. Fair is only fair.." I hoped I sounded convincing. If I didn't get relief soon, my blue balls would begin aching!

Barbara reversed position, and went into a classic '69', and took my cock in her mouth in a quick move. Only about 3 inches fit inside without choking her, or forcing her to learn a quick 'deep throat' technique, but those 3 inches felt fantastic! Soon Barbara was pistoning her mouth on my prick, using her lips, while I didn't even pretend to do anything but lay there for the pleasure. After what felt like forever, I blasted a load of cum deep in her mouth, which she spit onto her wet panties before assuming her former position. Unfortunately, I was still hard!

Susan wandered closer to the scene. "What else can you do with a 'cock' besides rub it and suck it?" she asked. "If you two were older I could put my cock in your cunny and rub it until we all came, but I don't want to hurt either one of you...Or you could put it in your mouth and lick and suck softly on it until I come again!" I said hopefully.

"No, I don't feel like it...its too big, and you pee out of it. I just like the 'cum' that shoots out," said Susan, ruining my hopes.

"Wait a minute!" said Barbara. "Why don't you stick it in her bum?"

I looked at Susan, and her little butt. "Well," I said, "I would rather slide it in your cunnies, but since I can't do that I will try if Susan wants."

Barbara said, "She will like it...She puts a finger in bum to make it feel good sometimes; and I saw her putting a candlestick in her butt once."

Susan looked embarrassed for once and yelled "Liar! I did not!"

"Don't worry!" I said. "Lots of little girls do that, just like lots like to rub their cunnies. You are not any different than them," I assured her.

"If you want to, put some Vaseline on your bum first. I want it to feel as good as possible. That way my cock won't hurt your cute little butt!"

Susan ran and grabbed a jar of Vaseline, and instead of touching her bum, she put a large gob of it on the head of my cock, and worked it in. Oh god, that felt so good!

Susan then sat on my cock, with her butt-cheeks spread, and my Johnson slid into a nice, tight, warm home. Susan felt a bit of pressure at first, but I told her to relax, and go slow. Soon she was sliding up and down on my cock to the hilt, and I reached over and slid a finger in her cherry pie and began rubbing her cunt all over. Meanwhile I started licking Barbara's coo like there was no tomorrow, and she made it hard to breathe by jerking her hips forward and backward, and slamming her hot pussy over my mouth and nose as I ate the sweet frosting, and the sweeter juices running from that hot little girl's box!

Soon we were all moaning (mine being muffled by little girl pussy) and slamming up and down until finally Barbara could contain herself no more, and yelped "My cunny! My cunny, Suck MY CUNT! PLEASE SUCK MY LITTLE CUNT! OH!.........OHHHH..........OHHHHHH.....AHHHHHHH!" and lost total control of herself, throwing herself backwards from my face with a jerk, and peeing on my chest, which ran down my front, past my balls, and ran down, a warm stream hitting my asshole. I came fantastically, almost throwing Susan from my cock. At the same time Susan yowled as I slammed my big thruster in her butt and rubbed her cunt, "...touch...my coo!...my coo...touch...touch!....TOUCH!...MY!!...COOOO!" as she came too; all of us collapsing on the now soaked bed. At this point, I could no longer do anything but close my eyes and drift off...

A few minutes later, Susan and Barbara managed to get off me, and get me up (after unlocking the cuff). I quickly went to the bathroom, and wiped myself down in a sponge bath with a face- cloth I found on the edge of the sink, and got dressed. Both girls were again dressed, and looked innocent once more (after respective trips to the bathroom).

We all gathered in the living room, where I finally unboxed the stereo, and began setting it up in the niche provided in the entertainment center. I was plugging the final RCA connector to the speaker when I heard a car pull up. Looking around I noticed Patricia getting out of a Honda Civic, and hurrying towards the front door. "Were the girls any help with the stereo?" she asked. "Susan and Barbara did everything perfect!" I assured her. "I wish all installations were this much fun to do! We all had a great time getting it together in time for you to get home."

"Thank you very much...Bob," said Patricia, peering at my name tag. "Here is something for your trouble," said the girls' mother handing me a twenty-dollar bill.

"No thank you," I said, trying to refuse the money. "I was happy to come over and take care of everything!"

In the end, Patricia insisted, and not wanting to insult her, I accepted the money. As I was about to leave, she mentioned she was thinking about purchasing a home computer, and did I know anything about them?

"A bit," said I, and offered to help her purchase one, and set it up for her and the children...

Patricia Little was getting ready for bed, and feeling a bit "naughty" she reached over and turned on the tape to watch what her children had done during the afternoon. She had secretly bought and installed one of the disguised cameras that were the rage with protective parents these days to ensure that the babysitter didn't slap the children around. To her delight, she soon found that both girls usually ended up "touching themselves" which turned her on fiercely, although it embarrassed her when they did it in public. The images flickered on, and showed Susan rubbing her "coo" almost casually; while her sister did it more stealthily. Then Bob appeared, and began "teaching" the girls.

Patricia moaned in passion, and slid a vibrator from a drawer, and into her pussy while her eyes stared at the screen in passion. "Maybe I WILL buy that computer, and have Bob set it up while I'm out," she thought to herself. "I would love a video of THAT one!"