Higher Education, Part I by Julia

Higher Education, Part I

Julia looked up as Mr. Craig spurted his thick cream into her waiting mouth. It filled her and she swallowed, savoring the sweet taste of his cum. She licked up every drop, not wasting any of his hot stuff. As his thick cock went limp in her mouth, she cleaned him up. She felt herself being pulled up, his arms underneath hers. She kissed his open mouth and they embraced, kissing for ten minutes. Lately, Mr. Craig had become very tender in his lovemaking. This pleased her. She liked the fact that he was sensitive to her needs. Often, he would eat and fuck her until she came several times in a row. She could see how much stamina he had and it turned her on, making her want him more and more.

Since they had first fucked, when she was sixteen, two years ago, they had had a steady affair. Julia had been able to spend almost one night every week with him. They met on the other side of the city, where they were sure not to be recognized. They had been sleeping together at least twice a week. Mr. Craig had really educated her in the ways of sex. Sure, she still slept with a few other guys and even a few other girls, but Mr. Craig was always there, with that lovely thick cock, just waiting to please her ass, cunt and mouth. She smiled to herself as he pulled himself away. He turned to dress and she reached out to smack his muscular ass. He looked back and smiled.

Julia laid back on the bed and looked at the ceiling. She lay naked there, spreading her legs. Her juices still flowing out of her. She raised her head to watch Mr. Craig putting his clothing on. He was buttoning his dress shirt over that broad chest she loved to lick and suck, the stomach muscles rippling when she caressed them. She watched as he put his jacket on, checking his hair in the mirror. He was graying around the edges, but to her, he was still sexy as all hell. He opened the door and stood there, then shut it. He walked back to the bed where she lay naked. He sat next to her and leaned down to take her right nipple in his mouth. She raised her back to meet his lips. As he did this, he dipped his left hand into her pussy, then brought the hand to her lips. They both sucked his fingers. Then, he kissed her deeply and said goodbye. She watched him leave. He turned at the door and waved. She blew him a kiss and he was gone. She could hear the screech of his tires as his Mercedes sped out of the hotel parking lot.

Julia laid there for a little while longer, thinking. She got up to clean. She went to the shower and took a long bath, cleaning her spent ass and pussy free of cum and juice. Then, she washed her long black hair until it was clean. There was so much of it that this took a good half hour or so. Next, she washed every inch of her body, inspecting it and pleasing herself with its perfection. She eyed the breasts which drove men wild. She washed the ass, which Mr. Craig loved to fuck with his tongue. She ran her fingers through her pussy, which was growing a nice short mound. She was pleased with her beauty. As she stepped out of the shower, she heard her beeper going off. She wrapped a towel around her waist and walked to the nightstand. There, amid the used condoms and lotions, was her beeper. She checked the number and then picked up her cell phone, dialing. It rang twice before she heard the sweet, sultry voice of her friend, Rebecca.

"Hey girl, where the hell are you at?" Rebecca wanted to know.

"I'm in a hotel room."

"Why? Oh, wait a minute. The mystery man, right? Tell me I'm right!"

Julia smiled wickedly to herself. "You're right, baby."

"Well, is he there now?"

"Oh no. We finished about forty-five minutes ago. You just missed him."

"You know, one of these days I am going to meet him. I can't believe that you can keep him a secret forever. Sooner or later I will find out."

"Whatever, Becca. So, what are you doing tonight?"

"Oh nothing. I have a date with Joel."

"Oh," Julia said, mocking interest, "so, is he going to be 'the one?'"

"Very funny. I got to go. Call you later, babe."

Julia hung up the phone, laughing to herself. Rebecca was such a tease, even more so then her own bad self. Rebecca was worse because she didn't know that men wanted her. She was a sixteen year old piece of ass and every guy in school wanted to fuck her. Julia knew this to be fact because many of them asked her to hook them up, like she was Becca's pimp or something. Most of them were jerks. Yet, Julia also wanted Rebecca. She longed to feel her in her arms and wanted to make love to her. In fact, she fantasized a lot about fucking her. However, she had only succeeded in kissing her a moment. And that was with closed lips. No, Rebecca needed a real man to show her what was up.

Which brings us around to Julia's first problem. She was going to be graduating in a couple of weeks. Soon, she would be leaving for Europe. Mr. Craig would be left behind. As much as she cared for him, she worried that he would be lonely. She wasn't sure if she loved him, but she knew she wanted him to be happy. Also, she wanted Rebecca to be happy. She was worried about both of them.

In the two years since they had started sleeping together. She and Mr. Craig had done everything two people can do. They had fucked every way and learned everything you can. Mr. Craig had opened her up sexually to so many possibilities. As she recalled some of their wild times, she felt a tinge of sadness. She remembered the class trip to L.A. for a computer science fair. Their class had come in last, but Mr. Craig had been too busy eating Julia's pussy out in the parking lot to care what was going on inside the convention center. She also remembered sucking his cock in the bathroom during the flight home. She remembered fucking him in her parent's bed when they were away for the weekend. There were so many fond memories. She was scared to leave him alone. He had grown attached to her.

As Julia contemplated this, she thought to herself. Maybe I can do something for Mr. Craig. Maybe I can pay him back for all of his "tutoring." With this thought in her head, Julia got dressed, smiling deviously to herself.

That next Monday, Julia picked up Rebecca before school. They usually had a good half hour drive because of traffic, so Julia had to listen to Rebecca's droning on about Joel's attempts to sodomize her. Rebecca laughed to herself. She looked over at the young girl. For sixteen, she was really put together. Rebecca wore her long, brown curly hair in a way that looked liked it was pinned up and still flowing. She wore a sweater which did not cover her trim, sexy abs. Julia found herself staring at the young girl's hefty D breasts, which were spilling out of her sweater. To make matters worse, the girl wore a mini skirt that was really criminal. Her long, tan legs were on full display. Despite her perfect centerfold body, her most sensual aspect were her eyes. She had these big green eyes that were not quite Oriental, but were not quite white. They were almond shape. Her red, full pouty lips and high cheekbones, not unlike Julia's, gave her this sex doll look that drove people nuts. The funny thing was that Rebecca didn't realize just how fine she was. She was not a vain person. She dressed good, but that was it. She was oblivious to all the boys, and an impressive amount of girls, who followed her body. It was wild.

As they neared the school, they saw Mr. Craig walking from the other direction. They met him at the door, which he opened like a perfect gentleman. They thanked him and went in. Julia, feeling daring, dropped one of her books on the floor in front of her. The only person behind her was Mr. Craig. She bent over to pick it up and her skirt rode up on her thighs. Her bare pussy exposed itself, glistening (Mr. Craig had forbidden her to wear panties!!!). She looked back and smiled at him. Rebecca went up the stairs. Mr. Craig's gaze shifted to Rebecca, as did Julia's. They both watched as Rebecca ascended the stairs, her sweet ass visible. The silk pink lace of her panties could be glimpsed. Julia walked backwards, against Mr. Craig. She placed her hand on his crotch, admiring the large bulge that continued to grow there. He pulled her close. She looked around to make sure no one was looking. Then, he kissed her hard, rubbing her tongue. She broke the embrace and settled herself. Then, she told him to meet her at "The Point" at seven tonight. Mr. Craig smiled.

"The Point" is a private place that is on Julia's grandfather's property. No one knows where to find it. You have to know where it is to get there. For over a year now, Mr. Craig and Julia had used it to rendezvous for their trysts. They enjoyed the outdoors together, making love in the green, green gas. Often, on a weekend day, they would come out here, remove their clothes, and spend the whole day naked, making love.

However, tonight might be different. Julia had something to talk to him about. Sure, they were bound to fuck. Julia was looking forward to it. But she also needed some answers. She knew she would get them tonight. She sat on the hood of her Porsche as his Mercedes pulled up beside it. She watched as his handsome figure got out of the car. She admired his walk as he came around to her side. His tie had been removed and the first couple of buttons were undone on his shirt. She could make out his crop of chest hair and wanted to run her fingers through it. She held her hand out and he pulled her off of the car. They embraced and kissed. Their tongues finding those familiar G-spots.

Rebecca felt her dress slipping off her shoulder, falling to the ground. She stood back from Mr. Craig and watched as he undid his shirt. She gasped as she always did when she saw his muscled chest. It gave her a thrill to see him almost naked. She watched as he unbuttoned his pants and removed them to reveal his long, beautiful thick rod. She enjoyed the fact that he never wore underwear. You never know when a quickie might be possible. She walked to him, grasping his shaft in her hands and kissing him, feeling his way from her mouth to her ample bosom. Her nipples were taut and he nibbled at the left one and slapped the right. She moaned as she felt his cock pulsing. She continued to jack him off. He stopped kissing her, hands on her shoulders, forced her to go down to the ground. She did and got on all fours, like a dog. He fell to his knees, prick in hand. She reached back and guided his massive cock into her wet teenaged pussy. He sighed as his cockhead went in, then he watched as she eased the rest of him in, slowly grinding her hips against his, meeting each thrust with an unbelievable amount of force. He heard her moan an orgasm, but just kept going. He pulled her dark hair out of her face, so he could look into her eyes. He saw she was watching him enjoying her fucking. He stared into her eyes as his hips thrusted powerfully, slamming all eight inches into her. She seemed to grow tighter with every fuck. With most bitches he had fucked, they always loosened up. But not Julia. Her pussy seemed to get tighter. He had mentioned this to her before. She had laughed and said that was because she was not born a virgin. Instead of being born a virgin, she was born a slut. She was trying to fuck her way into virginity. They had laughed at this, but in some ways. It was the truth.

He had never had a bitch love to fuck so much. They fucked two or three times a week, but those times lasted for hours. They seemed to increase every time. His orgasms prolonged themselves. She was like a drug. He was addicted to her. He knew that she fucked other guys. He encouraged it. He knew she was a senior. He also knew that she would soon be leaving for school in Europe. It was possible that these last few weeks would be their last time together. He felt they both realized this. They never spoke about it, but it was always there. Therefore, it made their lovemaking much more serious. In the beginning, they had been very vocal during their fucking. He remembered their first fuck session, how Julia had to bite her fist to keep from screaming her orgasm. Now, they fucked in silence. It didn't mean they were losing interest. It simply meant that they were in tune to each other's bodies.

As Mr. Craig pulled out of her wet pussy, he bent down and licked the girl's spread anus. He tongued it, craving the musty flavor. She turned around to watch. Then, he got back to his knees and inserted his cock in her tight ass. Her ass muscles slowly cemented his prick. Now, they both grunted their feelings. He felt her ass clench his penis as it plunged in and out. Her hands found her clit. She rubbed her engorged clit as he fucked her ass, bringing her to orgasm. He felt his own coming. He removed his cock and slid the whole length into her pussy, coming deep inside her. He pumped his sperm into her body and she melted before him. He finished fucking her and pulled his cock from her. Julia's face was in the grass and dirt. He saw his cum running out of her pussy. Gently, he spread her pussy lips and tasted his sperm. Loving the taste, he sucked her as his and her juices mingled together, creating a taste that was so sweet and delicious that he was soon craving every drop. She woke again and pushed her ass in his face as she came again. Amazing.

To be continued...