Hole in the Wall by Kahuna

Hole in the Wall

It was actually Jenny's idea that turned our anniversary into an incredible night. The morning of our fifth anniversary at breakfast, Jenny's foot slowly worked it's way up my leg, and she looked into my eyes and whispered, "Tonight's our special night and I'm gonna fuck your brains out, my dear."

"Oh really, I replied playfully, "And just how are you going to do that?"

"Let's just say whatever your desires are tonight, they are mine to...obey," Jenny teased.

"Just surprise me and make it good."

For the past five years our sex life had been great because we loved to play mind games with each other, especially when it came to sex. Jenny always had an adventuresome streak in her and delighted in just about any kind of sex game we could think of. Our fantasies had always involved just the two of us, but tonight might be a little different I thought, as the wheels started spinning in my head, I wondered if this would be the night to change the routine a little.

"Ok, Honey," I said, "If you want a really hot time, just leave it all up to me. This evening, we are going to do something you have never seen or done before." Jenny curled her lips into an inquisitive little smile and asked, "And just what does my master desire?"

"I do not desire to be the master tonight," I replied. "Instead, it is my desire for you to be my little girl. When I get home from work, I expect to see you ready to play with Daddy. Understand?"

"Yes, Daddy, she blushed with a cute pout, "I'll be ready."

The rest of the day at work seemed to go so slowly. All I could think of was Jenny and her playing the role of a little girl. That was something she had never done before and I couldn't wait to see her in action. Jenny was almost twenty-seven with shoulder length dark hair and a body that never failed to turn me on. In her stockings she only stood five feet tall, and maybe the best thing about having a tiny wife is being able to fuck her standing up with her legs wrapped around me. Mmm, I thought, maybe I'll just do that again tonight.

On the way home I thought it appropriate to buy my little girl a toy so I pulled into a seedy little porn shop to pick up a vibrator. As I was paying for it the clerk asked if I needed any quarters for the movies in the back room. "No thanks," I replied and then a thought hit me. Maybe I should bring "my little girl" in tonight for some raunchy fuck movies. Mmm, yeah. That's a great idea.

When I opened the door to our house I was greeted with a delightful surprise. Jenny bounced down the stairs in the cutest little outfit I had ever seen her wear. She had on what looked just like a uniform the local Catholic schoolgirls wear. Plaid skirt, white blouse and even bobby socks. The braided pigtails really added to the role and Jenny really looked like she was only twelve years old. She jumped up to kiss me and hung her arms around my neck. "Oh Daddy," Jenny beamed, "I'm so glad you're home. Did you bring me a present?"

"Of course," I replied, "I always have something for my little girl. But I didn't have time to wrap it."

When I handed her the bag Jenny excitedly pulled out the vibrator and asked in a little girls voice, "What is it Daddy?"

"Well, Jenny," I answered, "It's a special toy just for little girls about your age."

With a look of surprise, Jenny asked, "What does it do Daddy?"

Playing the role of a dutiful father, I responded, "It's called a dildo honey, and it will make you feel real good. Let me get a drink and I'll show you how it works."

"Oh goody, I want to feel real good," she gleefully shouted. I went to get a drink and then thought, what the hell, I might as well ply her with some booze for our trip to the porn movies. So, I poured her a double, handed it to her and said, "I also think it's time for you to learn how to drink."

Then Jenny surprised me by chugging the entire drink in one gulp! "Wow Daddy, that was good. Can I have another one?" she pleaded.

"Sure sweetie," I said going along with her, "Here you go, but drink it a bit slower this time."

I sat on the couch and Jenny jumped onto my lap. "Daddy, show me how to use my new d...dil...dildo, she eagerly begged as she bounced up and down on my lap. My cock was already hard as a rock just from watching her play the role of a little girl.

"Ok," I gave in, "Have another drink-ee-poo and I'll show you." Jenny didn't hesitate to chug her second double. She never could hold her liquor and I knew that two strong doubles of Jack Daniels would really get her going.

"Lets see," I instructed, "Sit here and put your feet up on the coffee table. That's good. Now take your dildo and turn on the switch at the bottom."

When Jenny turned it on she gave a look of complete surprise at the buzzing and dropped it into her lap. "Oh Daddy," she grinned, "It's jiggling." When Jenny picked it up, I placed my hand over the tiny hand that was holding the vibrator.

"Jenny, like this," I said and placed her toy and hand up against her pink panties.

"Ooh, that feels funny," she reacted. I moved her hand away and took the vibrator in my, slowly sliding it up and down her already wet panties.

"Like this, honey," I urged. Jenny's legs began to widen and her breathing became more rapid.

"Daddy, let me try it," she pleaded.

"Sure, go ahead," I said, "but take your panties off first. Jenny quickly tore them off and tossed them across the room. Much to my delight, she had shaven her pussy! In five years with her I had never seen Jenny with a completely bald pussy. Now, she really did look eleven or twelve.

Jenny grabbed the vibrator and began working it up and down her slit. In about ten seconds she had her eyes closed and was moaning in bliss. I took the camera off the bookshelf and started taking pictures of "my little girl" masturbating. When she slid it in, Jenny squealed, "Daddy, this does feel good!"

I emptied the roll of film, set it aside and watched until Jenny was just about to orgasm. Then, I grabbed the vibrator out of her hand and said, "You can cum later sweetie. Right now, I have something better to show you. Her sudden look of disappointment quickly turned into a smile when she realized I had said, "better".

I had her put on a trenchcoat and hat to disguise her little girl outfit and soon we were off to the movies. The booze had gotten to her and she almost fell on the sidewalk. "Where are we going, Daddy?" Jenny slurred.

"It's a surprise," I said, "But only if you're a good girl and do everything I tell you."

"Anything, just hurry, Daddy," she begged excitedly and got into the car..

As we drove, I told her to set her seat back in a reclining position and lay back. As Jenny lay back on the seat, I opened her coat and lifted her skirt to reveal her swollen, shaven pussy. Then I guided her hand down to her hot spot and urged her to play with herself. I was having a difficult time driving, not being able to keep my eyes off the road. My hand took her knee and brought her leg over into my lap. Now, Jenny was completely exposed for me to see her masturbating. Again, just as she was about to cum, I jerked her hand away and ordered, "Not yet, that is for later. Jenny let out a gasp and just lay there trembling.

We pulled into the porno shop and went inside. Jenny's eyes were wide open in amazement because she had never seen anything like this place. I got a couple of dollars in quarters from the clerk and we went through a curtain into the back room. It was dark and I knew it would take a minute for our eyes to adjust to the dimness. I removed Jenny's coat and hat to show off my little girl to anyone that might be around. There were fifty or sixty little booths separated by narrow corridors. As we went by several, I explained there were movies inside the little booths. On each door was a little sign that said what the movie was. All we had to do is find one that was empty, but that wasn't going to be very easy in the dark and all the moaning coming from almost every one. We passed several strange looking men and each one seemed astonished there was a little girl in their midst. It was obvious to her the little girl was drunk, seeing her stagger in the dark. She was. Their eyes devoured her with lust. I'm sure she would have been molested if I wasn't with her. Finally, we found an empty booth and I patted her cute little ass for the other men to see before we went inside.

On the wall there was a slot machine for the quarters. I dropped in a few and we sat back to watch. The movie turned on to a scene of two big black guys fucking the daylights out of a slim, white girl that looked to be about fifteen. She was really enjoying the double-dicking and kept screaming, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

Jenny already had her hand between her legs and was rubbing her clit like there was no tomorrow. I unbuttoned her blouse and set it aside so I could tug and pull her nipples while she watched. They were hard as rocks. Jenny's free hand unzipped my pants to free my cock. "Ooh, that feels good, little girl," I moaned. "Jack your Daddy off."

I pulled Jenny onto my lap, facing the screen and sat her down on my cock. For the next few minutes she pumped slowly up and down as I my hands teased her body. Jenny never took her eyes off the screen.

To my astonishment, I was stunned to see a huge cock poke through a hole in the wall next to me! Good lord, I thought, it must be ten or eleven inches long! Jenny was so engrossed in the movie she failed to notice the cock just behind her ear. So, I casually took her hand and wrapped it around the monster. I'm not sure if it was the booze, the movie, or my cock in her cunt, but Jenny didn't even see what she was holding. In the dim light of the screen I could see her tiny hand unconsciously squeezing the fat shaft and jerking back and forth. She continued for another minute or so until she suddenly realized what her hand was holding. "Oh my god," she shrieked, "What are you making me do?"

"Just pleasing the little girl that wanted to obey me tonight, remember?" I reassured her. With that, I took her hand again and placed it around the swollen cock. Gingerly, Jenny squeezed the cock slowly began to jack him off.

I turned Jenny onto her knees on the bench and began to fuck her with long, slow strokes. God, her pussy felt good! Hot and wet. The cock in her hands was only inches from her face as it poked through the wall. With each of my thrusts I pushed her forward, little by little. As it brushed her lips, I whispered in her ear, "Suck it little girl."

Jenny shook her head and pleaded, "No, Daddy." So, I slapped her ass as hard as I could. Obediently, her mouth opened and I pushed her onto the dripping head. It was so large that both her tiny hands didn't come halfway up the shaft. Each time Jenny pulled her head back I could hear the plop of the cock stretching from her lips. It only took thirty seconds of her hot, wet mouth to finish him off and he surprised her with his first shot. Jenny gagged for a second, but like a good little girl, continued to suck him dry. Finally, the strangers cock disappeared out the hole in the wall.

Jenny kept pumping me and with her eyes closed, fucked as hard as she could. I still didn't want her to cum yet, so I pulled out, much to her disappointment again. "Oh, please fuck me Daddy," she begged, "Pleeease?"

"In just a minute little girl, I replied, "Daddy is going to get more quarters from the clerk, ok?"

"Ok, but please hurry," she pleaded.

I hurriedly zipped up and left to find the clerk. After getting more quarters, I passed again through the curtain and stood there for a minute to try to readjust my eyes to the almost totally dark maze of halls and booths. Then it dawned on my that I had forgotten to check the number of our booth. I didn't have the foggiest idea which one Jenny was in. So, I slowly proceeded down one hall after another trying to guess which one she was in. I was just about to kick myself in the ass for forgetting when I heard what sounded like Jenny's voice. "Noooo! Leave me alone," she yelled!

I hurried to a booth about three away from me and heard another voice, "Suck it girl or I'll beat the shit out of you!" I was just about to burst into the booth and kick the guys ass, but something told me I should check it out first. I popped into the booth next to theirs and sure enough, there was a hole in the wall for me to see through. I was instantly glad I did.

The hole was perfectly positioned next to the light coming from the screen and the sight was electric. Jenny was on her knees sucking some guy's dick! Actually, it was more like him face fucking my wife. His hands were pulling her pigtails back and forth over his cock. It wasn't that big around , but it was really long. Jenny was gagging every time he rammed it down her throat. He wasn't holding anything back and his balls were bouncing off her chin with each thrust. I found myself jerking off to the sight of my wife and another strange man. When he let go of her pigtails, her tongue snaked under his balls and she stroked the shaft, jerking him off. They couldn't have been more than eighteen inches from where I sat watching. Jenny licked up and down every inch of his shaft and flicked her tongue around the head. Finally, he groaned and spewed forth a thick white cream into her mouth. Jenny wasn't going to swallow his sperm, but he forced her mouth open for spurt after spurt. When she realized it was useless to resist, Jenny gobbled it like it was candy. I heard the guy say, "Thanks girl," as he left.

I started to return to Jenny's booth when two more weird looking men beat me to it and entered. Silently, I looked back through the hole.

Jenny was sitting on the bench trying to fend of a guy prying her legs apart. The other man was attempting to kiss her. She struggled to escape but it was utterly futile. Her spread legs were host to the man's tongue lapping at her pussy. I knew licking her pussy her never failed to get her hot. Jenny finally gave into the tongue and to my surprise, reached up to eagerly kiss the black man pawing her breasts. She was obviously loving it now.

For the next fifteen minutes I watched the two men abuse my wife. I couldn't believe Jenny was enjoying the savage fucking the two strangers were giving her. She kept screaming, "Fuck me harder," over and over. When they were done with the little girl, they were gone as quickly as they had come (No pun intended).

I slipped into her booth and caught a smile on her face and she quickly sat on my cock. Jenny fucked me like a wild women. The absolute best fuck ever. She squeezed my dick with every ounce of strength she had until I unloaded deep inside her.

Afterward, we sat there breathing heavily and catching our breath. I said, "Well, little girl, are you ready to go home?"

"Yes, Daddy," she replied, "Or anywhere else you might want to take me."

Immediately, the wheels in my head started spinning again. "Mmm, let's see," I whispered in her ear. "I just bet next week I might find another place that little girls like."

"Oh goody, Daddy," she answered with a smile, "I promise I'll be a very good little girl."