Home Alone - But not for Long by Captain Squall

Home Alone - But not for Long

Maria wasn't used to being home alone - and she didn't like it. She had just turned twenty-five years of age, and had been married for a little over a year. Her marriage had not met her expectations and her husband Greg lately seemed more interested in his work than in their relationship.

Things had started off encouragingly - a whirlwind romance followed by a marriage which surprised many of their friends. A few people thought Maria had married Greg for his money as his parents were extremely affluent, and had given them a luxurious fully-air conditioned condominium as a wedding present. Some present! It was on the coast of Perth in Western Australia, had sweeping ocean views and was extensively landscaped. It also had excellent privacy, with extensive security features, as well as a courtyard pool and spa. The house was fitted with every conceivable electronic device, including integrated TV/video system to all rooms, as well as outdoor areas, to enable guests to watch their favourite shows while either in the pool or spa, or entertaining on their Mediterranean-styled patio area.

Now Greg was away overseas on another of his marketing jaunts and Maria felt like a bird in a gilded cage. As she stepped out of the shower she viewed her figure in the full-length mirror. She stood around 1.70 metres tall, or around 5 feet 6 inches, had a slender build, but had inherited her mother's Italianate figure - full breasted, narrow waisted and curved hips. She observed her bushy triangle of black hair, black against her deep tan, the latter acquired after many hours of poolside relaxation. Some of her girlfriends tried to persuade her to trim her large mass of black hair but Maria always laughed at then saying "Believe me, guys like to wander in the undergrowth!" As far as her physical condition was concerned, Maria had always tried to keep in shape in the condo's "fitness room", with regular bicycle exercise, light weight-training sessions and some moderate aerobics.

She was facing another day of boredom, Greg having been away for almost two weeks. What made matters worse was that last night she had watched several adult movies in the privacy of her bedroom. She was particularly aroused by the video which showed both men and women acting out their fantasies. One segment showed a sweet young thing called Marty dial-up a male escort service, and then deliver her "order" to the friendly staff on the other end of the phone. Marty then was able to control all aspects of the "transaction" - from where they met to what they did. Maria was so aroused by the video that she reached for her favourite vibrator to meet her needs and she asleep both exhausted from her efforts, and excited about the next day's prospects.

She left the bathroom and a sudden wicked thrill surged through her loins as she powdered her firm body. Slipping in to a colourful Balinese sarong she thumbed through the pages of the telephone book, reviewing the escort agency advertisements. One featured a home page on the Internet so she went to her computer, dialed in and logged on to that agency. After paying a small registration fee online she was instantly able to browse through the agency's list of "employees", showing photos and details of men, women, "bi" people, and to her surprise, some individuals with unique talents. These included super-hung guys, transvestites and hermaphrodites. Reading the pages and looking at the photos, she realised her heart was beating a little faster and that she was "getting wet" down below - so it was not so much a matter of whether she would do it, but how she would do it, and with whom.

Her hand adjusted the mouse of the computer and she found herself returning time and again to the hermaphrodite section - one photo showed a normal looking attractive woman, in a pose as though she was modeling the tiny swimsuit she was wearing. She looked more than a little Eurasian and Maria suddenly found herself typing in the girl's first name. Then Maria entered her private contact number, and nervously she logged off the Internet, switching off the computer and tried to act normally. She fetched the daily papers from beneath the locked front gate and made herself a healthy breakfast. She lay back next to the pool, her mind wandering to what the day might offer....

Nothing happened for almost an hour then she heard her mobile telephone ringing on the table next to her lounge. Trying not to appear too hasty she hesitantly picked up the phone and answered the call.

"Hi, its Kim here, is that Maria?" said a confident, silken voice at the end of the line.

"Yes, this is Maria, Kim - thanks for calling. How are you today?"

"Well, to be truthful, I'm really tired after just returning from overseas. I think I need a holiday ... but I'm free today..." she added without pausing.

"That's fine, Kim" replied Maria, "then why don't you come over and relax by the pool with me?" Her heart was pounding as she waited for the reply.

"I like the sound of your voice, Maria, and yes - I'd love to come .... come over to your place, that is..." Maria heard a giggle down the line. Maria smiled to herself and said with a quiet laugh, "OK, here's the directions..."

About an hour later Maria heard the car's horn outside her gate. She stood on the patio and looking at the closed circuit television screen to confirm it was her chosen visitor, with a press on the remote control the electric security gates opened slowly. In drove a late model black BMW, a sight which pleased Maria, as many of her visitors drove expensive cars. This would not be too obvious, she thought.

Kim got out of the car and extended her hand to Maria, who took it warmly. Maria was struck by Kim's elegance and beauty - she was almost as tall as herself, wore a sleek Thai silk dress and expensive shoes. She had jet black waist length hair, and the most lustrous honey coloured skin. In short, she was a "drop-dead gorgeous".

"Welcome to my parlour" said Maria with an enigmatic smile. Kim opened the trunk of the car and lifted out a Louis Vitton overnight bag.

"Your pool looks inviting" said Kim in a husky voice, glancing across the stylish garden. And before she could add anything Maria said, "Well, please join me if you like - I was just going to have a swim."

"I like", said Kim, smiling at Maria.

Maria then showed Kim to the guest cabana next to the pool where she changed quickly. They met at the pool and quickly entered the water. They swam around, chatting like old friends - as Kim made Maria feel so comfortable.

Kim was also admiring Maria's sensuous beauty, especially her somewhat large breasts, and she herself wondered how the day's events were going to develop.

Despite trying to avoid being obvious, Maria found her gaze wandering to Kim's swimming costume, a tell-tale bulge showing in the front. Swimming over to Kim she placed her hands on her shoulders and whispered. "I don't think I can wait any longer - I'm so-o-o-o curious...." and she lightly kissed Kim on the lips.

Kim smiled knowingly and with a brief hug, replied, "Me too - and I like what I see - lets go inside....."

They stepped out of the pool and toweled themselves dry and walked into the cool of the house. Kim followed Maria into what was obviously the main bedroom. She gasped as she took in the sight. The bed was huge, almost double the normal "king size", and there were mirrors everywhere, even on the ceiling.

Maria turned and placing her thumbs inside Kim's damp costume, quickly pulled them down. She took a breath as she saw a sight she had never witnessed before. Kim was an hermaphrodite all right - she was now sporting a semi-erect penis, beneath which were two small testicles, then there was a "normal" vagina beneath those. Kim's small breasts were heaving as she observed Maria's own voluptuous body, especially her breasts and ultra-bushy mound.

They climbed onto the bed, and kneeled down, facing each other - and Maria found her hand reaching out and closing around Kim's now growing cock. My Maria's estimate it measured around seven or eight inches long. Kim's eyes were closed as Maria leant forward and started to kiss it, her hands moving all the time over Kim's breasts and body. One hand snaked down between Kim's spread thighs and found her wet lips, just like any other normal, sexually aroused pussy.

Their hands were now exploring each other, like two adolescents experiencing the first thrill of sexual contact. Maria was beside herself with desire and she suddenly rolled over on to her back, spread her legs wide and whispered, "come to me, baby..."

Maria grasped her thighs and pulled them down onto her breasts, separating her legs again. Above her, Kim looked down on this voluptuous trembling body beneath her, the breasts lolling as Maria's body swayed and trembled. Maria's eyes were closed as she reached for Kim's swollen member and she guided it gently towards her swollen, engorged cunt lips.

Above her Kim hovered, enjoying the view, as she felt Maria's hand guide her into the target. Kim felt Maria's slippery lips separate and her body opened to take in Kim's cock. The she was sliding in, deeper and deeper, a gurgling sound emanating from Maria's mouth, as Kim slipped in to the maximum extent possible.

They both lay there still and quiet, Kim's glorious cock filling Maria's willing and wet passage - and they both enjoyed the sensations of each other's bodies. Maria opened her eyes and saw the erotic view of the delicious Kim above her, almond eyes wide with lust and anticipation. Kim's slim body and small breasts contrasting with her swollen cock, now deeply embedded in Maria's cunt.

"Oh my god, oh my god..." Maria was gasping. "This is so-o-o-o good, my love.... it feels so-o-o-o good, and I want you to pump me, pump me, PUMP ME, HARD, PUMP ME-E-E-E-E ..." and she started to heave end rotate her hips, wanting to take it all in.

Maria opened her eyes and glancing down her body she saw Kim's cock sinking into her own body, then emerge wet and glistening, only to sink and re-emerge again and again.

Maria had now lost all semblance of control and just wanted to go on fucking Kim forever. She was by now a twisting, bucking and turning "fucking machine", and Kim was losing it quickly. But she kept total control, slowly and deliberately moving in and our of Maria's wetness, enjoying the physical sensations so focussed on their place of union. Kim's arms were straight and astride Maria's breasts, supporting her slim body - her body was surprisingly still, apart from the backwards and forwards movement of her hips as she thrust her magnificent cock in and out. Beneath her she saw Maria, her eyes closed, her mouth opened wide but soundless, apart form little gasping noises coming from deep in her throat. And then Kim felt it - a growing sensation of pressure from her groin area, then the building pressure of her seed as it started its journey. She was now approaching the point of no return and she relaxed her cock muscles as she felt the sperm course down her shaft.

Kim gasped and shouted "oh my god, here it comes, here it comes, here it comes ... aaaagghhhh..." and she violently jerked her hips several times into Maria's hips. Kim felt hot seed flow down her shaft and then spurt repeatedly into Maria's willing cunt. Maria was lifting and pushing, wanting every glorious inch of Kim's cock and she screamed loudly, "AAAGGHHH ... I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming...ooooohhhhhh...yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes...." and she pumped and pumped and milked Kim's shuddering cock of all of its generous, milky white, thick and warm cum.

Kim jerked her hips into Maria one or two more times, the last of her hot sperm shooting into her new lover, then she cried out, "ah, ah, ah, ah - oh my god, that was too much...", before collapsing onto Maria's heaving and sweating breasts, their wet thighs rubbing against each other, their damp and sticky pubic hair enmeshed, symbolic of their union.

They lay there, two heaving, wet, sweating bodies - one spent of her seed, the other underneath, savouring the weight and passion of the woman lying on her. Maria instantly realised she had just experienced the best of both worlds - the warmth and sensuality of a female lover, with the added sensations of a male organ inside her. How could it ever be the same again (or perhaps better?) with Greg, she thought .... but this was just the beginning of Maria's new, sexual awakening.

After a while Maria and Kim just storked each other's bodies, enjoying the sensations of soft, warm skin, now flushed in the their post-coital state.....

* * * * * * * *

They spent the rest of the day lounging and sunning themselves by the pool, mostly naked, and very close to each others arms. Maria prepared some healthy, light snacks around one in the afternoon - smoked salmon with capers, a dozen fresh oysters, plus fruit and yogurt, served with a delicious bottle of Veuve Cliquot champagne. As they sipped the drinks, Maria looked across at her new lover, admiring her body. Kim's skin was lightly tanned all-over, and Maria noticed that Kim was getting a little aroused again.

"That champagne has made me horny......maybe its siesta time...?" her voice trailed off. She glanced at Maria over her sunglasses, with a wink of her eye.

Maria needed no second hint and they moved to the house, heading straight for the bedroom. They lay down lazily, again stroking each other's bodies, their hands like little soft birds fluttering over breasts, legs, stomachs, buttocks and genitals.

Maria turned around and started kissing the inside of Kim's soft thighs, Kim doing the same with Maria. But Maria was now concentrating on Kim's vulva, but kept hold of Kim's erect cock with one hand, gently jerking the shaft up and down.

A low moan came from Kim's throat, as she felt Maria's tongue dart into her cunt, the added pleasure of her cock being stroked building up her desire. Kim moved over Maria, straddling Maria's head with her thighs. Maria looked up and kept tonguing Kim's wet lips, one hand still pumping Kim's now fully erect and very stiff cock. Kim also started to kiss and mouth Maria's pussy, making her separate her legs to give Kim greater access. Kim was now buried in Maria's bushy wet hair, tonguing and licking hungrily, her breath coming in pants.

Maria's body was now on fire, as she rapidly approached the first of many orgasms, She also felt Kim's cock swell in her hand as she continued to jerk and pump the throbbing, thick cock. Above her and further down her body, Maria heard Kim utter a little cry and before she knew it, Kim's cock had spurted and gushed several long, warm bursts of cum onto her breasts. Maria flicked up her hips and took Kim deep in her pussy, as she rolled from one orgasm to another. Maria reached up and directed Kim's cock into her mouth, just in time to take several more jets of Kim's sperm into her mouth. Kim moaned and flexed her cock muscles, making it fill Maria's hungry mouth. Down Maria's chin ran the excess sperm, and over her sweat-stained neck.

They then collapsed onto the bed again, panting from their exertions. Kim propped herself up on one elbow, and said, "I think this will turn into a nice, relationship - what do you think, sweetheart?"

Maria smiled lazily before replying. "Oh yes, you can count on that. I don't think I'm ever going to be lonely again...." and her mouth sought that of Kim's and they kissed passionately, Kim's seed adding to the sweetness of the moment, as they held each other close.