The Hunters by Kahuna

The Hunters

I never dreamed last year's vacation would be so bizarre. All Laura and I had planned to do was take a week off, relax, and spend some time alone with each other. We soon found out there was more than just wild animals in the woods.

The first five days were great. Peaceful, quiet and completely private. I coaxed a cheerful fire to life in the fireplace, chilled a bottle of champagne, and readied everything for a nice romantic evening. Laura pranced out of the bedroom wearing only a sheer, black babydoll. "Like what you see, honey?" she teased and turned, showing me her sexy outfit.

"Oh yeah," I groaned in appreciation. "Come over here and let me get a better look at you."

Laura strutted up to me in her wonderfully feminine way and as she sat on the rug I caught a glimpse of her transparent panties. My cock was already getting stiff. Laura had never failed to turn me on. She was so petite. Just five feet tall, a hundred pounds soaking wet, and a gleaming smile that made you want to melt. Even with all that, I think it was her hair that was the final touch to her beauty. She was a dark brunette, with long, straight hair falling almost to her cute, little ass.

I leaned over to kiss her and immediately sensed tonight was going to be one of some serious fucking.

Suddenly, we were interrupted by a loud banging on the front door. "Who the hell could that be," I muttered. "I thought we were completely alone up here."

Laura grabbed her bathrobe and I went to answer the door. On the porch were two men. Both burly and with scraggly beards.

"Sorry to bother you," one apologized. "We are staying at the Jackson cabin down the road and were wondering if you had any salt? My genius partner here," he said motioning to his buddy, "forgot to pack any and it's fifteen miles to the store."

"Sure," I replied, "Come on in and I'll get you some." As I went to the kitchen I couldn't help but notice the big guy had to duck to keep from hitting his head as he entered. He was huge.

"Hi, I'm Laura," she cheerfully said. "We didn't think anyone was staying in the area."

"This is Moose and I'm Wayne," the smaller man replied. "We're up her trying to get us a bear."

They seemed friendly enough so I offered them a beer and we sat by the fire and chatted about hunting and how beautiful it was in this forest. It was actually kind of nice to talk to somebody else after five days just by ourselves.

After a couple of hours were getting pretty buzzed from all the alcohol and Laura was smashed. She never could hold her liquor. But, what the hell. We were having a good time. I went to the fridge and noticed we were completely out of beer. Wayne and Moose seemed really disappointed so I offered to hop in the car and run to the store for more.

"That would be great, Tom," Wayne said, just a little too enthusiastically.

Laura offered to make us all some sandwiches while I went to the little country grocery.

I hopped into the car and started down the bumpy, gravel road. About a quarter of a mile down the mountain I was greeted with a loud bang and swerved into the ditch.. "Damn, a fucking flat tire!" shot out of my mouth. "And, the car's stuck."

I hiked back up to the cabin to get Moose and Wayne to help me free the car. Shit, I thought. Moose could probably lift the car out by himself.

Fifty feet from the cabin I heard Laura's voice. "Nooo, pleease don't," she begged.

What the fuck? I hurried onto the porch to find out what the hell was going on. As I passed the open window on the way to the door I glanced in to see Laura being assaulted! I was going to kill those motherfuckers, but as big as they were, it would more likely end up with me being killed. There was no way I could take on those beasts. My mind heart raced as I tried to figure a way to rescue Laura. The only weapon I could think of to use was the tire iron and it was down the road with my car. Calm down, I kept telling myself. Think this through.

I looked back through the window to see my beautiful wife being held between those two brutes. Her robe was on the floor and a strap of her negligee was hanging free, exposing a breast.

Moose held her arms with one of his giant hands and forced Laura to her knees. His other hand was groping between her legs. Wayne was trying to get his cock in her mouth, but she kept shaking her head from side to side. Then he slapped her! Her head recoiled to the side and tears streamed down her cheeks. "Please, don't," Laura whimpered, "I'm married."

"Don't worry about your husband, cutie," he declared, "We made sure his car would have a little problem."

"Those sons of bitches," I muttered, feeling totally helpless.

"I said suck it," Wayne demanded and clenched his fist! "Or else!"

Moose grabbed her long hair, roughly jerking her head upward and prying her mouth open.

Laura glared at the inflated cock poised just inches from her face. Gingerly, her pretty mouth encircled the dripping, swollen head. Impatiently, Wayne rammed his dick deep into her mouth, smacking his balls back and forth on her chin.

"That's better Laura," he snickered. "You need a little practice on me before you get a taste of Moose." Both the guys roared out loud with laughter at his comment.

Wayne's comment seemed to make the tension in the room disappear and I was just about to charge into the room regardless of the consequences, but what I saw next made me freeze.

Laura was fondling her own breasts! Wayne dropped his hands to his hips and was moving his hips lewdly back and forth. Laura was sucking his cock with an eagerness I thought was reserved only for me. Her head was bobbing back and forth, taking the cock deeper with each movement. Laura's fingers were tugging and squeezing her extending nipples. Oh no, I thought. She is offering herself to them!

"I think this high class broad likes sucking dicks, Moose," Wayne chimed and rotated his hips in a circle. Laura playfully chased after it with her mouth only to have it slip from between her lips. I heard her giggle wickedly and stick out her tongue as if to beg for more.

I was mesmerized. My beautiful Laura was enjoying their depravity! I could feel my own cock harden with the perversion I was witnessing.

Moose dropped his pants and out popped biggest cock I have ever seen.. It was eleven or twelve inches long! When Laura saw it she squealed with delight and began caressing it lovingly in her hands. Moose could only stand over Laura with an animalistic smile on his face. Their eyes met and held as she lewdly jacked him off. For a moment it appeared Laura didn't quite know what to do with the huge slab in her hands. She clearly liked what she was seeing, then paused for a moment awe as her tiny fingers reached under to weigh his bloated balls. My god, they looked like they belonged on a bull!

This was really starting to get to me. My cock was straining in my pants and without thinking, I found myself masturbating to the perverted scene in the window.

Laura's mouth was stretched to the limit with the giant cock in her mouth. As hard as she tried she could only take about half the shaft. Every time she pulled back, her tongue mischievously tickled his glans. Wayne's fondling between her legs instinctively caused them to open. Laura wiggled her hips from side to side as Wayne playfully pulled her panties up tight between her cunt lips. Then he yanked them rhythmically up and down, lifting her off the floor, until the flimsy panties finally tore from the tugging. All three of them laughed out loud when Wayne tossed her panties into the fire.

My cock was rock hard watching them through the window. Moose shifted to the floor so Laura could mount his giant penis. Her eyes closed as she slowly impaled herself inch by inch. It didn't take long for her look of pain to turn into a look of pure bliss. The cock between her legs stretched her pussy lips wide to each side and I could only imagine the effect it was having on Moose. He was just laying there letting Laura pump up and down. She was taking the whole thing and loving it!

Wayne stood above Laura and rubbed his cock on her face and lips. Without opening her eyes she thirstily sucked him into her hot mouth. I could see her cheeks bulging each time she went down. It looked so animalistic! Saliva was drooling from her mouth and I could hear every nasty slurp. Moose reached to pull her ass cheeks apart and pulled Laura down forcefully on his cock. I was amazed she could not only take that huge thing, but with such raw power. Laura was enraptured with the wild fucking she was getting.

Wayne slid a finger between the cheeks of her ass and I knew what was coming next. Laura had never let me fuck her in the ass and it was apparent he wasn't going to take no for an answer. She tried to wrench away from his probing finger, but Moose held her cheeks apart and kept fucking her from underneath more intensely than before. Laura had no choice but to let Wayne shove his finger in her ass while Moose plowed his big cock in her. I almost came when I saw Laura's face turn into a wicked smile just before she passionately kissed Moose. She loves it! Damn! I wish I had my video camera right now.

Wayne didn't hesitate when he squatted down behind Laura to worm his dick in her upturned little ass. She screamed, "Nooo, it hurts," and I could see the pain on her face. Wayne and Moose just chuckled at her predicament and speeded up her fucking. Their cocks were driving in and out of her tiny body in alternating thrusts. Laura liked like a rag doll being fucked between them. They were so huge and Laura was so tiny it was seemed like they were fucking the daylights out of a little girl. Her mouth was agape and she wailed, "I'm cumming, oh god, I'm cumming!" Beads of sweat rolled off her body and her pelvis was twitching in ecstasy. I had to admit Laura never looked more beautiful. As she spontaneously reached to kiss Moose again he rolled over! Now Wayne was on the bottom and Moose was pounding Laura's cunt like a jackhammer. He gripped her ankles, stretching her legs wide to the side and watched his huge cock disappear into her. Laura's head was swaying from side to side as they fucked her senseless. Wayne reached underneath Laura and pulled her lips apart, stretching them mercilessly. I thought that would hurt her until she reached down and with a depraved smile, rubbed her swollen clit for her fuckers and rasped, "Fuck me harder, you bastards!"

Moose just smiled, positioned Laura's legs together between his to increase the tightness and hunched forward. He held her head in his huge hands and fucked her with long, deep strokes. Each time he pulled out, I could see her cuntlips grabbing his long dong. Faster and faster. How Laura could take that hammering I'll never know. Suddenly, Wayne groaned, and shot his load deep in her ass. Laura must have felt it and shrieked she was cumming again. That was too much for Moose and he quickly withdrew his glistening dick and pointed his enormous cock at her face. Laura wantonly stuck out her tongue, giving him a target and Moose exploded! A thick, white stream of semen splattered on her lips and bounced into Laura's hair. His second blast was perfect and bounced off her protruding tongue, spraying the back of her throat. She clamped her lips around the swollen head and hungrily sucked each pulsating spurt in her tight little mouth. Each time a gooey white blob leaked from her lips, I could see her tongue eagerly lap it up.

I couldn't believe what I had seen. My sweet Laura was a real whore. I didn't know what to do. She obviously liked it. I watched as Wayne and Moose dressed. Laura lay exhausted on the floor with her legs spread when Wayne warned, "Slut, don't say anything to your husband if you know what's good for you. Tomorrow, we'll be back after we work on his car again."

A little smile curled on Laura's lips as she proposed, "Ok, I'll make sure he spends all afternoon at the store."

I waited for a good five minutes after Wayne and Moose left until I entered the cabin. Laura was in the shower. "Laura," I yelled, "I'm back. Never made it to the store. I had a flat tire and the car is stuck in a ditch." Laura peeked from behind the shower curtain and pouted, "Oh, that's too bad honey. When you get the tire fixed tomorrow I really need you to do a lot of shopping for me."