Isaac by Julia


When I was sixteen, I went to this summer camp that was run by a church group. Now, I have never been a believer, but it was through my best friend that I went. Besides, it wasn't real religious there. There was some prayer, but that was the worst thing. The rest of the time was spent just enjoying the summer and hanging out with friends. I remember the place had a really huge pool that everyone swam in. We spent hours there, just sunbathing and whatever else.

Like I said, I was sixteen. It was an all girls camp, so the only guys were the camp advisors and stuff. This was about a year after I had started fucking. The idea of going two months without a stiff cock in me was just nuts to me. I was eager to find some regular sex. Luckily, there were quite a few bi-girls there. However, I like guys the most, so by the end of the first month, I was ready for anything. That's when he showed up and saved me.

I first saw him about a month into the camp. We were all having a great time, but I was getting bored. One day, the camp supervisor, who was in charge of the place, had to go home for an emergency. That day, I saw this sports car pull up to the main building. Out stepped one of the sexiest men I had ever seen. He was about 6'3 and easily 190 pounds, but it was all muscle. He had these piercing eyes and I was standing about ten feet away from him with some friends of mine. I was on my way to the pool when his car pulled up, so I was only wearing my bikini. I saw the way he looked at me as he went in the building. I smiled at him and went on my way. He was black, but that made it all the more exciting. He was black like milk chocolate. Later on, I would discover, much to my happiness, that he also tasted like milk chocolate.

Over the next few days, I discovered that his name was Isaac. He was the second in command, so to speak. He was about to be ordained a minister. When I heard this, I got a little down. I was hoping to seduce him, but it appeared that that was out of the question. I told my friend Laura about him and that I wanted to fuck him. She just laughed and hugged me. We were very close to one another back then, sleeping together on several occasions. She told me that she would love to help me out. Then, her eyes lit up and she told me she had a plan.

The next Saturday, we drove into town and purchased a few items and made hem up into a welcome basket. Just some fruit and things that a man might need out in the woods. Laura told me I should take them to his cabin. However, I was really nervous about being alone with him. Just thinking of his godlike black body made me shiver. Lately, I had taken to masturbating over him. It was an unreal infatuation. I made Laura promise that she would go with me. She agreed, and we dressed to go over. I wore the shortest skirt I had that would not be too obvious. I left my panties off and away we went. Laura wore jeans and a long shirt. She didn't want him to be attracted to her awesome figure. We walked to his cabin and knocked on the door. No one answered. It was about four thirty in the afternoon, so we figured he might be in his office. We walked to the main building. We went around to the back where the offices were and knocked on his door. We both heard his deep, soulful, sexy voice telling us to come in. I opened the door and there he was behind the desk. He was pouring over a book when he looked up. His face lit up as he caught my eye. I could feel myself wetten just at his look. It was enough to make a young girl tremble.

We gave him the basket and he set it on his desk, offering us a piece of fruit. Laura suddenly got up, excusing herself, I almost freaked and I gave her a dirty look. She left and Isaac came from around the desk and sat on the front edge, right across from me. He wore a pair of brown black shorts and a really cool white shirt. The bulge in his pants was very noticeable and just thinking about it made me almost come. It had been almost five weeks since I last was fucked and I was going out of my head. I wanted to reach over and pull that monster out and suck it until it spit in my face and mouth. But I restrained myself and acted calmly.

We talked for about an hour. He turned out to be very cool. He told me that he wasn't sure if he was going to be a minister or not, which was a relief. He told me he had "other interests" and he didn't know if they were okay with God. When he said "other interests," he looked me in the eye and I blushed, turning crimson before him. I saw him smile at this. I told him that I had to be going. He asked if I would like an orange. Without waiting for an answer, he took one out of the basket and peeled it in a minute or two. He offered me half and I took it. I placed it to my lips and bit into the sweet pulp. Some of it squirted onto my cheek. Seeing this mishap, Isaac reached his hand out and brushed the sweet juice off of my face. Instead of wiping it on his pants or kleenex, he raised his finger to my lips. Slowly, unsure of what to do, I opened my mouth and he placed his finger in it. I closed my lips and sucked that sweet juice off. He smiled and it freaked me a little. He pulled me close and removed his finger, replacing it with his mouth. We kissed for a minute, hard, and then I left. Scared, I ran out of there without saying a word. That night, I hardly slept at all. I fingered myself until I couldn't smell anything but the sweet odor of my pussy. I looked over to Laura, who was sleeping with another young girl whom she was fucking, but decided not to wake her up. I didn't want another pussy, I wanted a man. Trying hard, I finally fell asleep. The days that followed this event were not good. At the first sight of Isaac, I'd find myself running as far from him as possible. I was even more shocked by this than he was probably. I never run from guys. Most guys I try to seduce at least get to go to bed with me once, maybe not again, but at least once. So why was I so afraid of him?

This question really got to me. I spent the next two weeks worried about it. I knew something was not right. I wasn't sure what to do. Finally, I made up my mind that this was all a bunch of crap. I decided to go for it. If it felt wrong, than screw it, I would be out of there. Believe me, there is no way a 28 year old man is going to make a big deal over a 16 year old girl. That night, after showering and while everyone else was sitting around the campfire, I went to Isaac's cabin. He had one all to himself, so I knew we would not be disturbed.

I knocked on the door and he opened it. He looked surprised to see me. He shut the door behind me and turned around to take me in all the way. I was wearing a white terrycloth robe and only had my nightie on, with no panties. Without a word, I undid the robe and it fell to the floor. Isaac's eyes grew wide as he looked me over.

I went to him and pulled him close. He put his arms around me and his lips found mine. His hands, which were huge, easily cupped my C tits and he squeezed the nipples, till they were standing out under the satin. I stopped kissing him long enough to remove the nightie. I stood before him naked, my long black hair drying in the heat. He looked at me and told me I looked "good enough to eat." I said, "That sounds like a great idea." I walked to the small bed a few feet away and laid down on it, spreading my muscled legs real wide. Like an obedient dog, Isaac got between my legs. He grasped my legs and spread them even wider. His probing tongue gained access to my insides. His experienced lips found my clit and I soon was moaning for him. While he sucked on that stiff thing, his huge finger found its way to my asshole. He looked up into my eyes, as if asking permission, and I quickly shook my head yes, I wanted him in my ass, too. As he continued to eat me, he inserted his first finger into my ass. As I said, his hands were huge, so this was no small feat. Plus, I had not had a man in my ass yet, so I was still a virgin there. I watched his finger going in and out, I also noticed the wedding ring on it, smiling to myself.

He continued to eat me for over twenty minutes. It had been so long since I had had a real man that I lost track of time. Soon, I could tell he needed to get his, so I told him to take his clothes off. I watched him disrobe and I almost came as he removed his clothes. He had the most muscular body of any man I have ever been with, and that is no small number. Since I am someone who works out a lot, I was impressed by his sculpted abs and his broad chest. He was wearing a pair of bikini briefs that were bulging and looked like they were going to break. I sat up and motioned him over with my finger. He obliged me and soon his rock hard stomach was in my face. I kissed his navel as he sighed deeply. Then, I moved my hands to pull his underwear down. Then, I saw the biggest cock I had ever seen up until then. This thing was so big that it looked like he folded it to get it into his shorts. I was amazed that he was even able to wear underwear. Judging from my reaction, he knew what I was thinking. He leaned down and kissed me, telling me not to worry, he would understand if I couldn't "take it all." He raised up and watched as my hands began to jack him off. He caressed my cheek as I kissed the big brown shaft, quickly getting the pre-cum that was flowing steadily out of it. He smiled as I placed the head into my mouth. I caressed his huge sack and his ass as I began to slowly work it into my mouth.

He was very gentle with me, telling me to go slow and only do what I wanted. He was the most generous man I have ever had, which made me want to please him even more. I worked on his cock for about twenty minutes. I still wasn't able to get it all in my throat, but he appeared to enjoy it. I apologized for not being able to take him all, but he said it was okay. I stroked his cock and ass as he told me to get on the bed. He laid down beside me as he continued to jack himself off. We kissed for a long time and he pinched my hard nipples. I was in heaven. Then, once his cock was ready, he told me to get on top. I did as he told me and I sank down, taking most of him in. Very lightly, he began to pump my pussy. Slow at first, working his entire length into me. It hurt at first, but he let me control things for a while, learning to see how much I could take. When I finally took it all in my young cunt, he leaned up and kissed me, telling me "you did great." I was beaming. We fucked that way for about a half hour. He had more control than anyone I had ever met. He seemed to be in some sort of trance, able to keep from cumming. I was amazed with his performance. Soon, he told me he was getting ready to come. Since we weren't using any birth control, I got off of him and went down on him again, this time taking that black cock almost all the way in. I pulled him out and let him jerk off on my face and mouth. I licked and sucked his pearly white, delicious cream off of me. The sperm on my face was collected by his hands and offered to me. I hungrily lapped it up. We laid there for a little while more, just kissing. He told me that he liked white girls because he liked to watch his black cock going in and out of their asses, mouths, and tits. He was married, he said, but his wife didn't know how much he loved the white girls. I kissed his cheek and told him his secret was safe with me. He walked me to the door after I had dressed. I kissed him at the door and promised to come see him one more time before I left. When I left his cabin, I turned around and opened my robe flashing him. He just laughed and waved me off.

We did get together a couple more times. He didn't take my anal virginity, but we had a lot of fun and I learned how to suck a BIG prick.

When camp was finishing up, the last day, his wife came up to say goodbye to us all. As I was leaving with Laura, we went to say goodbye. I shook hands with his wife, as he stood next to us. She was the most beautiful black woman I had ever seen, and young also. I told her she had a good man and he just smiled as he and I exchanged private glances. Then, I got in he car and drove off.


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