James Black loses his cherry.... by Captain Squall

James Black loses his cherry....

James Black had been a fairly average student in his private secondary college. He was on the First Fifteen rugby team, he enjoyed participating in cricket and swimming in summer sports and his grades were good enough to get him into a respectable university. James was conscientious enough to look after his health too, and the fact that his parents were both doctors had helped him grow into a typical Australian youth.

He also ate sensibly and kept up his recreation activities when he joined the university's rugby club. His solid build and his height, combined with his natural flair for the game had enabled him to comfortably gain a position on the team. He was just on 1.8 metres tall, and weighed in at 85 kilograms. He had an innocent charm about him and he had often been compared to the actor Christian Slater, the young fellow who played the novice monk in the film "The name of the rose", alongside Sean Connery.

But despite James' normal background, he was unusual for a youth of 19 years of age. He was still a virgin. He had some casual girlfriends while at high school, and his sexual experiences had extended to nothing more than some fairly clumsy mutual groping with a girl in his car, after an evening out with friends. James' virginity was never a big deal with him, nor had it worried him. While it was his secret he went along with the boys in their often boorish "man play", with tales of sexual encounters probably more a product of the imagination of his friends rather than their own experiences.

When he got to university he studied hard (he was enrolled in a law degree) and started playing rugby for fitness and the friendship that came with team games. The team coach was Malcolm Murphy, a senior lecturer in the Law School who took his rugby as seriously as his teaching law responsibilities. His wife Judy often accompanied him to the regular games that were played on Saturday afternoons. Like Malcolm, Judy was in her middle forties, an attractive lady with green eyes, and black, shoulder length hair and a figure kept in shape by regular attendance at the university's gymnasium, or "fitness centre".

Malcolm and Judy were enjoying the new found freedom of being alone in their house, their son and daughter having left home several years earlier. The couple were now enjoying a busier social life, going to movies and travelling overseas almost every year for a holiday. They had also rediscovered each other, bringing a higher level of enjoyment and freshness to their sex life. Judy was not averse to using "toys" from the local Barbarella shops to enhance their lovemaking, much to the surprise and delight of Malcolm. They regarded themselves as an average middle aged couple, with perhaps a little more daring than most.

And so it was one Saturday evening, after the rugby game, that Malcolm was climbing naked into bed, that Judy's adventurousness came to the fore. She was also in bed, the curvaceous shape of her naked body clearly outlined under the cover sheet. Her black hair spilt over the pillow and she was reading a paperback book. As Malcolm slid into bed beside her, he reached down and felt her.

"Hey!" he said in surprise, "how come you're wet already?! Have you started without me?" She laughed and showed him the cover of the book. It was a recent publication about women's sexual fantasies, and as he had glanced through it himself earlier, he knew it was pretty descriptive and he also felt himself getting hard, when he read of some of the things that turned women on.

"What's the chapter you're now reading all about?" he asked, interested in the fact that it had been stimulating enough to make Judy wet with anticipation.

"It's about those women in middle age who wished they had met and seduced a younger, virgin boy" she said, looking mischievously at Malcolm.

"And you find that enough to arouse you, sweetheart? he said, snuggling in beside her, himself getting hard with the thought. "Do you wish you had deflowered some young, innocent guy?" The thought of Judy even thinking that she might want to do that made Malcolm even harder under the sheets and his hard cock was now obvious to Judy, who reached down and took his hardness in her warm hand. She started stroking his cock gently.

"Yes, and why not?" she laughed. "Why, do you want me to live out my fantasy for you?" Without waiting for him to answer, she said "I think you do!!"

They both were now eager to meet each other's very obvious needs and they turned out the lights and enjoyed some prolonged foreplay before Malcolm lifted himself onto Judy and slid into her wetness with an ease even he found surprising. She was also very responsive that night, and found herself being more sexually "aggressive" than usual.

Afterwards, as they lay in the dim light, their bodies heaving with the exertion of their lovemaking, Malcolm suddenly turned to Judy and said, "Did you see young James play today?"

"Funny you should say that, my love" she replied. "I did notice him. He's a lovely kid".

"He's also a virgin", said Malcolm. "He confided in me recently when I asked him which of the girls on the sidelines was his girlfriend. He is a little self conscious about it and I think he feels its time he.....well, he grew up."

They both turned to each other and said almost simultaneously, "Why not?!"

Judy said, "That could be my 45th birthday present, sweetheart. Are you really sure about this?"

Malcolm said, "Well, I must admit I think it's pretty daunting, but he's a sensible, well-adjusted kid, and not the sort to be indiscrete. But I'd want to be there, too even if its only as a discrete spectator".

Judy felt a surge of lust and passion in her loins as she realised she was being given the opportunity to live out one of her favourite fantasies. She noticed that Malcolm was also rock hard again under the covers - the thought of him watching his wife seduce a young, virgin guy was almost bursting his blood vessels. They discussed how Judy's "birthday present" could best be obtained before they enjoyed another vigorous bout of love-making.

The following week, when Malcolm saw James at university, he asked him to do him a favour. "James, you know that I've got to go to Sydney on some legal business late on Friday but I expect to be back sometime on Sunday or Monday. I obviously can't get to the Saturday game, so could you please take Judy for me? As I'm the coach she likes to be at most games, and I think she would appreciate the lift there and back."

James thought it a bit odd that Judy couldn't drive Malcolm's car as he would be away, but he quickly forgot about it. He had met Judy on several occasions and liked her a lot. Her appeal was not lost on either James or his team members, who often spoke of "that lucky bastard Malcolm with his honey of a wife".

It was not a pleasant day that Saturday, as the rain swept across the field, dampening the enthusiasm of players and spectators alike. Judy was there, courtesy of James collecting her from home earlier in the day. There were few spectators to watch the game finish, which James' university team lost by a few points.

As he ran off the field, James shouted to Judy, "be right with you after a quick shower, Judy!" her eyes followed him to the changeroom, while she headed for the car.

After about ten minutes James joined Judy and climbed into the driver's seat. His cheeks were flushed and he looked as though he had barely started shaving.

He noticed that Judy was pretty drenched from the day's rain, so he didn't delay in driving her home.

"I'd better get these wet things off and get into something warm and dry", Judy said as she glanced at James as he drove into her driveway. "Come in and have a drink, and I'll join you."

Her heart was pounding with excitement as they walked into her house and into then lounge. She showed James the drinks cabinet and said "be with you in a sec - I'm having a shower".

James poured two Scotches and sat down, looking around the room. There were some rugby trophies as well as some unique ornaments on side tables and in cabinets. He noticed some ivory fruit shapes in a bowl on the coffee table in front of them. He picked up an exquisitely carved pear, feeling its smoothness in his hand.

Just then Judy re-entered the room, barefooted and in a white towelling dressing gown, and she stooped to pick up her drink, revealing a generous amount of breast, with clearly no bra being worn.

"You have a magnificent pair" Judy, said James, who immediately realised his gaffe.

"Why James, I didn't know you cared!" she laughed seeing him holding the piece of ivory - but not attempting to close her still gaping gown.

She sat down close to him and placed a hand on his arm. She felt the muscle under his track suit and deep in her body she felt a surge of desire. "That's OK, James - We're alone so no-one can hear us...." her voice trailed away.

He was conscious of his own hardness as he smelt the sweet talc on her body, and the scent from her shampoo, so close to him. My god, he thought - I think she is after more than a little company from me, what with Malcolm away. Bu I don't know what to do, he thought - and I wouldn't want to make any mistakes.... He had to admit he had admired Judy from afar for quite some time, and now here he was, in her home, and her husband away interstate.

What he didn't know was that Malcolm was in walk-in robe next to the bedroom, having set himself up comfortably, out of sight behind some clothes, but with clear view of their king-size bed.

Judy's gown was now drooping open, as she leaned forward putting her drink on the table, giving James a clear view of her 38" breasts, full and round, with their deep pink nipples standing out in contrast. "James", she said in more of a whisper, "come with me...", and she held his hand and led him to the bedroom.

James was having some trouble standing up as he was very conscious of his now full erection, not lost on Judy as she glanced down admiringly.

"But what about..... what about Malcolm?" he asked, tentatively.

"Its OK" she said, "we're a fairly liberated couple and as long as we're both discrete and no-one is hurt, we live and let live".

James though to himself, well, if I'm going to start my real sex life here and now, I can think of few more attractive, mature and probably experienced ladies that I'd prefer to be with.....

As the entered the bedroom, Judy reached won and pulled back the covers, before turning to James. She said nothing but put her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the lips. James thought his cock would burst and he reached up and pulled the gown from Judy's shoulders. His eyes were as wide as saucers as he took in her beauty. He pulled off his tracksuit and stepped out of his underwear.

They stood close to each other - the mature, sensual 45 year-old and the virgin youth, his body almost shaking in anticipation.

"Judy" he whispered, "I've never...well, never made love before".

"Don't worry" she reassured him, "I'll help you along the way". She pulled him towards the bed and they lay stretched out beside each other. Malcolm could see his wife, naked and obviously aroused, about to take the virginity of a young, strong and attractive man, not yet 19 years of age. The sight of his wife lying there naked, her smooth skinned body open to James, her breasts pushing into him, her hairy pudenda still sweet with powder and scent, made him almost ejaculate then and there.

He noticed that James was now on his back, as Judy squatted on his knees, holding his prick proudly in her hands. She ran her hands up and down the shaft, feeling its hardness and latent power. You're in for a treat this evening, she said silently to James' majestic cock. Knowing that Malcolm was watching them both from no more than five metres away made her horny and aroused. Her cunt was now brushing James' shins, leaving a slick trail of wetness, oozing from her eager passage.

She leant forward and took him in her mouth, making James gasp in surprise. Her breasts were brushing his thighs and he wondered how he could control himself. But Judy was skilful in her lovemaking and she avoided making him come too soon, as she wanted this moment to last as long as possible.

James eyes took in her loveliness and she in turn admired his firm young, athletic body, as she moved forward, positioning her self over his manhood. With one hand she guided him gently and very slowly into her and for the first time in his life he was entering the smooth, velvety wetness of a woman's cunt. The sensation of her wet, vaginal walls against the side of his hard shaft was exquisite he thought - surely it couldn't get any better than this. Her mound of pubic hair was now enmeshed with his as he looked down and saw his cock disappear into her folds. Her flat stomach touched his own, as she leaned forward and kissed him again. She was now raising and lowering herself onto his rigid cock, and she used her vaginal muscles to alternately grip and release his cock.

Judy's hands were on his shoulders, as James reached up and fondled her swaying breasts, his thumbs rubbing over her erect nipples. Her eyes were closed and she appeared to be moaning softly.

Malcolm felt his own cock shake and twitch, as he watched, transfixed by this enormously erotic vision being acted out in front of his eyes. His own wife, naked as the day she was born, had mounted and was now skilfully riding the cock of another man and she was obviously enjoying it, more than she herself had anticipated.

James was beside himself with this new phenomenal sensation - and he looked up and saw Judy, eyes closed, oblivious to the world, sliding up and down on his generous pole. Her eyes were still closed, her head thrown back in abandonment and she pushed and squeezed his cock, deep inside her.

James now felt a surge deep inside him, just as Judy started shaking and saying, "oh god, oh god, oh god, It's coming now, coming now, I'm coming now......" as she froze suddenly, still for a split second as several shattering orgasms coursed through her entire body. her cunt had clamped his cock like a fist, and then it relaxed and took him even deeper into her.

James felt a surge in his cock as he suddenly shot out his entire load of sperm, jetting into her wet insides, filling her totally. She thought she felt the jet impact on her insides, as it continued to spurt again and again. The excess was now seeping down her cunt folds, and over his shaft.

Malcolm couldn't contain himself any longer at this sight in front of his eyes, as his own cock discharged into his shorts, the warm stickiness settling onto his thighs.

He could see Judy's back heaving, her breasts still swaying as she came down from her orgasmic plateau. James was fondling Judy's body affectionately, and he reached up, pulling her down so he could kiss her with gratitude.

For some minutes they lay there quietly, Judy still squatting on James, as his cock slowly withdrew in its now flaccid state from her cunt.

"Judy - I honestly didn't believe anything could feel so good" said James eventually, " and I'd like to tell you that this was the first time I have ever made love".

Judy smiled and said to James, "Well now James, I think you've just given me the ultimate birthday present. And I've got a funny feeling that Malcolm somehow would have approved. But maybe this is our little secret - for now anyway".

With enormous self control Malcolm remained in the walk-in robe, as Judy and James climbed out of the bed and headed for the ensuite shower.

After a while he heard James' car drive away from the house. And it was Judy who called out softly to Malcolm, "now what are you going to give me for my birthday??!!"


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