Jean's Journey by Coogrr Cat

Jean's Journey

This is a work of fiction. If you're not 21, go read Mother Goose rhymes. If you're offended by graphic language, descriptive sex, etc., go to the library and read William F. Buckley.

Part 1

As I stand here gazing at my nude reflection in the mirror, it doesn't seem possible that the body I see has been so ravished and so damaged. Nor does it appear to be carrying the most catastrophic of all my problems. But it is and that has led me to what I must now do.

I gaze over to my bed and I see my wedding gown, still as pretty and white as it was five years ago tomorrow. Has it really been five years since I became Mrs. William Bredlove II? The small, Southern town daughter of the local minister marrying the local high school sports hero and the son of the town's leading family was so much like a fairy tale. The Depends, plastic bag, shackles, and other items lying next to the wedding dress, bring me back to reality and the fact that I have turned that fairy tale into a horror story. They stand as a silent reminder to what I must do.

Once again I check the clock. I realize that I have only a few hours remaining and I must finish this letter. It is important that everyone understand what has happened and that Bill not be blamed for all of my mistakes. He has no idea what has happened to me over the past nine months. It all began when Bill's family lost everything as a result of a product liability suit. Bill was devastated and nearly had a complete breakdown.

I work in the purchasing department for a defense contractor in Huntsville. Several of the vendors had invited me to lunch or offered me various inducements to sway my decision in their favor. But I always resisted, not only because I felt it to be wrong, but it was very much against company rules and I knew that my senior manager, Mr. Washington, would fire me if I ever did anything against the rules. Two of the men that I worked with lost their jobs when Mr. Washington discovered they were using a condo in Gulf Shores owned by one of our vendors. As bad as I felt about them losing their jobs, I did benefit as I became the lead buyer when they left.

When Bill's family lost everything, Bill lost his job. We were soon finding it difficult to make ends meet. I was nearly at wits end one day trying to figure out how to pay the electric bill when I realized I could "borrow" some of the petty cash. I did and I was intending to repay it when Bill's car broke down and I "borrowed" some more. Soon I was in so deep I couldn't see anyway out when George, one of our vendors, asked if I would like to have dinner with him. I felt I had nothing to lose so I agreed.

We had a nice dinner and George was a very easy person to talk to. I soon found myself telling him about the problems Bill and I were having and how hard it was to make ends meet on one salary. Well one thing led to another and George suggested that I get off my high horse and accept a commission on my buys like all my counterparts in the other companies did. I was shocked that anyone would do such a thing but George assured me that I was the only buyer he dealt with that didn't accept commissions. I told him I would never do anything like that and we dropped the subject.

About two weeks later I found out that the annual audit for petty cash was scheduled for the following week. I knew I could never repay what I owed in time. So I called George and asked him if I could meet him after work. He agreed and when I met him I asked him if I could borrow a thousand dollars. He said sure, but why not just take a commission on my last order. The commission would be $1175.00 and I wouldn't have to repay it. Besides, since I had already placed the order, the commission wasn't a factor in my decision to select his firm. Well, to make a long story short, he convinced me. And that is how I started "taking commissions."

About six months after I took my first commission, Bill got a good job with a company in Nashville. I knew that I would be able to stop taking commissions soon. But it was not soon enough. One Friday my manager, Mrs. Golden, told me that Mr. Washington wanted to see me in his office. Mr. Washington always intimidated me. Maybe because he was not only a very large man, well over six feet tall, but he was also black. In the little town I was raised, blacks and whites still regarded each other with suspicion.

"Come in and sit down. I have a video I would like you to watch." Mr. Washington said as I approached his desk. I sat down, puzzled about his reason for wanting me to view a video. He reached over, turned on the TV and started the video. When the first images appeared on the screen, I felt the panic beginning to well up inside me. There on the screen was George and I at the diner where we had met just two nights before. I heard George telling me that my commission for that week was $400 and that I had made over $5500 in just the past few months. Then I watched in horror as George counted out the four one hundred dollar bills and I picked them up and put them in my purse.

"I think we have seen all of that we need to." as he turned off the VCR. "I am not going to ask you what you were doing, but I am going to give you a choice. You can do exactly what I ask you to do or I will turn this video over to our legal department. And, I am sure they would like to ask you about your "loans" from petty cash."

I just sat there in shock. Not only was I caught taking commissions, Mr. Washington knew about my petty cash violations. I didn't know what to say. I just mumbled, "I guess this means I, uh, am, you know, lost my job?"

"That depends on you. I want you to go home and think about this. I will keep this just between us if you agree to do everything I ask you to do for the next month. If you agree, then no one will ever need to know about this. But if you choose to not obey me, then you will suffer the consequences of your actions. And, so there is no misunderstanding, I expect you to become my sex slave for the next month. That is all Jill. You may go home now."

I could barely stand my knees were shaking so bad. I managed to stumble out of the office and get to my desk. I picked up my things and headed for home. I almost wrecked the car several times on my way home as my mind tried to sort through what faced me. I get home and somehow made it through the weekend. By Monday morning I knew that I would have to become Mr. Washington's sex slave. It was only for a month and no one would ever know. If I didn't, the scandal caused by my prosecution would surely destroy my dad and Bill.

I sat at my desk all day Monday, so nervous I couldn't think. Every time my phone rang, I jumped, thinking it would be Mr. Washington. Finally, at 3PM he did call and asked me to come into his office.

"Well I assume by now you have made a decision," he said as I walked through the door.

I couldn't speak and I just nodded my head.

"Well, what did you decide?," he asked.

"I, uh, yes, I will do it," I sort of mumbled, my eyes cast down at the floor.

"Speak up and look at me when you talk to me. What are you going to do?"

I managed to look at him and say, "I will do what you want me to do."

"And exactly what is it I want you do be?"

"Your sex salve," I muttered, my face becoming crimson.

"You understand that if you disobey me in anyway, at anytime, I will have you prosecuted for accepting bribes and petty cash theft?," he asked, a ring of triumph in his voice.

Again I just nodded and uttered a weak, "Yes."

"Ok, we understand each other. Now lock the door and take off your clothes," he said as he got out of his chair and came around and leaned on the front of his desk.

I knew there was no backing out now. I stumbled over to the door and pressed the lock button. I turned and faced Mr. Washington. He had a nasty leer on his face. "Hurry up bitch, get out of those clothes." His words hit me with the impact of a bullet. I began to unbutton my blouse. As I opened the last button, I almost decided it wasn't worth it and started to rebutting it.

"Remember, if you change your mind, your picture is going to be in all the papers and your good family name will be ruined," he said as if he were reading my mind.

I began to sob as I took off my blouse and removed my skirt and slip. I stood before him for a minute in my panties, panty hose, and bra and then in a final act of submission, reached behind me, unclasped my bra and let it slide down my arms. My shame was complete a few minutes later when I slide my panties and pantyhose off my legs and stood before Mr. Washington, my right arm across my breasts and my left hand covering my mound.

"Get you hands clasped behind your neck and stand with your legs apart" he said as he approached me.

Crying, I did as he asked and watched with horror as he reached out and cupped my breasts in his hand. Suddenly he grasped each nipple between his thumb and forefinger and pinched and twisted them until the pain was electrifying. "Shut the fuck up slut. I'll tear these nipples right off your tits if you keep sobbing." With that he reached down and cupped my sex. He ran his finger up and down a few times and then jabbed a finger into me. I was very dry and the pain was immediate. "We will get this cunt of yours wet and loose by the time I am finished with you. Now get down on your knees."

I got down on my knees and Mr. Washington reached down and opened his fly. I nearly became sick as I realized what he was doing. Then, right in front of my mouth was his cock. The only cock I had ever seen was Bill's. Mr. Washington's was immense compared to Bill's. "OK bitch, I am going to show you what a real man's cock is like. Open your mouth and suck it. And I had better not feel any teeth," he growled.

Slowly, I reached out and took his cock in my hands and began to lick the end of it. It was getting bigger and harder as I continued to lick and stroke it. Suddenly he reached around and grabbed the back of my head and thrust his cock into my mouth. I thought my jaw would break and I gagged continually as his massive erection pushed against the back of my throat. Then, as I gagged just as he trust, I felt his cock slide down my throat. I couldn't breathe and began to fight and pound on him with my fists.

"Bitch, just breathe through your nose. I am going to fuck your mouth."

Somehow I managed to began breathing through my nose as he began to pump in an out of my mouth and throat. He would pull out until the massive head was just about out of my throat and then push the entire thing down my throat again. My mouth was aching from being stretched and drool was running out and down my chin onto my breasts. Then I felt him push even harder and hold my head even tighter to him, my chin resting against his massive ball sac. I felt his cock flex and then I felt a hot liquid spewing into my throat as spurt after spurt washed down my throat.

Somehow I managed to get free and pull back. I knew I was going to be sick and vomited all over the floor. Mr. Washington was furious. "You fucking cunt! Get that mess cleaned up!"

I managed to get my clothes back on and went to the janitors closet and got a bucket and mop and returned to the office and cleaned it up. After I finished Mr. Washington said, "Ok bitch, you can go now, but we are just starting. When you come to work from now on, you will not wear any underwear. No bra. No panties. No anything. And you will keep that cunt of yours completely shaved. Is that clear?"

Still in shock and disgust, I just nodded and left. Later, at home, I got sick to my stomach again as I thought about what had happened. But later, as I sat on the edge of the bathtub shaving my sex, I knew I had crossed a river of no return. I was terrified at what tomorrow would bring. Also, what was I going to tell Bill when he saw my shaved sex? I fell asleep in a troubled and worried state.

Part 2

The next morning I dressed as instructed. I chose a long denim skirt and a matching denim blouse. Even though both articles were opaque, I felt naked and vulnerable as I walked to my car. My breasts, 36C, while not sagging, require a bra for support. I could feel their bounce with each step I took, and my nipples rubbing against the denim fabric caused them to quickly become erect. And the cool air, rustling up my skirt was very noticeable on my now bare sex. And I began to notice a bit of arousal mixed with my fear which only increased my shame. Was I already becoming the slut that Mr. Washington called me?

The morning passed uneventful with only an occasional stare from one of my co-workers who noticed my unfettered breasts. Just as I was leaving for lunch my phone rang. It was Mr. Washington. He told me to come to his office. When I got to his office he just glanced at me before telling me "Unbutton your blouse and pull up your skirt." I did as requested and he smiled and said "I am happy to see you have followed instructions. For that you deserve a reward. Sit down in that chair," he said, motioning to an arm chair that sat facing his desk.

Again I followed his orders and after I was seated he said, "I am going to let you masturbate for me."

I didn't believe what I had just heard. No one, not even Bill, had ever seen me masturbate. I started to protest but was quickly cut off by Mr. Washington who said "Or would you rather I fuck you in the ass. Now open that blouse and put one leg over each arm of the chair and pull that skirt up so I can see that pretty cunt of yours. You have 10 minutes to make yourself come or I will put my cock in your ass."

I knew he was serious so I splayed myself in the chair, my sex wide open. I began to finger myself but I could tell I was not going to be able to comply with his command. No matter how I tried, I could not get my body to respond. Just then I heard the door open. I jumped up and began to cover myself when Mr. Washington glared at me and said "Who told you to stop? Get back in that chair and continue. You have 3 minutes to meet your deadline."

I slumped back in the chair and once again spread my legs, opening my sex for all to see. I still had no idea who, if anyone, had come in the office. Then I heard a female voice behind me say, "So this is the little slut, eh?"

"Yes, and she can't seem to make herself come. Do you suppose you could help her?"

Oh god, not another person. And then I saw her. It was Gina, the manager of the company pharmacy. She was a heavy set Black woman of about 40 with a reputation for being gay. She came around in front of me and I froze. Again Mr. Washington reprimanded me and told me to continue. I again began stroking myself, my entire body red with shame and embarrassment. But strangely, I felt myself becoming aroused.

Gina knelt down in front of me, and after pushing my hand away, began sucking and licking me. As much as I was repulsed, I was also getting very aroused. As her tongue probed she reached under me and began inserting a finger into my rectum. As much as I tried to fight it, I could feel I was losing the battle. Then as she put her mouth over my entire sex and licked my sex from top to bottom, I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her tight to me and came in an explosive mixture of fear, shame, and excitement.

"Whoa girl, you're a wild one!" Gina exclaimed as she pulled away from me, her face covered with the evidence of my orgasm. She stood up and began to remove her slacks. She pulled them and her panties down and I was looking at her sex, the lips large and puffy, nearly hidden in a dense growth of black, curly hair. "Now it's your turn to do me" and she pushed her sex towards my face.

I pulled back away from her and turned my head when I heard Mr. Washington say "I guess she would rather have my Black meat in her ass."

Gina began to back away and I saw Mr. Washington stand, his cock, hard and dripping, in his hand. I quickly made up my mind and reached out and pulled Gina to me. I took a deep breath and buried my face between her legs. I felt her hands on the back of my head and she pushed and pulled me, moving my head and tongue in ways that seemed to please her. She had a musky smell and tasted salty. I wondered if I tasted that way. Then I felt a pair of hands on my breasts, twisting and pulling on my nipples. And again, I found myself becoming aroused by this strange turn of events. I could feel Gina's hips bucking and her hands pulling my head ever tighter to her. Then I felt her knees stiffen and she let out a long, low moan.

As she pulled away, my hand found my own clit and I began to stroke it, hoping to come. Gina noticed what I was doing and said, "Well look at the little cunt. She is still playing with herself. I think she wants to be fucked."

Mr. Washington stopped playing with my tits and walked around in front of me, his big Black cocking bobbing up and down. I couldn't take my eyes off of it and I felt myself wanting to be fucked. I tried to fight back the thoughts but Mr. Washington just reached down, grabbed my chin and lifted my face so I was looking right at his cock. He began rubbing it over my lips and I began trying to get it in my mouth. "My, my aren't we a hot little slut today. Do you want this Black cock in your bare, little white pussy?"

To my shame I found my head nodding yes. "Tell me what you want slut," he said.

"I want you to do it," I replied.

"What do you want me to do. Do you want my Black cock in your little white cunt? Tell me what you want."

To my everlasting shame I heard myself saying, "Oh yes, I want your Black cock. Fuck me with your Black cock." He just stepped back, sort of smiled and told me to standup, turn around and bend over the arm of the chair. "Oh no, not in my ass," I pleaded.

"Don't worry slut, this time I am going to fill that little cunt of yours."

I bent over the chair and I felt him behind me. I felt his fingers probe my sex and then I felt the hot, blunt end of his cock push against my sex. He slide the head in rather easily and I felt stretched and then he grasped my hips and flexed his hips, driving his cock halfway into me. I screamed in both agony and ecstasy. I was stretched to the point I felt I would tear but his cock was rubbing on my clit. It hurt so very good. He pulled back a bit and thrust forward again, and then again, until I felt his coarse pubic hair tight against my ass. He began to fuck me with long slow strokes. I found myself pushing back hard against his strokes, matching him, tempo and speed. My entire insides were boiling. I came time and time again and when finally I felt him stiffen felt his hot come spurting deep inside, I came so hard I nearly passed out.

"Well slut, now you know what it feels like to be really fucked. And you enjoyed it which proves what a tramp you really are."

His words hurt but they were beginning to ring true. How could my body betray me in this way. As I stood there, hot cum running down my thighs, I felt like a slut. I had actually enjoyed, no loved, being fucked by this Black man with his huge cock. Just thinking about it now was causing little flutters to wave through my stomach.

"Get dressed and get back to work. Tomorrow and from then on, I don't ever want to see you wearing a skirt any longer then mid-thigh. In addition, I expect to see you wearing something tight so your tits show and your heels had better be at least three inches high. Your a slut and I want everyone to know your a slut. If the people in this building see that shaved slut cunt, so much the better. When they see cum streaming down your thighs and smell your randy, after sex odor, you can bet they will want their turn with the company slut. Now get out of here!"

I pulled on my skirt and blouse and nearly ran out of the office. I could feel the sticky cum residue on my legs as I ran to rest room to clean myself and regain my composure. After I straightened myself as best I could, I returned to my desk. I had a hard time concentrating on my work and was glad when the day ended and I was able to return home.

As soon as I got home I rushed into the bathroom and showered and douched twice. I knew Bill would want to have sex when he got home and I didn't want any trace of another man's cum in me. It was going to be hard enough to explain my shaved sex. I had barely gotten into the kitchen to start supper when Bill drove into the driveway.

Part 3

Bill and I had a nice supper and while we were watching TV he slipped his arm around me and began kissing me as he rubbed my breasts. "Umm, not wearing a bra. You must have known I was horny," he said as he slipped his hand under my Tee shirt and began to tweak my nipple.

I reached over and rubbed his cock through his pants and, to my chagrin, the first thought that came to my mind was how small his cock was compared to Mr. Washington's! I quickly pushed that thought out of my head and opened his fly and stroked his already turgid cock.

"Oh baby, that feels so good. I have been hard as a rock for two days wanting you," he murmured as he pulled me up from the couch and led me to the bedroom. He began to pull off his clothes and I knew the moment of truth had arrived. I pulled my tee over my head and then skinned my shorts and panties down and kicked them to the side. It was a classic double take. Bill glanced over at me then back toward the bed then his head spun around and his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

"My god! What did... is going... I mean, you know, you don't have any hair there," he exclaimed, pointing to my crotch.

"I had to shave myself. I had a skin infection of some sort and the doctor said I will have to keep myself shaved for awhile."

"Oh baby, I think it looks sexy as hell. Get your ass over here now!"

I went over to the bed and Bill took his time and all and then we fucked. It was good but I was not able to come. After the way my sex had been stretched I could barely feel Bill's cock in me. Bill muttered something about what was wrong and I told him not to worry (I was doing enough of that for both of us) that I was just tired.

The next morning I dressed like normal for work and then when Bill left, I quickly stripped and put on a tight white sweater and green mini skirt. I had found a pair of black heels that I had worn to a costume party. They had nearly 4-inch heels. I could barely walk in them and the tight skirt just added to my little, whore-like small steps. I looked at myself in the mirror and when I saw how much like a slut I looked, I went to the phone to call Mr. Washington and tell him to go ahead and prosecute me. I dialed his number and when he answered, I knew I couldn't face it and I hung up. I got in my car and headed for my first day as the company slut.

There was a note on my desk to report to the pharmacy when I got to work. Gina had me come into her office and then told me she was going to swab my cunt to check for disease. She had me sort of lay back on her desk and she took a cotton swab and pushed it into me and twirled it around a bit and then removed. She put it into a long test tube and told me I could go.

The remainder of the week was pure hell. I could see the looks from my co-workers and hear them whispering behind my back. I knew that I did indeed look like a slut and after being fucked, smelled like one. The rest room was one floor down and across the building from Mr. Washington's office. This meant I had to take a flight of stairs (I would never let myself be in the elevator smelling of cum) and then walk across a floor full of cubes with cum running down my thighs and my own smell intermingled. Mr. Washington had me come to his office two more times during the week. He fucked me both times and as hard as I tried, I found my body betraying me as my orgasms became ever more intense and frequent as his cock seemed to find all the right places in me. By weeks end I was almost wishing he would call me to his office on Friday but he did not. I almost dreaded spending the weekend at home. Not only would I be with Bill but I would not be able to be fucked by Mr. Washington until at least Monday.

I was two hours late for work on Monday since I had to take Bill to the airport in Nashville. When I arrived I was greeted by cat-calls and jeers. I could not imagine what was going on. When I got to my desk I found my manager waiting for me. "I want you in my office immediately," she said and we both marched into her office. After I had entered she closed the door and went to her desk and sat down. She motioned me to sit.

"I have a letter here from Mr. Washington," she began as a lump rose in my throat. "He is promoting you to audit supervisor, effective immediately"

"But, I thought Glen Thacker was the audit supervisor," I muttered, both relieved and shocked.

"Glen has been demoted and transferred to Accounts Receivable."

"I can't believe that. Glen was one of the best people we have and one of the most liked people in the department! What happened?" I asked in shocked disbelief.

"You know damm well what happened! You have become Mr. Washington's, pardon the expression, little whore! I normally am happy when one of my people get a promotion. But when they get that promotion on their back, it just makes me sick. Now get out of here and get your desk cleared out and your things moved to your new office."

As I walked back to my desk I could see my co-workers looking at me with disgust and hate. I knew that Mr. Washington had done this just to further destroy me. It had nothing to do with my abilities as I found out when HR called me to sign the paperwork for my new position. I was actually receiving a $2500 per year cut in salary!

After I got my things moved into my new office I received a call from Mr. Washington. He wanted me to come to his office immediately. With both dread and anticipation I went, thinking I was going to get fucked again. However, when I got there, Mr. Washington asked me to come over and look at his new desk. When I walked over to his desk, I noticed there was a computer monitor built into the top of the desk. As I looked at the monitor, Mr. Washington pressed a button on the desk and the spreadsheet was replaced by what looked like a view of an office. Then as Mr. Washington pushed some other buttons, the view changed as the camera zoomed in and out and moved up, down, right, and left. I suddenly realized that I was looking at my new office.

"Yes my little slut, that is your office. Not only can I see everything in your office, by using this headset, I can hear everything that is said. I think you will soon find out why I had this installed over the weekend. Now get back to your office and get to work."

I almost asked him why he did not want to fuck me but I thought perhaps he was no longer going to use me. Maybe he had arranged all this so he could reduce my pay and watch me so I didn't take anymore commissions. I might even be able to dress normally again. I would ask him soon.

I returned to my office and looked around. Try as I might, I could not see the camera. It wasn't long before I forgot all about the camera as I began to try and get into my new job. My new team was openly hostile and it was apparent that they blamed me for the departure of Glen. I knew that I would have a hard time winning them over. But now that Mr. Washington was no longer going to use me as a slut, I felt I had a chance. I worked until about 9PM and then went home, exhausted, but feeling somewhat relieved that my ordeal was soon to be over. And with Bill's new job, the pay cut would not hurt too bad.

The next morning I almost decided to dress in a normal fashion but I thought I had better check with Mr. Washington first. So I donned my usual, slut-style outfit and headed for work. I purposely got there an hour early so I could get to my office before most people arrived. That was one good thing about my new job. I had an office so I didn't have to parade in front of my co-workers all day long.

At ten my relief came crashing back to reality. Mr. Washington's voice suddenly jarred me out of my concentration on work. "Good morning slut. I hope you didn't think I have forgotten about you. My big, Black cock is getting hard just thinking about your White-slut cunt. I'll bet you have missed being fucked by a real man," the voice taunted.

And again my body betrayed me as I felt myself becoming a little aroused at his voice and what he was saying. Yes, I thought, I do miss being fucked but I will never let him know that. He continued, "Look in the bottom right drawer of your desk."

I opened the drawer and there was a large, black dildo and a video tape in the drawer.

"Place the tape in your VCR and play it. While your watching the video I want you to fuck yourself with that dildo. I want you wet and hot when I fuck you this morning. And don't forget, I'll be watching."

I just sat there for a few minutes, my mind reeling, wondering if this were all a bad dream. Then I got up and went to my door to lock it only to discover there was not a lock on the door.

"Ah, I see you have discovered your door does not lock. I think you will find the thought of one of your co-workers walking in at any minute will add to your excitement," the disembodied voice of Mr. Washington echoed through my office. "And I think you should take your skirt off so you don't stain it."

Beaten, I returned to my desk, removed my skirt, and sat down in my chair. I pressed the play function on the remote and suddenly the screen sprang to life with an image of me, bent over Mr. Washington's chair, as his cock sliced in and out of my cunt. I was moaning and begging him to fuck me harder. I noticed that the camera angle was such that anyone watching could only see I was being fucked by a Black man but they could not identify the man.

As I watched, I realized I was becoming aroused. I picked up the dildo and began to rub it against my clit, then sliding it up and down my slit. As my arousal built, I slide to the edge of my chair, and spread my legs wide and pushed the dildo into my aching cunt. Soon I was matching the rhythm of the cock on the video, slamming it home and then pulling it out. I was nearly reaching orgasm when a knock on my door caused me to freeze in terror. I managed to push the off button on the remote and slide my legs under the desk, the dildo still buried in my cunt. I grabbed my skirt, threw it across my lap, and mumbled "Come in."

The door opened and Mary, from the audit center came in to give me a report. "Are you all right," she asked as she placed the folder on my desk.

"Yes, just a little sinus infection I guess," I replied.

She sort of shrugged and wrinkled her nose and turned to leave. As she left the office I realized that the smell of my arousal must be permeating the office. I pulled the dildo from my cunt and put it in the drawer and was about to wipe my self with some Kleenex when Mr. Washington's voice intruded once again. "Whoa there, I want that White cunt wet and randy. Get your ass up here now so I can finish what you started."

I pulled on my skirt and headed for his office. Again I noticed the stares of my co-workers as my tits bounced in my sweater as I minced along in my high heels. Mr. Washington's secretary gave me a very knowing look as she told me to go right in that he was expecting me. I enter his office only to find him on the phone. He motioned to sit down while he finished his call.

After he hung up, he said, "Get out of those clothes slut and come over here."

After I had removed my clothes I walked around to the back of his desk. As I approached I could see he was not wearing anything below the waist. His Black cock was pointing nearly straight up and I could see some pre-cum glistening on the tip.

"Come over here bitch. I want you to straddle me and put this man's cock in your cunt," he said as he waved his massive cock at me.

I approached him, put my right leg over his left and reached down between us and grabbed his cock. I slowly lowered myself until I felt the massive head pushing my lips apart then I settled down, letting all of his cock bury itself into me. As the head pushed against my cervix I shuttered involuntarily. Then I began to raise up until I felt the crown of his cock slip past my lips then lowered myself again. As much as I hated what I was doing, my body craved the feeling as his cock plunged and stretched me to pleasure I had never before experienced. My motions continued to increase in tempo until I was bouncing up and down, moaning and biting my lip to keep from crying out. Then I felt him stiffen and wave after of wave of hot liquid splashed against my womb. The feeling of his cum, boiling inside me, caused me to lose all control and I came violently, time and time again.

After he came, he nearly pushed me off his lap, as he stood up and grabbed a towel and began to wipe himself off. When he finished and put the towel down, I reached for it to clean myself.

"What the fuck do you think your doing slut?," he roared as he grabbed the towel from me. "Sluts don't wipe their cum from their cunts. They us their fingers to clean their cunts and then lick it off, just like a bitch dog in heat. Put your fingers into your cunt and scoop out my cum and let me see you eat it."

I reached down between my legs, put two fingers inside me as far as possible, and then pulled them out, sticky and covered with our mixed cum. Slowly I brought them to my mouth and began to clean them.

"That is how a slut keeps herself clean," he said as he pulled on his pants.

"From now on you will not let your husband fuck you. I don't want his White ass cock in any cunt I am fucking. Do you understand?"

"But, what am I going to tell my husband?," I stammered, the words squeaking from my throat at the thought of telling Bill we couldn't have sex anymore.

"You dumb cunt. Why the fuck do I care what you tell your White-ass husband? You remember that Gina swabbed your cunt? Well that was to get a sample of your husband's cum. I will have Gina checking your cunt every morning or so and if I ever find any cum from that sick ass White husband of your's, I will make you wish you were dead. Now get the fuck out of here."

I dressed and nearly ran out of his office. The tears were streaming down my face as I made my way back to my office. I knew I was a sight, my hair messed, my clothes not straight, and I could feel cum running down my thighs. I could only hope that I could get to my office before the cum got below my skirt hem. From licking my fingers I knew also that I smelled of sex. I reached my office, went in, closed the door and collapsed in my chair.

Part 4

The next two days were uneventful. But then I knew Bill would be home and he would want to have sex. And I still did not know what to tell him. Finally, when the moment of truth came, I told him the doctor said I had a real bad yeast infection and we would not be able to have sex for awhile but that I could still suck him off or if he wanted, he could fuck me in the ass. That sort of blew his mind as we had never tried anal but I told him the doctor suggested it. So that night my virgin ass lost its cherry. It wasn't as bad a I thought it would be but I certainly did not enjoy it. Thank god Bill has a small cock!

The entire next week at work was uneventful except that Mr. Washington had me report to the company pharmacy on Tuesday and Thursday morning to have my cunt swabbed to check for semen. By Friday I was becoming very horny. I never thought I would be wishing Mr. Washington would fuck me but I found myself hoping to hear him tell me to come to his office. Then, just as I was leaving the office on Friday my phone rang. It was Mr. Washington. He told me to meet him at Bubba's, a mostly Black bar on the edge of town.

As I drove into the parking lot at Bubba's I realized that I was still wearing my slut clothes. I wished that I had stopped and purchased something but it was too late. I went in and for awhile I couldn't see anything. It had been very bright outside and it was dark in the bar. Suddenly I felt a strong hand on my arm and heard Mr. Washington say, "It's about time you got here slut. Let's go over to that booth and sit down."

He sort of steered me across the room and we sat down in a booth across from the bar. A waitress in a skimpy outfit came over and said, "Hi there Hank. Who is the honkey bitch?"

"She is my own little White slut. She just loves Black cock, don't you slut?"

I was shocked yet again. But both the waitress and "Hank" were looking at me as I choked and sort of nodded.

"We can't hear you bitch. Tell Irene what you like."

"I... like it," I stammered.

"What you talkin' 'bout mama. What you like?" asked Irene, the smile on her face evidence she was taking great delight in my discomfort.

"I... like... coc... Black cock," I managed to stammer.

"I'll take the usual and my bitch will have a double Rumplemint with a beer chaser. She's going to need it when she does the back room."

"Oh Lordy, that's for sure. She don't look like she can handle the engine much less the train," said Irene as she headed off for the bar.

"What was she talking about. What train?," I asked.

"I told you cunt, you don't ask me questions. You will find out soon enough. For now just sit there and think how good that Black cock is going to feel in that slut cunt of yours."

Irene came back with the drinks and put a mug of beer in front of Hank and a glass of clear liquid in front of me in addition to a mug of beer. I am not much of drinker so I just sort of sipped at the beer and ignored the White stuff.

"Bitch, when I buy you a drink, I expect you to drink it," Hank growled at me. He reach over and picked up the glass with the white liquid, handed it to me and said "drink it all, bitch, now!"

I put the glass to my lips and started to sip it but Hank reached over and pushed the bottom of the glass up so that the entire contents went into my mouth. I choked, swallowed and felt as if my throat and insides were on fire. I choked again and grabbed the beer to wash the taste out of my mouth. Tears were streaming down my face as I heard Hank order me another one. This one came and I went through the same procedure. That was followed by yet another.

My head was starting to spin violently and I couldn't get my eyes to focus. I was aware of Hank's hand under my skirt, playing with my cunt. I didn't care that I was in a public place, I didn't even know where I was. All I could think about was the increasing heat in my cunt and I knew I wanted to be fucked. I began pushing my hand down on top of Hank's hand, increasing the pressure on my cunt.

"What do you want bitch? You want some Black cock in that hot little cunt?," tormented Hank as he squeezed my breast with his other hand.

"Yes," I replied.

"Yes what bitch?" he sneered.

"I... want... you know, Black cock," I whispered in his ear.

"Hey guys, this here slut wants some Black cock. I guess I'll take her in the back room and give her some.," Hank announced to the entire place as he got up and half pulled me and half carried through the crowd to a small room in the back of the bar. There was a pool table and not much else in the room which was lighted by a single light bulb hanging over the pool table. Hank nearly ripped off my blouse and then pulled my skirt down until it fell around my ankles. I must have been a sight. A little White girl, standing nude in an all Black bar, my cunt lips puffy with need, and my eyes glazed.

Hank pushed me over to the pool table and spun me around and pushed me in the back so that I was bent over, my upper torso resting on the table. The coarse and torn felt was like sandpaper against my erect and sensitive nipples. I felt him push my legs wide apart with his knees and then what I wanted as my cunt was suddenly filled with hot cock that began to pump in an out. I came almost immediately and started to build to another as I heard Hank say, "Yeah slut, this is what you like isn't it?"

"Oh yes, for god's sake, yes. Please fuck me, please," my mind a swirling montage of sex and images of Black cocks swimming in front of me. It wasn't long before I felt hot cum boil inside me as the cock in my cunt twitched and twitched as it was pushed hard against my womb. Then it seemed like no time at all and the cock was back, hard again, and again pumping into my cunt. I came again and again as the cock seemed to spurt, fuck, spurt, fuck until I literally passed out.

I woke up, cold and shivering on the pool table. I felt something cold damp under my ass and reached down to discover I was lying in a pool of cum. Further exploration found that cum was running out of my cunt onto the table. My head felt like there were jackhammers inside. I got off the table, was immediately hit by a dizzy spell and had to grab the edge of the table to steady myself. Finally the room stopped spinning quite so fast and I was able to locate my clothes in a chair in the corner. I managed to get them on and stagger out into the bar. With the exception of the waitress I had seen earlier, the place was empty.

"Lordy my gal, you are alive! I was about to call 911."

"What time is it," I mumbled.

"It's nearly 2AM girl. You went out like a light while you were pulling that train; not that stopped some of those guys who were determined to get their ride. They just rolled you on to the table and kept going."

"What train? What are you talking about?"

"Gal you wanted some Black cock and you sure got it1"

"Oh yeah, I remember. Hank and I went back there and I remember us doing it but that still doesn't mean anything to me about a train. Is that how you people, I mean you Blacks, refer to having sex?"

"Good lord gal, you don't remember do you? Near as I could tell, nearly twenty of the guys in here did you and some of them did you twice."

A sudden wave of nausea washed over me as what she said sunk in. "You mean, your saying, that all those men, they, they all.."

"Yes gal, they all laid pipe in you. Isn't that why you were here?"

"Oh god, oh no," I stammered as I ran to the door. I made the parking lot just in time to throw up but it was just dry heaves. I leaned on my car and shook uncontrollably as I realized what I had done. Gradually the heaving and shaking ceased and I was able to get in the car and head for home. I was about halfway home when the full realization of what I done caused me to nearly run off the road before I was able to stop the car. I parked alongside the road, absolute terror running through my bones. My god, what if I anyone ever found out that I had been fucked by so many men and that I had enjoyed it? It was too much for my mind to bear and I broke down and cried for what seemed to be hours before I was able to drive the rest of the way home.

How I managed to get through the weekend was beyond my understanding. Fortunately, Bill was fishing Friday night with his dad so he didn't get home until about noon on Saturday. I spent most of the weekend in bed, telling Bill I had a touch of the flu. When I had finally gotten home I had gone into the shower and washed and scrubbed my body until the water ran cold. Then I douched a half dozen times. And I still felt that I was full of cum and dirty.

I dreaded going to work on Monday and was three hours late. I had no sooner gotten into my office when the disembodied voice of Hank instructed me to look in my desk drawer again. When I looked, along with the dildo and video was a new video. I put it the VCR, already fearing what I was going to see, and pressed the play button. In a few seconds I was greeted with what I had feared most. The picture quality was poor, due to the single light bulb, but it was good enough to make out what was going on. And my voice was easily recognizable as I begged to be fucked. I staggered back to my chair and sat down. I grabbed the remote and turned off the VCR, trying to erase from my mind what had happened that was now etched on that tape. I heard Hank chuckle and then he instructed me to come to his office and bring the dildo with me. I wrapped the dildo in a file folder and went to his office.

"I told you to bring the dildo because I know how much you like cock in that cunt of yours. But from now on, I am not going to soil my cock in a cunt that has had twenty some other cocks in it. So from now on, I am going to fuck your ass while you fuck your own cunt with that fake cock. Now get out of those clothes." As he was talking to me he was taking off his pants and stroking his hard, erect cock.

I knew I could never get his cock in my ass and I begged him to not do it. But he only laughed and told me to get on my knees.

"You had better suck this good," he said as he waved his cock in front of my face. "The spit you get on this and the pussy juice you can get from your slut cunt to put in your ass is the only lubrication you are going to get."

With that he shoved his cock against my mouth and began to fuck me in the throat. He told me to get ready and I began rubbing my cunt, getting my fingers covered with my own juice then poking them into my ass. Finally he pulled out of my mouth and told me to bend over the desk. He handed me the dildo and told me to put it in my cunt. After I had the dildo in as far as I could get it, he grabbed my hips and I felt his cock pushing against my ass. Just when I was sure it would never get in, the head slipped past my sphincter muscle and lodged in my bowels. I screamed as if I had been shot. It felt like a hot poker had been shoved up my ass.

"Scream all you want bitch, this office is soundproof. You are going to get every inch of this Black cock up your ass," he said as he thrust his hips forward, driving his massive cock a little further up my ass, causing even more pain.

"Oh please, don't, I can't take it, please, it is going to tear me apart, oh arrrhh, don't," I begged and begged as his cock inched ever further into my bowels. Finally, nearly blind with pain, I felt his balls slap against my hand which was weakly clutching the end of the dildo protruding from my cunt. The pain was overpowering and I felt as if I was going to faint. My knees started to give out and Hank grabbed me around the waist, holding pinioned on his cock, my ass on fire. After a few minutes of no movement, the pain began to lessen ever so slightly and I could feel the incredible fullness in my bowels. It felt like I had to go to the bathroom in the worst way. I felt something warm running down my chin and wiped at it with my hand. It was blood. The pain had been so intense I had bitten through my lower lip.

"Oh my god, please take it out... I can't stand this any longer... it is going to kill me... arrrrgggghhh," The pain was back as Hank pulled out a fraction and then slammed back into my abused and tortured ass. That was the start of ever increasing movements and increasing pain.

"Bitch, work that cunt of yours. It will take away the pain."

I began to saw the dildo in and out of my cunt, trying to concentrate on my cunt and not my ass. I don't know if it was the increasing arousal brought about by the stimulation to my clit, but the pain in my ass began to dull. As Hank kept pounding into my ass and I kept ramming the dildo into my cunt, we soon got into a rhythm. Soon I felt my orgasm building and I was pushing back against Hank, pushing his cock deeper into my ass.

"Ohhh god bitch... take it... now," Hank exclaimed as he grasped me about the waist, pulled me to him in a bear hug and shot spurt after spurt into my ravished ass. At the same time, I pushed the dildo against my clit as hard as I could and I to came with a shudder and a moan.

As Hank's cock deflated and he pulled it from my ass, I felt as if I was going to the bathroom. I was afraid I was actually shitting right there. I reached back and felt warm, sticky liquid oozing from my ass. When I looked at them, I saw they were covered with a mixture of cum and blood. Before I had a chance to do anything about the blood coming from my ass, Hank pushed me down to my knees and pulled my head towards his now soft cock.

"Slut, clean your shit off of my cock," he said as he pushed his cock towards my mouth. I tried to turn my head to the side but he grabbed a handful of my hair and twisted and pulled on it saying, "I told you to suck bitch."

I opened my mouth and took his cock into it and began to wash it with my saliva and tongue. The taste of my own shit, mixed with blood and cum caused me to gag and retch. I tried to pull back but Hank had his hands firmly locked behind my head, pulling me into his crotch, so escape wasn't possible. The bile I felt rise in throat had nowhere to go but back down as I choked and swallowed. As I continued my ministrations, I felt Hank's cock began to lengthen and harden. Soon he was at full erection, slowly fucking my face, much as he had fucked my ass.

"Oh ya, that's good. Lick that cock baby. Get your shit all off of it, oh yes...," he continued to talk as I let him fuck in and out of my throat. The feel of his cock on my lips and the thought of what a slut I had become seemed to excite me and I let my hand wander down between legs and I began to rub my clit. Soon I was stroking myself to my second orgasm which came just seconds before Hank spurted more of his hot cum down my throat.

After I got my clothes back on, I went right out the back door of the office, walked up the street to the parking lot and got in my car. By the time I had gotten home, my skirt and the car seat were stained with a mixture of blood, cum, and shit that had seeped out of my ass. By this time my ass was burning and aching again. I was so scared that Hank had done permanent damage to me. I ran a tub of hot water and soaked in it for as long as I dared. When I got out I used a couple of mirrors and examined myself as well as I was able. I could not see any evidence of serious damage and the blood and cum seemed to have stopped, although the pain, while less, was still in evidence.

Even though I was afraid I would get in trouble, I couldn't afford to ruin another skirt, so I got a pair of panties out and placed a pad in them, high up towards the back and pulled them on. It was sort of strange to feel panties on. I was sort of amazed at how used to going pantiless I had become. I pulled on a white sweater, Black skirt, slipped into my heels and headed back to work. When I got to work there was a mountain of paper work on my desk and I dived in, not able to finish it until well after 10PM. Luckily, I did not have any visitors nor did Hank call so my panty wearing went undetected. I got home late, took off my clothes and was relieved to notice that the blood had from my ass had stopped. I took another hot soak and dived into bed. I overslept in the morning and had to rush to get dressed and to work on time. At least dressing like a slut speeds up the getting dressed process and I managed to get into my office only a few minutes late. I called the pharmacy to ask them to send my birth control pills to my office. Gina got on the phone and told me I would have to pick up my pills because she had some instructions from HR on a new drug screening program and I needed to sign the forms. I told her I would stop on my way home. She said OK and I got back to work, not realizing that Hank's evil ways were about to further ruin my life.

Part 5

I went to the company pharmacy on my way home to pick up my birth control pills and to sign the paperwork for whatever it was HR wanted. When I arrived, Jackie, the pharmacist, told me that Gina was waiting for me in her office. I went to her office, knocked, and was invited in. Gina was sitting behind her desk. She invited me to sit down.

"Well, well, aren't we becoming quite the little slut," she said as she looked me up and down. "Hank has said you are turning into a real piece of work but that a little help would speed the process."

I blushed at the thought she and Hank were discussing what we did and blurted out, "What do you mean, help?"

"A couple of things. First I have these for you. They are a set of four butt plugs, each one a size larger then the preceding one. Hank says your ass is way too tight and it has to be stretched. You are to start with the smallest and wear it during your waking hours for a week. Then the following week you will move up to the next largest and so on until you can wear the largest. You will then wear that one every other day for as long as you are Hank's slut."

"But I only have another 10 days of being his slut," I replied.

"Well, I think you had better discuss that with Hank. I am just doing as I am told. But just for your information, Hank kept his last slut for nearly three years."

"But he promised... I don't...," I stuttered.

"It don't mean a thing to me bitch. Now I am going to give you some pills that I got from a source in South America. They are perfectly safe but they are not legal here. Basically they are a mixture of BVH, Monogyilpate, and Octavite3. The Monogyilpate will cause your pussy to be constantly excreting lubricant, whether or not you are aroused. The Octavite3, which is generally used in the cattle breeding industry, causes a minor irritation of the vagina which makes it feel like you want to scratch the inside of your pussy. It is very annoying but putting a dildo or cock in your pussy will get you some relief. The BVH will increase the size or your breasts and the sensitivity of your nipples and may even cause a bit of milk production. In short, you will be craving something, or anything, to be shoved in that cunt of yours."

"Ok you dumb broad," I thought to myself, "if you think I am going to take those pills your crazy."

As if she read my mind, she said, "And you will come in here and give us a urine sample every Friday. I will analyze it and report the results to Mr. Washington. Each of the drugs in the pills have a signature trace which will tell us how many pills you have taken that week. You take the pills each time you take your birth control pill. When is your period due?"

"I took my last pill this morning for this cycle so my period should start tomorrow or the next day," I replied.

"OK, I'll let Mr. Washington know. He has to go to California for a week so he will want to go while your flowing. But I want you down here every day while your flowing. You see, my period started this morning and I am going to teach you how to lap up that flow."

Dumbfounded, I picked up my pills, both sets, and left for home. I couldn't go through with this. My god, it was bad enough that I had to kiss her pussy, now she wants me to do it when she has her period. The thought of it nearly made me throw up. Somehow I got through the next day. My flow began about noon. and found myself in Gina's office after work. She let me in, locked her door, and turned to me with a leer, "Well slut, are you ready for this?"

"Please, don't make me do this. I'll do anything else, but not this, please," I begged.

Gina just smiled, pulled up her dress to reveal she wasn't wearing anything under her skirt. I could see the string from a tampon peeking out between her lips. She went over to her chair, sat down and motioned me over. "Get on your knees slut. I want you to get hold of that little string and pull that plug out so you can drink my sweet flow."

I did the best I could. I got between her legs and bent to the task. The odor was overpowering and that got my stomach churning. I finally got the string in my mouth, bit down on it and pulled. The bloody tampon released with a "plop" and swung down and smacked against my throat. It was more then I could bear and I began to retch, finally losing my lunch between Gina's feet.

"You god damn stupid bitch. Look what you did to my carpet!," Gina screamed as she shoved her chair back. I will see you pay for this. Now get the fuck out of here."

I left without looking back, thankful that I didn't have to finish licking her flow but also knowing that I had made an enemy I did not need at this time. The following morning I studied the butt plugs with interest, and then remembering Mr. Washington would be out of town, decided not to wear it. I got to the office and about ten minutes later I heard a voice. It was Mr. Washington. He instructed me to lift my skirt, bend over and spread my cheeks so he could see the butt plug.

"I don't, I mean, where are you?," I stammered.

"I am in San Deigo. But I can see you very clearly on the video conference equipment. Now let me see that butt plug!"

"Ahh, well I, you," I stammered as I tried to think of an excuse. Not only did I not wear the butt plug, I was wearing panties because of my period. I did as I was instructed and Mr. Washington's voice literally exploded from the hidden speakers.

"You fucking little tramp. I leave town and you think you can do whatever the hell pleases you? I want you in my office first thing Monday morning. I can promise you that you will not forget to follow instructions in the future!"

The following Sunday I took my first special pill. I was glad it was a Sunday so I could see what effect it would have. To my great relief, the only effect the pill had was to cause a very slight increase in the excretions from my cunt. And that may have been due to the fact my period was just over. I had been wearing the small butt plug each day as instructed. For some reason, I even wore it on the weekend. I noticed now that when I walked, it was beginning to get loose and at times I had to contract my ass muscles to keep it from falling out. Tomorrow I would have to use the next bigger size.

Monday came all to soon. After I showered, I got the next bigger butt plug out and after covering it with KY jelly, I bent over and tried to push it into my ass. While it was quite a bit bigger then the first one, I was surprised at the relative ease with which I was able to insert it. I walked around a bit, and besides from feeling like I had to go to the bathroom, the discomfort was bearable. Once again I wiped my thighs as the excretions from my pussy seemed to have increased. Most likely the pill.

I took my pills, dressed in my now familiar slut style and went to work. As instructed, I went right to Mr. Washington's office.

"Well if it isn't my disobedient tramp. What do you have to say for yourself?"

I decided that I had better not try and make an excuse so I just said, "No Sir. I just didn't think."

"Well I am going to give you a little lesson in memory control. Get out of those clothes."

As I took off my clothes, Mr. Washington put a small gym bag on his desk. He opened it and took out some strange looking items. He then told me to get over by the bathroom door (he has his own private one in his office). When I got over there, he came up to me and told me to put my hands out in front of me. Only then did I notice he had a pair of handcuffs in his hands. He locked my hands in place and then attached a rope to the small chain between the cuffs. As he reached up I noticed a hook above the door. He placed the rope in the hook and hauled my hands up until I was standing on my tiptoes. He then tied the other end of the rope to the door knob, keeping me hanging by my wrists.

"Even though the office is sound proof, I think your screams would still be heard" he said as he approached me from behind. "Open your mouth," he instructed.

When I opened my mouth, I felt a large rubber object being forced into it. I realized that it was a short, but fat rubber dildo. I felt Mr. Washington pull some straps against the back of my head and then step away. I tried to say something but only an soft mumble escaped. Then I saw Mr. Washington approach from his desk. I looked at what he was holding in his hand and the fear welled up in me and I began to sob and try to plead with him, my body racking and struggling against the cuffs.

"I am sure that you will remember this day my slut." he said as he approached me with a limber piece of what looked like bamboo that was about 4 feet long. The way he was swishing it through the air I had no doubt that he intended to beat me with it. He approached me and reached out with his free hand and stroked my ass and then sort of wiggled the butt plug. He kept that up for a few minutes then reached around to my cunt and ran his finger up and down my slit, pausing to rub my clit. At the same time he began to brush my ass with the stick he held in his other hand. In spite of my fear and awkward position, I felt myself getting turned on. And I began to feel a strange sensation inside my cunt and I realized the pill was beginning to create the itch. If it didn't get any worse then it was now, it would not be a factor. Soon my hips were bucking in that dead giveaway ritual that an orgasm was building.

"Ahh, I see the slut is liking this," he said as he suddenly thrust his finger deep into my cunt, nearly touching my cervix. "And I see you are sopping wet too."

With that he withdrew his finger and said, "Now you are about to learn that pain can sometimes bring pleasure. I am going to beat that pretty ass of yours until it is a mass of welts. I wouldn't be surprised if you come while I beat you."

"Oommm, aafhhh," I tried to talk but could only make plaintive sounds. I saw him raise his arm then in an instant I felt the most intense pain I have ever felt. I screamed at the top of my lungs but only a gurgle of sound came from me. Before I had a chance to catch a breath, the next blow fell. I lost count of how many times he beat me. I think it was about fifty. And he was wrong. The pain was so intense that I did not come. After he stopped, he approached me again and jerked the butt plug out of my ass. Then I felt his cock pushing into me. This only increased my pain. My ass cheeks were on fire from the beating and now my ass was being stretched beyond tolerance. My mouth was full of saliva and every time I tried to swallow, the head of the rubber dildo would start down my throat, causing me to gag.

He reached around me and held me tight against him as he moved his cock in and out of my ass. He had only opened his fly and the rough fabric of his trousers rubbing against my raw flesh made each contact feel like a brush with fire. His hand strayed down and began to rub my clit and then sink into my cunt and then back to my clit. Soon he was in a rhythm, rubbing my clit as he pulled out of my ass and then stabbing his finger in my cunt as he slammed his cock in my ass. The twin probings again brought me near orgasm and as I felt his cock jerk in my ass, I came on his finger.

After he pulled his cock from my ass I was made to lick it clean as well as cleaning his fingers with my mouth. I was overwhelmed by the amount of my juice on his fingers. My thighs were slick with both my own juices and Mr. Washington's cum. As I dressed, I noticed that the foul mixture was clearly visible below the hem of my skirt. I reached for a tissue to clean myself before I returned to my office but Mr. Washington slapped my hand and reminded me that he did not permit sluts to use his office as a washroom.

I left his office, and hurried back to my office. And, strange as it seemed, I got turned on by the thoughts of my co-workers staring at me and, I am sure, smelling me. God, what is happening to me. Not only have I become a slut, I am actually getting a sick thrill from showing my co-workers that I am a slut. I am sick.

I had to get a trash bag and put some ice from the cafeteria in it and then sit on it most of the afternoon. Even then, my ass felt like it was on fire. About two in the afternoon my pussy was also on fire with that damn drug induced itch. I couldn't stand it any longer so I grabbed the dildo out of my desk drawer and rammed it as deep into my cunt as I could. As I sawed it in an out, the juices flowing out onto my hands, Mr. Washington's voice boomed from the speakers.

"Trying to satisfy that itch are we? Well, don't worry. I have a special treat for you that will help. Meet me in the parking lot at 5."

Humiliated by being seen masturbating, I was, nonetheless, excited about what was going to happen at 5. As I continued to slam the artificial cock into my soaked pussy, I couldn't help thinking about black cocks. Oh how I hoped I would have one in my cunt soon. If I could wait that long.

Part 6

Mr. Washington met me in the parking lot about 5:15. He simply said I was to get in my car and follow him. I followed his car as he left Research Park and headed toward the main gate to Redstone Arsenal. He went just past the gate and pulled over in front of some apartments that are used mostly by soldiers who are in transit. I pulled up behind him and got out of my car.

"Follow me," he instructed as he set out for the nearest building. Reaching the front door to unit 4, he knocked and as I reached the door, it was opened from the inside. He stepped in and I followed. My eyes darted around the small apartment. There were two Black men seated at the small table and another standing next to Mr. Washington.

"Hi fellas. Here is the little slut I told you about. She can't live without a good Black cock stuffing her tight little cunt, can you?" he said as he looked at me. I sort of stammered something and blushed, wishing I could die right there. "Speak up, we didn't hear you," continued Mr. Washington, now with a decided edge to his voice.

"Yes," I answered, louder this time.

"Yes, what!?"

Yes, I like Black cock. I like to be fucked," I answered, not believing the words coming out of my mouth.

"Well what are we waiting for little gal," said one of the men at the table as he began to get up.

Mr. Washington held up his hand, motioning for the man to sit down. He turned to me and said, "I have selected these men just for you. To satisfy that itch. You will fuck each one of them. They will each call me later to let me know just how well you satisfied them. If I get any bad reports, you will get more of what you got this morning in my office. Is that clear?"

"Yes," I replied as he waved to the three men, bid them a good time and left the apartment.

"As I said before, there is no use waiting" said the man that had spoken earlier. He got up from the table and took two steps over to me and grabbed my hand. "I'll get ready for you Eugene" he said as he pulled me into the small bedroom. "Don't just stand there, get out of those clothes," he ordered as he got rid of his trousers and briefs.

I must have been staring because I had never seen a cock that big. It was nearly to his knees and the head was nearly the size of my fist. He must have noticed my look because he hefted it and sort of waved it saying, "I'll bet this is the biggest cock you have ever seen Missy. Just wait until I open up that cute little bald cunt of yours, and you will really know what it is to be fucked. Now get on the bed, on your hands and knees. I am going to give you this like a bitch you are deserves."

I got on the bed and rested my arms on the pillows. I knew my ass and cunt were sticking up obscenely, my cunt lips dripping and open from my previous workout with the dildo. I felt the bed springs give as He climbed up behind me. Then I felt his hands on my hips as he pulled me back against him. Then I felt the massive head of his cock against my cunt. "Bitch, guide my cock into that tiny cunt of yours," he commanded.

I reached back between my legs and managed to grab his monster cock. I sort of wiggled back a bit and rubbed the head up and down my slit until my lips splayed open I got the head at the entrance to my cunt. I started to push back slowly, planning of trying to take it a little at a time. "Arrrhhhh ooohhh iieieie," I screamed as he lunged his hips forward, driving most of his cock deep into my cunt. I felt like I had been opened to my throat. I couldn't catch my breath as he began to pull back then slam it in even deeper. I was almost blind with pain. And still he kept hammering away until the pain became just a dull ache. Then I noticed that my clit was being rubbed and excited by the movement of his cock and I began to respond. I think I came three times before I felt him stiffen, lurch forward one more time, and then I felt his hot cum splashing against my womb.

After he was finished, he pulled his cock from me with a loud plop, and said, "Not bad bitch. I will send Eugene in."

He left and Eugene came in and after Eugene there was Keshawn then I was permitted to go home. I got home and soaked in a hot bath for nearly two hours then went to bed, sore and exhausted.

When I got to work the next morning there was an envelope on my desk. I opened it and found several 8x10 photos of me being fucked by the three men. My face was clearly visible in all and on some of them it was obvious I was in the throes of an orgasm. There was also a key and a short note from Mr. Washington. The informed me the key was for the apartment and that I was to stop there each night on my way home. At 6PM one to three Black men would arrive at the apartment. I was to fuck them without question or my husband would receive a set of the pictures.

This situation continued for six weeks. During that time I fucked nearly 50 different Black men. I began to look forward to my nightly visit. The fucking kept the itch in my cunt under control and my cunt had been stretched so much I needed the large cocks that most of the men who fucked me had. My husband was getting more and more impatient as I was still not allowed to let him fuck me.

That all changed one morning when I was called to Mr. Washington's office. I walked in and found Gina from the pharmacy. "Well my little slut come in. Sit down. We have to start taking better care of you now."

As I sat down I noticed Gina fighting hard to keep from laughing. I wondered what new torture these two had cooked up now.

"You have done very well the past several weeks Jean, so now you will no longer have to take any of the medication." Mr. Washington said and then continued, "Also you may resume sex with your husband. You will however, have to continue the weekly urine tests. After all, we need to monitor your condition."

"What are you talking about?," I asked,

"Well, my little slut, you are pregnant and you are going to have a Black baby and you don't have a clue as to who the father is." replied Mr. Washington, with a tone of triumph in his voice.

"But, but, that's impossible. I have been taking my birth control pills and... uh" I began.

"Oh shut up you stupid bitch. You have been taking sugar pills for the past three months, not birth control pills," injected Gina.

"Oh, god, no, no," I sobbed as I felt myself beginning to faint.


I woke up to see Gina's laughing face as she held a tube of smelling salts.

"Hank, I think our expectant mother is already experiencing morning sickness!," she exclaimed as I tried to collect my thoughts. How could I ever explain a Black baby, not just to my husband, but to the community. I had to get an abortion.

As if he could read my thoughts, Mr. Washington began speaking. "Before you even think about ending this pregnancy, let me warn you that the minute your weekly urine test indicates you are no longer pregnant, all those lovely pictures and videos of you getting pregnant will find there way to your husband and family. You will have this baby. You will let the entire world know that you are a little slut who craves Black cock. Now get out of those clothes and get on your hands and knees. Gina's pussy is in need of your tongue and I want to fuck the ass of a mother-to-be."

I almost felt like I was in a trance as I removed my clothes. I seemed to have lost all my desire to live or react as I crawled over to Gina, who sat sprawled in Mr. Washington's chair. Her legs were splayed wide, her hair covered cunt pushed to the edge of the chair. As my head moved between her legs, I felt her grab my head and push my head into her dank matted hair. I knew better then to resist and began working my tongue between her thick lips, searching out her clit. Maybe if I could make her cum quick, I could get out of there.

As I busied myself at her cunt, I felt my butt plug being removed and shortly thereafter, the familiar head of Mr. Washington's cock was pushing incessantly at my rear passage. I tried to relax as I felt my sphincter muscle being stretched. Then suddenly, with a burst of pain, he had buried his cock fully in me. Meanwhile Gina had reached down and had grabbed my tits and was pinching and pulling on my nipples. Despite the pain, or maybe now, because of it, I felt myself becoming aroused yet again. "God, how can this be," I thought as I began to push back against each time I felt Mr. Washington's cock slice into my innards and my tongue was eagerly lapping up Gina's slit cream.

"Oh, just look at how much our slut mother is enjoying this," I heard Mr. Washington say as I bucked back on his pounding pole. Gina meanwhile has released my tits and grabbed my head again. pulling me tight into her as she bucked up and down, her orgasm flooding my face with her juices. I had reached down between my legs with a free hand and was rubbing my clit raw as I tried to bring on my own orgasm. Then I felt myself get to that magic point where you know you are going to cum but your not quite there yet. All my pain and humiliation evaporated for those few seconds before my body tensed and then clenched down on Mr. Washington's cock that was still deep in my ass.

"Ohhhh aaarhhh," I heard him moan as I felt his cock swell and then jerk as it filled my bowels with his hot sticky cum. Gina sort of shoved me away and stood up, her skirt dropping back into place covering her soaked pussy. Mr. Washington waited a few minutes then pulled his softening dick out of me and zipped his fly. That left me, naked, kneeling on the floor with cum dripping out of my ass and my thighs wet from my cunt secretions. Then I felt something at my ass and before I realized what was going on, Mr. Washington had slammed my butt plug back into place.

"Get your slutty ass dressed and get out here," he commanded as he walked back to his desk and sat down. I heard the door to his office open as Gina left and realized that if anyone happened to look into the office I would be clearly visible. I got up, grabbed my clothes and stood over somewhat behind the door and pulled my skirt and blouse on. I slipped my heels on and turned towards the door to leave.

"Don't forget to take care of the baby, slut," Mr. Washington remarked as I left the office. I nearly ran to my office and shut and locked my door. I cleaned myself as best I could and waited for the day to end. By days end I knew what I had to do. For the remainder of the week I purchased the items I would need. I got my wedding dress out of storage. I got the various restraints at an adult toy store in Nashville and some rope, padlocks, and metal rings at Home Depot. Finally, I managed to get four of my mother's sleeping pills from her medicine cabinet. I knew that by Saturday all would be ready.

Saturday morning I got up and cleaned the house and put everything in its place. I wanted everything to look nice when Bill returned Sunday evening. At noon I called my parents and had a long visit with them. After they got off the phone I went to my room and laid out my things. How ironic, I thought as I looked at one of my purchases, a lottery ticket for tonight's Power Ball! I tossed it on my dresser and began my preparations.

I attached a length of rope to the foot of the bed and fastened one of the metal rings about 10 inches from the foot of the bed. Then I attached the remaining ring about three feet further up the rope. Then I placed a large packing strap with metal rings on each end under the mattress with the ends sticking out on each side. I then placed the ends on the bed so the were resting just below the pillows. I took the large lamp shade from the living room lamp and placed it inside the plastic bag that had held my wedding dress.

When I was satisfied with the preparations, I removed my clothes, took the first two pills and ran my bath. While the bath was running I gave myself two enemas. I wanted my self as clean as possible. Even though I would have on Depends I knew my bowels would empty at the end and I didn't want my wedding dress soiled if possible. And for some reason, I shaved my cunt one last time, paying particular attention to ensure I got every last bit of stubble.

After my bath, I took the last two pills and got dressed. I put on the depends and then dressed just as I had for my wedding. White hose, garter belt, white bikini panties, what strapless bra, and my wedding dress. After I dressed, I got up on the bed and put the ankle and wrist restraints on. I padlocked the ankle restraints to the metal ring near the foot of the bed. Then I carefully put the lamp shade and plastic bag over my head and sealed the end of the bag around my neck with white duct tape. I then laid back and pulled the ends of the large strap over my chest and padlocked them place, preventing me from sitting up or moving. Then as a final assurance I would not rip the bag from head, I placed locked the wrist restraints together through the loop on the end of the rope attached to my feet.

The sleeping pills were beginning to work and I felt myself becoming very sleepy as I tried to free myself. Satisfied that I could not get loose under any circumstance and rip the bag from my head, I laid back on the pillows, secure in the knowledge I would soon be free.

The End .... or is it?

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