Kim's Story by Aquinas

Kim's Story

If I were to write a personal ad about myself, it might say something like " White female, early thirties, good figure. Loves animals, gardening, walks in the woods..."

What it wouldn't say is that I'm married, that I have a son from an earlier "encounter" and that I really do love my husband. He's a quiet but funny guy, really intelligent and sensitive, makes good money and is a great father to my son. But he's a bit on the boring side.

What I'd want to say in my ad, but wouldn't be allowed to, is " looking for several well built men with large cocks for wild sex."

My husband is a wonderful lover, thoughtful and attentive. He gets most of his pleasure from making me happy. He will (and has) done anything he can to please me in bed. Except, he can't change who he is. In my fantasies, I imagine big, hunky guys just fucking my brains out with their huge cocks.

I love cocks. We live on a back road and at the place you turn off the main drag to get to our house is a farm with several horses. When I drive by and see one of the stallions with his cock hanging out from its sheath, I stop and look. The sight of that huge cock gets me wet and horny.

My husband, sweet as he is, has an average to slightly smallish cock. He uses it well and when we have sex, I don't find myself wishing for anything bigger. In fact, when we have anal sex I'm glad it's that size. But I had quite a bit of experience before we married, and sometimes I find myself remembering some of the guys I fucked who were really hung. And then there are those fantasies.

Bill, my husband, teaches high school social studies. The school year ended and he took off with my son Tim to camp in the Maine woods for a week. I stayed home. I like camping, but a week's worth is more than I want. Besides, my job as a legal secretary doesn't give me the time off that Bill gets. So I stayed home, went to work and took care of the house and the pets.

I have to admit that I really enjoyed the quiet and privacy the first weekend the guys were gone. But by Monday, I was glad to get to work so I could talk to another person. Normally I'm pretty quiet and private, but I found myself practically babbling to Sandi, a gal I work with.

After hearing all about my weekend alone and how crazy I was getting without anyone to talk to, Sandi suggested that we go out after work. She added that she would be happy to come spend a night if I wanted company. I thought it was a great idea and told her so.

Normally I wouldn't have spent much time with Sandi. She's a nice enough person, but she's got some rough edges, likes to drink, sees a lot of men, that sort of thing. I probably wouldn't invite her to my place if Bill was around. I don't think he'd like her too much and, on the other hand, I think Sandi might like Bill too much. So this was something different.

We went out after work to a bar near the office. I used to drink quite a bit, but I've really toned it down since I've been with Bill. I ordered a Singapore Sling and Sandi gave me an appraising look. "Huh" she said "I'd have taken you for a white wine drinker."

The drink was already having an effect, among other things, loosening my tongue. "Hey" I told her, "I used to swig these things like they were nothing." Sandi looked a bit longer at me, then shrugged and went back to her white Russian.

A couple drinks later and we were both feeling pretty hilarious. As you might expect, the talk turned to the subject of sex. "See that guy over there?" Sandi asked, indicating a fairly good looking guy at the bar by himself.

"Yeah" I answered, aware that I was starting to slur a bit. "What about him?"

"Well what do you think, is he cute?" Sandi asked.

"Yeah, he's alright" I replied "but nothing special."

"Yer damn right he's nothing special!" Sandi slurred emphatically. I could sense that there was a story there, but I also saw that Sandi was going down hill fast. I felt a bit more sober and suggested that we head out to my place. Sandi thought that was a "damn good idea."

She was quiet for most of the ride as we left town. As we got about half way to my place, Sandi began to revive. She was still really high, but her speech and expression were back under control. As for myself, well I'm glad we didn't get pulled over. I was driving fine, but I realized that I was a lot more buzzed than I'd been in some time.

As we approached the turn off, Sandi sat up straight and said, "Stop!"

I pulled off and followed her gaze. "Oh my God!" she exclaimed as we watched a stallion. His cock was hanging down over two feet long. As we looked, it began to stiffen and get hard. I gasped involuntarily. I had never seen one of those big guys get a hard on!

His cock stood out long and hard, flapping up and down against his belly. It was over a yard long and the head was huge. I felt myself getting moist between my legs and nearly jumped when Sandi said "Mmm, how would you like to be able to take that on?"

I had practically forgotten she was there, I was so mesmerized by that monster cock. I felt embarrassed at how wet I was, but then I realized that Sandi was the one who asked to stop and that she must be feeling pretty much the same. I glanced over at her and saw that her nipples were making stiff points against the fabric of her blouse. Somehow, that made the whole thing even more exciting.

I was about to suggest that we should move along when the stallion began to lose interest in whatever it was that first turned him on. His huge cock began to droop and then pull back into its sheath. Sandi sighed and said, "Well, I guess we should get going. God! You must love living here! I'd be late for work every day if I had that to distract me on the way!"

I almost commented that she was late for work most days as it was, but decided to let that one alone. Long ago I had realized that I liked Sandi, she was a decent person to work with, but I should never count on her.

We got to my house as it was beginning to get dark. I hadn't realized just how long we had been out. I had some left over salad and pizza that Sandi and I made quick work of. There was also a fair amount of liquor that Bill and I never seemed to touch. That changed when Sandi arrived. We were both pretty well fed and very well lit an hour or more after we got home.

I was feeling tired, and told Sandi so. We both had to work the next day and I hinted that it was getting toward bed time. Sandi agreed, but said she wanted a shower first. She headed into the bathroom and I changed into a nightgown and settled into my bed. I turned on the bedroom TV and began to watch a sitcom while Sandi showered.

I heard the shower turn off and a moment later, Sandi came into the bedroom. She had a towel wrapped around her and was removing another from her head. Her blonde hair hung down damp but not really wet. She asked me if I had a nightgown she could borrow, and I absent mindedly told her to look in the top drawer of my dresser.

I was watching the TV and not Sandi, until I heard her exclaim. "Well what do we have here?" I looked over and immediately blushed as she held out a dildo she had taken from my dresser. It was something Bill had gotten me, mostly as a joke. I suspected that he wanted to watch me play with it, but I was too shy and never had. It had been in my drawer so long that I had forgotten all about it. Until Sandi stood there holding it.

The thing was about eight or nine inches long, chocolate colored and covered with "realistic" snaky veins. Sandi held it up and asked "So just what do you do with this?"

I was about to tell her that I had never done anything with it, but she went on. "Me, I'd love to just suck on a big hard cock like this." She brought the thick head of it to her mouth and slid her tongue around it. Then she put it part way in her mouth and began to suck it like it was a real cock.

I was entranced. Sandi stood there giving head to that dildo and I realized that my nipples were getting stiff while I watched. Whether on purpose or not, I'll never know, the towel slipped off her. Her perky breasts were topped by achingly hard nipples. Sandi smiled at me as she took the dildo from her mouth and rubbed it between those cute titties. I have to admit that I was getting really turned on and really wet.

Holding the dildo with one hand, Sandi reached for the foot of the bed with her other. Continuing to smile, she pulled the sheets down away from me. She resumed her two fisted grip on the dildo and slid it lower and lower down her belly. In a hoarse voice, her eyes locked on mine, she commanded "Take off that night gown."

I complied, not really thinking about what I was doing or why. As I slipped the gown over my head, I realized how powerfully excited I was getting. I had never had any relations with another woman, never even gave it a thought, but now I was seriously turned on and had no idea what might come next.

As I had pulled off my gown, Sandi had slipped over beside me. She stood over me, still holding the dildo. She put it down on the bed beside me and put her hands on my breasts. I shivered with delight as she gently squeezed them. She ran her hands up to my arms and had me raise them over my head. As my hands touched the rail at the top of the bed, Sandi gave a wicked smile. Taking one of Bill's ties, she quickly wrapped it around my wrists and knotted it to the head board.

I gasped in surprise and began to feel some real apprehension. I tugged a bit on my bonds, but my hands seemed to be securely tied. I wasn't uncomfortable, but I was getting scared.

Sandi must have sensed that. She gave me a gentler look and softly ran her hands over my straining breasts. "Don't worry" she cooed "I won't hurt you. In fact, you're gonna love this."

She lay down on the bed beside me and embraced me. Her thin body was almost like a boy's, but her tight nipples pressed against me. As she put a leg over me, I felt the silkiness of her pubic hair, then the moist heat of her pussy as she rubbed it against my thigh. I began to relax and enjoy it.

Sandi licked and sucked on my breasts, something I always like. I was getting really hot. One of her hands reached down between my legs and I moaned as her fingers touched my swollen clit, pushed between my labia, and slid up inside me. Her touch was so sexy, I was almost ready to come right there.

I was surprised when her mouth pushed against mine, her soft full lips opened, and her tongue thrust into my mouth. I began to pull back, but it felt too good. I let her keep kissing me, and in a moment, I was kissing back.. Her hands continued to caress my pussy and my breasts. I ached to wrap my arms around her, but my tied hands prevented that. I was writhing helplessly under her touches and kisses.

Sandi pulled her mouth off mine and I opened my eyes to see her staring at me in a wild way. "You really like this, don't you?" she purred. I admitted that I did.

"Well darling, hang on and enjoy the ride."

The next thing I knew, Sandi had again taken hold of the dildo. She brought it to her mouth and I watched as she tongued and sucked it as if it were a real cock. She pulled it from her wet mouth and ran the head of it across my lips.

When Bill had given it to me, we both were kind of embarrassed and treated it as a joke. I had never thought of it as anything except a piece of plastic, until Sandi treated it differently. Now I found myself wanting to suck it and lick it and maybe do a whole lot more.

My mouth opened and Sandi pushed the head of that big cock in. "That's right baby" she cooed "suck that big cock. You love that big hard cock in your mouth, don't you?"

I couldn't answer with words, but my response was plain enough. As Sandi slid part of the dildo in and out of my mouth and throat, I sucked it and moaned with pleasure. I opened my eyes and saw that while Sandi had one hand on the dildo, her other hand was fingering her pussy.

My own cunt was dripping and I was frustrated that my bonds kept me from touching myself to relieve the incredible sexual tension. Sandi was aware of this. She slid the dildo out of my mouth and as she teasingly ran it across my lips she asked" Are you ready to get fucked?"

"Yesss!" almost exploded out of my mouth. I was aching to get fucked, like I'd never wanted it before.

Sandi's mouth covered mine again, and I returned her kiss eagerly. Meanwhile, I felt her bring the dildo down between my legs. The smooth rubber head rubbed against my swollen labia and then pressed between them. Sandi sat back to better push that thing into me, and I gasped as she shoved some six inches in. She slowly, oh so slowly pulled the thing back out, almost all the way, then just as slowly pushed it in deeper and deeper.

I couldn't stand it. The more she gave me, the more I wanted. I never "talked dirty" to Bill or most of the other men I had been with, but Sandi had me desperate and craving to get really fucked.

"Oh God!" I cried out "Give it to me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me!"

Sandi didn't need another cue. She began to give me that big cock , slamming it in and out, her little fist slapping against me each time she shoved it in, and feeling like my insides were being pulled out along with it each time she pulled it back.

It only took a minute of that to get me off completely. I began to come like never before. I don't usually have multiple orgasms, but this time I must have come four or five times. I'm not sure which came first, me running out of orgasms or Sandi running out of energy to keep pumping me with that thing. At any rate, she collapsed across me as I lay there, still tied up. With the dildo still hanging out of my sopping cunt, she grabbed herself between the legs and in moments shuddered to an orgasm of her own.

She lay there, motionless, and though I was pretty out of it, I began to worry that she had passed out and I would remain tied up all night. Finally though, Sandi roused herself and slid up across my sweaty body. She kissed me deeply as she reached up and undid my bonds.

My hands finally free, I reached around her and held her close. We kissed some more, I eventually did pull the dildo out of myself, and then we fell asleep in each other's arms. As I drifted off, I worried some about the next day, about facing Sandi in normal life and about how hung over I'd be at work. But I lulled myself to sleep thinking about what else we might find to do this week.