Last One of the Day by LivLou

Last One of the Day

I was nervous as I walked through the door of the office. This was my fourth and last interview of the day. I had some nibbles on my resume but others had just flatly told me that they weren't going to hire me. I need to work, school started soon and I need to have a little money stored away for the year. The advertisement had said secretarial duties i.e. filing, data entry and answering the phone. I really didn't think that took too much skill, so I hoped my impressive resume would stun them and I would have a job when I walked out the door.

At this point I would do anything to have a job, even McDonald's was looking promising. Suddenly I had a flash of brilliance, I saw the ladies' room just to my right and walked in. I removed the nylons I had been wearing since early that morning, along with my panties, and oh what the hell, my slip came off too. I was wearing a fairly fashionable loose, flowing skirt with a simple white button down shirt. I unhooked my bra, slipped it through my sleeve, opened up three more buttons on my shirt and for a little extra I hiked up my skirt a couple inches. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, "If you don't get a job, maybe you'll get offered $20 for a blowjob on the walk back to the car."

When I walked out of the bathroom there was a sign pointing to the back part of the building that said "JOB APPLICANTS THIS WAY." That was me, so I turned and made my way down. There was a makeshift waiting room at the end of the hall. A few folding chairs, a magazine and an ashtray. I didn't know what else to do, so I planted myself one of the folding chairs. The cool metal touched my shaved pussy through skirt and I started to question what exactly I was doing here in barely any clothes.

Before I had any more time to second guess myself a man opened a door to an office and stepped out. He was quite good looking, about 6 feet tall, broad shoulders and a body that obviously was involved in a sport or two. He looked about 30, and I stood up to shake his hand I noticed an earring in his ear. For some reason that put me at ease, maybe because I had been dealing with stuffy post middle aged men who had coffee breath.

"Hello," he said cheerfully. "You're my last one of the day, I hope this goes better than the others before you."

I wasn't sure if I should take that as a good or a bad sign. As he led me into his office I couldn't help but try and hike the skirt up a little bit more. "Nothing wrong with stacking the deck." I said to myself.

I took a seat in the chair he offered me, carefully crossing my legs and allowing my skirt to casually fall back from my thigh. He glanced over my resume and then looked up at me.

" Well it seems that you are quite a talented young lady. Why would someone with your experience want to come work at a place like this?" He asked.

"To be perfectly honest, I need the work. I know I can do this and I know I can do a good job. I'm not looking to make my career as a secretary, but as long as it pays I'll try my best."

Dear God, desperate didn't even begin to describe how I sounded. But I hoped like hell I was playing on his emotions and on the fact that he'd had as shitty a day as I had.

"Well, why don't I let you know what this job entails. As the AD said, simple secretarial tasks. Filing, some computer work, answering phones, and sometimes taking messages for the drivers. In case you didn't know this is a package shipping business. I am a regional manager and I have several other drivers under me. The main problem I've had with keeping a secretary is that it is just her and I. And sometimes just her working here. The hours can drag out and work does get boring at times. But, Miss Smith, it seems to me that you have some ideas as to how to pass the time." He said obviously eyeing the braless 42Cs that were hanging out of my shirt.

"Mr. Harvey," I said, playing stupid. " I'm not sure I understand what you mean."

"Miss Smith, if I give you this job I will require you to wear appropriate attire. Similar to what you are wearing now. No bras, or panties. Any nylons that are worn are to be with garter belts and nothing else. No skirts shall hang below your knee and pants are forbidden. Do I make myself clear?" He added with an angry tone to his voice.

I was shocked, utterly and completely flabbergasted at what he had just said to me. But what shocked me even more was the pussy juice running down the slit of my cunt. I was turned on!

"Y-yes Mr. Harvey, crystal clear. So my duties will be going past that of a secretary, correct?" I still wasn't sure if he wanted me for his whore, or just a slutty secretary.

"Fucking Miss Smith, that's what its all about. If you've got a boyfriend, dump him. If you've got a girlfriend, dump her. When you're not working here at the office you'll be escorting me to other places. If you're not already on the pill, get on it. I don't use condoms, never had and never will. Any questions?"

"Yes, sir. Just one, when can I start?" I asked.

A huge smile spread over his face. He rose up from the desk, came over and asked me to stand up. He slid his hand over my tits and began pinching my already hard and aching nipples. He leaned forward and kissed me, surprisingly with a lot of passion and warmth.

His tongues searched my mouth while his hands searched my body. I hadn't even noticed but my hands were laying by my sides. "Hell," I thought. " I might as well get in on this."

I ran my hands over his chest and quickly began unbuttoning the buttons. He hand had slid into my cunt and was finding my supersensitive clit. Without a problem his nimble fingers found their way to my juicy pussy and without even realizing it my hips began to grind into his hand. I undid his belt and pushed his pants down to his ankles shoving my hand into his boxers and releasing his throbbing cock form his confinements. Mr. Harvey ripped off my blouse and threw my skirt to my ankles. His mouth had found my nipples while he was still finger fucking me into ecstasy. He sat me on the edge of his empty desk, kneeled down placing my legs on his shoulders and dove into my waiting pussy. His tongue replaced his fingers and he expertly nibbled on my clit, and ran his tongue up and down my oozing slit. I was so far gone from his incredible finger fuck and tongue bath I couldn't handle it anymore. I tightened my legs around his head and began to grind into his face, his mustache tickling my twat.

Somehow he broke free of my embrace, picked me up with his swollen member sticking straight up, and began to walk towards the door. There he set me down just long enough to position his cock at the entrance to my pussy, he picked me back up again and slammed his 9 inch cock into my waiting cunt, his balls slapping against my ass. His assault on my pussy lasted forever and his screams began to tell me he was cumming. My own orgasm had come and gone and felt a second roaring on its way. With one last and final thrust he shot an enormous wad of hot boiling cum inside me. Along with his blast, a second flow of juices began running out of me as our screams echoed inside my brain. He let go of my legs and we slumped to the floor in a naked heap of heavy breathing flesh. He dipped two of his fingers into my cum filled pussy, taking one in his mouth and licking it off. He then offered the second to me which I greedily accepted.

After we had gathered ourselves together we began to find out separate articles of clothing and place them as best we could back on ourselves. Just as I was opening the door to leave, Mr. Harvey grasped my shoulder and said, " Tomorrow morning, 8 am."

I smiled and nodded, reached into my purse and retrieved the panties I had stripped off earlier. I squatted down to the floor and let the juices from my cunt drip onto the panties, then wiping my well used pussy with the panties, I threw them in his face.

"Tomorrow morning at 8am Mr. Harvey. Oh and I like lots of cream in my coffee." I said with an evil grin. His facial expression showed he understood I wasn't talking about the dairy product.

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