Latin Woman by Julia

Latin Woman

I tend to think that Latin women might be the hottest. I have only slept with one, but it was a deeply satisfying experience. You see, I grew up in Louisiana. My parents still live in New Orleans. I was born in London, but we moved to America when I was nine or so. Our housekeeper is this older Spanish woman whose name was Salma. Her husband had been dead for a while. So when she came to work with us, it was just her and her daughter, Marta.

I didn't see a lot of them because I went to boarding school. Plus, I would often go to Europe with my parents in the summer. My grandparents live in France, so we were not home much. Out of the whole year, I probably spent maybe six weeks at home, that's if I was lucky. I didn't mind, I love to travel and I love France, so I was eager to stay there as often as possible.

Anyway, as I said, Salma had this daughter. She was a few years older than me. This affair took place when I was 17. Marta was 22 at the time. When we got home towards the end of summer, Marta had been staying at our place where she had her own room in an upstairs wing. She was free to go as she wished. Often, I would hear her coming home late at night. Her room is not far from mine, and so she would wake me up with her noise. Sometimes I would hear two voices whispering, laughing. Then, I would be quiet and hear them beginning to moan softly. My parent's bedroom is on the other side of the house. Salma has a small apartment above our pool house, otherwise, the house is deserted. Often, I would like awake and listen to the sounds of sex that filled the house. Marta was a vocal girl and took great pleasure in her lovemaking, that was obvious just from listening to her sex.

One day, she was getting ready to go clubbing with some friends. I was downstairs sunbathing. Usually, when there was no one around, I enjoy sunbathing in the nude, though I have since giving it up since it is not healthy for you and can give you cancer. So, this day I was totally nude. I was wearing some sunglasses and laying on my stomach when Marta came out of the house. We were the only ones there as far as I knew. She was wearing a robe and carrying a beach towel. She walked over and asked if I could join her. I turned my neck around and said yes. With my permission, she dropped her robe and revealed one of the greatest bodies I have ever seen. Her hair was not unlike mine, black, long and shiny. It glistened, as did mine. Yet, her skin was the color of copper. She was a dark woman, but not too dark. Her big brown eyes were overfilled with this sense that she knew something you didn't. And her body? God, what a body! It was similar to mine, but not as toned, though she didn't work out, she managed to stay in great shape. I assumed it was from all of that late night dancing. I looked her over. She stood there for a few minutes. Her large breasts, bigger than mine, were easily a D. I was delighted to see a hairy mound between her legs. That made her all the more enticing to me. I could feel myself stirring and I was really looking forward to her. She stood there and laid her blanket out next to mine. As she was laying down, I felt that she needed to see my body. I turned over so she could get a great view. I was looking a lot darker from my tanning. My large C breasts were taut and the nipples were erect (I wanted her to know how she made me want her). Her eyes went over my body a few times, concentrating on my shaved pussy and perfect stomach. All she said was "nice abs." I watched as she proceeded to rub some oil on her stomach. Then, she moved to her breasts, kneading them. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes as she massaged the big nipples, as thick as pencil erasers. I was getting wet, to say the least. I could smell her next to me. I wanted to dive between her legs and eat her. Hell, I wanted to rape her, but I resisted. This time.

I was eager to have her, but she seemed to resist me. Now, I was laying on my back. My pussy was soaking wet by now. In fact, I could smell it. I knew she probably could also. So, we laid there, baking in the sun, for an hour or so. I guess I must have dozed off, because when I awoke, she was no longer beside me. I looked around and saw her sitting in our hot tub. She had her back to me. She was near the jets. Often, when alone, I like to place my cunt near them, they can really get a girl off. So, I got up, naked, and walked over. I could hear her sighing deeply. She raised her and turned as I stepped into the water. She looked back and seemed not to care. I went over next to her. The jets were shooting the warm water on to her clit, which was totally engorged and throbbing. As they worked their magic on her body. I touched her shoulder. She turned around and kissed my hand. Then, she leaned out and kissed my lips. Hungrily, I kissed her back, our mouths opening to explore each other's. Eagerly, my hands slipped to her ass, as did hers to mine. We cupped each other's asses and caressed them. My mouth worked its way down her body. I concentrated on her erect nipples, popping one into my mouth. I looked into her eyes as she stared back, enraptured. I pulled one between my teeth. I softly whispered, "Are they hard yet?" And she smiled as her nipples grew harder.

I switched breasts, licking and squeezing the other one. She pulled my black hair out of my face to view my working mouth better. As I worked my way down her body, she sat up on the edge and spread her legs. She guided my fingers into her wet pussy. I watched as she inserted one in. I found her clit instantly. As I fingered her cunt, I licked the big clit that was there. This drove her mad and she screamed as she came quickly. Then, I inserted my other hand into her ass, starting with one finger and working three in. She writhed on my hands. I tried to lick all of her juices up, but only succeeded in getting some, the rest covering my chest and face. When her last orgasm was finished, she got back into the water. Happy, I raised myself onto the ledge and spread my legs as wide as I could. Her eager mouth worked its way down my body. I licked my own nipples as she sucked my stomach, caressing my shaved pussy which was so damn slick that it shined in the hot sun. She looked up at me as her probing tongue entered me. I tried to squeeze my legs shut on her head, but her strength held them apart.

She stared into my eyes and she asked me if "I wanted her to eat her out?" I shook my head yes and placed my hands on the back of her head, forcing her to suck and drink me. I have to say that this was the best head I have ever gotten. She knew how to do things that no one else had. As she massaged and fingered my young shaved pussy, her wandering tongue entered my ass, which drover me crazy. She ate my asshole for about fifteen minutes, driving me to another series of orgasms. I came like seven times in a half-hour or so. When she finished her tongue bath, I crawled down to eat her ass. I loosened her ass with some of her cunt juice, then slipped two fingers in. I pulled them out and offered them to her, which she sucked on, before returning my tongue there. I played with her spread pussy and she was soon humping my head. My face was covered with her juices and soon we exhausted each other, spent and well-eaten.

We have been together a few times since then. It has always been happy. She is going to school in Madrid. I will soon go there myself. I hope we can hook up again and relive old times. Perhaps with a third girl to help out. It's quite a workload!!!!!!!!!