Lesbian Pedophile Nuns by Xan

Lesbian Pedophile Nuns

My ex-wife Rashmed went to an all-girl boarding school in Pakistan ran by nuns. She recalled in great detail many times how all of the girls there could only bathe twice a week because of limited water and bath space. This was the explanation for why the nuns always bathed the girls personally - because they could only be washed twice a week they had to be sure to get them very clean.

She also had an older cousin at the school named Laila. This girl was one of those rare early-bloomers that had developed a remarkable 34D bust line by the tender age of 13. One night Laila asked my ex-wife how she liked being washed by the nuns. Rashmed innocently admitted that she liked it because it made her girl-parts tingle. Laila explained to her that the nuns always wore a special frock when they washed the girls. This was presumably so they wouldn't get their usual uniforms wet, but actually there was another reason. These dresses had a hard piece of tubular padding sewn into the crotch area so that with one leg inside the bathtub they could sit down on the hard rim of the tub without it hurting. In fact, by gently rocking they could masturbate! Furthermore, at bath time they wore a thin shirt on top and no bra. So if she paid attention next time she could see the nun's nipples harden as she rubbed herself on the rim and that this always corresponded to the part of the bath were the nun was soaping up the girl's breasts and vagina. Laila added that her big boobs (as she put it) probably was the only reason she noticed. She first became suspicious when she overheard an argument over whose turn it was to wash her. Other things added to her evidence like the weekly breast cancer examination by the nun in the nurse's office. Then her teacher started making her do jumping jacks as a form of discipline. A couple of times the teacher made her go to the bathroom and remove her bra before doing the jumping jacks (she could keep her sweater on). When she returned from the bathroom the nun would feel to see if she had actually removed her brassiere before she began her jumping jacks. She began to actually enjoy these activities and was secretly delighted at how the nuns fought over her. She went to the confession booth at church and said that she had been guilty of enjoying the manner in which she was washed, how she had taken pleasure in having her breasts inspected and how she longed to be punished by her teacher who had now taken to pulling on her nipples (through her clothing) at every opportunity.

The Mother Superior who was listening to her confession on the other side of the booth asked her if she masturbated. Rashmed said that she didn't touch herself, but confessed that she routinely orgasmed when she was being washed and that she had even came a couple of times when the nurse did that test where she licks between your legs(!) The mother superior then told her that nothing was wrong and that God intended for women to touch each other. That it was only dirty to let men touch you. Now knowing this Laila found that when her bath time came next she noticed the nun rocking back and forth on the tub rim. But Laila couldn't help but giggle every time she looked. The nun realized that Laila knew what she was doing and decided to be more direct. Suddenly she wasn't even pretending to soap Laila. One finger was circling the 12 year old's clitoris and her other hand had began teasing her small breasts. Laila soon stopped giggling and began breathing heavily. She tried to get up and get out of the tub in a panic of never having had those feelings before. But the nun held her tight with one arm and continued fondling her with the other until Laila gave in and allowed herself to be masturbated to three mind-blowing orgasms. This kind of direct manipulation never happened again, but she was brought to orgasm "accidentally" several other times during bath time.

Only one other time did Laila remember being brought to orgasm by a nun. During an anti-rape class in which an anatomically correct mannequin was used to simulate the attacker. The nun pulled the trousers off of the dummy to reveal a paper mache penis the size of a large salami with testicles the size of oranges hanging below it. This was supposed to frighten the girls as they imagined the rapist forcing this giant thing into them. Somehow during this lesson she remembered the nun putting her hand up under her skirt (playing the part of the rapist) and being told to stop him by applying pressure to his balls. The nun groped at Laila's crotch while the girls pinched the rapist's balls. Not satisfied with her level of brutality, the nun used one hand to demonstrate how to properly control a man by using his balls like a leash on a dog. The nun's other hand held onto the girl's crotch and she let out a moan as she came in the nun's hand with visions of leading a future boyfriend around the house on a leash attached to his scrotum.

Laila and Rashmed had several encounters with each other in which they would lie naked on top of each other and pretend to be a newlywed couple. This entitled them to french kiss and fondle each other without being lesbians in their own minds. Both went on to marry men and to have bisexual tendencies. Rashmed, who has now grown into a 38DD cup, recently confessed to Laila that her favorite sexual activity is to be fucked between her breasts and at work she has a female boss that makes her walk around with her breasts hanging out of her shirt much of the day. Laila really enjoys being tied up and masturbated. She enjoys both dominant and submissive roles and any fantasy about hurting a man's testicles is sure to get her off.