Lucas, Darwin and Friends by monolog lucasdarwin

Lucas, Darwin and Friends

Part 1

"No suit... SKIN," said the electronic voice of the dolphin. Lucas winced. "Darwin, I know that Captain Bridger... I mean... I can't do that." Lucas knew that the dolphin was only responding to what he was used to.

On a private island, the Captain was free to swim nude if he wanted. This was not a private island, though, and Darwin just didn't understand - "Lucas hiding something?" Okay, maybe he did understand.

"Well -- who taught you that?"

"Lucas have something down there Darwin doesn't have?"

"No, I... I mean, we're both mammals, and..." Jesus, was Darwin actually daring him to go skinny-dipping? Did dolphins think that way? Lucas looked around him. It wasn't as if he was alone here. He, Henderson and Miguel Ortiz were awaiting pickup by seaQuest after their shuttle had been disabled. Henderson and Ortiz had gone to pick coconuts on the other side of the island. He was sort of alone...

Nervously, Lucas pulled down his shorts and tossed them to the sand. The air felt strange on his bare backside. Hell, he didn't even sleep in the nude, much less parade around outdoors.

"See?" he asked the Dolphin. "Nothing different."

"One thing different. Lucas has hair around his dick."

Lucas blushed. "Penis, Darwin. It's not polite to say 'Dick.'"

"Kristen calls it dick."

"Dr. Westphalen? She DOES?"

"When she asks Bridger to put it in her."

"Oh my god, Darwin! Have you been spying on people?"

"Not spying, just curious. Darwin want to know how humans have sex. Darwin see lots of sex. Bridger and Kristen. Bridger and Wendy. Henderson and Dagwood. Henderson and Tim. Henderson and -- "

"Darwin! I don't... want to know." That wasn't a lie. Lucas wanted Henderson badly. The thought of her with all the others...

"Why Lucas have nobody?"

"Well, I --"

"Lucas only have his hand."

Lucas wanted to curl up and die. "Darwin... please... don't tell anybody that."

"Lucas not have hands?"

"No! I mean... weren't we going to swim?"

"Yes! Lucas SWIM!" The teenager plunged thankfully into the waves with his dolphin friend. At least in the water, Darwin couldn't talk. They played for quite awhile, splashing each other and riding waves. When Lucas got tired, Darwin let him ride his back, as he often did. Lucas wrapped his legs around his friend's sturdy form...

And something happened that he hadn't expected. Maybe it was Darwin's talk about sex. Maybe it was the thought of Henderson so nearby. Whatever the reason, Lucas had developed a strong erection, which now rubbed against Darwin's smooth back.

The dolphin didn't seem to mind. If anything, he was gyrating slowly from right to left, arousing the boy more. It couldn't be intentional... could it?

As Darwin rode the powerful waves, Lucas let his mind drift. He thought of Henderson's chest, over which her uniform seemed to be so lightly draped. She never DID zip it all the way up... and why didn't she wear a turtleneck like the rest of the crew? He thought of Wendy's bare shoulders, mocking his desire at meetings, in the corridor. He thought of seizing those shoulders, of forcing her down...

Unconsciously, Lucas's pelvis thrust his erection against Darwin. The tension built, and still the dolphin oscillated slowly.

The images flooded on in Lucas's mind. Katie Hitchcock, naked, beckoning him, her legs spread wide to reveal his desire. Juliana... sweet, untouched, Juliana... Miguel's tight ass as he bent over his panel -- huh?!

Lucas's mind had wandered too far. He couldn't control what he was thinking. He didn't CARE what he was thinking. The combination of his nudity and the warmth of having another body in his embrace was taking its toll. Suddenly, blessed release came, as his whole being shook and he ejaculated endlessly.

All over poor Darwin's back. Once again, Lucas felt his face grow hot with embarrassment. He was glad the vocal unit was on the beach. He wouldn't know what to say to Darwin. For the time being, he just wrapped his arms around his friend, as tightly as he could. He knew he was just being sentimental. Darwin couldn't know what he'd done for him.

Back on the beach, Lucas stumbled out of the water and threw himself on the sand, naked in the sun. Darwin's voice through the translator jolted him halfway back to reality.

"Lucas like that?"

"Uh... yeah.'' Did Darwin MEAN for that to happen?

"Darwin happy. Darwin loves Lucas."

That answered that question. Lucas once again didn't know what to say. A lump formed in his throat. "I, uh... I love you too, Darwin. Thanks."

Darwin capered happily away as Lucas dried off in the sun, grateful for such a good friend. It wasn't long before he drifted off to sleep...

* * * * *

"Hey, Lucas, you tryin' to get the world's record for sunburn?!"

Lucas jumped and sat up. It was Ortiz who had spoken, awakening him. He must have fallen asleep while they were gone, and... and he was naked.

... and there was dried semen on his thighs....

... and Ortiz and Henderson, smiling, had noticed...

Part 2

Lucas felt suddenly as though he were plummeting down a vast mine shaft -- or an undersea cavern. He scrambled for his shorts and shirt, only to discover they were a few yards away, beyond the feet of Lonnie Henderson, who now grinned and looked appreciatively at his naked form.

Miguel Ortiz grinned also. "And what were you doing, Lucas?"

"I, uh..."

Henderson playfully slapped Ortiz's shoulder and gathered up Lucas's clothes. "Don't embarrass him, Miguel. It's not like you never do it."

"Not since I was old enough to say hello to a girl."

"Macho pig," said Henderson, moving to toss Lucas's clothes to him.

Ortiz shot out a hand to stop her. "Wait a minute, Henderson, let's not be hasty here."

"C'mon, Miguel, give me my clothes!" Lucas moaned.

"Whatsa matter, Lucas? You ashamed?" He glanced down at his naked young friend and added, "you shouldn't be."

Lucas blushed, and, against his will, felt stirrings between his legs, aroused by being appreciated by both his friends.

Miguel went on. "It is going to be at least another day before seaQuest gets here to pick us up, why don't we make the most of it?"

Henderson snorted. "Oh, yeah, Miguel. Let's just have a three-way orgy, why don't we?"

Ortiz shrugged. "Is there a problem?" He gestured toward the erection Lucas was failing to hide behind his hands. "Lucas obviously likes the idea."

Lucas hid his face. "Give me my clothes," he whispered pathetically.

"Well I don't like the idea," said Henderson indignantly. "Of all the low-life, geeky, fraternity-boy suggestions! We are on a military assignment. This is not your chance to act out your favorite masturbation fantasies!" She hurled Lucas his clothes. "If you two want to have an orgy, go right ahead. I'll pass."

Henderson started to walk away. Lucas shook the sand out of his shorts, and started to put them back on, but Miguel grabbed them away -- and the shirt, before Lucas could reach it.

"Fine," Miguel called to Henderson's retreating form. "We'll just do that!"

"Miguel!" Lucas leapt to his feet.

Ortiz smiled and took Lucas gently by the shoulder. "Don't be scared, buddy. We won't do anything you don't want to." He glanced once again at Lucas's erection. "Though it doesn't look like there's much you're not ready for."

"Miguel, please -- " Lucas began, then gulped as his friend dropped to his knees, lowering his hand from Lucas's shoulder to gently cup one of his buttocks. Lucas gasped as Miguel began to nibble gently on his scrotum, then slide his tongue up the shaft of his penis.

Henderson had stopped and was looking back. "I do not believe you two," she said.

Lucas wanted to pull away, but Miguel's grip on him was firm. As he felt a warm tongue caress the head of his penis, Lucas's resolve to escape began to fade. Quickly, Miguel had his mouth covering the head, and Lucas shuddered. His fingers came around to curl in Miguel's black hair.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Henderson was staring now. Was she turned on by this display? Lucas didn't care, he realized, as he closed his eyes and let the sensations Miguel was producing in him take over. He'd never had this done to him before, and Miguel was an expert. He'd expected to feel at least a gentle brush of teeth against the tender skin, but no.

Miguel's fingers were no longer gentle on his buttocks: they were digging in. He realized that his own fingers were in danger of pulling the black ringlets from Miguel's scalp.

Lucas felt himself reaching the threshold of inevitability. "Uhh, Miguel..." he groaned, "I'm gonna -- "

Ortiz understood Lucas's attempted warning, and ignored it. His firm grip made it clear to Lucas that he planned to take the boy's semen in his mouth.

As his second orgasm within an hour overcame him, Lucas saw Lonnie out of the corner of his eye. She was walking toward them, entranced. Miguel paid her no mind. He was occupied, stroking Lucas's shaft with his tongue, gently coaxing out the last of his orgasm. Lucas sighed heavily, and slumped against his unlikely partner, who held to him.

"You liked that?" Miguel asked.

Lucas could only nod and smile, and then Miguel pulled him down to his knees, took his face carefully in one hand, and kissed him. Drained and euphoric, Lucas didn't bother to resist. He opened his mouth, letting the other man's tongue explore inside, and responding hungrily with his own. He could taste his own ejaculate, a familiar taste.

They pulled away only to breathe. Miguel didn't take his hand from Lucas's neck, where he continued to caress. "Do you know how long I've wanted to do that to you?"

"You mean the kiss, or -- "



Lonnie's voice broke them both away from their study of each other.

"I thought you left," Miguel said. "We're a little busy."

"So I see," she grinned. "Anything I can do to help?"

"I thought this was all part of some macho-frat-boy-adolescent --"

"Yeah, yeah it is. So the sight of two guys giving each other tonsillectomies gets me hot. So sue me."

Lucas narrowed his eyes. "You like to watch guys?"

"Oh, like you don't like to watch two women go at it," said Lonnie, punching him lightly on the shoulder.

Her touch was like an electric shock. It reminded Lucas that he was naked, something that had gone out of his mind. Suddenly, he was embarrassed again. "I've never really seen two women do... that."

"And what about your video collection? And all those graphic files you have stored on your computer?"

"How did you know -- " Lucas demanded.

Miguel laughed. "Lucas, c'mon! The UEO almost hauled you in for trafficking last month, after you posted those nude photos of all the world leaders on the InterNet!"

"I didn't know you knew it was me."

"Who else in the world would have the nerve?"

"Speaking of nudity, Miguel," said Lonnie, "I think it's very unfair that poor Lucas is sitting here naked and you're fully clothed."

"I have no problem with remedying that," said Ortiz. "How about you?"

"I'm still just an observer here. I haven't decided if I want to join in."

"And what would it take to convince you?" asked Ortiz.

"How about if I get some of what Lucas just got?"

Miguel leered and licked his lips. "Oh, baby, your wish is my command!"

Lonnie held up her hand. "Wrong. You're proven yourself the expert already. You can just watch and give advice on this round."

She turned and smiled at Lucas. "I want him."

Lucas's breath caught. "You want me -- "

Laughing, she came forward and put her hand one his shoulders.

With their faces inches apart, her sweet breath caressing his nose and lips, she said matter-of-factly, "I want you to lick my cunt, Lucas."

Part 3

Quickly, Lonnie unzipped her navy jump-suit and pulled it down off one shoulder. The one-piece outfit wasn't the easiest thing in the world to get in and out of. It bound around the shoulders. She turned to Ortiz. "If you don't mind?"

He stepped forward, and, as Lucas gaped, helped her slide the uniform off, down under her breasts, over her hips, exposing the curls of pubic hair to the sunlight. No underwear.

When she was naked, Miguel tossed aside the garment and embraced her from behind. She slapped his hand. "You undress. I'm going to be busy."

She advanced toward Lucas, bringing her arms up to his shoulders, pushing gently. "It's better if we lie down," she told him.

He followed her lead as she lay on her back. He knelt between her knees, staring openly at he exposed sex. He'd never thought he'd have the chance... Awkwardly, he moved forward, inhaling her scent. It wasn't subtle. The island was hot, and they'd been away from seaQuest for over a day. Still, he could tell she must be aroused, and it excited him.

Lonnie looked up at him expectantly.

Lucas felt himself blush (yet again). "I've, ah... I've never... done this... exactly."

She giggled. "That's okay. We have a consultant." She turned to Miguel, who was naked now. "Oh, instructor."

Rolling his eyes, Miguel came to join them, kneeling beside Lonnie. He looked clinically between her legs. "The technique is simple, Mr. Wolenczak. The tools are a nine inch tongue, and an ability to breathe through the ears."

"Oh, for god's sake!" Lonnie threw a handful of sand in his direction, then turned to the new initiate. "Lucas, I'll show you. Stay away from him, and there's a chance you might actually excite a girl."

"Wench," Miguel muttered as he clawed sand from his hair.

Lonnie took one of Lucas's hands in hers and brought it to her crotch. She pressed two fingers firmly against her pubic mound, at the opening between her labia. "Here," she said. "Start here, with your tongue."

Lucas leaned on his elbows and brought his face to her. With his tongue, he pried the labia apart.

"Gently!" said Lonnie. "And slowly."

Embarrassed, glad that his face was hidden, Lucas licked tentatively. The outer lips were still dry as he started.

"Move in a circle," she instructed.

He did as he was told, and was rewarded with a soft moan.

"Good. Keep that up."

As he worked his tongue in circles, he began to get more of her taste in his mouth. Her own moisture was beginning to come forth. Encouraged, Lucas pushed his tongue between her lips again, far more gently this time. Lonnie brought her hand down and caressed his blonde hair. This must be working, he realized. He began working his tongue steadily in and out of her. It was the first part of him that had ever been inside a woman.

"Up," Lonnie whispered now. Her breath was getting short. "Move in circles again... around my..."

He didn't need instruction. He knew where the clitoris was. He'd downloaded a detailed anatomical drawing from the Internet. He explored with his tongue, coming to the place where her labia met at the top. He felt a stiffness just inside, and worked his tongue around it, up and down, in circles.

Lonnie was panting now.

Lucas felt a tap on his shoulder. What the hell? He looked sideways with his eyes only.

Miguel was leaning in toward him, putting his lips near Lucas's ear. "Let me show you how to drive her wild," Miguel whispered.

That was all he said. He only did it so Lonnie wouldn't be distracted. It was just the sharing of a secret.

So why did the heat of Miguel's breath, the gentle caress of his lips against Lucas's ear, cause such excitement? Why, when he was giving oral sex to a woman for the first time in his life, did the touch of another man's lips excite him so?

Miguel took one of Lucas's free hands and pried one finger away from the rest, extending it. Then, bringing it to his mouth, he licked it, wetting it thoroughly.

Jesus! Talk about your sensory overload. Lucas tried to concentrate on his tongue action. What was Miguel doing? He brought Lucas's hand back down between Lonnie's legs, and... oh. He pushed it between her buttocks, right at the exposed entrance to her rectum. Lucas got the idea. His finger was well-lubricated. Gently, he insinuated it into her. She flinched, at first, then inhaled sharply.

"Ohh," Lonnie moaned as Lucas's finger slipped in to the second knuckle. He could feel the sphincter pulsing around him as her excitement built. Obviously, she liked this. He began moving his finger in and out in time with his tongue's motions on her clitoris. Lonnie's hips were thrusting now, bringing her pelvis up toward his face, and, possibly, trying to bury his finger deeper in her anus.

Then Miguel was whispering in his ear again. Lucas felt himself stiffening, pulsing. "Don't stop!" he wanted to cry out. He wished Miguel would put his tongue in, he wished -- what was his friend saying?

"Now two fingers."

Lucas nodded, pulling his finger slowly out of Lonnie's anus. Pausing only briefly in his attentions to her clitoris, he wet two fingers with his own tongue. As he resumed his oral manipulations, he brought the two fingers again to her rectal opening. The ring of muscle was contracted again, resisting him. He turned the fingers sideways, in line with the crack of her buttocks, and pressed gently, making a point of the two fingertips.

They slipped in, and Lonnie cried out, "Oh, god!"

Ever so gently, Lucas moved his fingers in and out. She jerked against his hand, spasms rocking her body as she pushed backward to take as much as he would give. He licked furiously at her clitoris. She was moaning loudly now, almost screaming.

And then, Miguel put a hand on Lonnie's hip and one on Lucas's shoulder. He rolled them both on their sides and pulled Lucas's fingers roughly out of their lodging. Lonnie protested wordlessly. As Lucas continued to work her clitoris with the point of his tongue, Miguel brought his own tongue to the place where she also craved attention.

With two men's tongues working on her, Lonnie actually reared back and screamed. From what little he could see at this angle, Lucas knew Miguel's tongue was in her anus. Occasionally, in their fury, one or the other of their tongues would slip off its mark and collide with the other.

Even in the final throes of Lonnie's orgasm, Lucas felt a surge of passion when his tongue touched Miguel's. When this was over, his fevered brain prayed, he would take Miguel in his arms and kiss him...

Lonnie's body jerked a final time. Altogether, Lucas speculated she had three orgasms. He really wasn't experienced enough to be sure. He only knew that she was finished, as she brought her hand to his forehead and pushed him away and caressed, all at the same time.

He and Miguel pulled back, sitting up. Lucas avoided looking in his friend's eyes. Miguel was looking appreciatively at Lonnie. "Drives 'em wild when you put a couple fingers up their ass," he said.

He noticed that Miguel had a tremendous erection. They both did. Lucas knew what he wanted to do with his. He leaned forward and stroked Lonnie's hair. She was sweating, but her face lit up with a smile that was only for him.

"Baby, that was wonderful. What do you want?"

That smile promised him he could have anything.

"Could I," he began. He didn't know how to actually say the words.

Lonnie grabbed her hand in both of his and kissed it. "What?" she asked.

"I'd like to put my... that is... could I... fuck... your ass?"

She chuckled wickedly. "Oh, is that what you have in mind?" She seemed to think a moment. "That's a lot to ask a girl, Lucas. I'm not sure you understand what it feels like." For some reason, her gaze strayed to Miguel.

"I, uh..." Lucas stammered.

"I mean," Lonnie continued, "before I let a man do that to me, I have to know... well, that he's willing to go through something comparable. It's painful, after all."

"Wha -- What do you mean?"

"I mean, Lucas," said Lonnie, sitting up, "I'll let you fuck my ass, if I can watch you get your ass fucked first."

Both of their gazes strayed to Miguel, particularly to the erect organ which jutted in front of him.

Well, thought Lucas, how much could it hurt? Actually, the idea kind of excited him.

"Okay," he said gamely, laughing a little. He turned away from Miguel and leaned forward, exposing his buttocks to his friend. "Okay then. How about it, Miguel?"

Part 4

"Lucas," said his friend, "you have no idea how long I've waited for you to ask."

As Miguel moved forward and began to massage his backside, Lucas asked, "How long have you waited?"

"Since the first day I saw you. Man, I thought I was such a perv -- "

"You are such a perv," shot Lonnie.

"You'll get yours yet, Ensign. Anyway, I couldn't believe I was so turned on by a sixteen-year-old boy. The way you talked, your smile, even the fact that you never combed your hair -- "

"Look who's talking," Lucas grinned. Then he cried out sharply as Miguel's finger, wet with saliva, penetrated his anus.

"Sorry," his friend said. "Just trying to loosen you up."

"S'okay," said Lucas, but his voice broke.

As Miguel moved his finger in and out, as Lucas had so recently done to Lonnie, the boy brought his forehead to the ground and clenched his eyes. What was that he'd said? How much could it hurt? If one finger felt like this, then --

Lucas inhaled sharply as the finger was pulled out and two took its place. Wedged together, the fingertips pushed him open, then the two finger themselves went in. They were slick, but they couldn't fit together to only the width of two fingers. It was like being pried open with pliers.

"Ah, Jesus!" Lucas muttered.

The fingers pulled out, more roughly than the one alone had. Lucas braced himself for what he knew was coming. Did he really want -- ?

Too late.

The head of Miguel's penis pressed against him. There was a gentle insinuation between his buttocks as Miguel thrust slightly forward. Then the head slipped in, stretching the ring of Lucas's sphincter, enlarging it. Slowly, very slowly, the shaft followed.

"How does it feel, Lucas?" asked Lonnie.

"It's... I don't know..."

Miguel leaned forward and whispered in his ear, sending a surge through Lucas's penis. "Am I hurting you?"

"Yeah," murmured Lucas.

"What?" asked Lonnie.

"He's -- he's hurting me," said Lucas. "A little."

"Do you like for Miguel to hurt you?"

At first it seemed a silly question, but as Miguel's penis moved in and out, as he became accustomed to the rhythm... Lucas blushingly admitted, "Uh huh. It feels okay."

"It feels better than okay to me, kid," Miguel grunted. He began to pump faster, battering the boy's rectum. Tears came unbidden to Lucas's eyes, and he moaned. He just wanted it to stop. No, he wanted it to go on forever.

"It hurts, Miguel... Oh god... hurt me."

Lucas began pushing backward with his hips, pushing his buttocks back hard against Miguel. Both his back and Miguel's chest, pressed together, were bathed in sweat.

Miguel cried out. The hot, sticky wetness of ejaculation filled Lucas, and his friend slumped against his back. "Oh Lucas," he muttered. His arms wrapped around the boy's bare chest, caressing his nipples. Lucas took the hands in his own and held them. Miguel's face came to rest against his own, their cheeks rubbing together.

Oh, yes, Lucas thought. If only --

"Better than a woman, Ortiz?" Lonnie asked musically. "Is this what you've been looking for all you life?"

Still shuddering, Ortiz brought his right hand up from Lucas's chest, caressing his jaw and cheek, running the fingers through his blonde hair. "Excuse me," he said, carefully pulling his softening penis from its resting place.

Lucas suddenly felt empty. He rolled on his back in the sand to see what Miguel was doing. He was advancing on Lonnie, who was laughing.

"What did you say?" Miguel demanded.

"I've never seen you that excited over a girl, Ortiz," said Lonnie. "I always knew behind that macho latino image there beat the heart of someone who just wanted to give it to a teenage boy."

Miguel's face darkened. He was smiling, but it was a threatening smile. "Maybe I just prefer guys because they don't waste so much time being teases... or bitches."

Lonnie put on her best wounded look -- the kind a vaudeville audience might expect. "You don't really think I'm a bitch, do you Miguel?"

"At the very least, a spiteful little girl."

Now she wasn't looking hurt -- she was looking mad. It wasn't necessarily staged, either. "I'm not a little girl."

He leered at he chest. "No. A brat, then. Who needs to be taught a lesson."

Lonnie's face blanched. She knew what he was thinking. "You wouldn't dare," she said, taking a step away.

He advanced two more steps, seizing her arm. "Wouldn't I?"

Then he pinned her arm behind her and dragged her downward. Seating himself, he pulled her, face down, across his lap.

"Lucas, help!" she called out.

Lucas was reclining, his head resting in his hands, elbows up. "Sorry, Lonnie. I'm too sore to move."

"You little shit!"

"You're only making it worse for yourself," Ortiz said to her. He looked up to Lucas, speaking in a documentarian's voice as he held the kicking, wriggling Henderson with one arm. "You see, Lucas, the Navy has a long-standing tradition of corporal punishment. It isn't used often anymore, but on rare occasions --"

"Ortiz," bellowed Henderson, "I'm giving you one last chance!"

He grinned. "That's very gracious, Ensign, considering I outrank you."

He patted her quivering bottom, raising it up slightly with one of his knees, exposing it. He raised his hand, started to bring it down, then paused.

"Oh, and, uh, Lonnie...?"

She looked up hopefully, obviously expecting a reprieve.

But no such reprieve was coming. Ortiz said, "If you struggle, I'll only have to spank you harder."

Lucas laughed to himself and stroked his growing erection.

Part 5

The first blow landed hard on one side, leaving a red print behind it. Lonnie cried out, but the cry was lost behind the second, stinging blow, delivered to the other side.

"Miguel, stop it!" she hissed.

He ignored her, raising his hand higher, bringing it down harder.

"This doesn't turn me on -- "

His hand came down again.

"You bastard! Just wait till we get back -- "

Another slap, accompanied by a derisive laugh from Ortiz. "You gonna tell the Captain, Henderson? That should be interesting. He may throw me in the brig -- "

"He'll court martial you!"

" -- or, he may ask for a repeat performance. Captain Bridger is old, not dead. I think he'd appreciate this. Did I ever tell you about the time I walked in on him with Dr. Westphalen?"

"You?" demanded Lucas. "I thought I was the only one!"

Ortiz looked up. "Were they naked?"


He shook his head. "Musta been early in the evening."

"Let me go!" wailed Lonnie.

Ortiz looked back down, feigning surprise. "Oh! I forgot I had you here! Ah, yes..." he scratched his growth of beard stubble. "Henderson. The BRAT. I believe I decided a spanking was in order."

He resumed the punishment, Lonnie crying out, using words that Lucas wasn't sure he'd heard before. They served well to punctuate the sharp slaps against her reddening buttocks. Those buttocks, where recently he'd had his tongue and fingers...

Lucas had never considered the erotic possibilities of spanking before. He'd been spanked once, as a child. It hadn't been erotic, it had only hurt. It was illegal, of course, but he'd never reported his mother. If he had to live with his Dad, Lucas would probably want to hit somebody, too.

This spanking was different, though. Lonnie was kicking and screaming as much as Lucas was sure he had, but... Was it his imagination, or was she beginning to gyrate her hips? Her supply of invectives had certainly dwindled.

"Do you promise to be a good girl, from now on?" Miguel asked his victim. "Do you promise not to make fun of men who only want to admire your beauty?"

"I... " Lonnie couldn't answer. Tears were coming from her eyes, and she was beginning to sob quietly. "Please..." she whispered. She was in a great deal of pain. He hips were still moving, though.

"Please what?" Miguel asked, slapping her again, harder than before.

"I... please... it hurts."

"I bet it hurts. That's the point. Are you going to be good now?"

Lonnie's hips bucked under the continuous assault delivered by Miguel's hand. Her buttocks were a deep red, and tears streamed freely from her eyes.

"I... please..." she moaned. Then came a small whisper, as her pelvis ground into Miguel's knee. "Hit me harder."

Miguel didn't refuse. He brought down a blow against her upraised posterior so hard it made Lucas cringe. Lonnie yelped, but her hand began making its way between her legs, reaching for the patch of delicate hair and soft flesh.

As his left hand continued the spanking, Miguel put his right hand between Lonnie's legs. Gently, in extreme contrast to the violence of the spanking, he massaged her pubic area. Lonnie moaned, alternating contented coos with yelps of pain.

Finally, she screamed out loud as an orgasm racked her body. Her back arched, her hips pushed backward against Miguel's fingers, which he had worked well inside of her. Now he brought his left hand down slowly, and rubbed her back, her sore buttocks, and played with her hair. Lonnie, like a mass of jelly, just shivered as the orgasm passed.

"Did you like that?" Miguel asked gently.

She nodded as she rolled off his lap into the sand. Her entire body was coated in sweat.

Lucas saw Miguel look at him, smiling. He realized he had been rubbing his erect penis fervently, excited by the spectacle before him. Embarrassed, he released it.

"I think someone else was excited, too," Miguel observed, nodding towards Lucas.

Lonnie looked his way and smiled. Still rubbing her backside with one hand, she got up and came to sit by Lucas. "Pretty exciting, huh?" she asked.

"Yeah," he admitted.

Lonnie reached out her hand and gently took hold of his erection. He flinched. "You know," she said, "there's something we haven't done yet."

Lucas just stared at her.

"There's two available penises on this island... and I haven't had either one of them inside me."

"Uh... no," agreed Lucas.

"So, whaddya say, Lucas? Wanna fuck me?"

"Oh, god yes!" He took her by the shoulders and began to push her toward the ground.

She brought a hand to his chest. "Not so fast. Things have gotten a little rough here today. You got pretty turned on, watching me get spanked."

Lucas looked between his legs, a little ashamed. That had hurt her, hadn't it?

"Don't you think it's only fair," Lonnie continued, "that I get to watch you go through a similar ordeal."

"Uh..." Lucas began. "I don't -- "

"You want to fuck me?"


"Then go find me a branch off one of these trees -- a nice, flexible one, not too thick. Bring it to me, and, after I've whipped your bare ass... you'll get what you've been waiting for."

"You're kidding."

"Do I look like I'm kidding? You either fuck me with your ass as red as mine, or you don't get any. What do you say?"

Lucas looked at her before him, naked. He surveyed her breasts, her supple thighs, her rounded buttocks.

"Well?" Lonnie asked. "What do you say?"

Lucas met her gaze. "I say... whip my ass."

Part 6

Satisfied, Lonnie crossed her arms across her naked breasts. "Go get me a switch, Lucas."

Surveying the sparse selection of trees on the small island, Lucas made his way toward the one with branches hanging low enough to be in reach. He had no earthly idea what kind of tree it was. Fortunately, its branches were smooth. The bark didn't have too many barbs that might be more painful... against his ass.

Running his fingers over several branches, collecting empirical data, the reality sunk in. He was about to hand one of these limbs to Henderson and quietly bend over while she whipped him with it. Her spanking had turned him on, but this --

"Don't take all day, Lucas," Lonnie called to him. "I'm getting anxious here."

He compared two branches. Already, his buttocks were tingling, clenched with anticipation. He was still sore from the assault his anus had taken from Miguel. Now...

Ah, well, he didn't HAVE to sit down any time soon, did he? He broke one branch off the tree, fighting with it a bit. It was still green, and didn't come off easily.

When he handed it to Lonnie, she inspected it carefully. Lucas felt a twinge when she tested its recoil against the air. It made a fierce whistling sound as it came down in an arc. Lonnie nodded approvingly. "This should do. Oughtta be really painful."

Lucas looked at the ground.

"You ready?" she asked.

There was a lump in his throat. He just nodded.

She indicated the trunk of a nearby tree. "Go stand there. Put your hands on the trunk, hold on tight, and bend over."

He did as he was told, leaning his head against the narrow trunk. The bark was rough against the soft skin of his cheek and his bare forearms.

"Arch your back more," said Lonnie.

He did as he was told.

She stepped directly behind him, flexing the branch in both hands. "Okay," she said. "Cry if you need to, and think about what you'll be getting when this is over."

He hoped he wouldn't cry. He did try to think about the softness of her thighs, the wetness of her sex. Her taste was still in his mouth. His penis, which had been limp these last few minutes, began to harden.

Then he heard the whistling sound again, followed immediately by the stinging slash of the switch against his bare flesh. He couldn't help but cry out. The pain wasn't just immediate. Once the initial shock had set in, it deepened, flared, taking seconds, eternal seconds, to go down.

And then the second stroke came. His fingers gripped the bark, and he bit down on his lower lip. With the third stroke, his feet stamped the sand by themselves. His breathing became ragged. Still, his erection continued. He tried to focus on it.

The fourth stroke brought the tears. He leaned more of his body into the tree, sliding downward. With the fifth stroke, he sobbed out loud. "Stop!" His hands came away from the tree trunk and went down to rub his hot, striped buttocks.

"That was only five, Lucas," said Lonnie. "You're getting at least ten. Now bend back over."

"I can't," he sobbed.

Lonnie smiled coldly. "Hmmm. Guess we'll just have to restrain you. Miguel? Hold him in place."

Miguel looked at her, startled. "Don't you think -- "

"Do you want some of what he's getting? Get over there and hold him down!"

Miguel got up off the sand and came toward Lucas. As he passed Henderson, he muttered, "You're a terror."

"Thank you."

"I should spank you more often," he grinned.

When Miguel took Lucas by the shoulders and guided him back toward the tree, the boy slumped against his chest. Miguel cupped his chin, lifting it, and said quietly, "It's not that much more. Just think about what you're gonna get from her. Think about how sore her thighs are gonna be once you've pounded into her as hard as you can."

Through his tears, Lucas grinned. Miguel took his shoulders once again and guided him toward the tree. "Here," he said, placing his own backside firmly against the trunk and pulling Lucas to him, face to face. "Lean on me. Put your arms around my neck."

Lucas obeyed, and realized he was reveling in the feel of Miguel's bare skin against his own. He arched his back, pushing his buttocks out for further punishment, but the head of his bobbing erection brushed Miguel's thigh. He almost ejaculated right then.

"Okay," Lucas said over his shoulder. "Go ahead." He buried his face between Miguel's neck and shoulder and held tightly to him.

The sixth stroke came, and he lurched. His body had forgotten how intense the pain was. It seemed to forget between each stroke. The seventh stroke forced his hips forward, against Miguel. His erection pressed ahead of the rest, and met Miguel's own penis.

It, too, was erect.

As the eighth stroke landed, Lucas was sobbing again, and Miguel massaged his shoulders, whispering in his ear. "It's okay. Only two more." The soft breath against his ear, the firmness of the gripping hands brought Lucas to a level of excitement he'd never known before. Coupled with the intense pain, a totally different form of stimulus, it brought on a kind of sensory overload. Lucas didn't know if he wanted to cry or thrust himself into Miguel.

With the ninth stroke, Lucas screamed. Miguel held him in place. "Please," Lucas whispered, "I can't take anymore."

"One more," called Lonnie.

"No," Lucas moaned in Miguel's ear. "I can't..."

And then he felt Miguel's hands slide downward, coming to rest over his buttocks, cupping them. The final stroke whistled through the air.

"Shit!" hissed Miguel. He pulled his hands upward. Across the back of each was a deep red welt. He'd protected Lucas from the last lash.

Lucas took Miguel's left wrist and stretched the hand out, examining it. He met his friend's gaze, not knowing how to say thank you. Miguel was smiling. Still holding the wounded hand, Lucas raised it to his lips and kissed the welt, once, twice, moving along its entire length. When he had finished with the left, he took the right and repeated the process.

Miguel closed his eyes and moaned softly. Encouraged, Lucas turned his right hand over and gently nibbled at the palm, running his tongue along its hollow contours, up the length of the thumb and fingers.

Pulling his hand roughly away, Miguel grabbed Lucas by the back of the neck and brought their mouths together, open. Their tongues clashed, explored. Their bodies pressed together. He seized Lucas by his red buttocks and pulled, throwing himself on the ground, bringing the boy down on top of him.

Their kissing continued, frantically. As the pace increased, they ground their penises together, thrusting at the hollows between each other's legs and testicles.

"Hey!" It was Lonnie, standing over them. Her face held an expression of pleasant amazement. "I thought I was the one getting fucked here."

Miguel pulled away and looked up at her. Lucas, driven by sexual inertia, brought his head down and kissed and bit Miguel's nipples, teasing them, pulling chest hairs gently with his teeth.

"I dunno, Henderson," Miguel said. "Seems to me you've been sending crossed signals. First it was, 'Oh Lucas, you can fuck my ass if Miguel fucks yours first.' Then it was 'Oh you can fuck my cunt if you let me whip you.' Make up your mind! If you're gonna tease the poor boy, he's gonna take whatever he can get."

Lonnie was quiet a moment. "I guess I got carried away. I'm sorry." She knelt down and rubbed Lucas's thigh. "I really did want you to fuck me... both places."

"I'm sure he'll get around to it," said Miguel. He leaned back down to thrust his tongue into Lucas's right ear.

"Guys!" Lonnie whined.

They both stopped and looked up. The naked, young ensign was pouting. "Can't I... get in the middle?" she asked.

"Sound good to you?" Miguel asked.

Lucas pretended to consider the proposal. "Okay, I guess so."

"Which side do you want?" Miguel asked him, rocking backward to let Lonnie lie down between them.

"You're the expert butt-fucker here, Ortiz," she said. "Let's let Lucas have a little of the real thing."

Part 7

Facing Lucas, Lonnie lay down between the two of them. Miguel wrapped an arm around her waste, a leg around one of her own legs. She pushed playfully on his shoulder.

"Just be patient. Let's give Lucas a chance here."

Smiling, she took Lucas's shoulders and pulled him toward her.

Still on her side, she lifted her left leg, giving him access. Taking his erection in one hand, she guided him, with gentle pressure on his buttocks, into place.

The warmth, the wetness, the pressure against his own stiffness overwhelmed Lucas. This was it, he thought. This was his first time? Was it supposed to feel this way? he wondered? It was a little scratchy, patches of dry flesh creating friction.

Oh yeah, he remembered, I'm supposed to move. He made some preliminary thrusts --

Too hard. Lonnie winced, but squeezed his arm gently. "Take it easy," she said. "There's no hurry. Let yourself get used to it."

For a moment, he was embarrassed. She knew he'd never been with a woman before. He realized he was being silly, though. After all, everybody aboard seaQuest knew he'd never been with a woman before. Tony Piccolo had made sure of that fact.

Piccolo. What a jerk. Lucas was glad he wasn't here. Although the thought of him getting the whipping Lucas had just gotten was not unpleasant. Maybe it could be arranged sometime.

Lonnie was moving against him now, establishing a rhythm. Lucas followed her lead. The dryness was gone, and their sexes moved easily together. Lucas began pulling slowly in and out, building speed. The feeling was incredible.

Their rhythm was interrupted suddenly as Lonnie stiffened. Opening his eyes, Lucas realized what had happened. Miguel had joined their effort, his penis securely inserted in her rectum. After her initial discomfort passed, Lonnie began to move with Miguel's thrusts as well, and a new rhythm was established. Each time she pulled away from Lucas, Miguel pressed deeper into her.

What a sensation that must be, Lucas thought, to never be completely empty. He remember the sense of fullness he'd experienced when Miguel had been inside him. He knew now he wanted to feel that again. Surprisingly, that knowledge carried no guilt with it. He craved that sexual encounter as much as he did the one he was having now. The sensations were different, but both fulfilling in different ways. Both gave him something he'd never really had before... intimacy... love.

He loved these two people with whom he was intertwined. More powerfully than he'd ever felt anything, he felt that. Frantically, he began to thrust into Lonnie, the base of his penis impacting hard against her pubic bone. She cried out, but not exactly in pain. Her fingernails dug into his buttocks, clawed at his back. Alive, aroused, aflame with sensation, Lucas crushed himself against the girl, consequently bringing himself closer to Miguel. Miguel, whose lips parted and came up to meet his own. Their tongues danced together.

And he drove deeper into Lonnie's sex, and her fingernails were surely drawing blood as they dug into his raw buttocks, and Miguel was thrusting hard into her anus, and Lucas and Miguel's teeth clashed together as they kissed desperately.

Lucas screamed. A part of his mind registered it dispassionately. It was a primal scream, a scream of emotion and sensation so strong the human mind could not fathom it, the human voice not express it. It gave voice to pure, violent, exquisite force.

Lucas came, shuddering, as both his friends arms gripped him tightly. He didn't know what happened after that for a long time.

* * * * *

"Lucas? Lucas, wake up."

Hands gripped him, shook him. Lucas jolted awake. Looking down on him, in her uniform, was Lonnie Henderson.

"Huh -- ?" he rubbed his head.

"You fell asleep," said Lonnie, grinning.

He nodded. Of course. He'd been asleep. He should have known...

"I had this dream -- " he said.

Lonnie chuckled. "It wasn't a dream, honey," she said, looking downward at his body.

Lucas followed her gaze and smiled. He was naked. His body, though dry, had been bathed in sweat. His buttocks, his anus, his thighs were sore.

It had happened.

"SeaQuest is here," said Lonnie. "Just off the shore. Darwin led them to us." For a moment, he just absorbed what she said. Then she prompted him, "You'd better get dressed, before they get here. I'm not sure the others would understand."

He nodded and took the bundle of clothes she handed him. Clothes. He'd almost forgotten what they were for. He looked out toward the horizon. Cutting the surface of the water was the deep blue silhouette of the seaQuest. As always, above the surface, she didn't look quite real.

Right now, he wished she weren't real. Right now, he didn't care if he never saw seaQuest again. For the last several hours, he'd been the happiest he'd ever been in his life.

But that was all over.

* * * * *

It was night. Under water, that didn't make much of a difference, all things consider. At this depth, the denizens didn't care when the sun rose or set. They didn't see enough of its light to know such things happened.

Still, keeping human psyches on their tenuous track, Bridger had designed the lights to go to a lower power level after 2300 hours, ship's time.

It was 0100 and some minutes as Lucas trudged through the gangway. The extreme heat of their tropical island had not worn off. Even in his sweatpants, T-shirt and candy-striped robe, he was cold in the carefully regulated temperatures of the submarine.

Cold... and empty.

He stopped at a hatch, considered knocking, then opened it and stepped into the darkness. Adjusting to the low light, he stood still a moment. No one called out to him.

"Miguel?" he whispered.

"Lucas?" came the reply.


"What are you doing here?"

"I... I was cold."

In the darkness, he could feel Miguel's smile, as surely as if the sun were shining bright. That warmed him a little.

"Well," his friend said quietly, "it's warm under the covers. Get in."

Lucas felt his way across the room, stepping on various articles of clothing and trash as he went. He came to the edge of the bed and, after banging his knee painfully, sat down. "Are you -- that is -- I'm, uh -- "

"I'm naked, Lucas," said Miguel, reaching up to stroke his hair. "In case you were wondering."

"In case you were wondering," said another voice, "we both are. And you should be too."

He knew that voice.


"Yeah, kid. What took you so long?"

Lucas happily began to pull off his clothes.

* * * * *

In his bunk, with the light shining bright on his face, Tony Piccolo discarded the May, 2021 issue of Playperson. Shit, but these things were getting boring! Nothing but condoms! Not everyone had a latex fetish.

He looked at the clock. It was two A.M. 0200, as the Captain would say.

Where the hell was Lucas?

It was a reasonable question, so he asked it out loud. "Where the hell is Lucas?"

He didn't expect an answer, and he almost jumped out of his skin when he got one. Then he realized the room wasn't haunted -- it was just Darwin, floating outside. Or was it inside? Anyway, Darwin was in one of the ship's waterways, which looked in on his quarters through a plexiglass viewpoint.

Because he shared these quarters with Lucas the Terminal Virgin, Darwin hung out here all the time. Or did he hang here to watch Tony? There was a shortage of women here, after all, and Tony, like any red-blooded Brooklynite, took care of his own needs when necessary.

Did Darwin hang here just to watch him jack off? Could dolphins be peeping toms?


Still, he had asked a question. Where was Lucas?

Darwin had answered it: "Lucas getting laid."

Tony sat up fast, bumping his head on the bunk. "Huh!?"

"Lucas getting laid," Darwin repeated. "Darwin say, 'It's about fucking time!'"