Meriah and Miranda by Aquinas

Meriah and Miranda

Meriah was the name of my twelve year old neighbor. She came to visit me fairly often, sometimes with her cousin, Miranda. Meriah's body was just beginning to take on some curves and her face was quite beautiful and, well, sexy. She was less than five feet tall, with long, straight brown/blonde hair that fell all the way down her back.

Miranda was almost two inches taller with similar hair. Her body was more developed as she had noticeable breasts. Her face was cute, but didn't have the sensuality or intelligence that Meriah had. I enjoyed having both girls come by, though I felt some guilt at the sexual thoughts I sometimes had about them. Meriah seemed oblivious to that, but Miranda, in her quiet way, sometimes gave me looks that made me suspect she knew some of my thoughts.

It was a hot summer afternoon when the two came to visit. As usual, Meriah walked in the house as she tapped on the door and called out "Hello!" I was sometimes a bit concerned about her familiarity, but so far she had never walked in at a bad time.

That day, she entered as I was loading film into my camera. Miranda trailed quietly behind her. "Gonna take some pictures?" Meriah asked in a bright voice. She struck a dramatic imitation model's pose in front of me, one hand behind her head, the other outstretched. I looked through the viewfinder and snapped a shot. I had taken Meriah's picture several times before, always making sure that the shots were totally innocent and that her parents got copies of each picture. The last thing I needed was to be suspected as a pervert.

Meriah and Miranda were both dressed for the weather, which is to say wearing T shirts and cutoff shorts. As my place was on their way to the beach, I assumed they had bathing suits on underneath. "On your way to the beach?" I asked, hoping that maybe I could manage a few swimsuit shots, something I had never dared before. "Nah" said Meriah casually "Miranda's dad just dropped her off and we were just out walking". Oh well, so much for the swimsuit shots...

"You gonna take some more pictures of me?" Meriah asked. For such a young thing, she really had mastered a coy, seductive tone. I guess she learned that most men would do about anything she asked if she talked that way, but still didn't know why. Sweet as she was, I have to admit that she was more than a bit spoiled and had probably had been told too many times how pretty she was. But how could I say" no"? In fact, I said I'd like to take some pictures of her and Miranda. "Ok! " Meriah exclaimed. Miranda smiled at me. She still hadn't said a word, but at least this time she didn't seem to be giving me that suspicious look.

I had them pose, both alone and together, all innocent shots. Well, almost all. There was at least one where Meriah's little ass was stretched tight against the fabric of her shorts, and another where I thought Miranda's panties might be slightly visible up the leg of her shorts. I finished a load of film and asked if they would let me shoot another. I loaded it into the camera and looked up through the view finder. The afternoon light had gotten to just the right point where it seemed to turn Miranda's thin t shirt transparent. For the first time since I had known her, it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra or swim suit underneath. I gulped softly as I prepared to take the unexpected lucky shot.

Just then, Meriah exclaimed "Jeez Miranda, why don't you just take your shirt right off? I can see your boobies right through it!" Miranda had been taking little verbal jabs from Meriah all afternoon and finally fought back. "At least I've got boobies!" she said defiantly. For Miranda, this was a lengthy speech. She surprised Meriah completely, and at the same time, hit her where she was vulnerable. It was true. Meriah, for all her sexy prettiness, appeared to be almost totally flat chested. "Well if you're so proud of them, why don't you show them!" Meriah challenged.

There was a long, quiet pause. I was stunned, my mind raced, I considered trying to make peace between the two girls, but ended up doing nothing because Miranda reached to the bottom of her t shirt and pulled it over her head.

I sat, stupid and open mouthed, staring at Miranda's pert little tits. They were small, but beautifully shaped, curving up to soft pink nipples that stood out sweet and firm. As Miranda's shirt fluttered to the floor beside her, Meriah nudged me and said, "Well... aren't you going to take her picture?" I raised the camera and took several shots of Miranda's lovely young breasts.

Though Miranda had scored over Meriah in a way, she also seemed to have lost. Her shirt off, pretty as she was, she seemed kind of lifeless as if she realized that Meriah had been able to take control once again and run the show. That was how it always seemed to be between them. Searching for some way to come back, she looked at Meriah and said "What about you? Why don't you show us your titties?" Meriah's mouth dropped open. She hadn't expected anything like that from Miranda. I could see that she was getting ready to reply. Finding my own voice, I managed to stammer out how pretty her breasts must be.

It turned out not to be too hard to manipulate Meriah if you just used complements. She turned from Miranda, smiled at me, and to my amazement, pulled her t shirt off. Unlike Miranda, she was wearing a little white bra. Still smiling, reaching both hands behind her, Meriah unhooked it and shrugged out of it. She stood before me, the bra still dangling from one hand. It was true, in a sense, that she had no tits. Instead, she was all nipple. I gasped as I looked at her dark brown pouty areolae. They were as big around as half dollars and stood out in lovely sweet mounds. Meriah could see my amazement and appreciation of her assets. This was as good as any compliment and she smiled and almost seemed to preen as she posed for me. I had almost forgotten my camera, but came to and took several really nice shots of her sweet pubescent breasts.

All this had been taking place in my living room and I realized that anyone walking by could look in to see me with two half naked young girls. My voice husky, I suggested that we go upstairs. The girls followed as I led. In my bedroom, I managed to regain some composure and began to give suggestions for poses. I photographed Miranda smiling at the camera while she cupped her pretty breasts from underneath. I had Meriah lick a finger, then run it around the edge of one breast mound. The natural expression of desire on her face as she did this emboldened me. I didn't ask, I just told her to take off her shorts so I could see her pretty little ass.

Meriah began to comply as if she hadn't even thought twice. As her shorts slipped down, she gazed at Miranda and said "Come on... you too!" Miranda also complied without question. In a few seconds, both girls stood naked in front of me. Miranda had a lovely little cunt slit with a wisp of blonde hair around it. Meriah had no hair at all and cunt lips as pouty and brazen as her breasts. She gave a goofy look as I took several pictures, then said "Hey, no fair! You've got to be naked too!" Miranda was equally giddy and she said to Meriah "Yeah I want to look at his thing." "You mean his penis!" Meriah exclaimed "Yeah, me too!" They both stared as I slipped out of my clothes.

I stood in front of them, naked as they were. My cock had been rising and falling all afternoon and was now more than half hard. The hot afternoon air made my balls hang low. The girls stood and stared at my dick for a moment, then Meriah asked, "Can I touch it?"

It was all I could do to croak out "Yes..."

She took a step toward me and reached out tentatively. She poked at my cock with her index finger and then jumped and squealed as it responded by rising and getting a bit harder. As if to cover up her surprise, Meriah turned to Miranda and said "Now you touch it."

Miranda stepped closer to me and put out one hand. My cock rose to meet her touch and became rock hard. She petted it with the one hand as you might pet a cat or dog. She seemed fascinated as it swayed and bobbed under her touch. I reached down and guided her little hand to grasp it. She complied and began to stroke me lightly. I reached for the camera and took a couple shots of her stroking me. Then I turned the lens toward Meriah. I told her to sit on the bed.

Apparently she understood what I wanted. With my free hand, I pulled Miranda closer to me, running my hand up and down her bare back and sweet little ass as she kept stroking my cock. Meanwhile, Meriah lay back on the bed and opened her legs wide. I took several more pictures before putting the camera down for good.

Meriah's pussy lips had become visibly swollen and darker red. She lay there watching Miranda stroke me, her eyes only half open. A bit of moisture glistened on her virgin cunt. Holding Miranda next to me, I guided her over to the bed. She seemed reluctant to let go of my cock, and grasped it again as I sat between her and Meriah. Her grip was firmer and her strokes got faster. I found myself wondering if she had done this before. I didn't realize how soon I would have an answer.

I reached a hand over and brought it close to Meriah's crotch. She still had her eyes partly open, so she knew what I was doing. I could feel the heat of her little snatch as my hand got close. I touched it, and Meriah squirmed a bit and spread her legs wider. She moaned as my fingers opened her distended pussy lips. Her cunt was hot, moist and hairless. She jumped a bit as I pushed one finger inside her. It met resistance a short ways in, her unpopped cherry. I flicked my finger back and upward and Meriah cried out as I touched her hard little clit. Her breath began to race and she squirmed as I fingered her and she came.

Slowly, I withdrew my hand. Meriah lay there, eyes shut tight for almost a minute. Miranda snuggled in closer to me, her hand still stroking my cock. I started to give in to the sweet sensations of the hand job as Meriah sat up beside us. She had regained her energy and I suppose felt a little embarrassed at losing control the way she had. She watched Miranda stroke me, then asked "Are you going to make him shoot the way Lance did?" Miranda flinched and paused mid-stroke. Lance was Meriah's older brother.

Miranda resumed her pace and Meriah chattered on "Yeah, Miranda told me she played with Lance's penis a few weeks ago and he shot stuff all over the place. Are you going to do that?" she asked, looking me in the eyes. I groaned and nodded yes, I was so close to coming. Meriah said brightly "I wanna watch!" and moved her face down close to my cock.

I really wanted to put my dick in her mouth at that point, but somehow felt she wasn't near ready for that. Miranda stroked harder and faster and Meriah cried out "Make him shoot Miranda!" The nearness of her cute little face to my cock was overwhelming, and I croaked a warning as I started to cum. My thick white jism sprayed out of my cock and all over Meriah's face, hair and breast buds. Miranda's hand was well coated too.

"Eewww!" wailed Meriah "Eeww! It's all over me!" She was right. My cum was sprayed all over her. I thought she was going to cry. Somehow, I managed to get her to stop wailing and calm down enough to get into the bathroom. I returned to the bedroom where Miranda sat calmly on the bed while we heard the shower start. I sat beside her and put my arms around her.

I didn't know what to expect. Unlike the vocal Meriah, Miranda tended to remain enigmatically silent. I brought my face close to hers and kissed her. She responded, a bit awkwardly, but sincerely. I pushed her mouth open with my tongue, and after a slight hesitation, she responded. My hands roamed over her slight twelve year old body, feeling her slim shoulders, her firm little breasts, her tight ass and then between her legs. I pushed her back on the bed as she parted her legs and gave my hand access to her pussy. I moved my lips from her mouth, down to her sweet little tits. She gasped as I twisted a stiff nipple with my tongue and lips. My hand felt her wispy pubic bush, now somewhat matted with wetness.

Miranda gasped and squirmed more as my fingers parted her cunt lips and my mouth played across her breasts. I pushed a finger inside her and unlike with Meriah, there was no obstruction. I realized that someone else had popped her cherry. Miranda moaned softly and humped against my probing hand. Her little slit was tight but wet and getting wetter. I decided to try something else.

I pulled my mouth off her breasts and moved it down across her belly, spreading her legs wider as I did so. My intention must have been pretty clear, but Miranda didn't try to stop me. I placed my mouth over her pretty little snatch and pushed my tongue inside her. She moaned and gasped and her tight ass squirmed and bounced on the bed. I could tell she liked it, but that it was way more intense than any feeling she had ever had.

With my head buried between Miranda's thighs, and with her launching into the first of several intense orgasms, neither of us heard the water shut off in the bathroom or Meriah come padding into the bedroom, wrapped in a towel, her freshly washed hair dangling over her shoulders. Suddenly, close by me, I heard that familiar "Eeww!" as she was freshly grossed out by me eating Miranda's pussy. I was glad I hadn't tried to get her to suck my cock!

Miranda was bouncing her little ass up and down as she came maybe three times. Finally, she collapsed back on the bed and lay there drained. I poked my head up from between her thighs, my face wet with her juices. There was Meriah, leaning down to watch. She may have been grossed out, but she was also fascinated.

Miranda's cunt lay open in front of me, and as I got up, I realized that my cock was again incredibly hard. I parted Miranda's thighs with both hands, then brought the thick purple head of my cock to the lips of her cunt. She roused a bit as I grazed her pussy with my rod. She seemed to move to position herself to take it, so encouraged, I pushed into her. She wasn't a virgin, but she was really tight. My cock is average size, but I felt like king kong as I slowly pushed that hard meat into her, working it back and forth.

Meriah knelt there on the bed beside her, her mouth gaping open. Finding her voice after a moment (an eternity of silence for Meriah!), she exclaimed "You're fucking her! Oh my God! You're fucking her!" Her voice held a combination of fear, amazement, and something else that I later understood was jealousy. Miranda was so tight that I quickly felt the cum welling up inside me. For her part, she was now humping back against me and crying out as she came another time. Meriah was getting frantic and as she saw I was close to coming, she yelled "You'll get her pregnant! Oh God! You'll make her have a baby!" The distraction was enough for me to regain some control and realize that she could be right. As I started to shoot, I pulled out of Miranda.

"Eeeeww! Ohhh! EEEwww!!!" Meriah was shrieking. I had come all over her again! My cum dripped off her face and hair and across her chest. This time she really did start crying. I took her in my arms as she sobbed , my sticky semen rubbing all over both of us. I lay across the bed and held her tight. She kept sobbing for several minutes, but her arms wrapped around me and she held me tightly. Miranda rolled over and wrapped herself around me from behind. This time we all showered together to get cleaned up. As Meriah and Miranda left, Meriah was unusually quiet. Miranda just gave me a big smile as she headed for the door. I leaned over and gave her a kiss on the mouth. She pressed her face tight against mine and pushed her tongue inside my mouth.

I spent much of the remainder of that week end suspended between extreme lust and extreme terror. After my encounter with Meriah and Miranda ended, I "came to my senses" and realized how dangerous a thing it was that I had done. Either girl could easily talk to her parents or someone else, and for all I knew, it was just possible that Miranda could end up pregnant, even though I had withdrawn. I stayed home and kept a look out through my windows. A couple times I saw Meriah and Miranda strolling together, Meriah chattering away, Miranda occasionally nodding. God only knows what they were discussing. I'm sure that I was in there somewhere...

Miranda's dad picked her up on Sunday - I watched for that and was quite worried. The guy had always been friendly to me, but I had seen in the past that he had a real nasty, violent side to him. I made sure to avoid him and I was relieved as he drove off, apparently unaware that I had screwed his twelve year old daughter a couple days before.

Meriah was still in the neighborhood, I saw her fairly often out my window, but she didn't come by. I was both relieved and scared by that. Relieved because I was worried she might just come make an issue with me about what had happened, scared because it was unlike her to keep such a distance and I could only guess why she was now avoiding me. After a couple more days, I realized that Meriah was deliberately walking near my house but not approaching. I finally put it together that maybe she wasn't upset with me because I was a pervert who liked to fuck twelve year olds, but that maybe she was upset that she wasn't the twelve year old I had fucked! I tried to decide how to resolve the situation, but Meriah ended up taking care of that herself.

I was making lunch a few days later when she came barging in just the way she always used to. It was as if nothing had happened, nothing had changed. I was nervous at first, but seeing that she was calm and normal, I relaxed. She chattered away as usual, and I half listened as I looked at her cute little body and remembered what it had been like to see her strip for me, to have her touch my cock, to finger her little pussy until she came, and how she looked with my cum splattered all over her. Just as I was realizing that my cock was starting to get really hard, Meriah interrupted her chatter to ask ""Are you getting a hard on?"

Looking down at my crotch, it became impossible to deny, so I just smiled at her. Meriah looked at me and said sarcastically "What, are you thinking about Miranda?" I told her no, I actually was remembering what it was like to be with her. "Huh!" she snorted "But Miranda's the one you fucked". I took her hands in mine, looked her in the eyes and said "Miranda isn't a virgin. If I was going to be your first lover, I'd want it to be really special for you. Private and romantic..." I could have gone on with more of that, but Meriah had melted. I pulled her to me in a close embrace.

My mouth met hers, and in the space of a couple minutes, I taught her years worth of lessons on how to kiss. I was just guiding one of her hands down to my throbbing crotch when we heard her mother call for her. That brought me back to reality! I took time to smooth her hair, fix her clothes and make sure she looked ok before sending her out the door. As she left, she looked back at me anxiously. I told her to come see me again as soon as she could. Her transformation was remarkable as she left my house. Out on the grass, she began to skip toward home and I smiled as I watched such a happy little twelve year old head for home. As for myself, I was relieved that our secret seemed safe and elated that sometime soon I was going to get to do a whole lot more with that beautiful little girl.

It was sooner than I had expected. That night, I startled to wakefulness as someone climbed into my bed. Of course, it was Meriah and I relaxed as I felt her tight little body and resumed the kissing I had started with her earlier in the afternoon. I was still half asleep as I realized that she was completely naked. Her tight little body wriggled under my hands as I stroked her all over. I kissed her deeply and repeatedly, then moved my lips down to suck on her sweet breast buds. Meriah gasped as I tongued and fingered her pouty mounds. Her body writhed and she said "touch me down there..." in an almost pleading tone.

I couldn't help myself. I had to tease her some. "Where?" I asked innocently.

"Down there!" Meriah said again. "My vagina!"

"You mean your pussy?" I asked as I slid a hand lower "or your cunt?"

"Yes !" Meriah cried out "Touch my cunt!"

My fingers brushed her swollen cunt lips and Meriah jumped and clutched at me at the same time. She moaned and gasped as I pushed her lips apart, fingering her slit and then her clit. It only took a moment for her to cry out and come. She lay back beside me on the bed and was silent except for her heavy breathing. Gradually, that returned to normal and she rolled over to lay across my chest.

"Oooh" she sighed in a very sexy way. "That feels soo good!"

I asked her if she ever touched herself like that.

"No!" she announced as if I had asked a ridiculous question. Then reflecting on it for a second, she admitted "well, I started to the night after you touched me..." She paused again, something uncharacteristic for her, then went on "but Miranda was right there in bed with me and she woke up". An even longer pause. "She asked me if I was playing with myself, and I told her 'of course not! I mean what do you think !' but she said it was ok, that she's done it lots of times. Played with herself, I mean. Then she..." Meriah paused again "then she touched me there... my pussy," she added bravely.

I asked her if she liked it and she hesitated and answered "Yeah... she made me come...but it wasn't as nice as when you do it and I was thinking about you when she did it, not about her, and..." The words were rushing out of her mouth and I gently shushed her. I asked what she thought about when Miranda played with her. Another hesitation, then she said "I thought about you fucking her. About your penis in her uh, cunt. And about her coming... and about you coming and ..." again her words started to speed up, and this time I embraced her tightly. Her voice became muffled as her face pressed into my shoulder and then she was silent.

I let her go a bit and kissed her. And kissed her again and again. I knew I had to calm her down, that this was all an awful lot for such a young girl. As her face brushed against mine, I felt a bit of wetness on her cheeks. Meriah was as much a crier as she was a talker. She gave a couple sniffles, then took a breath. I felt her relax in my arms. "Miranda wants you to fuck her again " she announced. This time, I paused. I had the feeling that this could be a minefield. I let Meriah do the talking, something that came naturally to her.

"She's not really a slut, you know," Meriah said seriously. "She only played with Lance's penis one time, because he teased her into it. He wanted her to do other stuff, but she said no. And she only fucked one other time. She doesn't like to talk about it. I think it was my other uncle and she was like really little. I think Uncle Jerry beat him up for doing it and they don't go to his house or anything anymore." Meriah took a breath and continued " She's like my best friend, you know? So if you want to fuck her when she comes next weekend, it's like ok". I had come to realize that the more "likes" Meriah threw into her speech, the more like uncomfortable she was.

I asked what she felt about it. "I dunno," she answered and fell silent. I told her that I thought Miranda was a pretty girl and she was very nice. I told Meriah that I enjoyed fucking her cousin, but that what I really wanted was to do something with her. "What's that? " she asked, her curiosity aroused. I told her that I would rather make love to her than fuck Miranda. She seemed to seriously ponder over my words. Then she said in her bright, happy voice, "Ok! You can fuck Miranda if I get to watch. But when are you going to make love to me?"

If my straining cock could have spoken, it would have said "Right Now!" but I felt it best to slow things up a bit. As mature and in control as Meriah pretended to be, I had seen that night that this was all too much too fast. Somehow I began to muster the strength to exercise decency over incredible lust. I told Meriah that it would be sometime soon, but that it had to be the right time, that she would feel ready and she would let me know. I kissed her deeply and lovingly and began to caress her tight little body again.

As before, I fingered her pussy as I brought my mouth to those sweet little breast buds. Meriah gasped and spread her legs. This time, I continued down her slight body and brought my face to her crotch. Meriah was writhing and moaning as I slid my tongue between those amazingly thick cunt lips. She jerked convulsively as I licked her clit and cried out. It was only seconds before she was coming. It was all I could do to keep my mouth on her snatch as she rolled and twisted on the bed. She must have cum for several minutes. Finally she stopped moving and almost seemed to have passed out. I slipped back up to lie beside her and hold her. She murmured my name and a few other unintelligible things, then fell sound asleep in my arms. With my cock straining, it took me a while longer to do the same, but I managed.

Meriah was awake and energetic at six in the morning. Good thing, because it was already starting to get light outside. Bleary eyed, I managed to get her dressed in the clothes she had dropped on my bedroom floor and bundled off to her home up the hill. I smiled as she trudged away in the pre-dawn, wearing a long t shirt with a jacket over it. Her feet were protected from the heavy morning dew by rubber boots that reached half way up her legs. I went back to bed, but couldn't get right back to sleep. I finally grabbed my throbbing cock and jerked off thinking about fucking Meriah and Miranda together. Then I slept a couple hours.

That day was as hot and sunny as the past several had been. I rose around mid-morning and had coffee. Close to noon, I saw Meriah headed down to the beach. She didn't come anywhere near my house, and I felt a twinge of disappointment and anxiety. A bit later, I headed to the beach myself. Meriah was there with another friend of hers who was about the same age, maybe a year older. As I approached, Meriah said something to her friend and they headed out into the water. Considering the night before, there was no question that something was wrong. I started to get seriously worried.

That night, I was prepared for a visit. I was even anxious and hopeful. I fell asleep with expectations of being awakened by Meriah, but when morning came, I woke up alone. As I became wide awake, my anxieties became stronger. I assumed the worst, that Meriah had decided that there was something wrong with our relationship and she had told her parents. I was even more upset and worried than I had been the weekend before. I spent the day hiding out in my own house and imagining that I was about to be arrested.

As twilight fell, I managed to make a bit of supper and relax just a bit. I sat in my living room and then the kitchen door opened. Meriah slipped in quietly. I rose from the couch, unsure how to approach her. She answered all questions by flying at me and wrapping her arms around me. I clutched her back. I spoke first this time, saying that I thought she was mad at me because she wouldn't talk to me for the last day or so. She shook her head and the words began spilling out.

"I'm sorry... I couldn't... He was watching me, I know it..." She was frantic to explain but making no sense. I slowed her down and began to get the whole story. It seemed that her brother's friend, Jock, had seen her walking home the previous morning after sleeping with me. She didn't know if he had seen her leave my house, but she didn't think so. Jock had told Lance and Lance had been pestering and questioning her for the past day about it. Meriah had been deathly afraid that they suspected our affair and that they were watching her to find out what was going on.

At that point, I got alarmed and asked where Lance and Jock were. Meriah relaxed a bit and explained that her Mom had taken the boys into town to go bowling. They would be gone for hours and it was the first time she had felt safe coming to see me. Meriah was terrified that Lance and Jock knew more than they had let on. As it was, they had teased her, saying she must have a secret boyfriend and Jock especially making some lewd comments about what she might have been up to. I calmed her by explaining that it sounded like they were just teasing and fishing for a response. I told her that I doubted that they really knew anything. I also said that I didn't like the way Jock had spoken to her. "I know!" she exclaimed. "He's always making nasty jokes about me to Lance. A few weeks ago he tried to get me to take my clothes off, but I wouldn't!" She embraced me and said softly "Not for him..." I realized that Jock was certainly interested in Meriah's budding young body, but decided to leave the suggestion alone. Jock was a somewhat strange young man of fifteen, but there was no denying that he was attractive in a way. I didn't want to stir anything up between him and Meriah.

Instead, I kissed her several times, and then took her hand and led her upstairs. As she peeled off her clothes in the bedroom, I reflected to myself about how much had changed in the past several days. Sexy little Meriah now stripped in front of me without thinking twice and spread her thighs to show me her hot little pussy. I knelt down between her spread legs and tongued and fingered her to an orgasm. I moved up to lie beside her as she finished panting. She reached a small hand down and grasped my throbbing cock. "I want to make you come too." she announced. It was the first time she had ever shown an interest in returning my attentions. "If I touch your penis like this..." she asked, stroking it a bit awkwardly with one tiny hand," will you come?"

"Oh yes" I moaned, already close to orgasm.

Meriah's voice took on a teasing note "Will you shoot all over the way you did before? Are you going to make a big mess?"

"Probably..." I gasped.

Meriah took her hand off me and left my cock waving hard in front of me. "I'm not going to touch your penis anymore if you're going to get that stuff all over me again," she announced.

I couldn't help myself. I said, "It's not a penis, it's a cock". I could tell she was teasing me and it felt safe to try to get her to say words like cock. Meriah took my cock in her hand again and said musingly, "How can we keep your COCK from making a big mess? Miranda told me that Lance wanted her to put his COCK her mouth..." The combination of her stroking, her emphasis on that new word and the suggestion that she might suck me was almost unbearable. About all I could do was whimper.

"Would you like me to try that?" Meriah asked. "Do you want me to take your COCK in my mouth?" She must have taken my moan as an affirmative because she bent over and opened her mouth. Her wet lips had hardly closed over my throbbing member before I started coming. Meriah's eyes opened wide as I started to spurt in her mouth. She pulled her head away and yelled "Eeewww! Oooh gross! Eeeeww!" My cum kept spurting and sprayed her face and hair. The first spurt she had taken in her mouth dribbled out her open lips as she cried out in disgust. She howled for a minute or so, then stopped. I looked her in the eyes, her face dripping with my cum, and I couldn't help myself. I started to laugh.

Meriah looked puzzled, upset, then started to laugh herself. She took a gob of semen that was hanging on her cheek and wiped it on my belly. "I guess it's not that bad after all," she said.

I helped her get cleaned up and made sure she got home before her Mom and her brother got back from bowling. My bed felt empty that night, but I knew that it was only temporary. There were plenty of interesting times to come.

The next day was the beginning of a new weekend. It was hard for me to believe that so much had happened in such a short time. I woke early and kept an eye out for Miranda's return. Shortly before noon, her father drove up to Meriah's house. A little while later, I saw him drive off. I didn't expect the girls to come by anytime soon, if they came by at all, so I was surprised when my door pushed open and Meriah entered with Miranda trailing behind her. It was like the week before all over again.

This time though, Meriah rushed to me and wrapped her arms around me. She kissed me and made sure that Miranda saw how affectionate we were. If it had just been Meriah, I would have ushered her upstairs, but even though I had fucked Miranda a week before, I paused and hesitated. Meriah had told me that Miranda wanted to have me fuck her again, but that wasn't the same as hearing it from Miranda. As Meriah clung to me, I held out an arm in invitation to Miranda. She paused only a second, then came to me. I hugged both girls close to me.

After nearly a week of getting used to Meriah's tight little body, I appreciated the differences between her and Miranda that much more. Miranda was taller and more womanly. Her little breasts pressed against me as we hugged. I ran my hand down over her butt, much the way I had a week before and realized how much wider it was than Meriah's. Meriah had been kissing me deeply, apparently showing off for Miranda. She pulled her mouth away from mine and said, "Now give Miranda a kiss". I did, and felt Meriah stiffen as Miranda's mouth opened under mine and our tongues wrestled.

Miranda and I broke our kiss for a moment and as she gasped for air, Meriah taunted, "Do you want him to fuck you again Miranda?" Miranda didn't answer, but instead headed upstairs with me. Meriah trailed behind. In the bedroom, Miranda's clothes came off quickly as did mine. Meriah stripped too as she watched us grapple and kiss some more. Miranda moaned softly and lay back across my bed. Her legs parted and that little blonde bush opened up to show me her sweet snatch. My cock was stiff as could be and I didn't hesitate as I brought it to her moist cunt. She groaned as I pushed into her tight pussy and Meriah climbed onto the bed to watch.

As I worked my cock deeper and deeper into Miranda's cunt, I heard Meriah asking her "Do you still want him to fuck you?" Miranda groaned out "Oooh yes..."

I felt Meriah's little hands grasp both my shoulders, squeezing as hard as she could. In a throaty voice, she exclaimed, "Then fuck her real good!" Miranda's legs tightened around me and her hands clutched at my arms as I began to pump my cock in and out of her. She let out a cry and began coming. I looked up and saw that Meriah had an intense look on her face. She saw me looking at her and asked "Are you ready to come?"

I realized I was getting very close and blurted out "Yes!"

Miranda had come at least a couple times as I fucked her hard and fast. Meriah looked me in the eyes and said, "Don't come inside her! You'll make her pregnant!" Miranda had been humping and coming with abandon, but this seemed to freeze her. At the same time, I was all set to shoot my load. Meriah moved down quickly and actually pulled my cock out of Miranda. Miranda's eyes opened wide as she looked down to see Meriah take my throbbing cock in her mouth as I came.

"Mmmmfff!" Meriah exclaimed as I shot several hot spurts of cum into her mouth. This time she clung to me almost grimly as I came and came. My thick cum dribbled out the sides of her mouth, but she held on and took all of it that she could. After a few seconds, she let go and my cock sprang out of her mouth. I was still cumming and I sprayed wildly all over myself and both girls. I caught my breath as I got back in control and my dick began to point downward, still coated with cum. Miranda and Meriah were both spattered with thick white jism but neither of them said a thing. Miranda lay back, still gasping from her last orgasm and Meriah sat straight up with a triumphant look on her cum covered face. She had me cum all over her and had never gone "Eeeeww!"

I grabbed a towel from beside the bed and helped Meriah clean up. Then she flopped down on the bed between me and Miranda. I turned to her and began to kiss her. She responded eagerly. I felt her little body twitch and I opened my eyes. Miranda had reached down and was fingering Meriah's pussy. Her little thighs spread wide to give Miranda good access and I moved my mouth down to her tiny breast mounds. As usual, this put her over the edge and she started coming, humping against Miranda's hand and clutching at my head.

She finished her orgasm and relaxed. Miranda was still leaning on one elbow. She turned to Meriah and said, "His thing is hard." Meriah looked down at my crotch and saw that I really was hard. She sat up quickly and announced to Miranda "It's called a COCK" in a superior tone. Miranda quietly repeated, "cock."

"I'll show you how to suck it," Meriah went on and she bounced across me to kneel on my other side. She took my cock in one hand and Miranda bent down to get a closer look as she put her lips around it.

Meriah sucked me and stroked me somewhat awkwardly, then pulled my cock out of her mouth. She waved it at Miranda and said "You try". Miranda was as awkward as Meriah but also as enthusiastic. It was as if I wasn't even there, just my cock. The young girls had some difficulty not scraping it with their teeth, but I wasn't complaining. In fact, I was getting close to coming.

Miranda was sucking me. She lifted her head and said, "It's getting bigger". Meriah said "I wanna make him come!" and she grasped my cock from Miranda and plunged her mouth over it. I started coming right away and she hung on as I humped her hand and mouth, shooting my load down her throat. This time she took almost all of it, and as I finished, she sat up with a triumphant look. There was just a bit of cum on her lips and she wiped it off with the back of her hand.

Meriah and Miranda lay on either side of me and the three of us dozed for a while in the hot afternoon. Later the girls headed down to the beach, and I didn't see them for the rest of the weekend because Meriah's family went up to Miranda's house the next day.

Meriah did come by late one night a few days later. She giggled as she climbed into my bed, kissing me and reaching for my cock. She began what got to be sort of a routine for us. First she would stroke me and suck me off and then I would kiss her all over, especially her breasts and then her pussy until she came. Then she would stay with me and talk for an hour or so before she slipped home.

That night she told me that Miranda had told her that she loved my cock. She said Miranda told her she couldn't wait to come back next weekend so I could fuck her and that Miranda wanted to suck me again and be the one to make me come next time. I had to wonder just when Miranda said all that stuff, because I'd never heard her put more than four words together at once.

I saw Meriah around during the rest of the week, but we didn't do anything together. Much as I was getting obsessed with her cute little body, I figured it was wise to be discreet. Saturday came, yet another hot and sunny day. By early afternoon, dark clouds started to move in and I heard thunder in the distance. I kept a look out for the girls, but didn't see them. It started to rain lightly and then I saw Meriah walking toward my house. She was alone.

I hugged her as she came inside. The rain was coming down harder and I figured no one would be strolling by and staring in my windows. Besides, it had gotten dark and cloudy so it would have been hard to see anything unless I turned on a light. I kissed Meriah and then asked where Miranda was. She gave me a worried look and said, "Miranda can't come over. She's grounded" I asked what she had done, and Meriah told me she didn't know, but it must have been serious. Her parents hadn't even let the girls talk on the phone and had just passed on the message that Miranda was "on groundation like forever". Meriah told me she hadn't even been allowed to stay in the room as her dad talked to Miranda's on the phone.

I told her not to worry, that it probably wasn't all that serious and that we'd probably see Miranda next weekend. "I hope so". Meriah said wistfully. I held her and petted her. We kissed some but didn't have any kind of sex. Finally, the rain let up some and Meriah headed home.

I was wrong. Miranda didn't come next weekend or the weekend after that. Meriah still came by occasionally, but not so much as before. Without Miranda she didn't seem to have nearly as much interest in sex. For my part, I started getting worried that maybe Miranda had somehow let on to her parents about what we had been doing. My fears calmed though when I realized that Meriah's parents were still friendly with me and they did nothing to keep Meriah from dropping in to say hi to me.

After several weeks, I was surprised to see Meriah and Miranda walking toward my house. I grinned as they came in, Meriah in the lead as usual. "Look who's here!" she announced brightly. I gave each girl a big hug and Meriah chattered on " Guess what happened! Miranda was with this boy who lives where she does and they took their clothes off and she was playing with his pe.., uh, cock and her mother walked in and saw!" Miranda stood there, her head hanging a little sheepishly. Meriah went on "So she got in like really big big trouble and had to go to the doctor and they checked to see if she was pregnant, even though the boy never fucked her, I mean like she ever would have cause she's not really like that, she just wanted to see him come, but he didn't get to because of her mom, but his cock was really really big..." She stopped and turned to Miranda and asked "How big was it?" Miranda stayed silent but with a serious look indicated a length of about seven inches with her hands. "Wow!" Meriah exclaimed. "Good thing he didn't fuck you, cause I bet it wouldn't even fit!" Miranda just stood there and smiled slightly to herself. I would loved to have known what she was thinking.

"So at the doctor's they figured out she wasn't pregnant, but that she had like done it before and stuff so now she has to take pills. Birth control pills!" Meriah exclaimed "So now when you fuck her can come in her," she finished somewhat lamely, as if just really understanding what she had said. I smiled at both girls and putting an arm around each, led them upstairs.

In the bedroom, Miranda and I both stripped quickly and got on the bed. Meriah was slower and less enthusiastic. I have to admit that I was a lot more interested in Miranda's ripe little body right then than in another blow job from Meriah. Miranda stretched and sighed as I ran my hands over her body. Her pink nipples stood up tight and hard and I took one of them in my mouth. Miranda moaned as I parted her legs with one hand and put it on her pussy. She was hot and moist and began to moan as I pushed a finger into her slit. The musky smell of sex began to fill the air.

Meriah was bouncing around on the bed beside us, but we both ignored her. I took my mouth off Miranda's breast and put my lips to hers. She kissed me back, long and hard, and then looked in my eyes and whispered "Fuck me". I parted her legs wider with my knees and brought my throbbing cock to her cunt. She groaned as my hardness pushed into her tight pussy. I worked it back and forth, going deeper and deeper with each thrust. Miranda's legs lifted and she wrapped her thighs around me as I pushed in all the way. Our crotches shoved together and my stiff cock was as deep as it could get. We ground against each other, both moaning and panting. Then I pulled out a bit and shoved back in. I began sliding my hard cock almost all the way out of her, then shoving it back in all the way.

Miranda began to hump back at me and cried out as I fucked her harder and faster. Her hands clutched my arms as she convulsed and came. Her head rolled from side to side and her legs squeezed tight around me. The sight, sound and smell of her coming put me over the edge and I started to lose control. I fucked her harder and deeper, my cock straining and then spurting deep in her cunt. As my hot cum shot into her, Miranda cried out and came again. I fell onto her, totally spent.

After several long minutes, Meriah roused us both, bouncing on the bed and calling out "You guys! You guys!" I lifted my head, worried that someone was coming, but Meriah went on "Are you ok?" and I realized that she was just feeling left out. I moved off of Miranda, though she gave a little sigh of protest as I pulled out of her. "Jeez!" Meriah exclaimed "You really did come in her!" Miranda lay there, legs parted, a strand of my semen oozing out between her slightly parted cunt lips. "Eeewwh Miranda!" Meriah cried out. "His stuff is all inside you!" Miranda opened her eyes a bit to look at Meriah. She said softly "I don't care".

Her words seemed to hit Meriah like a hammer. She stopped, stammered a bit, then was silent for almost a minute. Then she started to cry. She dropped onto the bed beside us and began to sob her heart out. Miranda and I disengaged and each wrapped our arms around her. "You both...with each other... you don't care... you don't love me..." Meriah was crying hard, her words barely coherent as she blubbered. Miranda and I held her and her tears wet us both. Meriah's words trailed off and Miranda began to talk to her.

"We both love you honey" she said softly as she petted Meriah's hair. "We're sorry if you felt left out. It's just that it's been so long since we've been together. But we want you here with us too." I was amazed at Miranda's soothing tone and the amount that she spoke. I felt a new respect for her and something else as well. I found myself thinking that I could love this young woman.

Meriah looked up and sniffed hard. "Really?" she sniffled. ""Really " Miranda said gently. "Really " I echoed. I kissed Meriah deeply and then moved back. To my surprise, Miranda took my place and also kissed her on the mouth. Their mouths opened under each other and their tongues moved together. I was amazed and even though I had just come hard, I was starting to get aroused again. Meanwhile, Miranda was actively making love to Meriah. She kissed her over and over and her hands began to roam over Meriah's body. Meriah began to respond and gasped out loud when Miranda's hand found her pussy. I started to feel like the one being left out!

Not for long though. I felt one of Miranda's hands feel for my dick. "His thing is hard again" she whispered to Meriah. "You mean his cock" Meriah corrected her. "Yes, his cock". said Miranda. "Do you want him to fuck you?". Meriah paused and considered the question. Then she said "No, not now." Then she added "I want to watch him fuck you again". Miranda said "Fine." She rolled onto her back and smiled at me as she spread her legs. I knelt between them and pushed my stiff cock inside her. Though she was wet from the last load I had pumped inside her, she still was really tight.

Meriah turned around on the bed and crawled down to where she had a close up view as I entered Miranda. Miranda spread her legs to give a better look and I leaned back to do the same. As I began to push in and out and Miranda started to move with me, she reached over and pulled on Meriah's legs. Soon she had Meriah straddling her, her curious little face inches away from the union of our bodies. Meriah gasped, and I realized that Miranda had started licking her pussy.

Meriah's mouth opened slightly and her breathing got more ragged as Miranda used her tongue on that slick little cunt. I was getting even more turned on and my cock got even stiffer as I pushed it steadily in and out of Miranda's tight hole. Meriah kept watching and I asked her "Do you like watching me fuck Miranda?" "Unh hunh..." she half moaned. I kept on "You like seeing my hard cock in her pussy?"

"Ohh yeah..." Meriah gasped. She was close to coming, and I was too. "Do you want me to come inside her or in your mouth?" I managed to croak out. Meriah was panting and close, but she moaned " my mouth..."

There was barely time for me to do that, I was so close to coming. Meriah was beginning to come herself as I pulled out of Miranda and thrust my straining cock into her open mouth. I held her head and pushed it between her open lips. My cum spurted into her mouth as she convulsed in an orgasm. Her teeth scraped my member, but I was beyond caring as I fucked her face.

Finally, Meriah collapsed and my softening cock slid out of her slack mouth. White jism dribbled out between her lips. Miranda slowly disengaged herself from between Meriah's spread thighs and moved around to embrace both of us. We all kissed, open mouthed, tasting the salty combination of my cum and Meriah's pussy juices. I fell into a doze and woke briefly as both girls got off the bed and dressed. They both kissed me deeply and left. I slept some more and it was night when I next woke.

It was several nights later that Meriah crept back into my bedroom. I woke as she wriggled into the bed and wrapped her arms around me. I kissed her and began to move my hands over her naked little body. Meriah moved one leg over my thigh and I felt her slick pussy lips, warm and moist against me. At the same time, my cock had hardened and its stiff head poked against her lower belly. I fingered and then mouthed her breast buds. Meriah sighed and then said "I want you to make love to me..."

I wasn't surprised. Somehow, the time felt right to me too. Still, I paused from sucking her little breasts and asked if she really meant it. "Uh huh..." she replied "I really want you to..." I moved off her breasts and kissed her passionately on the mouth. Meriah responded with equal ardor. With one hand, I reached down and touched her smooth slit. It was hot and wet. Wetter than I had ever felt it. Meriah gasped as I slipped a finger inside her. Her thin little legs parted wider. Still kissing her, I brought my other hand down and used both hands to spread her legs wide apart as I moved in between.

My cock was achingly hard as I brought it to the entrance of her cunt. I put the head just barely between her slick pussy lips and rubbed it up and down. Meriah moaned "Please...oh please... do it!" So I pushed in slowly. Her cunt was incredibly tight. If she hadn't been so wet, there wouldn't have been any way I could have entered her. I had pushed in just a short way when I felt the obstruction of her hymen. I paused and Meriah whimpered "Ohh please... please do it..."

I pushed harder against her cherry and she let out a loud gasp as my cock suddenly shoved through the obstruction. Her little hands clenched my shoulders. Working my hips back and forth, I pushed deeper and deeper into her. Meriah's arms and legs wrapped around me tightly.

Never in my life have I felt so strongly sexually in control. Though Meriah had never fucked before, I had prepared her for this moment and she was perfectly primed to be my lover. That knowledge gave me strength as I pushed my hard cock in and out of her, feeling her rock with my rhythm and hearing her beg for more. I fucked her through one, two and then a third orgasm as she clung to me and called out my name. And then I lost all control and humped her wildly as I came, shooting again and again into her, hearing her voice as if in the distance as I came as never before in my life.

When I finally stopped coming, when I finally regained some semblance of consciousness, I found myself lying heavily against this young girl and I felt shame and worry that I had used her. I lifted my head, now the heavy head of some hoary ancient, and tried to find some words to ask forgiveness. I was met with the fresh face of youth, a smile and the words "Wow! That was awesome! Can we do it again?"

We did.