Mike's Mom by Senquio

Mike's Mom

First let me introduce myself. My name is Jeff. This story is about what happened to me, my friend Dave, and the mother of this guy we don't like. It was a Friday. I had started my job as a security guard at the mall. Dave didn't drink but we were at a bar not far from where he lived.

I was throwing back some beers and he was throwing back sodas. All of the sudden our ex-friend's mother walked through the door. We both waved her hello as she walked in.

Neither of us liked her son even though about 3 years ago we were good friends. I had kicked a door into Mike's head as part of a joke that went bad but I won't get into that now. She came up to the bar and sat next to us and ordered a Wild Turkey straight up on the rocks. This stunned me and Dave as well.

"So how are you boys doing tonight?" she asked.

"We're fine"

Just to be nice I asked about Mike and his sister. "Whatever happened between you guys and Mike?" I stammered.

"Uh well we just had uh a nasty argument and parted ways."

I replied, "Oh that's too bad, I really liked you guys, you're a lot more respectable than the trash he hangs around now." Mike now hangs around this weirdo who wears a dress and his freak brigade.

We talked and talked. Around 9:30 p.m. Mike's mom started to get very very drunk.

She started to get real bold, asking me and Dave what we like in a woman sexually, our favorite positions, and weird shit like that. At around 10 she was in no condition to drive so Dave who was sober drove her home. She invited us in and we refused. She said, "Mike is out at a concert and staying with a friend".

I thought "Oh yeah Pansy Division is in town. What a faggot he is."

She walked in and we followed her upstairs. She told us to sit on her bed. She went into the bathroom while we watched her TV. 5 minutes later she emerged from the bathroom stark naked!!!

Our jaws dropped. She walked over to us and sat on the bed as if nothing was wrong. She sat behind me and Dave. Then next thing I know she grabs me and turns my head towards her and starts kissing me.

This blew me away. She said "Fuck me like the pig that I am". I was totally amazed but figured to do as the lady asks. Dave got up to leave when she said, "Where do you think you're going?"

"I'm excusing myself."

"Oh no you're not, you come back here". Dave reluctantly returned not knowing why she wanted him to sit and watch. Suddenly he found out that he was to do more than watch. I was undressed and she got on top of me.

Dave was standing there a bit shocked. She took his hand and led him over. She unzipped his pants and started to massage his cock. Dave's cock stood at attention. She reached into her nightstand and pulled a tube of K-Y Jelly.

She lubed his cock and said "Put it in my ass." Dave went around behind her and followed her instructions. She was going wild with me working her cunt and Dave working her ass she was quickly building to orgasm.

I came after only a few minutes I spewed load after load into her. Dave came soon after and we were all satisfied. We all lied there with her in the middle watching TV. Suddenly we heard the door.

It was Mike. The little bastard came home! He hadn't come upstairs yet so figured there was nothing to worry about.

A few minutes later Mike barged in stark naked! "Hey what are they doing here!" he asked.

"They're giving me what you can't!" she said back at him, sounding pissed.

Mike made a noise, "UH!"

Me and Dave got up out of bed put our clothes on a walked towards the door. I patted Mike on the back and said "We loosened her up for ya".

I couldn't believe it. Mike sleeps with his Mom. Well at least we now know he isn't gay.