Misty by Tossman


Misty was having a problem. She was supposed to stay at her father's house while her mom was out of town. However, she and her dad did not get along too well so she called and told her dad she was going to stay at her friend Amber's instead. However, Amber's mom had a boyfriend over and didn't want the extra company and told Misty she could not stay.

So she went to her mom's boyfriend's (Harry) house. She knew the door was unlocked so she let herself in. He was not home and she was tired. So she went into the only bedroom in the house got undressed and got under the cover. When Harry got home she would tell him she was there and he could sleep on the couch for tonight.

Harry came home about 3 am. He was a musician and was working late. He smelled a little like he had been drinking and before Misty could wake up enough to tell him she was in the room, he took off his pants (he didn't wear underwear) and crawled under the covers, unaware Misty was in the bed.

His soft snores came almost immediately and Misty didn't know what to do.

She was really tired but didn't want to get up naked in front of Harry. Her 16 year old body had begun to fill out nicely, her 36C chest drawing attraction from all the boys eyes.

As she lay there, she felt Harry shift on to his left side in the bed and suddenly her right breast was enveloped in a warm palm. Harry had reached over her and placed his hand over her tit, gently massaging the nipple in his hand.

Misty wanted to get up, but her nipple felt really good and was getting hard under Harry's ministrations. Suddenly she felt something poke her thigh and was aware that Harry's erect cock was poking her in the leg, just inches from her moistening pussy! She was startled at first and was not sure what to do. The logical thing to do would be get up and get dressed, to sleep on the couch. Her resolve weakened as his hand massaged her breast and her pussy began to leak wetness.

Misty knew what incest was, and since she was an only child had never had any sibling sexual encounters. Harry wasn't her dad, although he did sometimes sleep with her mom. She could hear them screwing all night, her mother howling in ecstacy as Harry fucked her deeply. So this wasn't incest technically, but it sure felt like it.

Misty felt a damp spot on her leg and knew that Harry's erect member was aroused and leaking precum.

The girls at school all talked about blowjobs, but only a few would admit to doing it. She had been curious and wanted to try it with her boyfriend Bob, but he seemed too reserved to push past the casual groping in the back seat at the drive in. Once, she had felt his cock through his pants and he had jerked, moaning softly. She thought she had made him orgasm in his pants.

Here was an opportunity to see what a man's cum tasted like, with no one the wiser. Harry seemed very much asleep, except for his continuous rubbing on her now very excited bosom. She slipped down under the cover, and saw Harry's erect cock. It was bigger than what she had imagined, and could not see how girls got something that big in their mouths. Her pussy seemed way too small to fit it too.

As Misty shifted position to put her face close to his cock, Harry softly groaned, sounding disappointed to be letting go of her breast, even his sleep. He shifted position again, making his cock jump out at Misty's face.

Misty was really shocked when Harry's right hand grasped his cock and began to slowly masturbate himself in his sleep! She thought "Here's my chance".. and slipped her mouth close to the pumping member. The little bit of precum leaking from the end was making Harry's hand slide faster back and forth. She stuck her tongue out and bumped it against the tip of his cock. Harry let out a soft sigh and began to pump his hand slightly faster. Misty scooted closer, and his next thrust caught her by surprise. Her mouth was open and the helmeted head of his cock slipped past her lips and into her mouth!

Misty held still and let Harry's thrusting cock use her mouth as a warm vessel, pushing and probing at her open orifice. Misty was not sure how much of his cock she could take her mouth when, Harry gently put his hand on the back of her head and began to fuck her mouth!

Misty thoughts that Harry must have been awake after all came too late as his cock hammered into her eager mouth. She didn't care. She was so excited when his cock entered her mouth she had orgasmed several times. Finally, his manhood began to swell and his thrusting became more insistent. The girls who had talked about sucking a guys scum said men really like it when you swallow it. Misty was going to try to swallow it all.

Just then, Harry thrust hard and Misty started to gag! His cock was trying to go down her throat! She pulled back and was rewarded with huge shot of semen right onto her tongue. The heat of it surprised Misty at first, but she started to suck and slobber it into her mouth as his wildly thrusting and spewing member shook with another volley of sperm. She loved the taste! It made her feel so delight fully nasty to be sucking this older mans cock in his sleep.

After his cock stopped spouting its delicious goo, Misty did her best to try to clean the cum off his cock and off of her that had shot wide of her eager mouth.

She lifted up from the covers expecting to see Harry's smiling face, but instead his smile was a sleeping one, and he drifted off to sleep with a small "thanks babe". Misty knew he was thanking her for a blow job, but didn't know who she was. He must have thought she was her mother.

Part 2

Misty lay there in the bed recovering from the first blowjob she had ever given. She was still very excited and her finger found its way into her clit. She began to rub it and was surprised at how wet she was. She had lost her cherry to a stray sanitary napkin and was not to worried about it. She could stick her fingers way up insider her pussy and massage that place that made the world go all fuzzy and warm. She climaxed on her fingers and was jolted out of her reverie when she felt another hand on top of hers. She looked into Harry's face and he was still asleep! This guy must be one hell of a deep sleeper! He began to rub her clit and she orgasmed immediately on his finger, her first climax at someone else hand...

She wanted more and reached a tentative hand to Harry's cock. She was surprised to see it was hard again (or maybe still) and she used the moisture dripping from her cunt to ease the friction on Harry's once again hard dick.

Misty began to rub the cock like she had seen Harry do, not sure what she wanted herself.

Her pussy was leaking at this erotic adventure and she wanted this tool in her hands in her pussy.

She began to inch herself closer to his waiting tool that was once again leaking precum. Misty gently lifted her left leg and laid it over Harry's right leg. She pulled his cock and he inched closer to her wet opening.

Suddenly, she felt the head of a cock against her pussy for the first time and was not sure what to do next.. again....

Its warmth and wetness surprised Misty and she started to feel it beginning to probe her slit, seeking entrance into her basically virgin channel. It felt so much better to have a cock in her pussy lips than her fingers, that she pushed again and was surprised to find Harry once again reacting in his sleep. He put his right hand over her ass and pulled her to him, thrusting his massive wet tool into her waiting box. Misty was surprised but not unhappy. The cock felt so good inside of her that she couldn't wait to move it around.

Harry began pumping in his sleep, forcing his cock deeper into her waiting channel. She tried to match his thrust and was rewarded by the best feeling she had ever had. She wanted more of his cock in her and she pushed herself and Harry until he was on his back and she was straddling him, impaled on his pulsing organ. She looked at Harry's face and was mildly surprised to see he was still asleep, just fucking her in his sleep.! Misty felt wave after wave of orgasms break over her as the cock probed her inner depths. When she felt his balls brushing her ass, she knew she had managed to take his tool all the way into her! She felt his cock begin to swell and suddenly Harry grabbed her hips, yanking her down onto his cock, forcing his erection deep inside

Harry's first searing pulse of hot semen jetted into her waiting cunt like fire and she answered with a wave of orgasm of her own. Misty began to pump up and down, milking the seed from his tool, until she felt it began to go limp. She lay her head on Harry's chest, and then slid off to lay back on the bed, her pussy and her curiosity completed sated.

Harry mumbled in his sleep once again "Thanks babe" and began to softly snore.