Monica's Adult Theater Adventure by Monica K.

Monica's Adult Theater Adventure

The story contained in this file portray adult situations including wife sharing, group sex, multiple partners, and exhibitionism.


Otherwise, scroll down to read about my real life experiences.

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Now... To the story...

Monica and hubby at the adult theater:

My husband and I decided to go to an adult theater that shows triple X movies 24 hours a day tonight and since he likes to pick out the slut clothes I wear on our little outings, he had laid out a simple button down sundress for me while I was in the shower. I put it on, always liking revealing outfits that accentuated my 36-24-34 figure, without panties or bra of course, and inspected myself in the mirror. It fit snugly without being tight and the hem line was about four inches below my bottom. Short, but not too short. The top consisted of a two inch wide triangle over each breast. The triangles come to a point just above my nipples and a string tied around my neck held the triangles up. The back was level with the bottoms of my breasts. This dress was obviously meant to be worn with a tee shirt or some such but not for tonight. It had a simple robe type tie at the waist and buttoned from top to bottom. He instructed me to unbutton the first two lower buttons of the dress.

I walked around the room to get a feel for the dress and realized that the natural sway of my 36 inch tits would cause my nipples to be exposed quite easily. Because of the undone buttons each step I took caused the dress to open at the bottom exposing my legs almost to my shaved pussy. I tried sitting down and found that the hem of the dress would ride up and expose my pussy if I wasn't very careful.

Although this dress was not 'sheer' you could see there was nothing under it but me.

My husband got dressed and we went out to the car. As I got into the car I could see that there was no way to get in or out of a vehicle without totally exposing myself. I vowed to remember this dress for my next 'without hubby adventure'.

We pulled out of the drive and headed toward downtown. My husband made sure that my top just barely covered my nipples and that the first three buttons on my skirt were undone.

Just as a test he sent me into a convenience store near the theater to buy a couple of cokes. The store was brightly lit and there was no one there but the young man behind the counter.

When he saw how I was dressed he asked me if he could help me find anything. My breasts were swaying and bouncing obscenely with each step and the nipples were visible above the top of the triangle of material meant to cover them. My bare shaved cunt was clearly visible where the two pieces of my dress joined at the fourth button. I told him I only needed a couple of cokes and he rushed from behind the counter to show me where they were.

Luckily they were on the lower shelf of the cooler and as I squatted down to get them my legs spread apart and exposed my pussy to his gaze. I could see he had a nice size cock that was well on its way to becoming hard as a rock. I thanked the young man and after paying for the drinks joined my husband in the car.

When we reached the theater my husband buttoned that revealing third button so I would not expose too much flesh on the way from the car. We got our tickets and went inside the lobby. As we stepped into the darkened theater we saw several men sitting in front of the screen. We made our way down the aisle and selected a couple of seats near the center. The action on the screen was typical where a blonde girl was being fucked up the ass and in her pussy by two hot studs. There were no other women in the theater and when my husband and I walked in all of the guys turned to look at us. In the light from the screen they could see my breasts were practically bare and little else.

We watched the show for a minute or two and then my husband started feeling my leg. My pussy was still wet from exposing myself to the convenience store clerk and his teasing just made it worse. My dress was open almost to my pussy and when his hand brushed against it I came with a moan. He released that third button on my dress and pushed a finger in my slit. I couldn't stand any more. I had to have a cock in my cunt and I had to have it now. But he had a surprise for me. Several of the men around us had seen what was going on and two of then had moved to the row we were on. My husband whispered to me that I should go to the ladies room. I was to leave the buttons as they were while I made my way up the aisle. He handed me a small flat package he had hidden in his pocket.

Once I was in the ladies room I was to remove my dress and put on what he had given me. I got up to leave and had to walk in front of a man that had seated himself on our row. My nipples were uncovered and my pussy was exposed to his view. I walked up the aisle with my breasts swaying with each step I took. When I got to the lobby I found there was only one restroom so I went inside and saw a man standing at a long open urinal with his prick sticking out of his pants. He turned toward me so I could see his cock and I smiled at him.

Watching a man urinate has always been a turn on for me and as I watched the yellow water stream from his gaping pee hole I opened the package my husband had given me. It contained a dress that was made of the same material as pantyhose. It was black but so sheer as to be invisible. Obviously he wanted to expose my whole body to everyone here. I slowly unwrapped it and removed my dress. I slid it over my head and pulled it down over my body as the man at the urinal shook the pee off of his dick.

It was form fitted and my breasts nestled into the cups that had been stretched into the material. It was as if it had been sprayed onto me. It had short sleeves and the hem only came four inches below my ass cheeks. It was as if I was totally nude. It was so sheer that every part of me was exposed. I folded my sundress as the man continued to shake his cock. I smiled and knew that he wasn't shaking it, he was stroking it, and it was getting very hard. He turned toward me and watched as I folded my dress.

His cock was not too long but very fat and I thought to myself how lucky I was to be female and to have a pussy for a fat cock to slide in and out of. I set the dress down on the sink and leaned against it. My hands were pulling my nude dress above my waist and my legs were parting for him. As he entered me I felt the girth of his cock stretching my pussy lips as he pumped his fat cock into my tight pussy and my tits swayed with every stroke. I had my legs around his waist as I sat on the edge of the sink and let this man pump my pussy with his cock. Just before he came he pulled back and sprayed my cunt with stream after stream of his fuck juice. He left quickly and I cleaned the cum off of me and went back into the theater to show my husband my dress.

I left the rest room holding my folded sundress at my side and looked down at my exposed nubile body through my new nude dress. The lobby was empty as I walked toward the door leading into the twilight of the theater. I slipped through the doorway and stood for a moment as my eyes adjusted to the dim lighting from the large screen.

Every eye in the room was on me as I made my way down the aisle to where my husband was sitting. Even in the dim light it was obvious what I was wearing. My white skin under that sheer black dress glowed brightly and my large firm breasts were jiggling as though I were naked. My pink nipples and pussy lips were clearly visible. My ass was swaying as I walked and the dress clung to it as if it were part of me. When I reached my husband's row I again had to step in front of the gentleman that had seated himself there and waited while he stood for me to pass.

I could see that he had his cock out of his pants and had evidently been jacking it off as he watched me walk down the aisle toward him. When he stood up to let me pass he had it pressed against his stomach with his hand but as I squeezed by him he held it straight out so it would rub against my body as I went by. It rubbed against my near naked ass and I could feel the hardness of his erect cock. I moved on down the row toward my husband with my nipples stiffly thrusting against the sheerness of my dress. He was delighted with the way the transparent dress had formed itself to my body but he thought it a bit too long though and he told me that I was going to have to pull it up a little if he was to be truly satisfied.

I stood up and by pulling the material at my waist was able to lift the hem a couple of inches. This would leave the hem at two inches below my ass cheeks, which were clearly visible through the dress anyway. However, with it that short you could see my pussy under the skirt when I was sitting down. He placed his hand in my lap and I spread my legs slightly while he let his finger graze against my now exposed pussy. I had already been fucked three times today but exposing myself in front of strangers made me insatiable. The man to my right was still stroking his cock and was making no attempt to cover it. I watched as his hand traveled up and down his hard shaft and I could see his wet cock head shining with pre-cum. I whispered to my husband that I needed a cock.

I craved cock and I was becoming very excited as my husband fingered my wet slit. He told me that the only way I was going to get any cock was to walk around and let the other men see me in this dress. At that I stood up and without pulling my dress down moved to my right toward the aisle. I paused as my jacking off observer stood to let me by but this time I squeezed by him face to face. He was holding his cock down by his leg and when I went by he raised it up, against my leg, under my dress, and against my cunt.

I paused and waited. He rubbed his velvety cock head against my sopping pussy and I reached down with my hand and replaced his with mine. He raised one hand and placed it on my breast while reaching around to cradle my ass with the other. I stood in front of him with his dick under my dress, jacking his cock off against my pussy while he lewdly fondled my ass, lifting the back of my dress to my waist. He begin hunching against me and I knew I was about out of time. I turned our bodies and knelt in front of him so I could taste his present of cum. I tilted my head back and opened my mouth and extended my tongue. He laid his cock's head on my tongue and begin jacking off into my mouth. I tasted his pre-cum lubricating my throat and then a rush of cum leaped from his dick into my mouth.

I closed my lips around the spurting cock and gently sucked each stream of cum from his engorged shaft as he continued to stroke his meat. Just as his cock finished emptying itself into my mouth the man pulled his cock from between my lips and begin zipping himself up. He walked rapidly up the aisle to leave the theater and I stood and pulled my dress down below my ass and followed him up the aisle. All of the men in the theater had been watching this activity, but only a few were close enough to see exactly what was going on.

It was when I started walking up the aisle to the lobby that they started to move and before I could get to the door there were already five men standing in the lobby waiting to watch me walk through the brightly lit room. I opened the door and stepped through like the brazen slut I am. The lobby is as long as the theater is wide and there was a public pay phone on the wall next to the rest room door on the far side of the lobby. All five of the men were standing between me and it and I headed that way. Now, I have done some slutty things, but this was by far the boldest.

I walked toward the men heading for the phone and my breasts, which were totally visible and separated by the sheer dress I had on were bobbling and jiggling on my chest. My dress was about 2 inches below my ass and through it my wet pink slit was plainly visible between my long slender legs. My nipples were jutting outward and my heart was pounding. The men stared at me as I approached. I could see that they all had prominent bulges in their pants and as I walked past they all turned their heads to follow me. I knew they could see my ass swaying through the sheerness of my dress and when I reached the phone I stopped and turned around.

"Do any of you guys have a quarter I can borrow?" I asked. They all headed my way and one of them handed me a coin. "I didn't really want a quarter," I said as I stepped close to him and rubbed his crotch. He put his arms around me and cupped an ass cheek with each hand. I unzipped his pants and sat down on the bench beside the phone. The bench was padded and long enough for two or people to sit on. I had my legs spread and as he stepped between them he pulled his cock out of his pants. Nice, I thought, long and slender. I figure it was 7 inches long and not quite 1 inch across. He had a long tight foreskin and the head of his long hard cock was completely covered.

This was a perfect sucking cock and I wrapped my hand around it and slowly pulled the foreskin back to expose the head of this throbbing cock. As his red cock head came into view I saw that it had a very wide pee hole slit which I could almost slide my little finger into. His balls were very large for the size of his cock and they were hanging low below his shaft. I stroked his cock shaft a few times to get the feel of it then pulled it toward my face. He pushed against my lips and as the foreskin slid back his slick cock head slipped between my lips. I put my hands behind him and held him tight so I could control the depth of his cock with my head. His rigid tool was sliding back and forth across my tongue and I could feel it hitting the back of my throat.

Hot sweet pre-cum was leaking into my mouth and with the aid of its lubrication I pressed forward and allowed the head of his long hard cock to slide into my open throat. My lips were tight around his shaft and pressed hard against his crotch as I felt the crown of his cock head pop into my throat. I pulled all of the way back and just as his cockhead, inside his foreskin, slipped out of my mouth, reversed the motion and again forced this strange man's cock into my tight throat. I rocked my head back and forth on his cock from tip to crotch several times and then pulled my lips free from him.

A heavy stream of pre-cum was running from his wide pee slit and I started jacking him off while watching his foreskin snap over the end of his dick. His cock convulsed and his wide hole literally leaped open as an unbelievably heavy stream of thick white cum erupted from his swollen shaft. I caught the blast right between my lips and instantly cum begin spilling from the corner of my mouth as my oral cavity was filled to capacity.

I gasped and watched as his huge pee hole squeezed shut then belched out yet another huge load of cum. I quickly pushed my face hard against his spewing cock and allowed it to travel to the back of my mouth and down my throat so that the massive eruptions of hot cum could travel directly into my stomach. I rocked my head on his cock until it stopped convulsing and pulled back to suck the remaining cum from his long hot cock.

The other four men had watched me suck this man's dick and as they did so, stroked their own hard cocks. Winded, I sat and looked at the fuck meat on display as I caught my breath.

One of the guys had a cock I knew I had to have in my tight pink pussy. It was jutting out and upward with a curve that made it resemble a large banana. The shaft was as big around as a silver dollar and it was at least 10 inches long. The head on that massive cock was bright red and looked as large as a peach. It was shiny with his pre-cum and I knew it would fill me as I have never been filled before. His large balls were hanging under his cock and he had completely shaven his pubic area. The huge cum filled tube under his cock was swollen and large purple veins ran along the sides of his shaft. I stood and pulled the bench away from the wall and lay on it so that my head tilted back on one end while my ass hung off of the other.

I spread my legs and motioned to him as I inspected the other three cocks pointing at me. My dress hem was stretched across my crotch just below my pussy and as his cock slid under my dress toward my cunt I raised my head to watch. His cock head pressed against my small tight pink pussy lips and as he pushed the head in I gasped with pleasure. The huge cock head would barely fit between my stretching cunt lips and he had to rock his hips back and forth while pushing his shaft into me. Slowly, his cock slid into my vagina and as his pre-cum leaked from his prick, more and more of that massive tube of flesh entered me.

Once he had half of it in me he began stroking in and out of my cunt, his shaft dragging against my swollen clit causing me to shiver with lust. The friction on my clit caused my pussy to gush its slick lubricating fluids and his huge dick slid further into my cunt cavity. As his balls struck my ass I felt his huge cock head press against the entrance to my womb and saw his crotch pushing my dress up to my slit. I was completely and totally filled.

He pulled his cock completely out and as my pussy lips closed in front of his head he pushed that large dick back inside my dripping hole. As his cock traveled in and out of my tight love tunnel I could actually see my stomach bulge with the shape of his cock as it traveled upward into my tightly stretched cunt. His balls were now slapping against my ass as he continuously stroked his cock into me. His head pushed against the end of my cunt canal and rocked my whole body with each stroke.

Two of the others were on each side of me jacking off furiously as they watched him fuck me and the fourth stood over my face and lowered his cock to my mouth. I tilted my head back and allowed him to insert his cock between my lips and he proceeded to fuck my face while my body rocked from the intense pounding I was receiving from the other end. His cock was slippery and wet and although fatter than the first slid into my throat with little effort. His balls were slapping against my eyes while at the other end I had a set of balls slapping against my ass. The huge tube of meat in my cunt was making my stomach bulge with each stroke and the two watchers that were jacking off both came the same time, drenching my breasts with hot cum.

The cock in my throat begin to lurch and I felt his cum tube pulse as he emptied his load straight into my stomach. He pulled out and I raised my head just as my cunt fucking friend's cock expanded with such pressure that his cock was momentarily trapped in my cunt. He begin to cum with such force that my belly bulged from the quantity of semen that he was pumping into me. After his first stream erupted into my womb his cock once again begin to slide and he stroked his cock in and out of my cunt and the back pressure from his initial load forced the cum out of my pussy and down the crack of my ass.

There was no room for cum in my cunt and each stream of hot thick cum spraying from his cock was ejected out of my pussy with each long stroke. My firm cunt muscles were contracting around his cock shaft as it pumped and flooded my tight little cunt with his thick streams of cum. I was gasping for air as his cock finally popped free from my now well fucked pussy and I sat up to suck the last of his thick cum from his giant cock head. I was drenched with cum from head to toe and as I stood up the cum from that intense fuck session dripped from my cunt and ran down my legs.

I wobbled into the rest room on weak legs and removed my dress which I rinsed out in the sink and I used it to wipe the cum from my dripping body. I rested on one of the toilets while I dripped dried and ran my fingers through my frazzled hair. After my breathing slowed I put my nude dress back on and walked back toward the theater and my husband. I looked at the bench as I walked by and saw it was covered in wet slimy cum. All of the guys were gone, but certainly not forgotten. I walked down the aisle and sit down next to my husband. He handed me my purse and as I brushed my hair I told him what had happened. His cock was getting harder by the minute as I related my experience to him. He knows exactly what my tight throat and pussy feels like and as I explained each detail I could see his cock throb with his need.

He stuffed my sundress into my purse and we got up to leave. On the way out I walked him to the end of the lobby and showed him the cum covered bench I had been so recently fucked on. The huge gobs of cum dripping from the bench was a testimony to my fuck story. We walked out of the theater and to the car with me in my nude dress and on the way home he fingered my cum drenched cunt.

When we arrived at our apartment and parked the car we had to walk up the sidewalk and in front of the laundrymat to reach our stairs. As we made our way upstairs he followed behind me so he could watch my ass sway seducingly under my sheer dress. I waited at the door as he unlocked it and once we got inside I gave my husband the much deserved relief he craved.