Another Visit to the Monroe Theater in Rochester, New York by T____

Another Visit to the Monroe Theater in Rochester, New York

The first time my wife and I went to the Monroe theater, I was so amazed with the way the men responded to us, that I had to ask my wife to go back for a second visit. Nervously she agreed to return, and we set up to go out on Friday night. The first time that we went to the Monroe we ended up sitting on the right side of the theater and quickly learned that this area was a haven for all the single guys. Both my wife and I were a bit startled when we discovered how determined the men were to persuade my wife to participate in their sexual play. I'll always remember the expression on her face when she felt nearly a dozen different hands fondling and probing her all at the same time.

This time we tried to connect with MYSTIC from Multicom-4 who introduced us to the Monroe, but our schedules just didn't match up. Having been there once before, we felt more knowledgeable and we decided to go out alone. My wife agreed to go out as long as we would just fool around for an hour or so watching dirty movies and teasing in the back video booths. She dressed in her button down skirt with black mess hose and silky red garter belt. She left her panties at home but strapped on a sheer brassiere and silken blouse. When we entered the movie house we stood in the back for a few minutes to let our eyes adjust to the darkness. The theater appeared fairly busy. There were several couples by the left wall that were talking or joking around and a few dozen men were sitting in the seats or standing along the back rail. You could feel the eyes tracking us as we walked in. We decided to fool around in some of the view booths so I bought some tokens. As we entered the first booth we noticed a few men moving toward us.

Once inside the booth we played around by flashing my wife's breasts and pussy at the guy in the booth next to us but only stayed for one or two tokens and moved to a different booth and a different neighbor. After visiting each of the booths a few times it was getting hard to tell who was watching and who was showing. We must have seen a dozen different cocks pushed against the windows or hanging through a glory hole. And I have to admit that a few of them were significantly more sensational to watch than any of the videos that were playing. My wife became very aroused but didn't have any burning desire to sit in the single's section again, so we decided to check out the other side of the building where the new video store is. The video store is laid out rather nicely. Once you walk through the door from the theater side, there is a clerk that will stamp your hand so that you can return to the theater if you desire.

The usual racks of video movies cover a couple of the walls and a third wall contains a display of sex toys and paraphernalia. The store clerk stands behind a long glass display counter that contains body rubs, lubricants and some specialized accessories. In the rear of the store are two long hallways marked aisle #1 and #2. Along each of these aisles is a number of viewing booths where you can pay to watch any of about 10 different adult films. A couple of the booths are arranged very similarly to the view booths that were in the theater. They had a TV screen to watch movies, a chair to sit on and be comfortable, a small glory hole and a red motorized curtain separating the next booth. After browsing through all the magazines, movie titles and sexual paraphernalia that was for sale, we ended up going into the back area to watch a movie. We chose a booth in aisle #1; dropped in a few coins and lifted the curtain to the adjoining booth. As my wife and I fondled each other, the guy in the next booth watched our every move.

I only had a few coins, so I left my wife's breasts exposed while I went out to the front counter to buy more tokens. When I returned to our booth I found an interesting surprise. The door on the booth next to ours was wide open and there were a couple of guys using it to stare through the window that looked into my wife's booth.

In addition, there were at least a half dozen men hanging around in the aisle way; and when I opened the door to my wife's booth I found two more men inside. In just the few minutes that I was gone, they had invited themselves into my wife's booth, where they finished stripping her, and were fondling her like a couple of sex starved teenagers. Now that I had opened the door, my wife was on display for all the other men in the aisle way. I found myself being nudged to the back of the pack as the rest of them maneuvered for a position closer to her. I peered over their shoulders as my wife's breasts, nipples, ass and pussy mound were fondled and felt. Our eyes tried to follow a few of their hands but it was impossible. The action shifted as they positioned the chair and persuaded my wife to sit down in the center of the group. The display was fascinating as their zippers opened and a myriad of different lengths and thicknesses; both cut and uncut; light and dark; stepped forward to encircle her. By the time a spot opened up for me to see; my wife already helped deliver a couple of loads of sperm and it was apparent another batch was just about to go off into her mouth. My wife didn't want strangers coming in her mouth, so as this third guy reached his orgasm he politely directed most of his spray toward the wall.

While she helped him milk out his last few drops, the guy beside him became very anxious. He was probably the youngest and most impatient person in the lineup and he quickly took over possession of the area directly in front of my wife. He had been stroking himself while he waited and stood in front of her with a very noticeable erection.

His cock looked a bit unusual! I don't think it was that much longer than any of the others, but, it was so thick, and the entire length was covered with such heavy eye catching veins that it appeared to be a lot bigger. The sacs of his balls hung so heavy they looked almost swollen and the tip of his erection was already dripping with semen.

The view was rather exciting as he stepped forward and straddled my wife's hips. He rested his hands on her shoulders; eased her naked back against the chair; nestled her head into another man's ribcage and let that meaty hard-on dab pre-cum on to her lips. The men behind her massaged her back and breasts as sensual encouragement for her to spread her lips around his oversized cock head. It almost appeared as though all their hands were holding her, as he lined up and began to slide that big shaft deep into her mouth. It was so erotic to see those big dark veins ripple along my wife's lips each time he withdrew and then pushed himself forward again.

Pre-cum trickled down my wife's chin as he leaked heavier with every stroke. A couple of the guys slipped their hands between my wife's thighs and took turns exciting her button and probing inside her. When my wife began to moan, he became so excited, it only took him a few moments to ignore her wishes. With her head pressed against the man in back, he came in my wife's mouth with such a volume that it was impossible to contain. His jism poured from her lips each time she tried to stop swallowing.

Even when she managed to get off of him he still continued to spray her. Disappointed with what the young guy did to her; we were up, dressed, and on the way out the door in minutes. I guess we were a bit naive to let so many guys into the booth, but it takes a few visits to discover what kind of situations may arise. Next time we'll be a little better prepared.