My Little Angel by Drywater

My Little Angel

I live at a military installation abroad (I won't say which one). My wife and I live in family housing on base. One of the families on our street has 4 daughters, from age 3 to 13.

On her birthday, the oldest girl, Amber, had a sleepover with several girls from her school. Amber and her friends were outside in my side yard, playing in my sprinklers in their bathing suits. Most of the girls were skinny, having not yet begun to bloom. One girl, however, was a dream come true for me. I like pubescent girls, age 12-14, whose little bodies are just beginning to develop. I especially like them if they have a little baby fat still on their hips and ass. This girl was perfect.

I guessed Rachel was 12 or 13, with blonde hair and a creamy white complexion. Her breasts had just begun to develop, and through her wet swimsuit I could see that they were erect from the cold water. She had been innocently flirting with me when I went out to check on them, and I went along. None of the other girls seemed to notice, and my wife was putting in a 24-hour shift (she's a Naval officer).

On several occasions, Rachel's suit, which was just a tad too loose, fell open enough to reveal her pink, swollen nipples. Once, when she sat down, I saw one lip of her apparently hairless little cunt. I thought I would cream my pants right there! Seeing those little breasts and that gorgeous vulva, coupled with her plump white ass cheeks hanging slightly out of her swimsuit was too much for me. I excused myself to go inside and fantasize about this little angel in private.

I was right in the middle of a wonderful fantasy about Amber and Rachel when I heard giggling outside my bedroom window. I had left the shade open a crack, and Rachel was peeking through watching me masturbate!

I decided to play along with the little game. I suddenly opened the blinds, startling her. Seeing the look of embarrassment on her sweet face, I asked her if she would like to come inside and see the real thing, up close. She shyly nodded her head, wide-eyed.

She came inside followed me into the bedroom. I knew that if anyone caught her in here, I would be in deeper shit than I could ever get out of. But, my prick was doing the thinking for me. I wanted this little girl more badly than I had ever wanted a woman, and here she was, in her bathing suit, in my bedroom ... alone.

I asked her if she would like to remove her wet suit. She said yes. With no further prompting, she peeled off her suit, revealing one of the most beautiful bodies I have ever seen. She had no tan lines, just smooth, creamy skin. Her breasts were the size of grapes, with pink nipples that were puffy and erect. Her she had a little swell in her belly - baby fat - and her hips were round and padded nicely. Her young cunt was almost hairless, with just a very light, sparse covering of light blonde hair around the top of her crack - you would only see it with proper lighting. Her crack was deep and accentuated by the plump mound of her pubis. Her plump ass and thighs were smooth, hairless, white, and shook like jello when she moved. I asked her to bend over. She did, revealing her pink hairless asshole and the pink inner lips of her cunt. Her cunt lips were slightly moist - I knew she was excited by this exhibition.

I asked if she ever played with herself. She looked embarrassed and answered yes. She said she often rubbed herself "down there" while thinking of boys in her class kissing her. I asked her to show me how she rubbed herself. She gave a very good demonstration, rubbing her little clit until she was wet and slippery.

I laid her down on the bed and opened her plump little thighs. Her young virgin cunt opened up to me slightly, revealing her wetness. I told her I was going to make her feel very good. I then planted my lips squarely on her little cunt, giving her clit a tentative lick. She moaned, squirming her plump little hips and ass. I began gently sucking, licking, and kissing her sweet-salty little cunt. She arched her back, clenching the sheets in her little fists. She was grunting and groaning, every now and then giving a little shriek when I pulled her little clit into my mouth. Her juices were really flowing now, and although I generally don't care for the taste of pussy, this little virgin's untouched vagina was heaven.

Soon Rachel came, bucking her round, soft hips against my mouth. I grabbed her plump ass cheeks in my hands and kept up a steady, firm tempo on her clit with my mouth, bringing her to what I imagined was the best orgasm she had ever had.

She went limp and lay on the bed gasping. I pulled my head away from her beautiful crotch and kissed her plump white inner thighs. I them moved up her body, kissing her round belly, then up to her swollen breasts. I sucked gently on each nipple, causing her to gasp with pleasure. Then I kissed her full on the mouth, and she responded eagerly.

We decided she had better go before anyone got suspicious of her whereabouts. She put on her bathing suit and promised that next time she came to visit Amber, she would sneak over to my house for some more play time. I watched her run off, her plump ass shaking and bouncing in her bathing suit. God, I'm the luckiest man alive!

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